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Speechless with Teeth Ch. 09


Years soon passed after my last encounter with James. I was now 23 years old. But I never forgot. Eventually the emotional withdrawal went away, but the memories were still haunting. I never truly moved on. My heart had been turned into a block of ice, and no matter how many men tried to win my affection, I repaid them with deception and heartbreak. I was hell bent on destroying every man unlucky enough to cross my path.

By then, I had changed my name. No longer was I sweet little Xiara Bellafeast, but I was now legally and locally known as Shayla Turpin. I changed my name to forget my past. I changed my name to forget him. I changed my name to mark a new era in my life. The era in which no man could have my heart. I was a man-eater.

I stayed in that same little apartment where all my memories lay. I don't know why, but I couldn't bring myself to leave. I suppose part of me wanted to remember, so that my reasons for tearing apart my men would be justified. Whatever reason it was, I used that apartment and my bed to exact my revenge against all males dumb enough to be drawn in and stay.

"Shayla," said a whisper in my ear, "what are you thinking about?" I snapped to attention. Looking up, I stared into the face of the man whose arms were currently encircling me, Jake. I crossed my arms and turned away coldly.

"If I wanted you to know what I was thinking about, Jake, I would've told you myself." He looked down. This wasn't the first time I had snubbed him.

"I'm sorry, Shayla...I just wanted to communicate. You know, break the silence?" He gave me a nervous chuckle as I rolled my eyes and stood up, walking away.

"Silence is golden. Now shut the fuck up."

Even with my coldness, the fool came back for more. He came to my bed every single night for more, despite my cruel teasing and sheer coldness. I loved this power. I marveled at it. As he walked into the room that night wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, I sat quietly on the bed in my see-through lace lingerie, unimpressed.

"Back for more, I see?" I asked with spite. Jake blushed red.

"I just enjoy making love to my girlfriend. Is that so wrong?"

I scoffed loudly. "You wouldn't know 'love-making' if it bit you in the balls."

He looked down, thoroughly embarrassed.


I grumbled loudly, sitting up as if I was ready to simply get it over with. "Just get your ass over here."

Jake wasted little time climbing into bed with me, pressing his lips hard against mine. I leaned a little into the kiss, not really pushing any passion into it. He placed his hands on my breasts, squeezing through the black lace as he lowered me onto the bed. We broke away. I stared up at him hard.

"Do me like you mean it, Jake. Are you a man?"

He smiled at me a little. "More man than you take me for."

Without any hesitation, he spread my legs apart, pulling my lace panties down and off. I was still far from being aroused. Seeming not to notice, Jake moaned at the sight of my cleanly shaven pussy.

"Oh Shayla..." he moaned.

I laid there, visibly unimpressed but said not a word as I allowed him to continue. Taking two fingers, Jake opened me up, bracing himself to go inside. He didn't even bother with any foreplay. Reaching toward the drawer, he pulled his hard cock out of his boxer shorts and quickly pulled out a condom from my nightstand, rolling it onto himself quickly so he could continue. I only sat and watched, determined to just lie there and see if he would even notice how bored I was. He looked over at me and smiled.

"Are you going to scream tonight, Shayla?"

I shrugged. "It all depends on you."

Seeing that as his cue, he slowly pushed himself inside of me, moaning a little bit as he did. I made not a sound. He wasn't even paying enough attention to realize that I wasn't moaning or responding.

I didn't orgasm. I didn't even pretend to orgasm. In fact, he came so soon that any attempt I would have made at faking an orgasm would've been easily noticed. As he lay next to me exhausted, I sat up dissatisfied. I was beginning to get angry.

"What the hell am I going to do with you?" I snapped.

Jake turned away, ashamed of himself. "I'm sorry."

Furiously, I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower to start it up.

"Get out." I said furiously to Jake.

He sat up, confused.

"What did I do now?"

Impatient, I snatched the entire comforter off the bed and pointed to the front door. "Get out now!!"

In tears, Jake gathered his clothes and left without a word.

Sure enough, I heard a knock on the door the next morning. I rolled my eyes and scoffed to myself.

"Damn fool," I mumbled. Out of something like obligation, I walked over to the door and opened it. Indeed, it was Jake, back for more torture like a dedicated little puppy. I rolled my eyes again as I allowed him inside.

"You again," I spat meanly as he stepped inside and pulled me into an embrace.

"Shayla," he began, "I really am in love with you."

I shoved him away, laughing out loud. "You're a fool!"

He shook his head. "I'm not."

I crossed my arms. "Oh really? I torture the hell out of you on a consistent basis yet you come back day after day after day. Sounds pretty foolish to me."

Jake, determined, grabbed my arms and pulled me back into his embrace. "I know you have a heart in there somewhere, Shayla. You have to. I know you do."

I pushed away. "You're wrong! I have no heart!"

He sighed heavily. "Everyone has a heart."

I glared hard. "Bullshit."

He turned away at my response. "There's a reason why I stay, Shayla."

I raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

He nodded. "I want to find that beautiful heart of yours. If you would only just open up to me a little more..."

I scoffed loudly. "Keep dreaming."

He turned around and threw his hands in the air, defeated. "Shayla, I want to marry you!"

I stopped completely. My eyes focused into a killer stare. I couldn't believe this bastard. I wanted to punch him for his arrogance even. How dare he try to love me when I was so busy tearing him to pieces!

"Leave," I said solemnly. "This relationship has ended."

Stunned, Jake's mouth dropped as he stared at me. At first I saw the shock in his face, and then I looked and watched as the shock was slowly replaced by pain. I smiled on the inside. "Leave!!" I screamed spitefully.

No longer welcome, Jake hung his head, turned away, and then left. He was not to be seen again.

After Jake, I took a short hiatus on man-eating. Being a man-eater was exhausting work, but the results were satisfying. This was it. This was me now. Shayla Turpin, a mere shadow of who I used to be. No one could ever love me; no one could ever stop me.

Little did I know, I was about to meet my match.

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