tagNovels and NovellasSpeeding Sarah Ch. 01

Speeding Sarah Ch. 01


It was hot day in the middle of nowhere. Sarah was driving along one of those wide, open roads. The AC was on and she had stripped down to a blue bikini top and a blue skirt to match. She was 19 years old, relatively innocent for her age, and on her way to her sister's new apartment, half way across the country. She was hoping to reach there by evening the following day so she could be there for her sister's birthday the day after.

As far as she could see, the road was completely empty save for her, so she pressed down hard on the gas pedal and sped along. With any luck, she could be there by tomorrow afternoon. But luck was not something which came often to Sarah, and as she sped past a billboard, a police siren started wailing as it pulled out from behind.

"Shit." Sarah was not one to live life on the edge, so she pulled over and waited for the officer to come round to her door.

He stood outside for a few seconds whilst Sarah wound down the window, then leaned down to her face.

"Do you have any idea how fast you were going back there?"

"Does it matter?" she asked in a not-quite-sarcastic tone.

"You in a rush to get somewhere, miss...?"

"Dawn. Sarah Dawn. Yes, I am actually."

"Well that's too bad, I'm gonna have to write you a ticket."

"Officer, please. I don't have to money for the fine." She'd only brought enough for a night in a motel. "Couldn't you just, forget this ever happened? Please?"

Sarah tried her best to look innocent, but that proved rather difficult in her less-than-modest clothing. So instead, she went for sexy. Sarah wasn't very experienced at being 'sexy', but the officer couldn't seem to take his eyes off her as the subtly squeezed her breasts together with the sides of her arms.

"Well... perhaps we can figure something out."

"Really? Thank you officer... oh..." Her enthusiasm slowly dropped as she followed his gaze down to the bulge at his crotch. She was wary about what he might say next.

"Well, it seems my belt has become a little tight. Do you think you could help me?"

No, she thought to herself. "Of course," she said, hesitantly and meekly. Sarah was not that sort of girl. She did not want to touch this pervert's crotch. She'd been a prude even with her own boyfriends -- she'd only lost her virginity about a year before, and as far as blowjobs and handjobs went, she was almost totally inexperienced. But it was true what she had said. She didn't have the money for the ticket and she could not afford to waste hours at a station -- not if she wanted to get to her sister's in time for her birthday.

She stepped out of the car and the officer took went round and sat sideways on the passenger seat so that no passing cars would be able to see. He threw her the rug from the car and she laid it on the ground in front of his legs. She knelt down dutifully in front of the officer's spread legs, his boner visibly pressing hard against his trousers.

"Just... just a handjob, right?" she asked with as much courage as she could muster.

The officer shook his head. "I'm gonna want your mouth as well girl. And them great tits of yours."

She almost fainted at the idea sucking a strange man's cock, but she steadied herself and reached forward to fumble with his belt.

It seemed to take forever, but she unclasped it eventually and flinched as his manhood sprung to life when she pulled back his briefs. It stood there, tall and proud at 6 inches. Sarah's experience was very limited, and it seemed huge to her 19 year old self. She warily reached forward and grasped his cock. It felt warm and hard within her hand, and she hesitated as she tried to remember what her ex-boyfriend had told her when she tried to jack him off.

"You done this before?" The officer's voice sounded almost concerned.

"Once," she replied, truthfully.

"You want some guidance? Just stroke it up and down, slowly at first." She did as she was told. "That's right." He sighed in pleasure as moved her hand along his shaft. "Tighten you grip a bit."

She almost jumped away as his hand reached forward and grabbed her left breast, squeezing and massaging her. She ignored him as she focused on her own job. Some of what her boyfriend had said was starting to come back to her. She started twisting her hand as she stroked and moved her other hand up to fondle his balls. She didn't want to touch his dick, but if she was going to do it at all, she was going to do it right. She leaned forward and ran her tongue along the length of his shaft. He shuddered with pleasure and tightly grabbed her left breast. It hurt, but it felt good as well. She did it again before shifting her entire body forward and moving her hands to the base of his cock as she lowered her lips to the head. She gave it a light kiss before placing the first inch or so into her mouth. The bitter tang of pre-cum hit her as she swirled her tongue slowly around the top of his dick. Eye contact, she remembered hearing as she looked up toward his face. His pleasure was clear, and Sarah too was starting to feel horny.

I feel like a whore, she thought for a moment, but her disgust was quickly overwhelmed by sheer exhilaration as she slipped her mouth down on to more of his manhood. Her one hand pumped the base of his cock as bounced her head up and down his shaft, licking as it went. He now had both of his hands full with her DDs and she could feel a wet heat building at her cunt. Without thinking, her left hand reached down between her thighs and started rubbing against her panties. His rough hands reached round her back and untied her bikini top. She moved her head way from his crotch, allowing him a brief eyeful of her perfectly crafted tits. Moving back towards him, this time she placed her hands around his waist for support as she dropped down on to him as far as she could go without gagging. It wasn't quite the whole way, but she managed to fit most of him in her mouth.

Sarah hadn't forgotten what he'd said before she began: he wanted her tits as well. She left him wet with saliva as she drew her head back before attempting to clench her breasts around his cock. She'd never done this before, but she could imagine what he wanted her to do. She looked up to his face as she ground her boobs against his dick, squeezing them together tightly around him. She alternated between grinding and moving her tits like she would her hands for a minute or so.

"Get in the back and lie down." She stopped and looked at him confused for a moment, before doing as she was told. She climbed onto the back seat and lay down on her back, pushing herself up with her elbows. For a moment she was wary he was going to try and fuck her, but instead he climbed on top her and placed his erection between her tits again. He'd taken off his trousers and briefs before climbing in, and now he pumped eagerly away between her teats as she squeezed them tight for him. She leaned in and licked the head of his manhood as it pushed forward. Her pussy was aching for attention, but her hands were too busy pleasing him -- she held her breasts together dutifully as she watched his face contort with pleasure. A groan escaped his lips as the first shot of sticky semen landed on her cheek. More followed -- it felt warm as it landed on her face and neck. Some of it landed on her tongue. She made a face as she let it dribble down her mouth and onto her tits. The cum on her body had made her hornier than ever -- her panties were soaking wet, but she didn't say anything for fear that the officer would take it as a sign that she wanted more.

"You did well girl," he said as he clambered back out, his cock starting to droop. She just lay there, not saying a word as he pulled his clothes back on and walked back over to his police car. She looked up and watched him drive away before falling back and reaching down to her pussy to give it the attention it deserved. She wasted no time rubbing, quickly pulling off her panties so she could thrust 2 fingers into her aching. A moan escaped her lips as she fingered herself with her right hand and massaged her breasts with her left. It wasn't long before her whole body was bucking to the rhythm of her fingers and she moaned in ecstasy as she reached orgasm, her sweet pussy tightening around her fingers.

She lay there for a while after, her pleasure slowly fading to shame. She was disgusted with what she had done. Fellatio with a total stranger was bad enough, but Sarah had even enjoyed it! ...But was it really that bad? It felt good, and it didn't hurt anyone. She flushed with the thoughts of what she had done as she climbed out of the car to find her bikini top on the ground. She placed the rug back into the car and tied her bikini again. My panties, she thought. They were still wet and felt uncomfortable to wear, so she decided it wasn't worth it. Nobody was going to see her anyway. She sat back into the driver's seat and pulled away, keeping well within the speed limit.

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