tagBDSMSpanking Night Ch. 06

Spanking Night Ch. 06


"On your knees slave!" Mistress Sheila commanded.

I immediately fell to my knees in front of the beautiful dominatrix who was standing before me.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Your sissy slave," I meekly replied.

"That's right slave," she said as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her tight mini-skirt and slipped it down to her knees revealing her shaved cunt just inches from my face. "What do you want?" She asked.

"I want to inhale you, taste you, swallow and breathe you," I replied.

"Then do so, you little worthless sissy," she said as she grabbed my head and pulled me tightly to her pussy lips. "Smell and taste you mistress!"

I inhaled her sweet scent like I was taking a hit of marijuana. I slipped my tongue deep inside her and felt her pussy juice glide across my tongue and down my throat.

She smeared my face with her cunt almost smothering me. She then quickly spun around so my face was buried between her ass cheeks.

"Worship my ass you little sissy bitch, fuck it with your tongue!" She commanded.

I inhaled her musky smell and drove my tongue deep into her anus. She grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them to give me better access.

"That's right you pansy-assed sissy. Tongue-fuck your mistress's ass while your wife butt-fucks you!" She hissed.

I could feel my panties being pulled down and my wife applying some kind of lubricant to my asshole. Then I felt the pressure of her strap-on dildo.

I heard Angel's soft voice behind me. "You're going to love this you little faggot sissy. I am going to fuck your little man-pussy until you cum all over yourself. Now beg me to fuck you!"

It was not easy trying to speak with my tongue up Mistress Sheila's ass, but I was able to mumble a few words.

"Oh, pleaf miftess, fuck my aff and make me cumf!" I begged.

And she did. At first it hurt like hell. I wasn't use to having anything up my ass but soon I began to relax and enjoy it.

The dildo was stimulating my prostate and having its desired result. I could feel my orgasm building up inside me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I came in waves.

My cum sprayed out on the floor beneath me. Just as Mistress Sheila stepped forward pulling her ass away from my face, Angel pulled the dildo out of my ass and placing her foot on my butt, pushed me forward causing me to fall face down on the floor in my own cum.

"I knew you would love being fucked in the ass, you fucking faggot!" My wife teased. "Maybe next time we can have Master Dan fuck you with his real man cock and make you his bitch!" Both women laughed and this remark.

Then Mistress Sheila pulled me up on my knees by my hair and started scooping the cum off my body, and finger feeding it to me.

When she was satisfied that I had eaten all the cum on my body, she put her foot on the back of my head and forced me down on the floor.

"Lick up you mess!" She said.

I started licking my cum off the floor and listen to the two women comment on my current status.

"How could you marry such a sissy wimp?" Mistress Sheila asked Angel.

"I'm not sure," Angel replied. I guess I didn't know what a faggot bitch he really was. Now that I can see his true nature, I have lost all respect for him. I guess I can keep him around as a sissy maid slave to serve me and my lovers though.

If he doesn't agree to that, I can always show the video we just shot in divorce court and take him for everything he has."

Video! Oh my god. She really had me by the balls now. I have no choice but to do her bidding.

"Go up and take a shower," My wife said, "You look and smell like a slut. Put on a clean pair of panties and report back here, but before you go, bring Mistress Sheila and I some Champagne I think we should celebrate your emasculation.

Before you go, get on your knees again, I have to piss. Open your mouth so I can pour you your drink.

Both women laughed as Angel peed into my mouth. I swallowed it all except for a few drops that spilled out and ran down my chin and chest. When she was finished I fetched their Champagne.

I could hear them toast me as I went up to take my shower.

"To my new sissy bitch, faggot maid!" Angel said.

My fate was sealed.

To be continued.

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