tagBDSMSpanking Night Ch. 08

Spanking Night Ch. 08


As I held Master Dan's cock steady for my wife to sit down on I noticed her eyes were staring directly into mine. She had an amused smile as she licked her lips.

Her labia were moist and dripping as they parted to accept the head of his cock. Her breathing quickened and a soft moan escaped her lips.

Her eyes seemed glazed over and half shut as his huge member entered her luscious cavern. Deeper and deeper his cock sunk into her.

"Oh my god," Angel sighed as he plowed deeper into her cunt. "Oh yes, fuck me master, I am yours!"

I could feel her cunt lips against my hand as she pressed down against his trusting pelvis.

"Move your fucking hand," My wife ordered, "I want every inch of this wonderful cock!"

I quickly moved my hand as she plunged down harder on his cock and let out a loud moan.

I suddenly felt my anus being probed and lubed by Mistress Sheila who said, "Lick his balls while I fuck you sissy!"

Now Angel and I were moaning together as our master and mistress fucked us. I could see, smell and hear Angel's pussy pounding down against her master's hips as I licked his balls.

"That's right darling, "Angel whispered, "Lick the balls of the man giving your wife the best fucking of her life!"

Mistress Sheila continued her assault against my ass and I could feel my orgasm building.

Angel came first, then Master Dan, then me. We all collapsed in a pile on the floor breathing heavily while we recovered.

Mistress Sheila was the first to speak, "Ok slave, its clean-up time."

I obediently went from cunt to cock to cunt licking the cum from each.

After I was finished I was sent to bed to rest up for this evenings Spanking Night event.

About five in the evening, my wife woke me up by pulling on my balls and saying, "its show time sissy, time to bath and get ready.

I sleepily climbed out of bed and showered. After which my wife applied fresh makeup to my face, dressed me in the humiliating outfit she had bought me for the occasion and fastened my wig securely to my head.

She then had me help her dress in her dominatrix outfit and grabbing a stack of her photos and the camera and we drove to the club.

It was still early and only a few of the customers had arrived. They each paid $60 for the price of admission and an additional $20 for each 10 minute token.

I felt ridiculous in drag but was promptly put to work soliciting customers for my wife.

"Please sir," I lisped in a high voice. "Here is a picture of my wife. She would be delighted to spank you tonight and I would be honored to take a free picture of the event for you to keep as a memento."

The elderly man I had approached smiled back at me and said, "Well what do we have here. Are you some kind of sissy faggot?"

"Yes sir," I replied as he reached under my mini-skirt and pinched my bottom.

"Well, how about a blow job to seal the deal," he asked.

"I am afraid that is against club rules sir," I quickly replied.

"Too bad," he said, "You are a pretty little cocksucker and I would really enjoy seeing those red lips wrapped around my cock."

"Thank you sir," I blushed.

"OK faggot," take me to you wife.

I led the man to the room my Angel had been assigned and introduced them. He gave Angel the token and dropped both his pants and underwear.

Angel asked him, "Hand, cane, paddle or whip, soft, medium or hard, asshole!"

He quickly replied in a meek tone, "Cane, hard, over your knees, please mistress!"

Angel took him over her knees and proceeded to smack him repeatedly with the cane saying, "You are nothing but a useless piece of shit than deserves to be caned!"

The caning he was receiving would have drawn screams from the average person but this guy never let out a sound.

I took some pictures and he took all she could give him for the next ten minutes and then let out a gasp just as she finished. He was a real hardcore masochist!

After he got off her lap it became apparent that he had cum on Angel's fishnet stockings.

"Why you little bastard!" Angel scolded, these fishnet's cost money, you had better tip me to get them cleaned!"

He smiled and handed her a $50. He then handed me his card and told me to send the picture to that address.

I started to leaved to find another customer when Angel stopped me and said," Wait a minute slave, you have a little cleanup job to do first."

I bent down and proceeded to lick all the cum from her fishnet stockings.

The rest of the evening continued on pretty much the same. I would flirt and get felt up by customers and then bring them to Angel to be spanked. She had over 20 customers which came to $400 and made over $500 in tips.

Her split of the admission fees was $300, so all together she made $1200. More than enough to cover incidental costs on our cruise.

I also made about $200 in tips kind of a finder's fee and had a lot of bruises on my bottom from being pinched.

As we drove home Angel said to me, "You can start growing your hair back now and wearing your own clothes. I love you darling but I needed to teach you a lesson.

Don't be so quick to offer me up to perverts and strangers next time for a little extra cash. You made me feel like a whore, so I acted the part. Am I forgiven?"

I smiled at her, took her in my arms and pressed my painted lips against hers, but still I could not help but wonder to myself what events the club had coming up next.

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