tagSci-Fi & FantasySpanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 07

Spanking of an Elf Priestess Ch. 07


A long, low moan escaped Elanor Horne's lips as Thomas Silvercloud's fingers massaged her muscles while they sat together in the wooden tub. The bedroom was quickly filling with steam, but most of the heat seemed to be radiating from between their two bodies. His touch made pleasure dance on a needlepoint, mixing with a bit of pain as he worked her tense spots. Her head lolled against his collarbone, eyes half lidded with desire.

Elanor briefly considered leaning forward so that he might wash her back, but his skin was so warm. So, instead, she relaxed by pressing against Thomas's broad chest, allowing his body and the water to envelop her. Her hand tugging his arm around her waist.

"Tell me about yourself." The water splashed as he shifted to get more comfortable, putting a leg on either side of his bathmate. "I don't know anything about you. Where did you grow up? Do you have brothers or sisters? Where are your parents?"

She managed to hold her voice steady for that last question, but just barely. Her own mother had passed away two summers ago, leaving Elanor in charge of the Keep. While she had been schooled her whole life for that very moment, it did not mean that the loss of her mother was felt any less keenly. In fact, it was because she had spent so much time shadowing her mother, that she had so keenly felt the loss and missed her mother all the more for it. For days afterwards, she found herself wandering down the halls to her mother's study, half expecting to find her up late writing letters or balancing the books, as she often did when sleep eluded her. Instead, Elanor had found the last papers Ilya had been working on, quill still in its inkwell. So incensed was she at the unfairness of being left all alone, she threw the ceramic well at the wall so it shattered, the biggest shards hitting the floor with a satisfying ringing sound. It was only then that the magnitude of her loss sunk in and Elanor found herself pounding her fists on the oak desk, tears pouring, sobs threatening to choke her. Chest aching, heart beating wildly she let loose a bellow that sent several people running to see what the matter was.

Thomas traced his hands down her sides, leaning to whisper against her hair. This brought Elanor back to the present, and Thomas received a smart swat for his impertinence.

"Bored of my affections already? What a cruel mistress you are." He teased but leaning back nevertheless. He was a gentleman first and foremost. And when ladies told gentlemen to keep their hands to themselves, they obliged. "Very well. My father was a merchant of sorts, so home was wherever we were docked for however long it took for the locals to run us out of town." At Elanor's quizzical glance he explained.

"People don't seem to appreciate having their purses cut from their belts while being distracted with my father hawking his wares."

Absentmindedly, Elanor ground against his swollen cock which bobbed in the water between them.

Thomas made a valiant effort to ignore the effect she was having on him. So, he continued with his story and tried not to think about how delicious his member must look sliding between her perfectly round cheeks.

"We had to run from the local authorities on more than one occasion. It's partially why I decided to enlist. That," he gave her breasts a lingering grope "and to punish naughty elves who do not honor the law of the land."

Turning around, Elanor straddled her lover once more, breasts hanging between them. Rocking slightly back and forth, she brushed her nipples against the hard planes of his chest.

"Just try to punish me while I do this." She began pressing kisses to his neck while reaching below the water to grasp his cock.

The way she turned and her wet breasts rolled made him swallow hard. He had just taken her only minutes ago and yet, he wanted her again. Those elven breasts, soapy and soft, pressed into him as she began to stroke him.

"Yes." was all he could manage to utter, such was the combination of her lust and beauty.

"This one is dangerous in more ways than one." His thoughts were honest. She could hold her own in combat. He'd heard the tales of the great leader defending Nailiah, the elven city to the south, and her victories there. She had defeated more than her fair share of the enemy before healing them and, if the rumors were to be believed, taking advantage of many a warrior as they lay in her sanctuary.

"Oh," his voice sent rumbles through his chest. "I like that." he said, reclining and doing his best to scrub her back and backside as she pleased him.

"You should stay with me." She teased, tightening her grip on his cock. She'd barely gotten a chance to see it before, it had gone inside of her so quickly, but now she took her time. The veins bulged against his skin, making his member strain proudly towards his stomach. Her nipples hardened as she considered his girth.

"Amazing." Elanor breathed, not quite believing she had taken him to the hilt. Her teeth skimming the pulse at his neck, biting down swiftly. Not enough to draw blood, mind you, but enough that he would certainly feel the shadow of her touch once she pulled away.

"Perhaps I can stay a little past morning," he whispered between gasps. "I don't believe it was to- ow!" Her bite was only a little painful and he smiled and played along, relishing her hot breath on his neck as she worked his pole and returned her luscious lips to his skin. His other hand yearned to find purchase on her body and Thomas let it snake down her back and grabbed her wet ass firmly, pulling her to him. "Easy woman," he purred in her ear. He snaked the hand holding the washcloth into her raven hair and pulled her head up and back. "You're not the only one who can play a bit rough." He moved his hand off her ass gave her left breast a light smack before cramming it into his hungry mouth

Elanor gave a yelp as he pulled her forward with one hand. By the gods he was strong. The slightly tougher treatment turned her on, not because she wanted to be man handled, but because this man was strong enough to handle her.

The scruff on his chin massaged against her breast as she grabbed the back of his head to urge him on. This continued for several seconds before she yanked his head to give her other breast attention.

"What a good boy you are." She moaned, hips grinding against his lap, on top of his cock. Teasing but deliberately not allowing him to enter.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

"Elanor." Complete sentences would not form with the elf maiden working his manhood that way. The water in tub lapped against their bodies and slapped on to the floor. Indeed, their lovemaking would likely be disturbing the other inhabitants of the temple.

He didn't care.

"Fuck." The she-elf was pushing his buttons, playing on his every lustful weakness. And he loved it. "Yes, Lady Elanor." His voice was gravel above the soft swishing of the bathwater. "I'm a good boy- un fuck- I'm your good boy." His hands circled her waist and he used his strength to steady her over his cock. "Now fuck me like I'm yours."

"As you command." Her lips murmured against his. With a plop, she settled herself on his cock, sheathing herself to the hilt. Elanor enjoyed the way Thomas's legs twitched and the guttural sound he made. But she refused to move, keeping him pinned down with her luscious body. Bending down until she looked him in the eye.

"You're going to beg me to fuck you or you're going to spend the rest of the night pleasuring me. And while that might sound fun to you," she warned, heading off any smart comment that he might think of "I will not touch your cock and you will not be allowed to get yourself off. Is that understood?"

"Beg?" She cut him off and he found himself hypnotized by her wet lips as she pressed her voluptuous body into his. He had never begged for anything. Certainly not sex. He took what he wanted and often took what was offered to him. But to beg? The thought was such nonsense he nearly laughed out loud, but her voice stayed him. Her eyes told him she was serious, if not a little mischievous. Mischief. Elves has that one quality in abundance.

He smiled before he uttered his first request. "Please, my lady. Will you fuck me?" Hopefully, it would be enough. His balls were beginning to ache.

"Not good enough, dear heart." The elf priestess clucked her tongue and rose up on her knees, removing herself from his cock entirely. Hands above her head she stretched loosening her muscles that had been warmed by the bath. She got to her feet and stepped out of the tub, beckoning for him to follow her to the bed. Laying on top of the sheets once more, she patted the mattress between her legs.

"You'll try again," she informed him "while you feast on some dessert."

The sight of her curvy elven body dripping above him was heavenly. And then she left him. Immediately he regretted not begging enough and he swore softly as she exited he bath. When she turned, however. When she rolled like a cat onto the bed and patted the soft mattress so that he may know she still wanted him, he followed. His large, wet cock bobbed as he made his way to the bed and he slipped between her thighs, easily finding her clit with her tongue.

Humming as he worked her hooded pink pearl, firm from arousal. He let his hands roam over her stomach as he pleasured her. "Please, my lady?" He sucked on her clit gently. "Please let me fuck you once more? I promise to make it good for you."

"Oh!" A soft cry escaped her lips. Her hands reached for her breasts, water dripping from them as she pressed the twin globes together, hips almost lifting up off the bed. And they would have too, had it not been for Silvercould's hands holding her in place. Instead, she bucked her hot core insistently into his face, feeling his hot tongue torture her bud.

"I'm going to own you." She said, voice dripping with intent and promise. Of the lustful nights they would share and mornings wrapped together in sheets and sunlight. Her hair tickling his chin as her face rested on his chest. Afternoons when he could get away filled with galloping on horseback in the meadow. A hand tugged fiercely at his hair, shoving his face into her pussy.

"But you're going to have to do better than that."

Pushing his lips around her clit, then slipping a finger into her slit. Then he added in a second finger. "Please, my lady." He sucked loudly on her clit and hood. "Please, mistress Elanor." He massaged her pussy from the inside, finding her spot with the tips of his fingers and massaging it in a "come hither" motion. "Please fuck me? Fuck me good and hard and make me yours. Fuck my brains out so that even the thought of another woman would only pale in comparison to you."

Gods, She is perfect. She was. The way she writhed in the sheets and pushed her tits together for him as much as herself. He'd make her cum again tonight. And again, and again until she collapsed quivering and moaning his name. "Gods, please, Elanor I need to have you."

Hips started writhing in response to his ministrations. The damn fool was playing her like a violin! He wasn't supposed to be getting the upper hand here. But she was rapidly coming undone as he handled his tongue with considerably more skill than she thought he would have possessed. Moving it like a snake to stoke her nerves and frazzle her.

"What a good boy. You want me to cum all over your fingers, don't you? Get your stubble nice and wet? Fuck!" She shouted after a particularly enjoyable curl of his fingers. "Then you're going to keep working until I'm in a puddle of my own juices. And then I'm going to teach you what happens when you mention another woman in my bedchamber."

Her elven juices flowed over his lips and down his chin in a honeyed mix of saliva and precum. "Mhmm," he began answering as he fingered her until fingers clawed at the sheets and tore at his silvered hair. When he felt she was close, he simply withdrew. She was such a sight, writhing and mewling on her back, her curves impressive even in the dim light.

Feeling triumphant, he knelt between her legs, taking and ankle in each hand and spreading them wide until her legs were straight. "Please Elanor, let me fuck that juicy elven pussy." He then pulled her onto him, sheathing his cock into her without another word. I have you now, dear.

That is when he began to fuck her in earnest.

Baring her teeth in a feral smile, Elanor relished having the experienced fighter between her legs. The way he looked up at her to gauge her reaction said that he took his duty of pleasing her seriously. Other women, indeed. she thought to herself. Let him try to satisfy himself with another woman after being in her bed. Elven blood ran hot as Thomas was finding out this evening.

And he was certainly making short work of her.

Had he not taken her in that moment she would have exploded all over his fingers. But there was something soothing about his cock. It slowed down her arousal so her body could enjoy the fullness he gave her. Each thrust made her scream anew. Thankfully, she had charmed the room when they had entered. It wouldn't have done well for anyone to come and investigate the noise.

The angle she was at allowed for his cock to hit a new place that his fingers had not.

"Thomas, I'm going to cum." She shouted all but tearing at her sheets and writhing like one possessed. "Finish inside me."

The sultry sight of the elf bucking up against him was enough to drive any man to his limit. The way her curves bounced, the way her moans escaped through her parted lips, her midnight curls splayed out in all directions was enough to coax another orgasm out of him.

Her command did it and with the roiling convulsions of a man consumed by his animal avidity, Silvercloud spilled his seed into her waiting slit. Rope after rope of creamy jizzum spurted from his cock as he clamped down on each of her sizeable breasts and squeezed with each pulse of his climax.

He collapsed onto her when he was done and laid a single long kiss on her open mouth, biting her lower lip a little as he did. "There," he panted as she lay on her back mewling. "Is my lady satisfied?"

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