I replied, a bit desperately, "No, no, I don't like it, and I won't come for you."

She repeated her own distinctive, sinister chuckle, "That's what your lips are saying, Wizard, but your cock is telling me a different story."

She kept stroking me with one hand at full length, all the way down to the balls, then up the shaft, working the purple of my cock as if it were an erotic gear shifter. And, trust me, she was working hard to polish the knob. To keep with the scenario, I was exerting every ounce of self control I could muster to avoid from exploding onto her hands.

Tendrils of misty smoke were drifting around me, encircling the two women and my bound body, causing the candles and spotlight's illumination to flicker wildly, throwing sensuous shadows everywhere.

Then the Wicked Witch of the East turned up the heat even more, as if that were possible.

She pulled the blonde woman of Oz forward by her leash. She was covered by a loose black robe, which the Wicked Witch of the East stripped away in a single violent movement. The blonde was wearing a red gingham dress, the fabric that any Kansas country girl might wear, but form fitting with red spaghetti straps over her shoulders, barely covering her full breasts. It was obvious that her breasts were so firm, and the dress so tight, that no brassiere was necessary. The Wicked Witch of the East for a brief moment stopped working my cock, slipped her dark red, nearly black fingernails underneath one strap of the blonde's dress, and peeled it away and down, exposing the full glories of the lush curves of a single breast.

The Scarlet Witch reached behind the blonde's back, lifted her forward towards me, "Wizard, why don't you feast on this breast, that should get your cum boiling."

With that, her hand returned to my cock, as I eagerly began sucking that glorious nipple into my mouth, and began devouring the entirety of her breast with my lips, tongue and teeth. The blonde began moaning through her gag.

Sure enough, that did the trick, for the Scarlet Witch exclaimed, "How wonderful, the first drops of pre-come."

With that she ceased rubbing the knob of my cock, and pulled the brunette woman of Oz forward. She reached her hand behind the brunette's head, and unbuckled the ball gag. The brunette's eyes were wide open with a look of astonishment. The scarlet witch commanded, "Mouth open, dark woman of Oz." The brunette opened her mouth and licked her lips, the look across her face turned from wonder to anticipation. The Wicked Witch now instructed, "Tongue out, woman." The brunette never hesitated, and pushed her tongue erotically forth from between her still pursed lips.

The Scarlet Witch used her index finger to gather the dribling of my pre-come, placed it upon the brunette's tongue, and ordered, "Swallow." The brunette took my first drops of cum upon her tongue. When she withdrew it into her mouth, what happened amazed all of us.

The brunette's entire body swayed as she tasted my cum. Her neck arched and her lips opened involuntarily in a shuddered gasp. She was out of breath, and we could barely hear her whisper, "So good, what I wanted, so good, so wonderful." I really wondered if she had climaxed just at the taste of my cum. She leaned her body against the bed to steady herself, and closed her eyes tightly shut as sheer bliss swept across her face. She looked like the cat that had just swallowed the canary.

Dee whispered into my ear, "This is a huge fantasy of hers. Your cum is the first cum she has ever tasted in her life besides her husband. She has been fantasizing for years with me about swallowing strange cum, and you just gave it to her. I think she climaxed simply tasting your cum upon her tongue."

I boggled, and returned to the wonderful breast in front of me, using my teeth to bite the other spaghetti strap, pull on it, and release her second breast. Now I had a glorious matched pair to maul.

I knew I was starting to build and couldn't possibly hold off much longer, and wanted every second with those breasts that I could conceivably get. I sucked one nipple hard into my mouth, drawing an exclamation from behind the ball gag, then bit lightly, pulling her nipple out from her breast, shifting instantly to the other one, sucking as much as her tit as I could get into my mouth, then beginning to nibble, then lightly bite, then attacking. From the noises that she was making, I knew that the blonde would be fingering her clit to orgasm if she wasn't bound, and that the frustration and lack of control was driving her frantic.

Now the Scarlet Witch started speeding up her strokes, long, fast, firm, drawn out. She was openly milking me now.

With her free hand she reached forward for the chalice, "You know, Wizard, something tells me we're going to be needing this in just a few moments."

Behind me, the Blonde Witch stopped massaging my balls, she gripped them firmly, and began to knead them. At the same moment, she began to openly fuck me with the wand up my ass.

I knew I was right on the edge, and shouted out, "No, NO, I won't!"

The familiar voice of the witch behind me urgently commanded, "Come for us now, Wizard, come for us."

The scarlet witch joined in, "We want to see your cum, Wizard, give it to us, give in to us, surrender, surrender, yield, let it go, let everything go."

I heard the brunette woman softly whispering, under her breath, in a quiet voice of the Deepest arousal, "Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh yes...."

I drove my head in between the two delectable breasts, savoring her perfume, and suddenly I was beyond any scene. I gasped out, "I'm coming, I'M COMING! Don't stop, make me come, MAKE ME COME!"

The Wicked Witch of the East began giggling, "Well, Wizard, I think it's time for the chalice."

The Blonde Witch of the West started chanting, "Yes, come for us, come for us right now, Wizard, surrender your cum to the witches, give it to us, right now, NOW!"

I felt the cool metal of the rim of the cup beneath my cock, and then gloriously I was exploding. I began grunting in ecstasy and intensity. The Scarlet Witch kept stroking strong, steady, powerful shots of cum exploding out of me.

As I sagged, completely drained from the strength and duration of my continuous string of intense cum shots, I felt the Wicked Witch mercifully withdraw her wand from my well stretched ass.

Chapter Three

Spells Cast

The two Wicked Witches opened the heavy lid of the massive chest (which I had never seen previously, it had obviously been obtained by Dee specifically for this scene), and dense clouds of mist and vapor issued forth. The Wicked Witch of the West reached in, and emerged with a small, pitch black cast iron cauldron, smoking the moment it emerged.

The chalice, still filled with my monstrous load of cum, fit perfectly into the cauldron.

The light Wicked Witch and scarlet Wicked Witch began chanting (obviously inspired by Shakespeare's famous witch scene from Macbeth):

Round about the cauldron go

Filled with the Wizard's power flowed.

Mixed with the seed of oyster fresh

Emissions of Women tensed

Chocolate added bitter and hot

And earth beans nectar quite a lot.

They added a simple clear liquid, then the witches rubbed the wet pussies of the two other women from Oz with their index fingers, which they used to mix the contents of the chalice. Next they inserted two dark objects, which from the aroma was nothing more than chocolate and coffee in reality, but highlighted beneath the flickering light and smoke looked both sinister and wicked.

Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn, and chalice bubble.

Women of Oz, modest and chaste.

Purity and faith fly, make haste.

Now replaced with need, desperate and hot.

Former virtues allowed to rot.

Pussies now itch

And clits too throb

Marriage vows no longer shall hitch

What they desire is any man's knob

Double, double toil and trouble

Fires burn and chalice bubble

The Wicked Witch of the West now lifted the chalice, raised it to the lips of the Scarlet Witch, who opened her mouth and tilted her head back. The Scarlet Witch turned her eyes towards me. The Blonde Witch poured a portion of the contents of the chalice into her mouth. I watched the Wicked Witch of the East work her throat as she swallowed.

The Blonde Witch now transferred possession of the chalice to the Scarlet Witch. In turn, the Wicked Witch of the West obediently parted her lips, locked eyes with me, and tilted her head back. In a moment, the Wicked Witch of the East raised the chalice, and deposited some of the contents down the throat of the Blonde Witch.

My mind staggered at the eroticism of the scene, played out amidst tendrils of smoke and vapor, illuminated by wildly shifting shadows and orange glare.

They resumed their chanting:

Fevered and frantic, moistened and damp

Any bed or couch shall serve as their ramp

Man's cock shall scratch their itch

Man's emissions shall make their bodies rich

Lovely wives transformed into sluts

Sexual pleasure and lust fulfilled they must

The Wicked Witch of the West, her long blonde hair shimmering in the erotic lighting, moved to the Brunette Woman of Oz, who stood motionless and quivering before her, helpless and doomed. The Scarlet Witch held the chalice. The Blonde Witch reached her thumbs into the chalice, lifted her wet digits to the brunette's temples, and lightly pressed the Woman of Oz's head back all the while rotating her thumbs, with dark and demented verses:

No longer your wedding vows shall weld

With any hard cock you desire to meld

Your pleasure is all you seek

Transformed into harlots this evening you will

This spell unless broken shall last one full week

Man's semen your drink you can't get your fill

The brunette started to openly moan and shiver. The Wicked Witch of the West received the chalice from the hands of the Scarlet Witch, raised it to the hapless woman before her, and fed her the contents of the chalice. The brunette woman reacted as if electricity was running through her.

The scene was so amazing, so perverted, so sexual, that I believed it just might be true. And, at that very moment, fantasy had transcended to become reality.

After the Blonde Witch had her way with the darker of the pair from Oz, the Wicked Witch of the East stepped forward to the remaining victim, who similarly remained frozen in place, like a deer in the headlights, her breasts still exposed with hard nipples, about to be sacrificed in some terrible manner, and utterly unable to save herself.

The chalice transferred to the hands of the Blonde Witch, the red-haired witch similarly dipped her thumbs into the remaining concoction, lifted her wet thumbs to the beautiful blonde whose chest was heaving, and used her thumbs to push the blonde's head back until she was staring at wherever the ceiling was hidden deep in the shadows:

Virtue and purity now cast aside

A strong masculine stud you seek to ride

All parts of your body he may seek to rend

Great pleasures will in you become then un-penned

Your flesh most intimate to man you shall lend

Fevered and frantic, coupled you shall together in frenzy spend.

The Wicked Witch of the West handed the chalice to her sister Witch. The blonde woman of Oz was whimpering and begging, "Please...please." The chalice was raised by blood red fingernails, placed at scarlet open lips, its base elevated, and the remaining contents deposited down the throat and into the hungry stomach of the other woman of Oz, who had surrendered herself to perversions dark and demented without hesitation or pause.

At this moment, the air crackled and pulsed with sexual intensity. It was so electric and heated that I could barely breath. We all knew at this instant that the four women, two blonde, one brunette, and one red-headed were overwhelmed with the need to be stretched, filled, rubbed and stimulated until their bodies exploded.

Spells had definitely been cast over all of us....

Chapter Four

The Women of Oz

The two Wicked Witches turned to my side, unfastened my wrist restraints, and pulled me onto my back and up the bed. They clipped leashes to my wrists from the opposite posts, such that my hands were bound right by my head. I could move them a few inches in either direction, but not far enough to get up from the bed or escape my position. Each woman of Oz now had possession of one of my feet, and secured them spread-eagled.

The Scarlet Witch sat on my chest, facing me, and knelt forward to talk intimately to me, while the Wicked Witch of the West settled in between my legs. The Blonde Witch began stroking my cock again, not particularly needed as watching the hot scene as a voyeur had already gotten me hard again. My last double fucking of my girlfriend five nights ago was a long time ago, and one cum shot, no matter how hard and powerful, was barely enough to take the edge off. I still had a lot of energy built up inside of me, which I desperately needed to release.

Unfortunately, I shortly ascertained that the two Wicked Witches had very particular plans for me and my cock, of a radically different nature. With my hands and ankles securely trapped and the Scarlet Witch sitting astride my chest, I was completely pinned to the mattress like a trophy butterfly.

The Wicked Witch of the East leaned into me, and opened her mouth to share some deep soul kisses, with considerable tongue work. Meanwhile the other Wicked Witch steadily and surely brought my cock to its full attention. The Scarlet Witch, following our intimate make-out session, slipped out of scene, but quietly enough that the other three women couldn't hear.

She taunted me, "Dee told me that after our evenings out together, she barely got inside the door before you practically tore her clothes off, and fucked her like a wild animal. That's how you wanted to fuck me, wasn't it?" She lightly kissed me and I responded, "Yes, every time I'm near you I want to drive my cock hard and rough into you until you scream for mercy." She continued, "You want to fuck my hot body rough and nasty, don't you Wizard?" I looked into her eyes, "That's exactly what I want to do to you, I want to see how deep I can pound my cock into your hot body, every possible way I can take you."

The first fantasy of the night was now revealed, "Next weekend Dee and you and I are going to have a three-some, and that hot blonde mistress of yours is going to watch you do your best to fuck me into oblivion. Then I'm going to rub my clit while you do the same to her, and Dee told me how demented and perverted you are."

That sounded really good to me, and I told her so with a passionate kiss.

That fantasy brought my cock to its full size and stiffness again.

The Scarlet Witch turned and looked over her shoulder at her Witch sister, "Prepare the Wizard for the next step, sister. I believe the Women of Oz are starting to react to the spell, and are discovering needs that must be fulfilled. And we wouldn't want to disappoint our guests, now, would we? Dear Sister, ready the Wizard."

The Wicked Witch of the West fondled and manipulated my cock with expert hands. Then she grasped my balls firmly, and wrapped a band around the top of my balls. Without a moment's hesitation, she bound the base of my cock in another tight band.

The Blonde Witch gave a sinister chuckle, "Now the Wizard cannot come until I release him from his bondage."

With that, the Wicked Witch of the East wrapped a blindfold around my eyes, so that I could not ascertain who was doing what to my helpless body.

I heard the Wicked Witch of the West pronounce from between my spraddled legs, "Women of Oz, mount the Wizard, one ride his cock until you are exhausted, the other straddle his face until the other has reached her limit of Wizard cock."

With that, it began. I very much wish that I could relate what transpired over the next hour or two. In the first place, I was blindfolded, and had no concept of time...just of a jumbled succession of tight pussies gripping my cock and frantically jerking and twitching as they came wrapped around it. At the same time, a second succession of horny pussies writhed across my face, wet, hot, squirting more frequently than I would have hitherto imagined.

Two moments were unbelievably memorable.

An incredibly erotic smelling, sweet tasting pussy descended upon my mouth. I don't know what brand of perfume she was wearing, but it was enticing, earthy, spicy. It was the first one, so per the Wicked Witch of the West's instructions, I knew that it was one of the Women of Oz, but whether the smoking hot young blonde with the superb chest, or the extremely sensuous older brunette with the hungry eyes and teasing smile, I would never know. I worked her pussy slit and clit hard with my tongue and lips, and she responded almost immediately. I could hear her moans and whimpering, synchronized perfectly with the tremors that were running through her pussy. Her pussy began twitching against my face, and her thighs began trembling on either side of my face. Suddenly she called out frantically, urgently, demanding, "FINGERS!" I knew what she wanted, and instantly slipped two fingers into her demanding pussy, and inserted my thumb up her ass. Her entire body went frantic and then exploded against me. She was so far gone that she could only emit a strangled groan as she came. I could feel her entire body quivering atop and around me, then she suddenly called out loudly, firmly, without any hesitation, "AGAIN!" So this time I started actively fucking her asshole with my thumb, pressing my two fingers hard against her G-Spot. She only lasted an instant longer the second time, and repeated her sexual climax. Suddenly she popped up from me and I could feel her body bounding down the bed, causing the mattress to bounce. She sounded absolutely crazed and desperate, "I NEED HIS COCK IN ME NOW!" A hot, tight pussy descended upon my mouth almost immediately, and I suspected it was the Scarlet Witch willingly giving me a pussy that I had wanted to taste and bring to climax since the first moment Dee had introduced me to her. The Wicked Witch whispered into my ear, teasingly, "Guess what, Wizard?" At that very moment a second hot, tight pussy, a pussy that was very wet indeed, was without warning driven hard down upon my cock. So, needless to say, I became badly distracted from that instant forward.

Later, much later, another incredibly hot, tight pussy was wrapped firmly around my cock, riding me efficiently and expertly, when suddenly I felt an extremely odd sensation. I realized that it was a wand, possibly the same one that had fucked me up the ass while I was receiving a demolition handjob, and it was being inserted up the ass of whichever woman was riding my bound cock. I suddenly felt the pussy absolutely go wild and frantic around my cock, and I heard a woman's unfamiliar voice literally scream, "COMING!" Her hips suddenly drove down on my hips, and as I felt the wand plunder her ass, her pussy gripped my cock desperately, tensing and pulsing. My cock was suddenly soaked, and I realized that the anal penetration by the wand had taken this woman to a nearly instantaneous squirting orgasm. The wand remained up her ass and kept fucking her, and another scream, almost in agony this time, "AGAIN!"

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