tagFetishSperm Pie Ch. 01

Sperm Pie Ch. 01

byAnal Slave©

I have always loved to suck the cum out of a freshly fucked pussy or asshole, I am the luckiest guy around because my wife makes sure I get a hot load of cum every day, some times more. My wife is a stripper at a local nude bar and she does private parties as well. She loves to fuck and will take on any amount of cocks she can get her hands on. Of course her pussy and ass will only hold so much cum before it is wasted running down her thighs.

That is where I come into the story, she makes so much money that I don’t have to work, so I go to these parties with her and when her cunt is full of hot thick cum she takes me into the bathroom and makes me suck the spent cum out of her pussy, and then I lick it clean.

I love it when she gets fucked in the ass a few times and her asshole is full of cum. She will bend over and I get on my knees and wrap my lips around her puckered asshole and suck the male love juice out of her ass. She always loves the feel of my tongue on her love holes and when I get done sucking her she always kisses me.

Sometimes I get to watch her fuck and suck her clients, she will let me stand over in a corner and jerk my cock off while she is servicing her clients. I can jack my cock all I want but I can’t cum until she tells me too. Some times she wont let me cum and that is hell on my balls. One time I came when she told me not to and she wouldn’t let me eat the cum out of her pussy. She wouldn’t even let me suck her nasty panties.

So now I bring a cock ring with me and I put it on and it keeps me from having a mistake. Of course when I take the cock ring off I always leak a little pre-cum but I take the end of my finger and wipe it up and eat it, when she isn’t looking. My wife lately has been sucking a lot of cocks and letting them cum in her mouth.

This has upset me and I had a talk with her. I told her that the only pleasure I got out of her fucking other men was that I got to eat there cum out of her pussy, and that every time she swallowed a load of cum, was one less load I got to swallow. She got mad at me and when I went down to suck her cunt that night she waited till I had my whole tongue in her gash when she started pissing in my mouth.

I pulled my tongue out of her cunt and spit the piss out of my mouth. I ask her why she peed in my mouth and she said that if I wanted to suck any more cum out of her pussy and asshole that I would do whatever I was told. And then she informed me that she liked the taste of cum too and that she would be eating a lot more of it.

She also informed me that if I was going to continue to be her husband that I would be expected to suck cocks and get fucked in the ass. I told her that I loved her and would do what ever she wanted me to. She said she was glad to hear this, and for me to get up on the bed and spread my legs. I jumped up on the bed and spread my ass cheeks for her and she reached into her purse and pulled out a butt-plug. She told me to start jacking my cock while she greased up my asshole and inserted the butt-plug.

This was the first time I had a butt-plug in my ass, she had fucked me with her finger before but this was a lot bigger than her finger. My asshole started to stretch out to except the size of the plug and it started feeling real good. I told her I was fixing to cum and she told me to go ahead and cum, but make sure all of it cums in my hand so I may eat it.

I shot off a huge load of cum and after I had finished cumming I brought my hand up to my mouth and sucked all the cum off of my hand. She continued to fuck me with the butt-plug, putting it all the way up my ass then withdrawing it real fast. She fucked my ass for about 15 minutes after I had cum, my ass was real sore but I didn’t complain to her.

When she finally pulled it out of my ass she told me that she was horny and was going out tonight to a party were she was going to fuck and suck a half dozen men. And that she needed her pussy ate out before she left, I went down on her and sucked and licked her pussy real good. This was the first time in a long time I had eaten her pussy without some male cum in it. I have to admit I like it full of cum.

To be continued Sperm Pie Pt 2

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