I had another 3 hours till my shift was over. My little slut of a wife teased me right till I walked through the door. God I was so fucking turned on right now I could fuck anything.

Damn! The guy must have been going 85, I pulled my car out of the parking spot and sped off after him. After following him for 15 minutes I turned on my lights. Why do these fuckers always think they can break the law just cause it’s the middle of the night. Shit! He’s speeding up. I knew it was going to be a lousy night.

Finally he pulled over. I walked up and asked him to turn off his car. “What the fuck did I do?” he sneered at me as I walked up.

“You were going over the speed limit”

“Oh come on you fuckin pig, it’s not like there is anything that could happed, I drive on this road every night there is never anyone on it”

I saw red I was so pissed


“Dude, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, go ahead and give me that ticket”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP” I yelled as I pulled him out of the car.

“You need to lean how to treat an officer of the law.

”I’m sorry, dude sorry OOF” he stopped as I punched him in the stomach with that I pushed him down to his knees, “first your gunna make me feel better bitch” I was still hard as I pulled out my cock and shoved it in his face.

“No man I’m not a fag I don’t do that shit.”

“You do now and if you bite me it will be the last thing that you ever do.”

He slowly opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, he licked the head tentatively a few timed then sucked it in between his lips. I could feel his tongue swirl over the head as he took my now rock solid shaft deeper into his mouth.

“oh yeah” I groaned and pushed my shaft all of the way down his throat. I felt him gag but I didn’t care it wad feeling so good and my balls were starting to ache.

“ Get up you little cock whore” I snapped at him. He got up with a scared look on his face, I liked it. I loved the fact that he was scared I was gunna fuck his brains out.

He whimpered a little as I ripped his shirt off but other then that he didn’t maker any noise. I unsnapped his pants and pulled out his prick. Oh shit! The little bastard was hard as a fuckin rock. “SO you like this huh little bitch?” I questioned he didn’t answer me but tears slowly started to slide down his face.

I pumped his cock a couple more times then told him to step out of his pants. He kicked them to the side and I pulled his boxers off too.

“bend over” he did as he was told and I thought I was going to explode. He had the nicest round little ass. I couldn’t help my self I bent down and spread his cheeks. His little puckered hole looked so inviting. He moaned once as I stuck my tongue into his asshole and licked all around his rosebud. After I go it nice and wet, I bit into his fleshy cheek.

“OUCH” he yelled out and I spanked his firm little bottom.

“Don’t talk Bitch” I shouted at him.

I pressed my cockhead to his anus and started to push. He groaned in what sounded like pain but I was too far gone to care. My cockhead went into the tight entry with a soft pop and with one hard thrush the rest of my hard cock followed it. I could feel him sobbing softly as I started to thrust and I reached around and grabbed his little prick and started to pump it. After 10 hard pumps he started to come and his little asshole started to milk my cock. I one last groan I pumped a load right into his loosened ass.

As I Pulled up my pants I glanced at him curled up on the pavenent by his car. “watch how do drive thought here from now on. You never know you might get pulled over”

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