tagIllustratedSpending June with Rico Week 01

Spending June with Rico Week 01


Author: Marq Lock

Narrated by: Rico Cruz

Spending June With Rico. Copyright © 2018 by Marq Lock. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles & reviews. For more information, contact Marq Lock at quesloc@gmail.com

Would like to thank God, my family & close friends. You are all really appreciated. One love...

Meeting Rico: Rico was an African-American/Hispanic Hotel Banquet Supervisor/Drawing Artist born in Korbville, USA. Aries was his zodiac sign & he had a huge curly Afro & stood 5 foot 11 inches tall. Weighed around 185 pounds & had a very nice & solid physique caramel body. His nickname, The Whole 9, came from a woman who once measured his manhood & said that it was 9 inches long & 5 inches wide, real girthy. Rico had 11 tattoos & no piercings.

Plot: Rico's persona was very smooth to go along with his goatee & low/slanted eyes. But when a woman was around, his eyes would enlarge. Rico also had some soft big lips to go along with his sloping eyes.

On New Year's Eve of 2013, Rico & a couple of his good friends, Darnell & Casey, made a bet during a night out at the bar. They wanted to see how long that he could stay celibate for throughout the year, starting on New Year's Day. Each month he completed he would receive $1,500 for each month successfully done.

He accepted the wager & it was game-time from the start of the new year. Money was the motivation & Rico would start the gamble off with a bang to begin the year. But a few months later around Memorial Day weekend, Rico would become "girl-mad", because he was getting frustrated from the lack of deep passionate sex that he was used to getting. He was in desperation mode to put his emotions in motion.

So, he made a promise to himself that he would start his summer off right by having a sexual encounter with a different woman for each day for the month of June. Rico told Darnell & Casey about his plans & got on his grind to accomplish this short-term goal. And this is how it all got started...



Erika, was an African American youth adviser who was born in Skeeville, USA under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Her hair was very long & black and she had some gorgeous brown eyes. Stood 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed around 140 pounds at the most.

Very curvy with the measurements of 38-29-39, giving her a nice set of tits with a nice round rump to go with it. Couple tattoos on her body with one of them being sexy paw prints on her chest & the other one being the word "Faith" on her right wrist. She had her ears pierced & a Labret, chin piercing, on her body.

It was a beautiful Sunday night on June 1st, 2014. I was out with my good friend Erika having a few drinks at Club BlueDream to celebrate our completed college semesters.

My major was liberal arts & Erika's was social work. We have been friends for a while so the time that we were spending with each other was great.

As the time was winding down and the bar was close to last call, we decided to go back to my place to have a few more shots and smoke a couple joints.

As we were getting dropped off by the local cab driver to my house, Erika would say, "You smell like great sex with a hit of cotton sea island scent & heaven".

Me, "Thank you", as I was unlocking the door & opening it.

Telling her to make herself comfortable as I was heading into the kitchen to grab some glasses and a bottle of Chardonnay.

As I was walking into the living room, Erika was breaking down some tree to roll it up. Rolling 1 joint & I was rolling the other.

We would both make a toast and sip the wine as soon as we were done rolling up. I would spark my joint up first & as I was smoking, Erika started to feel on my love-stick through my khaki Cargo shorts.

Erika was worshiping my throbbing pole and took it out of my pants to immediately suck it as we were both sitting on the couch. Getting it nice & wet for a few minutes before I decided to get up to remove my wife-beater & my shorts from being wrapped around my ankles.

Continuing to devour my Love-Stick while keeping her hands on the back of my thunder thighs. Erika was loving every hard inch of me. Kissing, rubbing my stomach, and even licking my package.

A few moments later, I would pull out a condom to place it on my Shaft. I was patiently waiting for this moment so I was well prepared for the task. Erika arched her back as what we were building was just the beginning.

Erika, "Damn you smell good and have got some good pipe. You're rocking the soul out of me".

As I was giving it to her deeper & deeper, she would climax all over me again.

Erika, "Sit down. I want to ride that pole".

So, I did as she pleased & sat down after a few minutes of doggystyle action. Erika would soon take her place on top of me, as I had both of my hands around her voluptuous tush as she was bouncing up and down & riding me like she was in a rodeo.

About 3 minutes & 375 strokes later, yes, I actually counted, Erika would climax again. This time she would squirt so hard that she was forced to jump off of me for a minute to massage her punani. Surprised by how deeply I was pushing inside of her.

Soon saying to her, "Get over here", in my best Scorpion voice.

I wanted her to continue riding me but the opposite way. Getting back on top with no hesitation and would grind all over me. Soon shuddering against me while her legs were shaking, making her climax again.

I would continue to thrust her really deep as she was riding me and shaking like she was having a seizure. Even blacking out for a few seconds by being rocked by a man like me.

Her huge bosoms were just juggling around as she was going full beast mode on me. The tempo was pretty balanced. Going fast at times, then she would grind on me slow. Erika wasn't an amateur, me & her were a perfect match for each other.

Erika, "How you like it daddy? You see me yanking on that stick?"

Me, "Hell yeah. Get it baby", while grunting heavily.

Erika began licking her tits as she was riding and climaxed all over me yet again. This time getting her juices all over my left thigh, it was cool though. We continued to go at it like we were in the jungle.

Moments later, Erika would lay down & I took my place on top of her. Both of her legs were spread high to the ceiling. 23 strokes into it, while her hands were on the edge of the couch and her feet against my chest, she climaxed yet again.

My pole was so wet and juicy from Erika's box that the condom had bussed. But I always stay prepared, I went to my bedroom & grabbed another condom out of my drawer and continued right where I had left off.

I was so knee-deep inside of her, moving her over some, for her to lay more on her side with her right leg high up. Her leg was kind of angled for me to be really pushing deeply inside of her.

A minute or so later, Erika climaxed again. Enjoying my stroking so much that she got on her knees and started to suck on me. Sucking me like she invented it.

As time elapsed, Erika got on all fours on the couch to receive a few more back-shots. Couldn't help but look back at me while I was screwing her from behind. In total disbelief that she was getting penetrated like this.

After some more deep stroking, she climaxed again. In true Capricorn style, she was making the most of it very proudly. This time I pulled out and came all over her beautiful nice & round bottom.

Erika, "Oh my God. That was heaven. I needed that".

Me, "Yeah that was a great way to bring in the summer".

We were both satisfied after 23 minutes of great and electrifying sex. & this was just the beginning for me...


Miranda, Caucasian Pharmacy Technician who was very unique & adventurous. She was born in the city of Pom Pom, USA. Her zodiac sign was Aquarius & she had blonde hair that blew with the wind & blue eyes. Stood 5 foot 6 inches tall & weighed 127 pounds. Slim figure with a set of nice lips & a nice waist to go with her huge tits, 38-24-33 were her measurements, & had a beautiful thirst for some "Rico's Milk".

It was a beautiful sunny Monday morning on the 2nd of June. I was out cycling with my good friend Miranda. Miranda was pretty fit and serious about her workout routine. I decided to go along with her on this day to get a good aerobic workout in.

As we were riding through the bike trail on the northside of Korbville, I had to go into the woods to take a leak. Miranda followed me through the woods. I found a tree to take care of my business, & Miranda noticed my massive pole by looking at my shadow in the grass. She was really impressed I might add.

Slowly walking up to me as I was pulling up my shorts, Miranda would say to me, "Now that I got you here, I want to take care of some business really quick & fast".

Me, "What?" in a confused voice.

Miranda pulled my shorts back down and got on her knees to worship my pole. Sucking me as soon as she pulled it out. Deep-throating every inch with her cycling gloves on while I was semi-erected.

Me, "Damn baby you mean business huh?" as I was looking down at her.

While Miranda was just devouring my throbbing pole inside her mouth.

Once I got fully erected she had trouble deep-throating all the way. Even forcing her into tears. Choking and gagging all over me.

We were both having a great view of the Korbville River as she was slurping me with no hands. Using all mouth and neck movements, straight bobbing and weaving.

Tugging me with both hands and sucking me while saying, "I need that juice. Come quench my thirst for me Rico".

Continuing to go after me and was enjoying every inch while I was in her throat-box. Spitting on her hands to tug while slobbering all over me.

She really wanted, "Rico's Milk", as she was calling it.

About 10 minutes later, I would cum all over Miranda's mouth. Swallowing every last drop and continued to suck and tug on me to get the remaining.

After she had been fulfilled & even blowing a few bubbles with some of my droppings, I would pull up my shorts & say, "What are you going to do with that nasty girl?"

Miranda, "I'm going to gulp all of it down of course baby. Thank you, sir. Now let's get back to riding. We'll stop again when I need a refill", as she was winking at me....


Emilee (Emily), was an African-American front desk clerk at the Motel 420. Her zodiac sign was Pisces & she had black curly hair with hazel eyes. Hailing from the city of St. Hen, USA. Stood 5 foot 4 inches tall & weighed around 125 pounds, athletic built with a nice round bottom. Measurements were 36-23-36 & all solid. She had a tattoo of a butterfly across her lower back & the words "Never Again" on her right calf. Also had her nose pierced to go along with her ears.

It was a beautiful Tuesday evening on June 3rd. Me and my good friend Emilee went to the Motel 420 to go for a workout & a swim. Emilee was an employee there, so she could gain access to the fitness room at any time throughout the day.

I accepted her invite to go along with her because she said she desperately needed to get a "good sweat" in.

We finished a few workouts for example, some dumbbell curling, bench pressing, crunches, running on the treadmill & elliptical machines, & toe raises. After a nice hour workout, we both decided to get into the swimming pool to relax our minds & bodies.

As I was sitting on the pool chair checking my phone, Emilee started to walk towards me with her all-black bikini swimsuit on, looking real scrumptious.

Still looking through my phone, she would sit on my lap and started distracting me, hate to say it. Taking the phone out of my hands and threw it to the other chair that was next to me. Being the crafty individual that she was, being at her place of employment. Just being so risky yet so sexy.

Kissing all over me & truly relishing my toned body as I was soaking wet. Few seconds later she started sucking the soul out of me. I was playing in her hair while she was tugging & gagging. Trying to get all of me inside her mouth but she was continuously choking.

But Emilee was no baby. Devouring my throbbing pole till it felt like I was about to explode.

Emilee, "I see I got your toes curling. I see why they call u The Whole 9", as she continued to gobble down for a few minutes.

I didn't hesitate to get my Jimmy Hat. As I was doing that, Emilee immediately gave me the ride of a lifetime. As my fingers were working her clit while I was deeply thrusting her, she would climax all over me

I continued to thrust her soaking wet Juice-Box like I was a man possessed. Spreading her nice round tush as I was deep in her stomach.

Emilee was feeling mind-blown, like she was out of space. Soon jumping off of me to taste me again for a couple minutes to warm herself up some more. I was just waiting to get on top of her.

As I got back into them guts, Emilee was moaning nonstop and creaming all over me. I was loving the thrill and continued to bone her box till she started shaking. We damn near broke the chair, really going at it like wild animals.

As we were in missionary, I would say to her with great gratitude, "I want u to turn around. U know how I want it".

Emilee got on all 4's super quick & I continued to rock her.

Going at a nice & steady pace, I would go fast and then I would slow it down a notch. From kissing her neck, playing in her hair, biting her, slapping/gripping her voluptuous tush while looking at her beautiful 3D butterfly tattoo on her lower back.

Resuming to massage and play with her clit, & soon squirting all over me again, & it felt so great.

Moments later I would slide my pole out of her tight wet juice-box and slap it on her tush a few times before sliding right back inside. Feeling on my package as I was rocking her so deep.

The pace would pick up as my right hand stayed right on her spine. Queefing countless times as I was smashing her from the back.

After 5 minutes of giving her deep back-shots on the chair, we would get up while still going at it, & covered in sweat. I was inside of her as she was queffing and climaxed again. Leaving my pole all drenched & throbbing. Emilee never had been rocked like this before.

As we were going at it for a few more minutes, we decided to move closer to the hot tub. Wanting to taste me right there. Gobbling down on me while playing with herself for a few minutes.

Squirting again as she was giving me great pleasure. Then would jump right on top of me a few seconds later.

Bouncing up & down on me with a vengeance. I was trying so hard not to explode but I just couldn't help myself. After a few moments of intensely riding me, I would finally get up to cum all over Emilee's gorgeous face.

After catching all of my seeds, Emilee would laugh & say, "You wasn't ready for all that huh?"

Me, "You damn right about that. We both weren't ready, so likewise".

Sharing a laugh and started drying each other off after a great 20+ minute session. Soon going to our respective locker rooms to freshen up & change into our normal clothes...


Kísha, was a Mexican-American Childcare Worker hailing from the city of Allgani, USA. Sensational body, nice & firmed, endearing personality. Her zodiac sign was Scorpio & she had long brown hair with some sexy brown eyes. Kísha stood 5 feet 6 inches tall & weighed 130 pounds. Measurements were 34-25-39 & was very slim thick. Had a total of 7 tattoos, including a nice tree with doves on her left rib-cage as one of them. Only her ears were pierced & she could do great wonders with her mouth as well...

On Wednesday June 4th, my good friend Kísha would text me to see if I could come over to her place to help decorate for her daughter's birthday party, that was just a few days away on the 7th. Me being the great Samaritan that I am, I told her I would do it.

Kísha was sitting on her living room couch and blowing balloons to have them ready for the festivities. Blowing very huge balloons too.

A few minutes into her blowing the balloons, I sent her a text that read, "I just pulled in. I'm about to walk up to the door".

Kísha responded, "K, I'm about to buzz you in. Just come inside when you get in".

I came in, we got acquainted as we welcomed each other with very open arms and asking each other how we were doing.

As I was sitting down I would ask her, "Where's the bday girl?"

Kísha, "She's with her daddy. They out shopping for some outfits right now. She won't be here till Saturday because this is a surprise party".

Me, "Oh OK. I got you now. So, you would be doing this all alone if I didn't come over?"

Kísha, "Yeah more than likely. I would've been all by my lonesome. You're my life-saver".

Me, "Well I'm glad I could help you for this very special occasion".

As we were discoursing, Kísha would soon start to rub on my left thigh while holding a red balloon.

Kísha, "I think I want to blow on this instead". As she was playing with my zipper and honoring my Johnson through my gym shorts.

Me, "Well damn Kísha that's how you feel right now?"

Kísha, "Yes sir. I'm about to show you something. Keep finishing blowing those balloons up while I blow on this".

Pulling out my pole and was gripping it like a pair of pliers. Staring at it speechlessly for a few seconds because she was so amazed of how much I was packing. Soon going right down to business.

It sucked that I didn't have any rubbers on me though, bonehead of me, at that moment because I thought her daughter would be over there while I was helping her setup. I didn't expect any of this to happen. But I wasn't complaining at all.

Bobbling her head & going up & down on that pole. Pulling her nice tits out of this beautiful grey sundress that she was wearing & started to caress them.

Kísha knew that I didn't have any rubbers on me, & she was OK with that. Just the thrill of tasting me was satisfying to her.

Even joking and said that my pole was bigger than the balloons and way much harder. Rubbing her tits on my thigh while devouring my pole to get it nice & sloppy wet. I just sat back & was adoring her gagging techniques.

Kísha, "You taste so good, I could eat this all day every day. It feels like MY birthday".

I laughed and after a few minutes of sitting on the couch, she would embark on her knees to continue gobbling on me.

Demanding me to finish the same balloon up and tie it once I was done as she was sucking the vital force out of me. Tugging and drooling all over me relentlessly. It was so difficult to concentrate on blowing up that balloon while she was pleasuring me so lovely, I just said, "The hell with this balloon", & tossed it over the couch.

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