Speech and Debate Pt. 16: Finale


"Better?" he asked after I'd settled a bit.

I still clutched the drawing in the silver frame to my chest like a shield.

"Better," I whispered snuggling into him a bit.

"You looked a little overwhelmed there for a moment."

"Understatement of the year Award goes to..."

Daniel snorted a laugh.

"Well if your sarcasm is in that good of form, I think you're gonna make it, babe."

He craned his neck to kiss my forehead while his fingers slowly raked through my blonde hair.

The stars had a calming effect on me. They had ever since that first night after graduation at Ian's lake house. I could spend hours just staring at them now, letting my mind wander and my thoughts flow free. It was one of the only stress free times I can remember in my life.

"It's only for a little while, right?" I asked. I couldn't bring myself to define a little while.

I felt Daniel nod underneath me.

"It will be over in a flash. I promise. What's four years in the grand scheme of things, right?"

"Right. Nothing. Just a blip," I tried to convince myself.

"Easy as pie. If our Polaris up there can last for Billions and Billions, we can at least make it through 4," he added.

There was always that. Polaris was indeed shining brightly that night, clear and steady as always.

"If a stupid ball of flaming gas can do it, then so can we," I joked.

"Don't mention flaming gas, babe. That second batch of Ziti isn't sitting so well," Daniel quipped.

And true to jock form, he let out a massive fart.

"OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" I screamed, righting myself to a seated position. "Here we are having a lovely romantic moment and you gotta go and do that! Gross! You're such a...a...such a MAN!"

Daniel was in hysterics, of course. I guess I couldn't blame him; he was only 18 after all and he couldn't be ALL perfection all the time. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back down on top of his chest.

"And don't pretend like you don't love every bit of it! You love that I'm such a "man." Don't you? You love the muscles and the stubble and the gym time. Come on. Admit it! You do?! I know you do!"

He grabbed my wrists and forced me to put my hands on his Pecs. He made them dance beneath my touch.

"You love it, don't you?" he asked again.

I bit my lower lip.

Of COURSE I loved it. Who wouldn't? But I wasn't about to let him get off that easy.

"Nope. Don't care!" I lied.

"Really?" he cocked an eyebrow but kept my wrists in his grip. He moved them lower onto his stomach.

"You have no opinion about this?"

He tightened his stomach and I felt the muscles ripple beneath my palm.

Cracks began to form in my admittedly already weakened defenses. Fuck, who am I kidding? More like whole chunks of defenses crumbled entirely to ash.

"No opinion." I whispered, swallowing hard against the lump that had suddenly appeared in my throat. Not to mention, my pants

Daniel moved my hands further south, over his lower abs, his belly button and over the bulge in his jeans. He pushed my palm down onto his basket and squeezed. I could feel the heat of his cock beneath the fabric, could feel it swelling and coming to life just millimeters away from my fingertips.

"What about now?" Daniel asked, his lips suddenly at my ear, nibbling my ear lobe.

"Goddamn you!" I growled and pounced on top of him pulling his wrists up above his head and straddling his hips. I looked down at that perfectly symmetrical face and those gorgeous brown eyes that seemed to glow gold even now in the midnight Summer air.

I didn't mind the cold hard metal of the hood pressing into my kneecaps as I inched my way forward up his torso. In fact, I enjoyed the slight tinge of pain; it helped keep me focused as Daniel writhed beneath me.

Of course I knew he could have easily escaped and that he wasn't really trying to overpower me; I didn't much care. I enjoyed the way his wrists, pinned above his head, made his back and chest expand, forced his hole torso to lengthen. I felt his hips rise from the hood and press upwards into my ass.

Good. Not that I doubted Daniel wanted what I wanted just as much as I did. If there was one thing I could count on besides his never failing love and support, it was his libido.

I kept his wrists pinned in one hand and leaned in to kiss him. His head rose from the hood to meet me, our lips pressed together. I inhaled long and deep, drawing him closer like I was trying to suck the soul from his body. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and gripped the back of his neck with my free hand. Hard.

His wincing moan into our kiss made me shiver. I adored feeling and hearing him react to my touch. I kept a firm grip on the back of his neck but was forced to release his wrists.

If I was to get at my intended prize, I needed that hand.

I reached behind me and found the button of his jeans. The heat coming off of him was palpable and I could sense his hard uncut cock throbbing below my fingers.

"Slow down baby," he panted between kisses. "We have all night."

"And that's exactly how long this is going to take," I very nearly growled as I lightly bit his pouty lower lip.

Well, perhaps a little more forceful than "lightly."

His jeans gave way behind me and I yanked the zipper open. Before the metal had a chance to open all the way, my fingers tore under the elastic of his boxer briefs and grabbed for his cock.

"Ahhhh," he groaned when I made contact.

I tried to memorize the way it felt when I touched him, the heat and fire of his body pulsing in my grip. I didn't know when I would have a chance to do this again. I filed away the feel of his precum leaking from his slit, the way his foreskin slide easily beneath my palm. I cupped his balls as I parted his hairy thighs, felt their substantial heft and weight.

"I'm going to drain these to the size of raisins. Mark my words," I hissed as I squeezed them tightly.

He gritted his teeth and sucked in air, arching the small of his back. It only forced his cock out into the open. I hitched the elastic of his underwear beneath his balls and wiggled his jeans down under his bare ass. This was no easy feat. Daniel's ass was firm and hard and he'd taken to wearing well fitting jeans to show it off for me.

"Jesus..." he sighed.

I had his cock in a twisted back handed grip and jerked his skin smoothly up and down. Precum dripped over my fingers as I milked him slowly.

Daniel knew it was pointless to try and stop me at this point. As if he had any intentions to actually do so. Instead, he gyrated in time to my manipulations and went to work undoing my pants.

My cock made a satisfying thumping sound when it flopped forward onto his taut stomach. I lifted my ass higher so he could push my pants down around my knees and he tried to grab my cock.

"Don't. Don't touch it," I demanded, all while feeling his shaft thicken in my grip. " I want to focus on one thing and one thing only."

To this day, I love watching a man's eyes roll into the back of his head. Daniel's did just that when I guided his cock head to my hole and slowly sank down onto him.

The heat and pain were formidable at first. Slowly I felt his cock head slip into my opening, felt his passion ease inside me, coax me to loosen for him. His precum made me slick and I reveled as each inch of him rose inside of me.

"Oh god...oh holy..." I moaned.

I used both hands to part my cheeks so his cock could invade me completely. My entire body trembled and shook but I felt like Daniel's cock was refilling my gas tank. Every centimeter of him seemed to make me more whole.

I felt his pubes tickling my hole in mere seconds. He pulsed his dick in my tight ass and instantly hit my spot. A thick jet of precum erupted from my cock and made a dark line across his shirt. I tore it over his head and lifted it behind his neck. Each of my hands dug into his hairy chest, squeezing and kneading the muscles. I might as well have been grabbing two boulders.

"Don't stop until I cum. Twice," I commanded.

Daniel's eyes were wild with pleasure but he managed a nod. His grip on the back of my neck pulled me down to kiss him and he began the task I'd assigned him.

Our lips never parted, our tongues never stopped dancing together as Daniel bucked his hips upwards into me, fucking me higher and higher. I rocked forward and back on him, attempting to lengthen his thrusts. My brain was on fire and I couldn't stop the string of whining moans that punctuated each full pulse of his tool.

He pounded my spot, long and slow at first, then alternating and ramming my hole quick until I couldn't remember my own name.

"Oh don't stop. Oh jesus, fuck yes."

Daniel's upper abs were quickly becoming a reservoir for my precum. It came out of me in a never ending stream and pooled in the grooves of his stomach and made his buzzed black chest hair shine wetly in the moonlight.

"Your ass is so tight," Daniel grunted. "You want me to fill it up for you?"

I bit my lower lip and nodded.

His hands were at my hips, holding on tight, steadying me for an assault.

Daniel was like some kind of human metronome that increased pace at a steady clip.

First came Legato, slow and steady, flowing, his hips rocking into my ass and mine into his.

Then Andante: a steady pace, about equal to our heartbeats. My cock bouncing in time to his thrusts.

Allegro: fast and hard, the pace where my individual moans became almost a solid utterance.

Finally came Presto. I don't know where he got the strength but it felt like his cock never left my ass, even though I heard his hips slapping into me and felt his dick pounding my prostate so hard I thought he might burst it.

Speech wasn't possible at that point. My mouth just hung open on my chest and I clung onto Daniel for dear life, My breath was in my throat and a burning knot of tension in my groin foretold what was about to happen.

"Grrrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhhh" Daniel bellowed, slamming once and then twice more into me.

Fire and heat poured from his cock and pushed me until even our Polaris was lost in the whiteness. I know that I came and came hard, but I can only remember coming down from that highest place, like a flame returning to a match head in rewind. I coalesced into my self.

I had collapsed onto Daniel's chest, sticky whiteness between us. When I turned to kiss the side of his neck, I tasted his sweat and my own cum on his skin. His entire face was nearly a mask of white and thick gloppy rivers of my cum made a mess on his windshield a good foot and half behind us. Daniel's dick still pulsed little bursts of his cum into me and I held him there, tightening and loosening my hole for him.

"That's one," I whispered.

In case it wasn't clear by now, Daniel was a bit of an over achiever when it came to things he was good at. And he was very very very good at loving me.

He met, surpassed, and then more than doubled the two personal orgasms I had ordered from him.

By the time we were both finally exhausted, I held two loads in my ass, Daniel had two of mine in him and we both had cum on our faces and lips that no amount of kissing could remove. Full showers would be required.

But that could wait until tomorrow. We did out best to clean up with a stray water bottle we found in the Jeep, retrieved the blanket from the beach, and curled up together on the hood of his car, naked, sated, and exhausted.

The last thing I remember seeing before blackness took me was the North Star.

It was a fitting finale to a fantasy evening.

Because the Universe had it out for me, I was sure of it, that night in the park gave way to the morning I had been dreading for weeks.

Moving day.

I know it was stupid to hope for some kind of time loop to materialize, to dream that I could somehow spend the rest of my life reliving the past few hours with Daniel. But we dream and hope for impossible things when we are thralls to that most totalitarian master, love.

Driving home to pack was torture. Every mile closer to my house and all my things waiting to be packed up was a mile further away from the park. I felt like I was leaving a large part of my soul behind me.

Numbness overtook me. I supposed I should take that as a blessing. Numbness was preferable to the searing pain I knew I should be feeling at the prospect of leaving him.

It took four full cars, mom's, dad's, Daniel's and my own, to shove everything in. My sister was actually going to drive as part of this caravan. She had only had her permit for 6 months or so, but the parental units decided it was okay for her to join as long as she drove between the first and third cars, fully shielded from the rest of the crazies on the highway.

My parents handled themselves decently. This was the first time they had been in the same place at the same time since my graduation months before. My father, thanks be to god, had left his girlfriend behind for the day.

My mother did, however, enlist the help of a neighbor boy who could give Ian a run for his money. She paid him 20 bucks to help with the packing and lingered just a little longer than expected when she did.

Well, at least there was one thing I wouldn't have to witness while away at school; my mother, the cougar.

I didn't say much as we packed, only smiled and nodded when someone tried their best to cheer me up or asked me a question. I played my part and rolled my eyes whenever my father made the requisite "dad jokes." Other than that, I floated in my numbness and waited for the packing to be over.

When it was all done and the caravan was ready to depart, I slid into the front seat of Daniel's jeep without comment and hunkered in on myself. At least Daniel was coming along and I wouldn't have to face the actual goodbye for another few hours.

He didn't start school for another week. However, his own moving day had already happened last week. His parents had decided that he could turn the pool house into his own apartment and live at home for the first year or two of school, since he was only going to be a few miles from Campus. They hoped it would give him some autonomy. I hoped it would keep him grounded and out of the dorm rooms of any other cute gay nerds that may be lurking on his campus.

I was 18, mind. Jealousy is just a natural part of 18 year olds.

So Daniel, as much as he wanted to help and to understand, could never fully grasp the trauma of a move like mine. He sensed as much and didn't try to make light of my situation or brush it off. He hopped into the driver seat, driving directions in hand, buckled up and turned the key.

Just like that, my old life began to fade into the rear view mirror. I did my best not to look back, sure that it was all just vanishing into the mists like Brigadoon. I couldn't bear to watch it go so I did the only thing I could do. I stared straight ahead and kept my eyes locked on the drab grey highway stretched out before us.

The picture Daniel gave me the night before, the one he had drawn of the two of us was in my lap. I had already promised myself that that particular gift was not going to leave my side. It would go with me to and from classes in my backpack and sit on my bedside table every evening. If I couldn't have Daniel with me in person, I would not, no, I refused to not have some small piece of him at all time.

Sometime between turning onto the highway and passing out of the city limits, Daniel reached between us and held my hand. The silver rings he had gotten us made a tiny click when our fingers laced together. I felt my heart swell when they touched. I dared not look down and tried to simply draw whatever comfort I could from his touch.

My jaw ached from clenching it. If I let that tension go for even a moment I knew that I would lose it. Daniel would have to pull the car over, I'd have a break down and run out into traffic and be admitted to the psych ward and life would be over. I was certain of it. So I clenched tighter and tighter until the blood pounded in my ears.

If you've never gone to College, I suggest that you just go by and watch the semi controlled chaos that is Freshman move in day.

It's like some massive hive of ants was kicked by a giant.

Sweaty parents and shell shocked kids scrambled from parking lots with boxes and hand carts. Moms tried to be motherly while their babies literally left the nest in front of their very eyes; some succeeded but many clutched their children to them and sobbed loudly, uncaring if anyone was watching.

Well, they were uncaring; their children were wide-eyed and searching to see if anyone else noticed their embarrassment. It was sweet, really.

Daniel found a spot near-ish to my dorm. The other three cars had to park further away. My sister "parked," if you can call it that, half in a spot and half on the grass in front of the spot. But by the look on her face, she had just tasted her first drop of autonomy and there was no going back for her now. I said a little prayer for my parents. I doubted I had given them half the trouble that little hellion of a woman was likely to.

Luckily, my room assignment was on the second floor so for the most part we would be able to avoid the 1930's -depression-era-bread-line length-queue for the elevators.

With five of us making trips back and forth, Dad was sure we could make short work of it all. Mom signed us in with the upperclassman RA's in the lobby, got my keys and welcome packet for me. and divided out the tasks upon her return.

I was still silent.

I was somewhat thankful that the newness of my surroundings somewhat distracted me from the emotional implications of what was happening. The air even smelled different here.

Daniel, for his part, flatly refused to let go of my hand. Several students and not a few parents noticed his gesture of affection. When he noticed them noticing, Daniel stared at them intently, daring them to say or do something.

None of them did, of course. Would you? If it meant facing down a muscled 18 year old Italian boy with your flabby mid forties dad body in high waisted shorts and penny loafers? I highly doubt it.

(No offense meant to any mid forties fathers with a penchant for penny loafers...but you get my drift.)

We each grabbed a light load for the first trip. Mom lead the way, searching the signs for room 2107. I felt like I was being assigned a cell. Dorms are all well and good, but the cinder block walls, linoleum tiled floors, and institutional white paint gave them a distinct penitentiary vibe.

The room itself was fine.

I was lucky that my scholarships and grades had been enough to win me a double room with it's own bathroom that I would share with just one other room. A suite, they called it.

I had heard horrible rumors about entire floors having to share one bathroom and the very thought of it made me cringe. 40 something boys in one bathroom? Did Colleges not understand how utterly disgusting teenaged and early twenties males could be? The bleach alone that it would take to make a communal bathroom for 40 males even remotely hygienically acceptable would put a middle class family in debt.

I suppose that's a part of why tuition is so expensive nowadays.

The room itself was empty. Nothing on either of the twin beds in the corners or on the matching desks and bookshelves at their feet. I must have been the first to arrive.

"So we can take whichever one we want, Darling," my mom said when she marched confidently into the 10 by 10 cell like she was an interior decorator for the Parade of Homes.

(Look it up if you aren't Southern...it's a hoot!)

"That nice young lady at the front desk said that due to your..."situation,"" she used the air quotes and rolled her eyes, "you haven't been assigned a roommate. Apparently you get to choose your own from some list of other people in your "situation." How they make such a list is beyond me, but there you have it."

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