tagSci-Fi & FantasySpanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 06

Spanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 06


"Follow me." She commanded before standing in the tub, feeling the loss of his body almost instantly. Stepping out of the water and simultaneously grabbing a towel, she made her way to the bed. Rivulets made their way down her body and flowers sprung from the earthen floor wherever the droplets landed. Elanor's bottom danced with every step, breasts hidden from sight until she plopped down on the plum colored bedding. Her lowered voice sent a shiver down Thomas's neck as the moonlight lapped at wet curves when she walked. Longing filled him shortly after, for now he had known her sweet flavor on his lips. The captain stood and stepped over the rim of the bath. His body no longer ached, and he noticed the knots in his neck had disappeared. Even his bad knee, an old gift from a particularly dangerous orc chieftain, felt like it did twenty years ago.

"You minx," he began, the flowers on the earthen floor tickling his ankles as he passed over them. "You've healed me a tad more than a simple courtesy would dictate." He almost laughed at her playful writhing on the bed, as if she was channeling a spring kitten, before he joined her.

"Then stay with me," she purred, stretching her arms towards the headboard, arching her back off the bed to further warm up her muscles for what she was sure would be a long, satisfying night. Age had done little to quell the passion in her partner and she intended to stoke those flames to new heights as he was doing at that very moment.

In a quick motion, he let his hands slip under each of her knees. While Elanor was still in the midst of a surprised shriek, Thomas brought his lips to her navel. After allowing his tongue to linger around the rim of her belly button, he let his head sink lower between her thighs until the tip of his tongue found her sex.

"There's that honeyed mix of wine and cream I've been craving." He was no longer concerned with admitting to himself that he wanted her. Part of that may have been due to her obvious attraction to him. Grabbing her thighs, he pulled her closer still, clamping his lips over the hood of her clit and tonguing her little pink pearl. Unable to help the small moan of satisfaction that came from his lips.


His mouth touched down between her legs, whiskers tickling along the insides of her thighs. Hands on the outsides digging into her skin enough to apply pressure, but not enough to hurt, was a delicious contrast. She gave a sharp gasp as her hands went for his hair. Abruptly, she stilled her hands in midair and, instead, curled her fingers in the sheets. She spoke through gritted teeth.

"Stop teasing me and get on with it, else you'll find yourself sleeping in the stables for the rest of your stay."

"Mm hmm." It was all the reply he could manage. The rumble of his voice reverberated over her clit and he worked it with his tongue before he slipped two of his long fingers into her folds. Before long, fingertips probed that ridge of flesh that would be her spot. The smooth thighs on either side of his face squirmed. Moans from the priestess's lips resonated like the final plucking of a harp string, etching themselves in one's brain, planting the desire to hear more. He was rewarded for his efforts by the slight gush of her sex and he applied a little more pressure in case she felt the need to finish.

"It's alright my lady," he cooed, urging after picking up his head and staring up at her face, shining with sweat and contorted in pleasure. "Let yourself go and cum for me. We have all night after all." He resumed fingering her, savoring the wet sounds of her womanhood.

Bottom of Form

Elanor pounded her fists into the mattress, cries of "Yes" and "More" falling from her lips in rapid succession. Fingertips stroking her bud warmed her from the tips of her toes to the end of her hair as it splayed on the bed. She recalled the feeling of his cock stretching her from the bathtub and that, coupled with the delicious way his mouth had danced over her sex, was enough to send her over the edge.

With a piercing scream that echoed off the walls, she came undone for him, thrashing on the end of his fingers. Tears of exertion formed at the corners of her eyes and she lay there panting, trying to regain her breath and the ability to move.

Reaching out her arms, she opened and closed her palms, like a child asking to be picked up. But she was not asking him to move her, rather, that he would move to join her.

The creamy stream that ran from her lips to his let him know that he'd satisfied his new lover, on top of her thrashings that is, and he smiled a lusty smile as he crept up onto her. His manhood has more engorged than ever as he wiped his lips clean of her juices and eased into her arms, pressing the swollen mushroom head of his prick up against the wet folds of her quim.

She lay there panting, eyes at half-mast and mewling softly. That was enough for Thomas to press his chest down onto hers and enter her. He did not have to work into her as she did him in the bath. No, this was an easy entry, slit parting like the petals of a spring lily. Gently, he began to rock his hips, filling her to hilt upon each new thrust.

"Oh, Eli..." the nickname had simply slipped. Elanor seemed too formal for such sexual familiarity. He hoped she didn't mind and continued thrusting into her, grabbing each of her hands and holding them down above her head before kissing her. She was his now.

Elanor didn't think it was possible for sex to get any better than it had already been. But that was before she felt her slick folds part and accept Thomas's cock anew, still tingling and sensitive from his ministrations. However, her energy levels were still recovering, so she settled for looping her arms under his so hands could sprawl against his tanned, muscled back. Legs wrapped around his waist, tugging him impossibly closer to meet her in their coupling. For once, just this once, she would allow him to take the lead.

"Once I recover," she said, voice still dreamy "I'm going to return the favor." She gave a significant jerk of her hips to meet his with an audible smack.

"Ung... gods..." the feeling of her hips bucking, though it was only once, gave the captain but a taste of what was to come. Thomas felt the same shiver down his neck but this time it continued down his back between where her hands were gripping, and he felt a shudder work through his muscled body.

"Indeed, she is a warrior in her own right." The elf certainly held her own.

The playful promise of her returning the favor of bringing her to climax caused his balls to twitch and he felt the familiar swelling of an orgasm beginning to form. He moved his head from her lips to her neck and one of his hands to grip her jaw, titling her head to the side so that he could shower her in lusty kisses. All the while he quickened his thrusts, feeling the wet slap of his scrotum on her ass and hearing the headboard knock against the wall. As he stole a look at the elf maiden, her dark curls splayed out behind her head and her eyes shut in delicious agony, he found he didn't really care about much else in the world. He only wanted to please her and to take her for his own pleasure.

Elanor's teeth sunk into his neck rather savagely, nails raked his back hard enough to leave marks. The slapping of his ballsack was driving her wild. It was primal and desire combining into an almost brutal fucking. A need that screamed, demanded to be satisfied. She breathed her words roughly.

"Finish inside of me, Thomas. We've danced around each other far too long, let's at least make sure we do this right." She grunted, their sweat mingling between them, allowing her body to slide under his. Fingers moving downward to dig into the meat of his buttocks. She desperately bucked her hips, body writhing to get impossibly closer to him. "I need you to fill me as full as possible. Give me your seed and I'll give you a child. Show me what that cock can do."

The woman was wild, squirming and bucking beneath him and he felt her arousal between her slick thighs begin to peak.

"Elven blood." He mused about this as he pummeled her pussy, enjoying the feeling of her nails digging into his muscular ass cheeks. Elves were always so reserved, rigid, unwavering in the face of opposition or conflict... until they were on their backs having their godsdamned brains screwed out, apparently.

He adjusted his position slightly, bringing himself to a kneeling position, knees under her thighs and moving one arm behind her knee to pin her legs almost behind her head. The other hand her simply clamped over her sizeable right breast, pinning her on her back from the front.

Then the real fucking began. Gone we're all inhibitions. The knight was in full lust as he rammed into her slit, pumping and rocking his hips to stimulate her spot as the rush of his orgasm bore down on him. With a mighty howl he let loose and the lightning bolt of pleasure ripped down through his loins as he emptied his seed into her. Spurt after spurt of ropey cum shot from the tip of his rod and into her waiting quim, draining his swollen ballsack.

At last he collapsed in a lusty heap pro her full breasts, enjoy their cushion as he panted her name.

"Well, we must do this again." he said, playfully sucking and biting her nipple as she cooed and mewled beneath him. Her hand patted his sweat dampened hair, mouth pressing a quick kiss to his forehead. It had been a while since she'd been satisfied so thoroughly by a lover. Most of her partners had treated her like a delicate flower, so afraid to touch her, lest they mar her skin or hurt her. Or, worse yet, with so much reverence and respect as to be boring. No one wants bowing in the bedchamber.

Elanor gently pushed her partner off her before rolling out of bed.

"You may be accustomed to dirt and grime, but I prefer to bathe before bed." She explained, stepping back into the tub. A snap of her fingers had the water steaming again. A sigh escaped her lips and she reached for the soap, running it along her arm. One then the other.

"You can stay in bed or help me." She went back to cleaning off her body, hands trailing to make matching circles on her breasts.

Top of Form

He admired her from behind once again as he rolled over, his sweaty back now on the cool linens of the bed where he had taken her. So beautiful was she that he felt his half flaccid member twitch once more. By the time she began to soap herself, caressing her body now slick with suds, he was erect again.

"Indeed, I'm accustomed to the dirt and grime of the quotidian," he said, slipping out of bed towards her, his cock bobbing with each heavy stride of his muscular legs. "I'd love to help you," he purred, slipping behind her and into the bath. He thought he heard a surprised little yelp escape her lips, because of his rock-hard manhood pressing into her back or the fact that he began to massage her shoulders and neck. "Just let me know if any part in particular," he continued, gathering her hair up and tossing it over her opposite shoulder, exposing her neck to his mouth. "requires explicit attention." Thomas reached and around to cup and fondle her breasts then before returning to her neck and shoulders. She was not the only one who could tease.

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this is so well written, i love it.... I wish the story had longer chapters. I cant quit reading.... cant wait for the next chapters..... curious to see if she is carrying a daughter or a son.... or twins....more...

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Not the last

This is far from the last chapter

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That's nice but...

That can't be the last chapter, can it?

Nice to see a story with an actual plot.
I wonder what the High Priestess has on her mind (apart from the lust, of course). What is she going to do next? What ismore...

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