Spending My Summer Stripping My Mom


"I miss you stripping me."

Suddenly the thoughts of all the times I pretended my Mom was in her panty and bra instead of her bikini and I removed her swimsuit flooded my brain with horniness for my Mom.

"You knew I used to strip you?"

If she knew I stripped her, what else did she know? Did she knew that I got naked and climbed in bed with her, while touching her everywhere?

"Of course, I knew. Most times, I pretended I was drunk, so that you'd touch me, after you stripped me."

Oh, my God. Now, knowing that my mother knew all that I had done, I could feel my cock stiffen with the thoughts of inappropriately touching my Mom again.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I was so horny then."

I felt like such a total pervert, a real degenerate.

"Don't be sorry. I was horny, too. So, now, unless you want me to tell your wife what you did, once a week, I want you to continue stripping me. Think of it as a game. You come into my bedroom and when you see me passed out and pretending that I'm drunk, you undress me. Then, you touch me everywhere. I'll pretend that I think you're Jimmy and you force me to touch your cock and blow you, before you fuck me. Okay?"

I was shocked. My Mom knew everything. All this time, my Mom wanted me, as much as I wanted her.

"Mom, I can't."

Even though I said I can't, I wanted to continue our secret incestuous sex. My Mom still looked good for her age, better than most Mom's her age. She had returned to doing Yoga and had taken up Pilates exercising and swimming. She still had her hot body.

"You'd better because if you don't give me what I want and what I need, I'll tell your wife that you raped me and forced me to have sex with you, whenever I was so depressed that I got drunk."

Every summer for the next twenty years, when my Mom came to visit me and her grandchildren, all through my marriage, my Mom and I had an incestuous sexual relationship. We were okay the rest of the year. It was the summer time that we were mad for one another. No one knew about it. No one even suspected that I was having sex with my mother.

Finally, done with her, swearing myself off her, I was so happy when she found a boyfriend. I thought having to strip and have sex with my Mom was finally over, but we continued our weekly stripping session through every summer she was with her boyfriend, who later became her husband. Just as my wife never found out about us having incestuous sex, her new husband never did either and it still continues this summer.

I think until the day she dies, I'll be spending my summers stripping my Mom, but that's okay. I love my mother.

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