tagSci-Fi & FantasySpanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 05

Spanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 05


Thomas Silvercloud, Captain of the King's Royal Guard, felt his body sink down to another level of relaxation and the growing hardness of his manhood.

"You're welcome." Elanor Horne whispered, her breath was a gentle breeze caressing flower petals. The front of her white blouse had become soaked with water from his back when he had pressed against her. Leaning back, she grabbed the pitcher and filled it with water before pouring it over her guest's body. While his eyes were closed to enjoy the sensation, she quickly stood and stripped out of her clothes, hoping he wouldn't notice. She would leave him to finish bathing, sneaking out before he could realize they were both naked.

Kneeling back down, she couldn't help but admire how the droplets clung to his skin. Waving her hand once more, she called to them to dance across his body. To carrying away the grime of the day, preparing him for a restful sleep. The look on his face was new to her. Gone were the worry line and harsh scowl, he almost looked younger then.

Feeling hot water cascade over him was sublime and the soft voice of his hostess amplified it tenfold. Closed eyes were teased by the tiny trickle of spring water down his cheeks, over his stubbled chin and neck then over his large chest.

Elanor putting her hands on either side of his tanned face was instinct, though they had never touched so intimately before. But she wanted her touch to soothe him, remind him that she was there. So wrapped up was she in the warm feeling between them that she didn't realize what exactly he could see from that position.

"Thank you," he intoned softly as he felt a slight tingle run from skin to bones where fingers met stubble. "It's all so lovely, I don't know what else to say." As he finished those last three words, he opened his eyes and titled his head back, hoping to catch hers in a moment of honest gratitude. Those hazel eyes reminded him of a spring doe's, wide and alert, while her dark hair called to mind a lion's mane as it framed her face and fell over her ample breasts.

Belatedly, it occurred to him that she was without her blouse, evident by her naked shoulders.

"Fuck it." he thought and reached a hand back to caress her bare arm. Her skin was warm as his was wet in the summer night. He held her gaze, not daring to look away as he lightly trailed his long fingers over a trail of goosebumps. Elanor sprang back, clutching her hands as if his skin had scalded her.

"Thomas! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to- what I meant was, my blouse was wet from helping you bathe and so I took it off." She could feel herself rambling but didn't know how to make herself stop. This was a man of propriety and they had just reached an accord. Just when they seemed to be getting along, she had to go and muck it all up. What a fine stew she had cooked for herself. And now she would boil in it. "But you weren't supposed to see. Oh, nymphs take it all!"

Thomas reached out and grabbed one of her hands, which had been flailing about as she attempted to give her haphazard explanation. The strong grip was enough to surprise Elanor into pausing. They looked between them at their joint hands. Instead of letting go, and the thought had crossed his mind, Thomas brought her knuckles to his lips for a gentle kiss. She looked at him in astonishment. He wasn't yelling. He wasn't calling her a witch and demanding his horse back so that he may leave this wretched place.

Tentatively, Elanor reached out a finger to trace his lips. They were soft and supple. She briefly wondered what they would feel like sucking on her fingers.

"To hell with it." She growled, grabbing both sides of his face and kissing him upside down.

Her lithe little fingers traced over his cheeks and he felt the same tingle travel over his skin as a thin flame of lust began to flicker in his gut. The woman's exclamation made him grin slightly and then her lips were on his. They were full, and her mouth tasted of sweet water with a hint of mint. The first kiss was slow, almost silken and as she broke away, eyes cast downward and cheeks heating as she made a study of a puddle on the floor. He needed only to move his hand from her shoulder to her face to regain her attention. Matting some of her midnight curls to her cheek and pulling her in once more, ignoring the wood digging into his side as if it didn't even exist.

"She's not getting away that easily. Not after she started all of this back at the castle."

The second kiss was deeper, and he tasted more as he inhaled her scent; summer gardens and sweet fruits.

"A man could get drunk on kisses like this."

Mouths opened, becoming more acquainted as his tongue slip between her lips, probing gently. He couldn't help but utter a soft moan; a low rumble in his throat that drown out the sound of their skin squeaking against the wooden bath. The physical nearness of being pressed together combined with a thin flame in his belly burned hotter flushed his skin and excited body all the more in anticipation.

Elanor tore herself away reluctantly, with chest heaving and breath ragged: a feeling she was not used to. With Gideon, she had been in control the whole time. It had been amusing to make him beg and squirm, but it had been little more than entertainment. This was something entirely different. Her body ached to be closer to Thomas. To feel his hands caress her skin while hers trailed down his arms.

She stood briefly, moonlight from the window illuminating her front, allowing Thomas to appreciate her form. While she was not as muscular as some of the female soldiers he had met, she certainly had curves where he liked them, soft in all the right places. Eyes never leaving his, she gingerly stepped into the hot water, planting a foot on either side of his hips before sinking sit on his lap. Arms twining around his neck and breasts resting on his pectorals. She shouldn't have been surprised when she felt his hardness against her bottom, but the arousal hadn't been her primary concern. Her hands slid down his neck, over his shoulders and down his arms to tug on his hands, guiding them to the curves of her waist.

"Thomas," she breathed his name onto his lips. "Please."

His hands on her narrow waist moved down to her hips as he kissed her lips and down her neck, moving his mouth down between her breasts. He easily lifted her up and position the tip of his fully erect manhood between her legs. The heat of her slit was warmer than the water in the bath and, tilted his hips up to meet her, he felt himself enter her. Slowly he felt her lips of her sex come down around the swollen mushroom head of his cock as he closed his lips of his mouth around the soft, pink nipple of her left breast. He used his hands to push her hips down, penetrating her even deeper. Savoring her little whimpers and coos as they entwined with his rumbling moans.

"Elanor, oh Gods."

Hands tangled in his hair, taking care not to dig her nails into his scalp. Elanor craned her neck and flipped her shoulder length hair out of the way so that the captain may have unrestricted access to her skin. The head of his cock had been deliciously frustrating, enough to tease but not enough to satisfy. Her grunt of frustration turned into a groan of thanks as she was fully impaled on his manhood. The sound of their groans together only spurred him on and he began using his considerably strong hands and arms to urge the healer to move her hips in a way that was to his liking. Simultaneously, he moved his lips to her other breast after flicking the wet curls away with his nose. Her nipple slipped into her mouth as the water began to slosh to the rhythm of their movements and splatter to the floor.

Thoughts drifted to all the times he had imagined taking her in the past. Either put of sheer frustration at her antics or because if she could deliver half of what her seductive smiles hinted at, she would be the best partner of his life. Now due to some twist of fate, they had all night to try anything they wanted. They may even run out of time.

The large man wrapped his arms around her, using his hands on her shoulders to pull himself further into her slit. He groaned again as he filled her to his hilt and moved up to kiss and bite her lower lip, raising a hand to her hair and pulling them impossibly closer.

"Tell me what you want and I'll give it to you, spell weaver." The last word was delivered with a devilish grin. The captain had not surrendered to many but that was about as close to vulnerable as he had ever been with anyone, either on the field or in the bedroom.

Elanor recovered from her gasp as she was filled to the point of exploding, so intense were the waves of electricity coursing between them. Her hands found his hair and yanked to the side so that she might make a request.

"Follow me."

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