tagSci-Fi & FantasySpanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 02

Spanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 02


Almost a week after Elanor's disciplinary visit to the place when another knock sounded on the great door of the Elven Temple. Whomever would have answered the door would've seen a young man in his early twenties, lean and tan with dark hair peeking out of his long, hooded brown robe and jade green eyes.

"I am here to see Lady Horne," he announced after being asked as to what end brought him there that morning. His voice boomed, trying to affect a confidence he did not feel. But, he supposed, appearance was nine tenths of the game. A more observant person would have seen the telltale red and gold vestments of the royal guard under his commoner's cloak. But then it was lucky a more observant person did not answer the door.

Elanor sat in her room, thoughtfully soaking in a wooden tub filled with hot spring water. Steam danced around her face, causing her naturally curly hair to coil more tightly than usual.

Beads of water sat atop her skin, but from the tops of her breasts down, she was enveloped in the delightful feeling of heat. The heat was only heightened the feeling between her legs, which she rubbed together while thinking back on the events of last week. How the animosity between her and Silvercloud had only added to the experience at the wrong end of his hand. Her indignant facade had almost given way to wantonness, despite her punishment being on display for the King's Court. Elanor couldn't help but imagine disgracing the King by fucking his prized officer in front of him. And, she imagined, Silvercloud seemed no slouch with his sword. The knock on her door brought her out of her reverie.

"Come in." She called.

The young guard had been admitted and show to the Lady's door, which was simply opened for him by the young serving girl. Gideon nodded his thanks as he entered. He was woefully unprepared for what was waiting for him. Lady Horne lay in a tub, the dirt floor around it wet with condensation from the steam. Gideon would like to have said it was the hot humid air that caused his tongue to freeze in his mouth, but it was the line of the priestess's naked neck and shoulders that caught him off guard first. The water was clear and he struggled to keep his eyes locked with hers.

"What am I even doing here?" he thought. But he already knew the answer even before he could finish thinking the though. He'd seen her body (well, the lower half of her body) bared in court and couldn't help but be curious. It had ignited a lust in him that had plagued him for the last few days. He couldn't eat or sleep soundly, and he found he needed to service himself several times per day. Seeing her now, wet and naked, caused his member to bulge in his breeches.

"Lady Horne," he began as he removed his hood, revealing his face to her. "I... I have been thinking of you..."

"You're an impertinent whelp, aren't you?"

One tanned leg rose from the water to rest on the lip of the tub, the other coming to rest easily on top. Her arms on either side of the edge, a smirk weighing heavily on her lips as she took in the sight. Before her was a boy quivering with desire that he barely kept in check, his uniform peeking out under his outer garments. His little problem more than visible as his pants tented. She supposed he was not unattractive. His brown hair was cropped short and soulful eyes took in her visage as he had walked in. He certainly filled out his uniform. Of course, not as well as some of the more seasoned soldiers at Court, but well enough for his age.

"If you're going to bother me, you may as well be of some use." Horne gave a flick of her wrist and a vine grew next to her tub, lifting her goblet as it went. She grabbed it firmly with her hand and took a long pull of sweet wine before regarding him again. "Tell me how the court has been reacting to my-" her grin turned feral. "dethroning. Spare no detail, especially about your Captain."

He nodded and visibly gulped as the elven vixen's legs glistened.

"The reaction, so I've heard, has been rather mixed." He shifted nervously as he continued. "The, uh, Lady Evangeline, who fainted at your punishm-, uh, dethroning, expressed her sympathies for you. Though, I hear rumors of her wanting a more private audience with you." The young man was beginning to sweat and promptly removed his cloak, despite his growing erection, revealing his red tunic and pants, rimmed with gold threading detailing golden leaves.

"The prince himself has been laughing and speaking nonstop of the 'justice' that was served that day. He is fonder of jousts, drink and women but enjoyed the spectacle so much he brags about it still."

He tugged at the collar of his red tunic, clearly hot. "Captain Silvercloud has been rather quiet regarding the matter, my lady. He hasn't been himself since his wife passed last year. He was always of a warmer disposition, prior to her passing. Now, he focuses on his duties. Some would say too much."

Elanor has been unaware that Silvercloud had ever been married, much less that his wife had passed away. That information was tucked away for later use. For now, she was more interested in the boy in of her. If seeing her bathe had gotten him to this state, then she intended on seeing what else she could make him do.

"Take a seat, child." A simple wrist flick and snap of her fingers brought a chair rushing forward into the soldier, knocking his knees out from under him and causing him to fall less than gracefully. The chair scooped him up and scooted him next to the tub. "Much better."

Her legs once again disappeared beneath the water and she swiveled so that she her back was to Gideon. Looking over her shoulder, she handed him a bar of soap. Gideon yelped but managed to stifle it has the chair careened into the back of his knees and carried him to the edge of the tub.

"Be a dear and get my back, would you?" Without waiting for a response, she turned away, assured he would do as he was told. "And listen to my proposition. You've clearly come here in hopes that I will throw scraps of sexual favors your way. After all, elves have loose morals." The last comment was said bitterly and with a hint of malice that disappeared in the next heartbeat. "I'll not sleep with you, but I could be persuaded to show you some kindness. But that is assuming you follow my instructions. Does this sound amenable to you?"

He sat in stunned silence. The young soldier simply nodded in stunned silence at the spell weaver's ability to glean the purpose of his visit. He was unaccustomed to such authority from a woman - let alone an elf - and took the bar of soap from her as she turned away from him. He ached to see her breasts but fought back the urge to peer over her shoulder and began to soap her neck and back. He continued down between her delicate shoulder blades and, once she was sufficiently covered in lather, set the bar aside and began to knead and massage her skin.

"Gods, she is so soft!" his hands drifted between her neck and shoulders, squeezing her muscles in ways that he thought she might like. He even let his fingers trail across a tendril of her hair and marveled at how silky it was.

Minutes passed before he began to relax, though his manhood was throbbing, and let himself lean over her slightly, trying to catch a glimpse down her front at her ample bosom. He had seen her perfect ass. He had a thirst to see even more. The priestess was surprised at how much she enjoyed Gideon's fingers pressing down, first lightly then with more force, into her skin. She closed her eyes and let loose little moans every so often, letting herself enjoy the sensations the young man was gifting her. The knots in her muscles screamed in release as they were worked out. Maybe the boy had his uses after all. But she was still keenly aware of his straining manhood not one foot from her head. She could practically hear the seams ripping and the blood pumping. But, perhaps that was her own imagination. Either way, it was time for her to have some fun.

When the boy tried to peer at her breasts, she allowed him the privilege, knowing how supple and full they were. Hanging from her chest and gently kissing the water. Her nipples as big as a 25-cent piece and a mix between brown and pink. However, Elanor was sure to make splashes in the water, obscuring her body beneath. Dipping lower into the bath, she rinsed the lather off of her back before standing up, her bottom now squarely in Gideon's face. She couldn't help but giggle at her own mischievousness. Its roundness protruded past the lip of the tub and water droplets cascaded down its generous slope. The skin was still tan, but slightly reddened from the hot bath.

"Well, boy, you wanted to get a peek. Now you have an eye full." When she received no reply, probably out of shock, she continued. "Don't just stand there uselessly." She chided, looking down into his eyes with her own green ones. "Worship me."

Gideon was only able to pry his eyes away from her soapy rump for a moment and her words cut into him and he felt a jolt of primal lust shoot through him at her command. Worship me? If it he been any other woman at any other moment, he would've been confused but Gideon Grale, Private of the Royal Guard, was one hundred percent certain of what do next with Lady Horne.

He placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks and simply let his face fall into the cleft of her perfect ass. He devoured her posterior, as if it was the sweetest pastry, and delighted at the honeyed taste of her skin as he let his tongue slip between her cheeks. And then he slipped lower. Then even lower and he felt himself slip into his knees, for how could one worship without kneeling, and as he felt her naturally begin to bend forward, he caught a small glimpse of her pink pucker and the perfect mound beneath it. He felt himself begin to salivate and, with his large hands spreading her cheeks a little more, he leaned in to tongue the rim of her asshole gently and then began to move towards her slit.

"Oh, what a good boy." Horne moaned when Gideon shoved his face into her ass without hesitation. That was the sort of enthusiasm she liked to see in her novices as they approached their studies but didn't expect from the young man. An enthusiasm that she was happy to revel in and encourage.

Reaching a hand behind her, she grabbed a fistful of his soft hair and gave it a little tug, urging him forward into the folds of her body. She felt his tongue lapping at her juices and his nose brush against her bud. The ferocity of his attack was juxtaposed by the thoughtful attention he paid every swath of skin. Elanor rewarded him with a moan that seemed to bounce off the chamber walls.

"Is this what you wanted when you came here?" She asked, tightening her grip on his hair and shoving her ass back mercilessly to get more of the soldier's wicked tongue. "Because you're being such a good boy for me. You're doing exactly as I say. Maybe I'll keep you around and make you my fucktoy. Would you like that?"

Gideon fell into her, lapping away and hungrily wanting to explore her sex with his tongue, his fingers, his prick. He wanted to be inside her and the primal pulse driving him towards that endeavor was making him crazy. His groping hands kneaded her perfect ass cheeks and he moaned softly in answer to her cries and cooing as he did so. He could feel the front of his trousers becoming wet with precum and his balls had begun to ache.

Horne began to swivel her hips in a circle, first pressing farther back onto Gideon's face before teasingly pulling away. Her cheeks dancing against his, knowing that he was loving every second. Before he could go back in for more, her hand held him back by his hair. He'd been so into pleasing her that when she pulled away from him, he felt a small pang of loss. She'd enchanted him so completely, but he smiled when it appeared she'd let him continue. That smile vanished when she jerked his head back, his scalp tingling from the force of her pulling his hair. Without looking back, she said a simple command.


"Beg?" He knew it was the wrong answer immediately upon the word leaving his lips. He had to think quickly or risk missing out on future sexual adventures with the priestess... or losing the opportunity to someone else. He licked his lips and peered up at her heart shaped posterior and spoke softly. "Please? Please Lady Horne, may I continue?" He thought about how he could add to his sad-sounding request and then added, "Please let me continue to worship your perfect ass. To pleasure your asshole, your pussy, your body with my tongue? I'd be ever so grateful. My cock would be too."

"Oh, act like a man." The priestess scoffed, roughly letting go of his head. She stepped out of the tub and dragged him up by the scruff of his neck. With her breasts between them, it was almost impossible to see her hands getting to work on his trousers. Soon they were lying in a heap at his ankles, his underthings quickly followed. His cock stood at attention, already beaded with precut and a quick glance at his balls said they were about to burst. Elanor chuckled to herself before pressing her bottom against his stiff member, sandwiching it between the cleavage of her cheeks, trapping it against his abdomen. She shook her ass rapidly back and forth, dancing enticingly. Her hands were in her hair and her body moved to some music only she could hear.

Grabbing his hands and placing them on her hips, she invited him to be an active participant in his own seduction.

"Tell me what you want and make me want to give it to you. Talk dirty to me, Gideon."

The feeling of the priestess's soaking wet tits up against his chest drive him so wild with lust, the boy didn't even notice her undoing and removing his bottoms. The feeling of her silky, elven flesh rubbing up against his throbbing cock head was enough to send him over the edge. She had him.

"Oh, fuck," he hissed as she began to grind against him. He let his strong hands grip the tops of her hips and he began to thrust up between her ass cheeks, fucking her ass - rather than fucking her in the ass - and reveling in it. "Oh, I love the feeling of my dick between your round ass cheeks, my lady. Oh... shit right there... you make my cock feel so good. Stroke me off with those perfect bum cheeks, your holiness!"

He was out of his head. The feeling of an orgasm beginning to build in his balls as she writhed against him. "Play with your pussy. Gods, let me be inside you, please! My cock is so hungry for you. Don't you want me to fill you with it?" Her laugh sounded like bells ringing, or maybe wind chimes tinkling.

"And if I tell you to sit in that chair and watch me dance would you do it? Stroking your cock and balls as you watched me move."

She pressed off him then and gestured to the chair, bidding him to sit and enjoy the show. Grabbing a sponge from the tub she began to wash her body anew, spreading tiny bubbles against her light brown skin. The water began making the most fascinating patterns as it ran between her breasts, some gliding down her ample hips. Setting the sponge back in the water, she bent over grabbing the lip of the tub, her ass was front and center. She began making the flesh there tremble and shake, swiveling her hips in a circle.

"Finish for me." She sent him a sneer over her shoulder. "And do well not to get any on the floor, else I'll make you clean it up with your tongue."

The elf witch danced

and the soapy water seemed to dance with her. The boy's cocked onto throbbed and he did as she asked, nodding that he would pleasure himself as she moved.

And stoke he did, moving his hand up and down his veiny manhood and pumping it faster with each little giggle - or jiggle - as the priestess gave him the show of his life.

"Oh... gods..." he muttered a few times as she looked back at him or made some other sly move to push him closer to climax.

"Was that a wink?" That had done it for him and the feeling of his orgasm began through him before jets of hot cum flew from his prick. Rope after rope of his jizz landing on her ass and her lower back to eventually ooze down between her perfect ass cheeks. His moans began to quiet as the last few spurts escaped the slit and the tip of his cock.

"I... that was..." the sight of her was incredible and he found himself longing for more.

Clicking her tongue, the priestess used the sponge to begin wiping herself down in earnest, getting the spunk off of her previously clean skin.

"Get out. And tell your commander I expect I'll be seeing him shortly."

Later that night she would sit down at her desk and by candle light pen a missive to the stern mad who had so thoroughly seen to her bottom being reddened in the Great Hall. It was an enchanted letter so that no one other than the intended recipient could read its contents.

On the parchment, she detailed the experience the young soldier had had in her chambers, making herself explicitly clear that if any more of his rank and file showed up unannounced or uninvited, they would find themselves returned in the form of a toad. However, he himself was always a welcome visitor as well as the dark-haired Prince who had caught her eye.

The message had come to the captain the next morning and he'd grown more furious as he'd read it. Thomas finished reading the note and, despite the slight bulge in his pants that had grown as he read about the young private's encounter, he had ordered the lad disciplined.

"What a mess this has become," he thought as he sent for his scribe, who brought him ink and parchment. No other guard could be sent to the elf witch now. Having the prince attend was simply out of the question. He had no choice but to go himself.

Honorable Lady Elanor,

Your letter and its descriptions of your recent experiences caught me by surprise. I will meet with you but not at the temple. The Northern Grove after sunset on the morrow will suit our meeting just fine and we can discuss the issues of concern there and then.

Your servant,

Thomas Silvercloud, Captain of The Guard.

He grunted as he read it over. Honorable. The witch had no concept of honor or blood or sacrifice. He'd meet her away from her temple and negotiate any terms to keep Private Gideon's visitation a secret. The scandal would only deepen the rift her initial disciplining has created at court. Not to mention that to haul her before the King once more would invite even more social discord and perpetuate additional problems.

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