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A friend of mine and I decided to go to the club Friday evening as they had a special performance by Santana that we both wanted to see. I got off work earlier than him and told him that I would meet him at the bar and would save him a good seat for the show. He said he would be about an hour more.

I got to the club, reserved a table and then went to the lounge to get a beer. While sitting at a table, I surveyed the room and noticed several good looking girls and was thinking about which ones I might want to share the evening with. Over in the corner was a blond who appeared to be in her mid twenties and sitting by herself. She was very attractive and I couldn't help but look her direction at every opportunity. She was one of those girls that just stood out above the others. After a few minutes of checking her out, I decided to approach her and stood up. At that time, an older black man walked over and sat down next to her. It was apparent that she knew this guy so I turned to go and get another beer and thought to myself that there would be no chance with her and to continue my search.

Upon returning to the table and looking around at what else was available, the black man approached me, introduced himself as Tyrone and asked me if I would like to join him and his wife Diane at their table. I was surprised. The good looking blond, married to an older black man and out of the clear blue, he was inviting me to join them. My first thought was why. I didn't know them and even though Diane was a very foxy looking lady, I now knew her to be married. I declined and told Tyrone that I was waiting for a buddy to show up.

Another half hour passed and my buddy hadn't arrived. I wondered what was keeping him. Soon, Diane, approached and said, "It appears that you've been stood up. Why don't you come join us, we won't bite." I thought about it for a minute and decided, why not. I wasn't all that comfortable meeting new people but they seemed friendly enough and besides, after a close up look at Diane, she was hot, married or not. My lusty thoughts of her were dashed by the appearance of a husband but looking was still free. If my buddy showed up, I could excuse myself and continue on with the evening's plans and if he didn't show, I at least would have someone to talk with instead of sitting alone.

I got up, caught a waitress and ordered another round of drinks for the three of us and went with Diane to their table. After some preliminary introductions and brief history, I discovered that they were there to see the show also. I told them that I had reserved a good table and that they were welcome to join me and possibly my buddy if he showed up. They agreed so we moved to the table where the show was going to be. I still wondered what was keeping my buddy, it had now been over an hour and a half and the show would be starting in less than half an hour.

More conversation revealed they had been married for almost 3 years, had no kids and were there because they liked the music group that was going to be performing. As I suspected, Diane turned out to be 24 and Tyrone was 41. I was 25 at the time. Tyrone had been married before to a black lady and they divorced but he didn't go into any details about it. Little by little I was learning more and more about this couple and got over my nervousness and started liking their company. Both were witty and fun to be around.

The Santana performance was really good and I was getting into the music. My buddy still hadn't made an appearance and all thoughts of him were now gone. After the show, we critiqued the performance and kept talking about how good it had been. The evening was still young and Tyrone invited me back to their place as they had an extensive music collection that I was interested in examining. I followed them to their place.

Diane made us another drink and we were sitting in the living room and getting comfortable. I sat on a single chair while they sat on the sofa. We started talking about a variety of subjects while I continued to steal glances at Diane who was showing a little more leg as her skirt rose up. She was just short of flashing me and it was hard not to stare at her. My cock was stirring in my pants. I certainly didn't want to piss off Tyrone.

As we talked, I found out that they had a fabulous music collection as well as an extensive porn collection. Tyrone asked me if I liked watching porn. I didn't care too much for that and told him so. "How about a home movie of me fucking Diane?" asked Tyrone, "Would you like to see that?"

"I'd rather see the real thing," I said.

Diane popped in, "That's not why we invited you over. I wanted to give Tyrone a treat and let him watch me fuck someone else tonight and you are the lucky one…..that is if you want to get some of this pussy."

"I don't know, I've never done that before….I mean with a husband watching…..and I'm not interested in a three-way," I said.

"Don't worry," said Tyrone, "I'm only going to watch, not join in. Maybe after you get done with her, I might give you a live show though."

"Now that we got that cleared up, can we all move into the bedroom so I can get out of these clothes? My pussy's got my panties all wet just thinking about this," said Diane.

The three of us went into the bedroom, Dianne in the lead, me in the middle and Tyrone following. It was a typical bedroom with a king sized bed but had what appeared to be satin sheets on it. Dianne turned and asked me to unzip her dress as Tyrone sat down on a chair that was near the bed.

"Are you alright with this Tyrone?" Diane said, "I'm going to let him fuck me bareback and there is a possibility that I could end up pregnant."

Tyrone said, "We talked about this before, I'm alright with it." "What's this all about?" I asked.

"I love Tyrone very much," said Diane as she dropped her dress, "But I don't want to bring a mixed breed baby into this world and he knows how difficult that is because his mother is white. If what we do here tonight ends up with be being pregnant, I'd be happy. Tyrone has been using rubbers since I went off the pill. Are you alright with that?"

"Let be get this straight. You want a baby but not a mixed breed baby. So, all I'm here for it to be a sperm donor?" I said.

"Partially," said Tyrone, "We've been looking for someone that we both were comfortable and if she ends up pregnant, I'd accept the baby as my own. She picked you out and I liked the choice she made. You're free to do whatever you want with my wife as long as you don't hurt her."

It took me a few seconds to absorb what was about to happen. Here I was, about to fuck another man's wife, a black man, with his consent and while he is watching. His wife wants it and hopes I make her pregnant. She is hot looking, very sexy, and making me hard as she strips out of her clothes. Something was wrong with this picture but I couldn't think of what it could be.

"Let me see your cock," said Diane as she stood there in her bra, panties and stockings.

I opened my pants and pulled it out, giving it a stroke or two.

"Nice," said Diane, "Not too large but not too small either, I think it's going to feel good inside me." She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor and removed her stockings and panties.

Standing nude in front of me, she said, "You want me to suck it?

"If you want to but it isn't necessary," I responded.

"I'm ready for you…….just fuck me……I can hardly wait to feel you inside me," she said.

She climbed on the bed and laid down with her legs spread, begging me to get on top of her.

I got between her legs, cock in hand as I scooted up to wet the head of my cock in her juices.

"Put it in me," she said.

I looked over at Tyrone who was now stroking his own cock and then looked back at this lovely body lying below me and eased my cock into her opening. She was hot, wet and her pussy lips were puffed up with excitement. I watched as my cock spread her lips apart and felt the warmth inside as my cock went deeper and deeper into her. She began bucking as it went in until I was buried completely inside her pussy.

"He's got it in me deep, Tyrone. I can feel it all the way inside me. He isn't as big as you are but it sure feels good," Diane said. "Fuck me hard, I like it that way."

I did as she asked. I pounded into her as deep as I could and she continued to buck up to meet my thrusts. I don't know how long we kept it up but it seemed like 10 minutes or so.

"Faster, I'm about to cum, it feels so good," she cried.

I felt her clamp down with her pussy muscles. She was milking me as I reached my peak and froze deep inside her as my cock unloaded deep inside her. I heard her groan and then I heard Tyrone groan. As I looked over, I saw him shoot his load into the air.

We rested, me on top of her, still imbedded inside her pussy as my cock started to shrink and finally slip out.

I rolled off her, exhausted.

She said, "Thank you, you're only the second man to make me cum while we were fucking."

Tyrone got up, put on a condom and got on the bed. "Now it's my turn sweetheart," as he got between her legs and shoved his cock inside her.

I got up and sat in the chair and watched as he gave her another pounding. His cock was a little longer and fatter than mine and the sight of his black cock stretching her white pussy was making me hard again.

They went at it at a fast and furious pace until they both climaxed and Tyrone rolled off her.

I was ready to go again but Diane said, "Not now, my pussy is too sore for anymore. Let's get some sleep and do it again when we wake up."

The three of us slept together with Diane in the middle. When I woke up, Diane was ready for more and proceeded to fuck me with her on top while she sucked Tyrone's cock.

When it was over, Diane made some lunch and as I was getting ready to leave said, "I really want you come back so we can do this some more."

She and I fucked every day for the next week. Diane got pregnant but that didn't stop us from continuing and both Tyrone and I fucked her almost daily until she was close to delivering. They named me as a godfather to little Tyrone.

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