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Special Delivery

byparts guy©

My boyfriend and I met in high school and we have been a couple ever since. We both attend college, but unfortunately, at the opposite ends of town. I have my own apartment, but he lives in a frat house near campus. Because of this separation, we don't get to spend as much time together as we would like. Maybe once a week we get together for dinner and sex. The dinner I could live without, if you know what I mean.

Winter break will be especially hard this year, as I have to travel with my family for Christmas. Paul will be stuck at the frat house, as the guys always draw straws to see who has to stay to take care of everything, and guess who lost. We had planned to see each other for at least the last couple days of vacation, though.

The day we were supposed to leave, my aunt called to say uncle Harvey was really sick, so my parents canceled the trip. I tried to call Paul, but the line was busy, busy, busy. Must have been all the guys calling family to pick them up. As I sat on the couch, I realized that I didn't even have a present for Paul yet. I was planning to buy him something in California, but now I must come up with something quick. He was easy to shop for, as his parents never celebrated any holidays. The first gift I ever gave him was just a sweater, but he almost cried. He read the card out loud and carefully unwrapped the gift. To this day he not only has the sweater, but the box and the wrapping paper too.

I don't know what caused me to think of it, but I came up with the perfect gift...me! I drove down to the mall, but instead of going inside, I went around back and rummaged around the cardboard bin, until I found the perfect box. With my knees tucked under my chest, my bottom would be pressed against one end of the box, and my mouth would be right up against the other side.

After getting it into my living room, I began to experiment. I found it best to lay on pillows on my back with my knees drawn up to my chest. This would expose both of my holes to Paul on one end, and I simply tilt my head back for access to my mouth at the other end. I love to deep throat, and this would give Paul the perfect path down my throat.

I spent an hour wrapping up the box, cutting small flaps on either side, held shut with a bow. The note was simple:

"This box contains one fuck machine, just untie a bow and insert your cock. Repeat as often as desired. Love, me."

Now all I had to do was figure out how to get delivered to his place.

"I know it's short notice, but it's only one package, and it's only across town." I pleaded to the man on the phone. He was the only delivery service open, and thankfully, he agreed. I took a quick bubble bath and shaved my pussy clean, then slipped into my short terry robe. I wouldn't need much for clothing.

"Sorry lady, I don't deliver people." he said after I explained what I wanted. As I pleaded with him, I noticed how he watched my short robe as it barely covered my butt cheeks.

"Isn't there some way?" I asked as I loosened the sash holding my robe together. His eyes widened a bit.

"But even if I could, I don't think you would fit in that box." he said as he stared at my nearly exposed chest.

"If I show you I can fit, will you do it?" I was desperate and horny.

"Uh...sure...I guess." he stammered. I maintained eye contact with him as I let my robe pool around my feet and stepped into the box. I pulled my knees up to my chest, then spread them apart, giving him a full view of my wet pussy. I then reached over and pulled the top over the box.

"See? I fit fine!" I said from inside.

"Ok, but are you sure those flap things are gonna work?" he asked nervously.

"Would you like to try one?" I teased. I could hear him fumbling with the ribbon by my head, and the box slowly filled with light as he lifted the flap. I tilted my head back, expecting to see him peering in, but instead was faced with a fat cock being pushed into my mouth. Oh well, if this is what it takes to surprise my boyfriend, I guess it will be worth it. I swirled my tongue around his head, and could barely hear him moan. Soon he was pumping away at my mouth, pulling almost all the way out, then ramming it down my throat. When I felt his cock start to swell, I locked my lips tightly around it and sucked hard. He came with a shudder, and I sucked him dry.

"Ok lady, I guess the flap thing works...forty bucks to deliver you."

"What? After I gave you probably the best head you ever had and you want to charge me forty bucks?"

"Hey, take it or leave it."

"You sir, have no Christmas spirit! I'll pay you this time, but it will be the last time I ever use you again!" I grabbed my wallet and threw two twenties at him and tied my robe up tight. I had to carry my box out to his van and fumed in the passenger seat until we were a block away from fraternity row.

"Ok, here's the address...once I'm inside the box, tie this big ribbon around it. Not too tight, so I can get out. Make sure you put me in the middle of his living room. Think you can handle that?" I tore off my robe and climbed inside my cocoon. I could hear him fumbling with the wide ribbon, and it almost seemed like he wrapped it around the box several times before tying it off.

He really enjoyed pulling the box out of his van and dropping it the last foot onto the ground before putting his hand truck under it.

It felt like it took forever to get to Paul's house, but I finally heard the oaf knocking on the door.

"Special delivery!" he said in an unusually cheerful voice. I heard no other voices as he wheeled me in and wiggled his cart out from under me. I heard the door close as he left, then heard Paul as he carefully examined the box. I could hear him remove the card, but he didn't read it out loud this time. My pussy got wet when I heard him pull his zipper down, and then I heard him fumble with the ribbon by my head. He always loved a good blow job, and I wasn't about to disappoint him.

The flap was lifted and his cock quickly filled the hole...and my mouth. It felt so wonderful, and I took my time drooling all over it. I could hear his muffled groans as I took him deep down my throat. I was so caught up in the moment, that I didn't realize the other ribbon had been untied. Some how he had leaned over the box, opened the other flap, and was now fingering my very wet pussy. It felt soooo good, and I was about to cum when something very confusing happened. His fingers were replaced by another hard cock. Both cocks were sawing in and out of me and soon I was flooded at both ends with warm cum. After swallowing an abundance of cream, I pushed up on the lid, but it was on tight. Before I could say anything, another cock was pushed towards my face. I was way too horny to ignore it, so I did what I came to do...I sucked on it. And all too quickly another hard cock, bigger than the first was pushing it's way into my tight but receptive cunt.

I was able to catch glimpses out the flap holes, and saw several well endowed...very well endowed black men walking past. I shivered at the thought of being gang banged by these hunks, when another one pushed his salami deep into my cum filled pussy. He pulled out after only a couple of strokes, then drilled it home in my ass. Up til now, I have only had one small cock in my butt, but this monster slid right in.

I think I swallowed about a quart of cum, and had about the same amount injected into both of my other orifices over the next few hours. Suddenly I was blinded when someone lifted the top from the box. One of the Hercules lifted me out and carried me into a bedroom.

"Wow, you're amazing!" he said as he squeezed one of my firm melons. "Coach has never found a girl who could handle the entire team before!" he said, thinking I was a gift from his coach.

"The entire team? How many is that?" I asked, not realizing that I was stroking his massive cock.

"Twenty six, but some of them took two turns!"

"But where's Paul?" I asked, looking around.

"Paul who?" he asked as his fingers trailed across my tummy and dipped into my sticky pussy.

"My boyfriend Paul...this is the Delta house, isn't it?" They all started laughing.

"No, Delta is across the street and down a couple houses. This is Sigma...We're all footballers...and we're all black! But one of us can run down there and get him, if you like."

"NO!!!" I shouted.

"Oh yeah...I suppose you don't want him to see you like this, huh?" he asked, my hand still attached to his chocolate sausage.

"No...actually he thinks I'm out of town for the weekend. Besides, how often does a girl get gang banged by a couple dozen hot looking guys anyway?" I said as I worked my way down the bed to get an up close and personal lick...I mean look at a ten inch cock.

The rest of the weekend was a sticky, gooey blur. I had more orgasms in those two days than I have had in my entire life. I made some mental notes as I humped away.

1. Find that asshole delivery driver...and thank him with another blow job.

2. Remember this address for next year...no, for next month...screw it, I'll be here weekly.

3. Buy Paul a blue sweater for Christmas. He'll be happy.

4. And finally, have a safe and happy holiday!

Merry Christmas!

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