Speech and Debate Pt. 16: Finale


Harder and harder I pounded into his tight hole, watching him squirm beneath me, his muscles taught and a thin sheen beginning to form on his lower back. He whimpered and sighed into the blankets, balled up his fists and pounded the mattress.

"Yes. Don't stop, David. Oh fuck yes, Pound my ass! Oh god just fuck me harder. Harder! Fuck baby."

He was driving me on, forcing everything inside me to rush out into him. I only just registered the slapping of his ass as it bounced back and forth on my hips, barely noticed the redness there as I continued to fuck him. I felt my chest beginning to tighten, felt all the anger inside of me begin to ball up, begin to take over and take control.

I grabbed his hips hard and power fucked him as fast as I could, my hips a blur in the air. I slapped his ass hard, the smack like a cracking whip.

"YES!" Daniel nearly cried. "Oh god yes!"

I felt like an animal, primal, stalking, taking what I needed when I needed it. Everything poured out of me in a rush. All the hurt and fear, the anger and pain at the coming change, it all vanished inside of Daniel. He took all of it, siphoned it out of my soul as he rode my thick cock.

I felt his body go tense beneath me, but I didn't stop. I heard his breath catch and his moans cut short. His prostate became like a rock as my massive member slammed into it over and over. He didn't move, but I felt him get close, felt his hole tighten.

"Oh goooood, fuuuuuuckkk, ahhhh!" he let out the moan in a long scream that verged on a sigh at the volume of a shout. I heard his cum splat against the covers beneath him.

Without warning, my balls pulled up tight and I heard myself growl like a rabid beast. The first wave hit me and I felt my cock expand inside him, pushed myself to the base and shot my first load deep into his hot hole. Three thick streams coated his insides as I let out a bellow like a dying beast.

I yanked my cock from him quickly and aimed my head right at his opened hole. Four more blasts of my whiteness painted his tan skin, dripping over his spasming opening, coating his ass cheeks with my goo.

It took several minutes to regain my composure. When I did, I collapsed bodily onto him, pushing his elevated hips to the bed. I didn't care that my cock got re coated in my own cum as I nestled it into the crack of his bubble butt and laid my head onto his back.

"Now that was one for the books," Daniel sighed as he struggled to regain his breath after my onslaught and trapped beneath my bulk.

"I'm gonna need a minute...no talking," I panted.

"Nice try guys, but next time you gotta up the volume. I don't think the neighbors six doors down could hear you very well!"

My sister's voice came from the other side of my closed door.

Daniel and I tried to control our giggles but in under a minute we were a mass of laughter rolling around half naked on the cum drenched bed.

When our passions and laughter eventually subsided, I laid with my head on his massive chest, running my fingertips over his dark chest hair, feeling for his heartbeat.

"Thanks," I said after a while.

I don't know why I said it or what I was thanking him for.

"No problem. I think we both needed to let off some steam," He replied.

I nodded and kissed his chest, throwing my arm across his abs.

"More than a little. I felt like an animal, but I needed that. I feel better now."

"Not half so good as I do. I love it when you make me cum without touching my cock."

"Mmmm," I moaned.

I wanted to stay like that forever, tangled up in his limbs and laying on my bed just staring into space. Why couldn't time just stop and let me live in that moment until the Universe exploded?

"Sleep?," Daniel asked sometime later, when we were more ourselves once more.

"Food, THEN sleep," I responded.

"Even better."

Daniel disentangled himself from our pile, retrieved a pair of shorts from one of the piles and proceeded to order us a pizza. As if he wasn't already perfect enough, he even made a point to ask my sister if she wanted any and what toppings she'd prefer before placing the order. When the pie arrived we ate and watched TV for a bit before heading back to bed.

Luckily, the cum was dried by that point and both of us were too tired to care about changing the sheets. We just stripped naked, crawled in bed facing each other, foreheads pressed together and let the sound of our breathing become the first song of the soundtrack to a dreamless sleep.

The morning found me much improved. Well, as such things go for hormonal teenage boys.

A few days later, only 2 days before moving day, Daniel was in our kitchen making breakfast for me, Mom, and my sister. I had to admit it gave me a bit of a chuckle to watch Daniel go about the kitchen in his tight white tank top and little running shorts, cracking eggs and humming to himself while he flipped the bacon.

I did have to elbow my mother a few times.

Whenever Daniel would bend to check the fritatta he'd put in the oven, Mom would raise a little higher in her seat and blatantly check out his butt. I didn't blame her of course. But I felt it my duty as his boyfriend to be a little territorial.

"Well, sue me, sweet pea," she whispered to me. "If your father can suck the youth out a 25 year old floozy, there's no reason I can't get me one myself!"

"He's 18 Mamma! And he's not a floozy!"

"Hush up! You know that's not what I meant. But ask him if he's got any single cousins."

This was before the days of "face-palm" but that is precisely what I did. My sister kicked her feet in glee at my discomfort.

"What are you boys up to today?" Mamma asked to the both of us, allowing me a little time to recover from my blush.

Daniel pulled the frittata from the oven, placed it on a hot plate and poured us all some OJ.

"Shopping mostly," he said, passing out the plates and silverware. "He's got that massive list for school and I got a few extra things he's gonna need, too. Then after that, I have an event in the evening, but I should be back later. Around 9 or 10, if you don't mind me keeping him out late?"

I loved it when he went all Rhett Butler, Southern Gentleman, asking permission from the parents. It made me feel like a Lady. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

"Keep him as long as you need, Sweet Boy," Mamma permitted.

"Keep him forever, for all I care," the sister mumbled under her breath. "We don't want him back."

"I'm gonna send you to the gypsies if you don't mind that tone, young lady. You're gonna miss your brother when he's gone in a few days. Mark my words. And if you don't, I'm gonna make you miss him."

Mamma to the rescue.

I couldn't resist sticking my tongue out at my little brat of a sibling.

"Did you see that! Did you see?! He just stuck..."

"What did I just say little Missy? Did I stutter? You want to spend the rest of your natural born life in your bedroom with no internet?"

"No ma'am," she grumbled and returned to her fritatta.

I stuck my tongue out again.

Several hours later and more swipes of Daniel's credit card than I care to admit to, we had accumulated an impressive pile of stuff to haul up to school.

Any time I'd picked out something in the basic variety, Daniel had opted for the top of the line option. (who needed a mini fridge with temperature controls, a cheese drawer, and attached freezer?) What use would I possibly have for a humidifier? I was headed North but only by 120 miles, not crossing the Mason-Dixon. There would be humidity enough up there still.

And woe be to me if I even attempted to pull out my wallet when we go to the cashier!

We unloaded his Jeep and took over the Living Room with all of my new stuff. Daniel kissed me gently and said his goodbyes to go get ready for the event with his parents that evening.

"You know I would take you with me, but my parents say it's only for invited guests and I'm already their plus one. Promise you aren't too mad at me?"

"I'm not!" I promised for the umpteenth time that day. "Now get your butt in gear, mister. And what a cute butt it is!"

He kissed me again and I smiled.

"And don't forget to send me a pic in your Tuxedo!" I called back as he left. "Love you!"

"Love you too babe!"

And so I was left alone with several thousand dollars worth of stuff I didn't know what I was going to do with and a still angry little sister who stalked the hallways like some kind of demented woodland creature bent on avenging a great wrong done to her people.

All in all, in was shaping up to be a fun evening.

I got the picture of Daniel in his tux about an hour later as I unboxed some of the larger items we'd bought.

When I saw it, it was something like being shot. It was the exact same tuxedo he'd worn to Prom. The exact same. I don't know what I was expecting. Daniel was wealthy, but I doubted he was wealthy enough to own more than one tuxedo. My mind whirled back to that time, to that horrible night and the way he'd rescued me from Amy. That sent me down a rabbit hole of memories.

Within minutes I was sobbing on the floor surrounded by cardboard boxes, mini-fridges, and spiral bound notebooks. Not even flipping through the new notebooks could relieve my sadness. For a nerd, that was akin to snorting a line of cocaine. But nothing assuaged me that night.

Time passed so slowly. 10 o'clock came and went. 11 o'clock soon after.

Where was Daniel?

It was nearing midnight and I was nearing an anxiety attack when I finally heard him pull up in the driveway. I rushed to the front door, flung it open and started in on him before he'd even closed his car door.

"Where were you!? You're two hours late? Why didn't you call me?!"

Daniel calmly walked towards me and answered each of my questions with a steady voice.

"I was at the event, which ran long, there was no cell service, and I sent you a text when I was leaving. Check your phone."

He was correct. That didn't make it better. But still...how had I missed it?

"Where's your tuxedo?"

He was wearing a pair of jeans and a grey t-shit now. I was a little disappointed. Though, given my reaction to just a picture of him in his formal wear, I may have been institutionalized if I'd actually seen him dressed in it in person.

"I changed before I came over. It's uncomfortable and not exactly fitting for where we're going."

"And where is that?" I asked, trying to stop the sound of my own heartbeat in my ears and taking long deep breaths.

"You'll find out when we get there. Get in."

I knew better by this point in our relationship than to try and badger the information out of him. If Daniel wanted to keep something secret it would be kept a secret until he decided to reveal it.

So I sat in the passenger seat, buckled up and settled in for a ride to wherever he'd picked. I took solace in just holding his hand as he drove, staring out the window and watching the city roll past.

I had it figured out before too long. There were only so many places in the city to go at this hour after all. When we turned into the State Park driveway, I was surprised to see that the gate was opened for us. They normally closed the park to visitors around 8PM.

"Why is it still open?" I asked distractedly.

"Pulled a few strings," Daniel said as if it was the most common thing in the world.

"Pulled a few strings? You know what strings to pull to keep a State Government run property open past the legislated time frames? Have I been dating a wheeler and dealer all this time and didn't know it?"

"Mmmhmm," Daniel replied with a small nod and left it at that.

He drove a bit further into the park and parked next to a car I recognized instantly.

"What's Ian doing here?"

"He's playing lookout. It was all I could do to convince him he didn't need to wear full blown head to toe camoWho better to scare off wild animals that someone who's built like one?"

"You have a point."

Daniel parked the car, turned the key and motioned for me to follow him.

He reached for my hand as we walked down the little dirt path I knew lead to the lake side beach area. I'd been to this park on at least 4 class field trips over the years and knew my way around. When we crested the little hill of "dunes" and the beach came in view, I wondered if perhaps I didn't know the area quite so well as I thought.

Some things were familiar: the picnic tables near the trees, the wide sandy section of beach, the lifeguard stand.

But the rest was fully transformed.

Paper lanterns glowed in red, white, green, and gold. They hung from the trees and on rope that someone had strung between the lifeguard stand and the shore line. Countless strings of tiny twinkling Christmas lights made up the spaces between them. A large white blanket was the only thing on the sandy shore, complete with an old style whicker picnic basket and rose petals all around. Candles in mason jars stood guard around the blanket, their tiny flames adding a flickering warmth to the electric fairy lights above.

Ian and Justin stood perched near the lifeguard stand, the lanky boy resting easily against Ian's bulk and idly running his fingers over Ian's forearms thrown around his shoulders. They looked up expectantly when we arrived.

"Took you long enough!" Ian said, beginning to make his way towards us. "I was getting ready to start in on that basket, dude. I'm starving!"

"You ate half an hour ago you giant buffoon," Justin shot back. "I'm going to go bankrupt trying to keep you fed at this rate."

Ian shrugged and kissed Justin on the forehead.

"Did anyone give you any trouble? Park Rangers?" Daniel asked.

Justin shook his head.

"Nope. One stopped by and we showed him that permit you gave us. He left about an hour ago now. Everything is all ready to go."


Ian and Justin made as if to walk past us towards the parking area.

"You aren't going to stay?" I asked.

"Not a chance," Ian said.

"This is your night, David," Justin added with a friendly smile.

"But you guys went through all this trouble.."

"No trouble at all, lil D. It's our pleasure. We'll see you tomorrow before you guys head out, okay?"

I nodded. I feared if I tried to speak, the lump in my throat would crack and I'd be a weeping mess again. I could do that in front of Daniel. To sob before Justin and Ian would be another thing entirely. I didn't think I could live through the shame of that.

I kept my tears bravely in check and nodded to them as they headed to the car.

Daniel and I just stood and stared for a moment, listening to their car start and pull away.

"Daniel, I...I don't know what to say." I felt the tears in my eyes get thicker.

"So don't say anything, my love. Come. Let's have some food."

He lead me to the blanket, careful to step around the mason jar candles; we sat under the clear night sky by the shore of the lake in the fantasy world he'd worked so hard to give me.

I know I complained about the summer blockbuster movies with the bonfires...but I had to admit, the concept had a very distinct appeal when you were part of it in real life.

"Something to eat," didn't do justice to what Daniel had packed in that picnic basket.

He brought white wine, red wine, champagne, and an assortment of Italian food I had no idea he could manage. A little prodding got him to admit that his Mom had helped with a fair bit of it, but only in giving instructions. He'd actually insisted on cooking the whole thing himself.

"Did you even have an event to go to tonight? Or was that all a rouse so you could fatten me up on pasta and wine and have your way with me down by the lake?" I joked.

Daniel blushed a bit.

"We did have something to go to, yeah. I didn't lie, I promise. But it was over pretty early and I was cooking after that. I'd have picked you up sooner but I dropped the first batch of ziti and had to redo it."

I wanted to kick my heels and giggle with glee. I contented myself with kissing him instead. Kissing an Italian man with red wine on his lips is something I highly recommend to everyone. It's like some kind of romance marinade on them, enhances their natural flavor and gifts.

When we'd finished dinner and everything packed back away in the basket, we were laying back on our elbows just watching the few wisps of clouds float across the stars.

Daniel suddenly sat up.

"I almost forgot! I got you something."

"Angel Boy, you really shouldn't be doing all this!" I protested. "All the stuff for school and now this. I can't have you paying for literally everything I do all the time."

"Hush, it's nothing like that," he said, waving me off. "This didn't cost a dime. Well except for the frame, but we already had that in the house."

He reached into the basket and riffled around for a moment. Then pulled out a full 8 by 10 silver picture frame. He handed it to me and I turned it over.

It was a drawing in charcoal pencil. I recognized the picture it had been drawn from immediately as one Ian had taken of me and Daniel a few weeks ago on one of our trips to the beach. But it was rendered beautifully on the canvas in exacting detail.

"Where did you get this?" I asked, trying to catch my bearings.

"I drew it, of course."

Well there went any hope of bearings. I was cut adrift and on my own.

"You...you did this? For me? How? When? I didn't know that you even liked to draw, much less that you COULD..."

Everything came out in a jumble, high pitched and cracking every other word like a 13 year old. I didn't care in the slightest. I just stared down at the drawing, and the drawing stared back at me.

"I've always like to draw. Since kindergarten. I doodled all the time in school. Probably why you had to tutor me in the first place. And see, there's a lot you still have to learn about me, isn't there?"

"Apparently so," I whispered.

I wanted to say so much more. I felt like I needed to say so much more, but I simply couldn't. Everything inside of me seemed to be at war with everything else inside of me. My love for Daniel battled my fear of losing him when I moved tomorrow; my thanks for what he'd given me and bought for me sparred with my guilt at not doing it myself; my hope for learning everything about him came to blows with knowing that, after this night, I'd be too far away to do so.

I didn't even feel the tears when they started.

I just stared and stared at that drawing in my hands like it would somehow provide me the answers that I needed. They came on their own, hot and heavy. To my credit, I didn't sob or break down, but the tears flowed nonetheless.

"Oh fuck," Daniel said under his breath. "I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to upset you. Here, let me just put it away for now and we can get back to..."

He reached for the picture.

"If you try and take this from me right now, I swear to god I will beat you with it," I growled.

Daniel slowly moved his hands away from the picture and remained silent.

Good, he was learning.

I stared and stared, just waiting for something to come to the surface, something to tell me what I was supposed to say.

"It's all just too much," I heard the words come from my lips though I didn't remember thinking them.

I didn't know what they even meant. But I knew they were true. It was too much for me. There was just so much beauty right there in front of me, all around me, beside me...and it was overwhelming. I looked around me at the candles and the lights and the blanket and the picture.

I must have looked hunted or wild-eyed or passed some unspoken level of distress that he found acceptable, because Daniel didn't hesitate for a moment.

He stood up, grabbed my hand and nearly yanked me to my feet. Without a word and despite my vocal protestations he marched me past the lights and back towards the car, over the little dunes until the fairy beach was blocked from view. Ignoring my yammering until we we right at his Jeep, he spun me to face him, his back to the lake. He lifted me by my hips up onto the hood of the car. He jumped up beside me, wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled us both down to lie flat on the hood of his car, my head on his chest, eyes bent on the heavens above us.

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