Special Delivery


"You'll close back up after a few minutes. Promise. Shelley never had that problem, she damn well would have complained to me about it if she did. She complained enough about the soreness."

"Damn. I forgot something." Cathy suddenly pulled the box towards her. "I thought I saw this. Shelley warned me."

"What?" I wasn't following her.

"I'm not going to go any farther until I kiss you, and your wife said you had a mental hang-up about kissing after cock-sucking."

"Well, yeah, it's a bit of a problem for me. Never was able to do it." I shrugged.

"But you don't have a problem with using that tongue anywhere I want on me, right?"

"Anything short of scat or golden showers is fine. Never could get into that sort of thing. Never wanted to. Anal is about as weird as I get."

I got a strange look. "Good, that's why I left my last boyfriend. He wanted to do golden showers. Not interested." She pulled a small bottle out of the box. "Yup, here it is."

The bottle was a half-pint bottle of tequila. Cathy opened it, took a little bit into her mouth, and then swished it around and swallowed it as she twisted the cap back on. "I was told that tequila mouthwash is good enough?"

I laughed. "Definitely. Now, come here and kiss me."

Because I really want to fuck you soon, and I'm getting impatient.

I suppressed the little mental voice, but some of it must have crossed my face.

Cathy smiled. "Someone's impatient, but it's been years. I get it. Thing is, I want to enjoy this too, and that thing of yours has me a bit nervous. I might have to take a break and use the 'mouthwash' a few times before we get to actual sex. That half-pint will be at least half-gone before I even think about putting that thing in my ass." She fondled the head of my cock like as if it was the head of a small child, rubbing it with the flat of her palm.

"Sounds fair to me. I want you to want it. I've had sex once with a woman that was afraid to say no. It wasn't any fun. She forced herself because she was just that type that never backed away from anything. We had to use so much lube, and she never came."

"I want to. Carefully." She stood and was getting ready to straddle me and sit in my lap to kiss me.

"Ah, I have a suggestion." I offered before she sat in my lap.

"What's that?"

"My pants are on the ground, and my underwear. But you haven't taken anything off yet."

"Hmm. The suggestion is that I lose some clothing to even things up then?"

"However did you guess?" I grinned up at her from my seat.

"Why not just even the playing field completely?" She said as she took off her shirt, showing off the sports bra underneath. "I don't have any spare clothing with me anyway, I'd rather not have them be damaged, or covered with spunk, or whatever."

I took the hint and removed my shirt as she took off her bra. I was happy to see that her breasts were just as perky as I'd imagined, even if they were very much on the small side. I was never much of one for big-breasted women anyway. I liked athletic, svelte women with moderate curves and muscle.

Cathy certainly had the muscle in spades, but it wasn't big bulky muscle. All the miles she put on her bike every day certainly showed, even in her upper body. There wasn't the tiniest bit of loose skin anywhere. She had easily visible abs, but they weren't sharply defined like a bodybuilder's.

While I was looking at her, she was looking at me. "You haven't been spending much time in the gym recently, have you?"

I looked down at myself. My abs were barely visible and my pecs were not as defined as they had been a few years back. "Not really. It was something Shelley and I used to do. I kept it up for a couple years on autopilot, but-"

"You're fine the way you are, but if this works out, you're working out more, with or without me. I'm not going to have you all panting and out of breath after fifteen minutes in bed."

I gave her what must have been an odd look.

"Seriously. I'm going to need to go to the gym with someone after I start working for Russ's team as the just-graduated-gofer engineer. Going from spending four to five hours a day on the bike to sitting in a chair eight hours a day is not going to do good things to my body."

"You've been hired by our company?"

She gave me an odd look, and I realized I'd picked up on the wrong thread of that statement.

"I mean, sure, yes, I'll go to work out with you at least sometimes, but remember that I have to spend time with Shelley, too. We watch movies, do computer gaming, and go out to eat." I stared at her, seriously. "You aren't replacing her. I'm not entirely sure about this whole arrangement, but Shelley wants it for children. She obviously likes you, and from the few conversations we've had, I like you enough to try this. You've got a brain, and are more than attractive enough to keep my attention."

"I get it, Keith." Cathy spoke softly, and put one of her hands on mine. "I don't have any desire to replace her. I'm getting something I want out of this too, you know, not just a place to live and sex."

"Well, the state still won't let us make it official."

"Not marriage. I'm fine being a single woman, but attached to your family. I'll happily have children for you two. I want kids anyway. But I also want my own kids, and you are definitely good biological material. Don't think that your wife was the only one looking at medical records when we talked about this."

I leaned back in the chair. "Okay. You two have clearly been planning this at a level beyond what I was expecting."

"Is that a problem?"

"No. I mean, we're all engineers. I should have expected that you two would have covered all the bases. I just wasn't expecting..." I paused. "I honestly didn't think it would work. I was expecting a complete stranger, and-"

"Well, I'm barely an engineer, but yes, we had quite a few lunches together on days when you were out of town or busy. If you don't cause me permanent physical damage with your baseball bat there..." She pointed at my cock with an accusing finger. "I'm all for being the unofficial number two wife."

"Umm, that all sounds good. Sorry if I implied that you two didn't have it all planned out."

"Oh, hush, and help me get out of these pants." She pouted at me. "Unless you would rather I-"

"No, I think I'd prefer to open this package myself." I smiled and leaned forward, wriggling my fingers as I reached towards the waistband of her shorts. "Can I pick it up and shake it?"

"I'll thump you if you try. I don't like being picked up."

"Spoilsport." I changed the direction of my hands, and reached up to touch her exposed breasts first, rubbing my thumbs across her nipples and lightly brushing my fingertips across the sides of her breasts.

"Mm mm. Good hands." She cooed as the goosebumps appeared on her skin, and her nipples went almost instantly to attention in the middle of two-inch reddish-brown areolas. "Need the pants off. Don't want to smell like sex when I leave here, and if you keep doing that, I'm going to soak through both pairs of shorts."

"I chuckled. Fine, fine, fine. You do know that we have a washing machine, right?"

She poked me in the nose. "Hush, and take my clothes off."

"Yes, Ma'am." I moved my hands down her sides, drifting my fingers lightly along her firm flanks, watching the goosebumps on her skin become more pronounced.

She panted a little. "If you weren't so damn big, I'd tell you to just throw me on the bed and fuck me. Hurry up and get my shorts off."

"We're going to kiss first, right?"

"Definitely. But I don't need my hands to kiss you."

My hands finally reached her waistband, and I carefully gathered only the waistband of the loose gym shorts, and pulled them down slowly.

Before I'd gotten them to her knees, she made an impatient noise. "Seriously, faster. I'm going to soak my pants and stink like sex."

"Fine, faster it is." I quickly dropped her shorts to her ankles, then reached up for the skintight biker shorts. By the lack of any sort of lines against the fabric, it was clear that there was no underwear underneath. I quickly peeled her out of the tight shorts, proving myself correct.

She put one hand on my shoulder and lifted her legs one at a time, stepping out of her shorts.

I picked up the skintight shorts with one hand and took a sniff at what was obviously a wet spot. "We might have been too late."


"We have a washing machine. And a sink and soap for delicates. Don't worry about stinking when you leave." I dropped the short on the ground and raised my hand to cup her jaw. "Now, let's pick up where we left off. Sit on my lap and kiss me."

After a moment's irritated look at the wadded shorts on the floor, Cathy tuned to me, straddled my lap, and leaned in for a kiss that tasted like tequila.

About thirty seconds later, she leaned back. "Yup, you're okay kisser. I can work with this."

"Okay? That's all, an okay kisser?"

"You can't have everything. Good health, reasonably fit, and an absurdly big cock. Okay kisser."

"I suppose I can learn to be a better kisser."

"We can work on that."

I let go of her hips with one hand, and reached behind her. She stiffened a bit, maybe expecting me to try to start sex too soon, but I had another idea that I knew would get a reaction. I lifted my cock up with my hand, and slapped it against her lower back.

Cathy's eyes went round. "Is that?"


"You just slapped my back with it."

"Yes. And?"

"Wow. Just Wow." She reached behind herself and touched my cock, holding it by the head and pulling it against her back. That's higher up than my tattoo, I think?"

A tattoo? She has a tramp stamp?

"Can I see the tattoo?"

"Sure." She twisted her hips on my lap, and I looked around behind her.

When I saw what was there, I couldn't help but laugh. "I bet that's been a conversation piece a couple times."

"It has. Not many women have E=MC^2 tattooed on their lower back."

I laughed, and hugged her. "That's hilarious."

"I was a physics major before I decided to get a degree that would let me earn a living." She reached back behind herself again and pulled my helmet up against her back. "Is it above the tattoo?"

I looked around her shoulder. "Yes. About an inch. Do I have to be below the line to ride this ride?"

She squeezed my cock lightly. "No. But I need another swallow of tequila, I think. I can't even imagine what it's going to feel like to have you inside me."

The box was too far away for her to reach, but I could just reach it. I picked up the whole box and brought it to us. "It might be a good time to start with this, too." I tapped the smallest butt plug. It had a switch at the bottom, so I turned it on, and it started to hum.

"Yes, please. Good idea. After more 'mouthwash.'" She took a small swallow of tequila, re-sealed the bottle again, and put it back in the box. Then she picked up a tube of lube and poured a little into one hand, before dropping the tube back in the box and picking the vibrating butt plug. She carefully covered the whole plug with lube, then reached around behind herself with the plug. It was only about an inch in diameter at the thickest point, and clearly went in with no problems, just a sigh of contentment and a wriggle of her tailbone on my lap.

I leaned over a bit and set the box on the ground next to us.

She wriggled her butt in my lap again. "Oh, yeah. That's going to help a lot. At least for my pussy. We'll need to use bigger toys to get me ready for that thing in my ass." She breathed out a quick breath and reached behind herself to put her hand on my tool's head again, pulling it back up and touching her lower back with it. "That's just crazy. You say this whole thing will go into my ass?"

I'd thought about offering to help with the plug, but was glad I hadn't. She was still nervous. I couldn't be too aggressive, no matter how much I wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her silly. "If you can take the thickness, the whole thing will fit. There's a second sphincter in there, and the head of my cock will have to twist around a little to follow the turn after the second sphincter, but it'll go. It'll take at least a half hour to work it all in there, once we get started, if we go careful and slow. And I will."

"You can last a half hour with your cock in my ass?"

"If I cum once or twice before that, yes, I hope so. I'll be a little smaller and softer than I am now, too, I think."

She leaned forward and kissed me again. The tequila turned me on. Tequila in a kiss meant sex to me after so long with Shelley. I tried to feel guilty about it, but it didn't work. Shelley had set this up. She knew exactly what was likely to happen. She had specifically set this up with Cathy, after what seemed to be a long time planning. I liked Cathy, what little I knew of her from brief office conversations.

I am going to fuck her so hard.

I pressed my mouth against hers harder and held her a little tighter, putting my arms around her back and holding her neck from behind as the kiss got more serious. She matched me, with surprising strength.

She tapped me on the back, and pulled away. "Okay, I'm done kissing, for now. Do you like sixty-nine?"

"Sure." I waved at the bed. "After you."

She stood and took a couple steps over to the bed, then jumped onto it on all fours, put her head on the bed, arched her stomach down, and waved her ass at me.

I got an incredible view of a finely-toned ass, shaved completely bald, with just a hint of darkness between the butt plug and two creamy white globes. Below that, there was a hairless pussy, with labia hanging slightly. As I watched, a thick drop slowly formed and stretched for an inch before finally falling to the sheets. My cock raged and started to ache.

Cathy looked at me from the mattress. "Like what you see?"

"Enough that it's all I can do to keep myself from going way to fast." I growled. "I think my dick might have just grown another half inch too."


"It's starting to hurt now."

She rolled over on her side and stretched out, then crooked a finger at me. "Well, come here. I'll kiss it and make it better."

She didn't have to ask twice. I walked around the bed, lay down, grabbed her knees, and pulled her into proper-pussy-licking position, burying my head between her thighs and digging my tongue deep.

"That's good. Oh, damn that's good."

I bumped the end of the butt plug with my nose.

"Oh! How did you. Your hands."

"With my nose."

"I like it."

I went to town, digging deeply with my tongue into her pussy, stretching my tongue inside as far as I could, and regularly sucking on and tonguing her button as well. Occasionally bumping the plug with my nose, which got a reaction every time.

She was keeping up her end of the sixty-nine as well, licking and handling my cock almost like a corn cob one minute, an ice cream cone the next. She tried to get the head in her mouth again, but I had to stop her. It was too tight, and her teeth hurt me.

I felt her shift position and heard her rummaging in the box as she licked the tip of my cock. "You're definitely bigger. I need more mouthwash."

I chuckled, and licked her ass around the butt plug as I felt her tongue leave my cock.

There were choking sounds, then coughing and laughing and a moan as I bored in harder, trying to put my tongue between the vibrating plug and the sphincter wall. "Ohgod. Do that more. After I put the bottle down!"

I pushed my face in harder and said "Mmm hmm" as I pushed my tongue at the crack between ass and plug. Then I licked her skin between her anus and pussy before backing my face away a couple inches and blowing air at the wet skin.

Suddenly my cock head felt incredibly cold. "Two can play that game, mister." The scent of tequila was strong in the air.

"Wow." I muttered, and stiffened as I felt a warm tongue swiping the cold tequila off my cock head.

"Let's see who cums first?" She spoke as she lightly squeezed my balls.

"I'm pretty worked up, and fairly sure I'm going to lose, but I'll take that bet." I looked down at her, between our bodies, and saw her put another small splash of tequila in her hand and slather it on my cock.

She looked at me, smiled crookedly, and then snaked out her tongue. The mixture of cold, warm, and tongue friction on my helmet almost made me blow my load right then, right there, but I barely held on. "I've never had tequila like this before," she said.

I wasn't looking at her any longer. I was concentrating on her pussy and ass. I took one hand off the knee it was holding and slowly pushed a finger deep into her pussy. She was sopping wet, it went in easily.

There was a groan from near my cock, and I smiled as I started licking and nibbling her clit while starting to work a second finger in next to the first.

I could feel the pressure building in my balls, but I could feel her muscle tremors too. We were both on the edge.

That's when I felt her tracing a finger slowly along my butt cheeks, back and forth, and then in a spiral, slowly getting closer to what I knew her target had to be. And she knew I had to know.

I pulled out the two fingers, and started trying to fit three. It was pretty tight, but she gave no indication of pain as she pushed hard against my fingers. I kept licking and nibbling at her clit, and pumping three fingers into her with a piston motion as she kneaded my balls with one hand, licked my helmet, and traced her other hand's finger closer and closer to my anus.

I released her other knee and carefully grabbed the end of the little butt plug with that hand, and started pumping it in and out. Not enough to remove it from her ass, just enough to stretch her sphincter back and forth as the retaining lip of the plug almost came free before I pushed it back in.

The licking on my cock became more frantic, and suddenly, the moment I knew was coming happened. A finger was pressed against my ass, pushed its way inside, and pressed against my prostate.

It was all over. My nuts rebelled against my mind and my hips started to jerk. In desperation, I slid my pinkie finger in next to the other three, and started pumping her with four fingers. There was a moan from near my cock, and I felt muscles tightening down on my fingers, hard.

I could feel the cum pushing through my cock. After the second spurt, I felt two hands and a pair of lips lock on the head of my cock. Spurt after spurt shook my body. Seven, eight, nine, ten, and then three or four spasms with no real result, other than feeling fantastic.

I'd lost, but not by much.

I felt her lips move and heard her swallow before she released her lip lock. "Photo finish. I can't believe you got four fingers in me that fast. I can't believe I came that fast."

"I usually last a lot longer too. Has it been a while for you?"

"About a year. Lots of toy-play, but no boyfriend. Full time work and full time school don't leave much time for a relationship. Senior year was a real bitch."

I felt her lips on my cock again. It was shrinking, and she managed to get it into her mouth and the head down her throat.

I knew what she was about to do. "Wait!"

But I was too late, she hummed.

I almost jerked the hypersensitive head out of her mouth. "Whoa. Give me a few minutes before doing that, please. Super sensitive for a while after I cum."

"Sorry, I know better, I just want you hard again. You had four fingers in me. I figure that means this thing might fit now."

Probably not. I carefully didn't say.

"Maybe, with a lot of lube. But we have a lot of lube. Trust me. I'll get hard again. At least twice more. Maybe three times."

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