tagSci-Fi & FantasySpanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 03

Spanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 03


Lady Elanor was pleased to receive the missive on the royal parchment she had been expecting. Her servants readied her for the meeting by clothing her in tight black breeches, her brown riding boots, a billowy white blouse, and a riding knapsack. It would not be an arduous journey to their meeting place, but nevertheless she intended to be prepared for the ride on horseback.

She set out and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on her skin and the wind blowing her curls back. Closing her eyes, she allowed the feeling of being surrounded in nature take over her. She'd been cooped up in her study too long, working on paperwork, deciding what work was to be done and by whom. The brief respite was as welcomed as it was temporary. Once arriving, Elanor notes that her guest had not yet arrived and took the opportunity to slip from her horse. The gelding was allowed to roam the field and knew not to stray too far. The lady laid in the field of yellow flowers and closed her eyes. Surely a minute or two wouldn't bother anyone. She did not bother to rise as she heard boots approaching.

The field of yellow flowers and tall grass had begun turning shades of purple and pink in the low light of sunset. It had been a while since the captain had enjoyed a moment alone outside the city and he felt the wind on his weathered face and felt some of the tension drain from between his shoulders. His dismounted from his destrier as he neared the edge of the grove and heard wind in the grass and water in the distance.

"I know you're here, witch," he called, noting the other horse grazing nearby. I have no time for games. The elven druid indeed had him in a pickle. He couldn't leave her without reprimand after seducing the king's soldiers and he couldn't arrest her without proof. Simply bringing her in without cause would no doubt result in another of his men taking a liking to her. Why the hells had he let the king have him bring her to court? It was a good idea at the time. Now that "good idea" was causing him trouble.

"Well? Show yourself!"

"Must you bellow and bluster so?" That man could work himself up into quite an impressive fit if not managed properly. Sitting up with a deep sigh, Horne dusted off the front of her shirt, which caused the bits of grass and pollen to fall softly to the ground. "I was only taking a nap. Nothing nefarious."

Her hazel eyes peered up at the impressive figure before her. During her brief time in court, she had not taken the time to admire Silvercloud. He seemed like a man who would get his work done and make sure it was meticulous.

"I wonder if that carries over to his lovemaking." Elanor thought to herself. Pushing the query aside, she reached out a hand to her companion. When he did not respond she sighed once more.

"Are you going to help me up?"

This girl is really pushing it, he seethed while he indulged her, extending a large hand, the plate of his grieves glinting in the dying sun. With a tug, she was up out of the long grass and bouncing on her feet in front of him. At over six feet, he stood much taller than the healer and his silver hair was contrasted by her raven black locks. She was easy on the eyes but, unlike certain men, he was able to control himself around such lusty women.

"Gideon has been disciplined for his salacious behavior," he began gruffly. "I am here of my own accord to ask that you keep to your temple. I have no need of further disruption to the public peace." The captain let out a log breath. He honestly had no idea how this would play out. Elves were wild at best and this one was sure to be exceptionally hard headed if their previous encounter was anything to go by. His plate felt heavy and the tension in his neck remained. Eyes flicked over her in a moment of weakness, or perhaps it was genuine interest. In cadet training, he had been taught to always observe the enemy, especially when they were unaware they were being evaluated. To learn their habits is to know them and to know them is to conquer them. However, Silvercloud's eyes would learn nothing from observing her pink lips or the way her blouse billowed like a ship's sail in the gentle breeze. Or how her breasts seemed less likely to break free than they had on the day he had brought her before the court. Had she known they were coming for her? Had she dressed so provocatively on purpose? He shrugged it off. No use worrying about her fashion choices now, he had to get back to his station.

"Well, Captain," she began, giving their clasped hands a brief glance. "you can't expect me to never leave. That would be ridiculous." Dropping her hand from his, she placed the other on her hip. "But I do suppose I've been a bit of a headache for you as of late. So, let's set some rules then, shall we?"

Elanor stepped a bit closer as to close the space between them. Holding up an index finger so that the tip almost touched his nose, she began listing.

"One, if any of your men seek me out again, I will send them back to you untouched and unsatisfied. But," she trailed the digit down his breastplate. "I wouldn't mind your company in exchange." Going up on tip toe, she whispered in his ear. "I know you want me. You took too much delight in spanking me for it to have been strictly fulfilling the King's orders. Why don't you come to my room and I can give you the taste of me that Gideon never got?"

He cocked his head as the witch made her demands. Yes, she had spirit, no question there and the dying sun behind her wreathed her black hair in copper light.

"That's agreeable," he stopped as she stood on tip toe, her full breasts almost pushing against him as she whispered her terms to him. Her voice was sweet water falling on hard rock, so instantly relaxing an effect it had on him. This was part of her charm, no doubt. The ability to put those around her at ease. "I am no weak-minded fop, Lady Eleanor," he began, brushing her hand aside as she lowered herself to the flats of her feet. "You cannot influence me as you have others." Can she? he stood stern for a moment, letting his words sink in. He would not admit that he had thought about her. About how nice it would be to have her soft hands work his tired muscles, to have her long, elvish nails tickle and trace along his back and sides, her soft voice calming him, rejuvenating him as she pulled her blouse up over her head, revealing her full-

"However, I cannot afford to have my men distracted in a time of war." He straightened. "I will escort you back to the temple and nothing," He swallowed hard. "nothing more."

Oh, Captain, you've told some whopping lies on your day but that was a big one. He gestured to her horse. "Unless you want to settle anymore business here, I suggest we ride with the last of the light." He struggled with the growing bulge in his breeches. At least it will be under the cover of darkness by the time we return. He wasn't sure he'd be able to resist another invitation.

"No funny business," he groused as he mounted his horse.

Elanor expertly suppressed a giggle at the very clear strain he was under. Her flirting and taunting had certainly influenced him. Raising her hands in surrender, she backs away from him step by step, eyes never leaving his. He certainly was a handsome man. She wondered how his silver hair would feel under her fingers. What noises would he make if she bit his lip? Would his lip curl when he came and spent his seed all over her chest?

Her brows furrowed as her expression became one of desperate longing. Would he groan as his cock pumped his seed inside of her? As soon as she thought of it, she couldn't shake the notion from her head.

Even elven women had heard tales of Silvercloud's prowess in bed. Whether away on campaign or running drills in town, every brothel worker knew his name, from the working girls to the ones scrubbing pots in the kitchen. Rumor had it that he had bent a serving girl over a bar, flipped up her pink fripperies and had her in front of his men after one of them had pinched her bottom. Something about "showing them how it was done". Or the time he had a tumble with a foreign princess in the barn. The stable workers had found her with her panties down the next morning with a man-sized indent in the hay next to her. Both parties denied everything of course, but that didn't stop talk of their shared looks across the ballroom for the rest of the season.

As she mounted her horse, Elanor shook out her hair and took off at a gallop without a word of warning. While bouncing in her saddle did not do anything but dampen her underthings, she did grin in satisfaction at the startled look on Silvercloud's face as he struggled to keep up with her.

She's fast. Silvercloud's destrier was a massive animal, and it was a fast horse, but he struggled to catch up the priestess. He found a slight grin crease his lips at the gall this woman showed and, as he would confess to himself weeks later, he liked it. Most men feared Silvercloud. Women too, though they often took a liking to him. That said, he was a lonely man most of the time. Work came first and often the problems and challenges of the king himself rested on the captain's shoulders. The result was a sort of contempt for the quotidian. Only the extremes of life seemed to alleviate this; battle, drink, and sex took him away for moments at a time. Life was, after all, for living. Perhaps that was what drew him to the priestess. She had come close to what he'd been lacking for some time: an equal.

He found himself admiring her bottom as she held it up out of the saddle as they galloped together for the final stretch of the fields before approaching the city limits. The temple loomed against the now violet sky. His boots thumped into the earth as he dismounted, his grin fading slightly as he paused to admire the mare the healer had been riding.

"She's quick," he remarked. He dared not look her in the eye, for that would be his undoing. No woman had occupied his thoughts the way the lady had of late. She did not fear him, nor did she blush at him and something about her being untamed drew him in. She was wild.

"I've done my part. I will expect you will do yours," he said, as if he would turn and mount his horse again and leave, though he did not move. Something in him wanted to stay and he was growing weary of fighting it. For a moment, a vision of his head between those thigh of hers was all he could think about, so up was his blood after the ride. Wild.Bottom of Form

The ride back home had been exhilarating and not just because she had felt Captain Stormcloud's eyes on her the whole time. The wind whipping her hair while the sun set, bathing nature in a fiery light was a feeling akin to pure bliss. It was not that Elanor was irresponsible or shirked her duty, but who had ever heard of an elf priestess so deprived of the forest she loved? She was almost sad when they reached her keep. Dismounting once more, Elanor patted her mare's side affectionately. Her white hair and soulful eyes were only part of why she was beloved by her rider. She had a gentle way about her and an intelligence that surpassed even some humans Elanor knew. Many a time, Elanor had been walking in the forest, contemplating a problem or puzzle and the mare had come behind her to nudge the priestess. A gesture of comfort. Elanor at the compliment nodded somewhat absentmindedly.

"Thank you. She's beautiful as well. Smart and strong." She regarded the armored man once again. "Come with me to the stable. Surely your horse could use some rest before making your way home. It's already dark out, you should stay at the temple and make your way home in the morning." Before he could object with some nonsense, she held up a quieting hand meant to placate. "You will be under my protection for the night. No one will bother you if you do not wish it. No tricks, no scheme. Just stay the night."

The mare had been a welcome distraction and common ground for them. He was grateful for it. His mouth had been open to object, but her demeanor stayed him. He was not used to such a gentle kindness. Indeed, even the words gentle and kindness were a bit alien to him nowadays. Such was military life.

"If I have your word, then I suppose I will stay," he said in a measured tone. This side of the witch I had not expected. As captain of the guard, Thomas was often on edge. Everyone came to him with their problems; the king, the guards, the locals. He never had much downtime and he was finding a small part of himself aching for something that he hadn't experienced in a while. This priestess seemed to honestly care for his wellbeing and he found himself... enjoying it. At least for now.

"I leave first thing in the morning," he added quickly, raising a finger. It seemed rather ridiculous to try to intimidate the head priestess outside her own temple and he softened immediately, already feeling absurd. "Lead the way then, my lady." This last utterance was soft, almost chastened. The woman had peaked his interest. What did she have planned? Gods, let it be a quiet bath alone. He longed to hear himself think. Elanor smiled at his acquiescence, not a smug smile or one of triumph. But a sweet smile, showing the dimples in her cheeks.

"As you wish." Was all she said. She took their horses by the reigns and handed them off to a passing stable boy and gave him instructions to feed, water and brush down the animals as well as to have the captains ready to go for his early morning departure. Leaning in conspiratorially, the woman told him that there may be an extra slice of apple pie waiting for him in the kitchen when he was finished. The boy gazed up at her adoringly. Not with lust, but the tender admiration of a son to his mother. He assured her he would make quick work of his task before he bounded off.

Turning her attention back to her guest, Elanor waved her hand in a gesture that bade him to follow her. They walked in companionable silence through the hallways before arriving at a room at the end of the hall. Without preamble, she pushed the door open and led him inside.

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