tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpicing up a Marathon Flight

Spicing up a Marathon Flight


"Have a great trip boss" my assistant said to me as I zipped up the outer pocket of my briefcase after checking for about the hundredth time to make sure that I had my computer, my travel headphones, my Ipad, my books and my work stuff. I grinned at her as I snapped my briefcase on to the strap of my roll-on suitcase and started wheeling it out of my office.

"Thanks Sherry and thanks for getting it all organized for me. I'll be sure to bring you back a boomerang or something I said to her with a smirk as I rolled on down the hall. Now that the work day was finally over and it was time to head out to the airport for the evening flight, I permitted myself to start actually getting excited. I was totally stoked about the meetings I was going to in Australia and about the fact that I had two free days before them and two after they ended. I couldn't believe my luck at being asked to go and represent our unit at the international security conference and was sure that someone in "the system" would wake up and say there was no way they were sending a senior manager like me and cancel my trip at the last minute. But there I was standing in line at the airport check-in line getting ready to go. It was really going to happen after all and I was pumped.

And then the reality of the transit set in on me. It was the start of what would be a mega-marathon of travel; a "short" five hours from Ottawa to Vancouver all the way across Canada, a three hour stopover there and then an 18 hour misery from Vancouver all the way to Sydney. I was about to spend the better part of a full day sitting in a plane. I was going Business Class which would help but holy shit it's a long haul I thought to myself. It was going to be nice to be able to relax with no one to bug me, no phones and no email and I hoped to sleep a while on the second leg but there was no two ways about it, it was going to be a long long run.

I got my boarding passes and headed down to the security area. As usual a long line up snaked back and forth heading into the screening area and I felt a small twinge of guilt as I skipped past all that via the express line for business class travellers. But I quickly forgot about all that as I turned my head back to pay attention to where I was going and noticed her for the first time. I guess I'd been too busy fiddling around with my blackberry as I headed into the line and not really seen her. But she had my full focus now. She was a only a couple of inches shorter than me yet somehow looked taller. Her long brown hair ended in curls and seemed to have some kind of streaky stuff in it without looking phoney like so many women's hair does these days. She had folded her winter coat over her arm and was wearing a red short jacket of some sort that ended just below her waist line. She was wearing a loose fitting pair of trendy looking jeans that did nothing to hide a beautiful ass that would have totally held my stare had she not sort of half turned to pull her bag forward and allowed me to notice that she obviously a pair of boobs that no amount of winter clothing could fully conceal. But it was her eyes that stopped me in my tracks. Deep brown pools that I could just lose myself in forever. I was done for!

She dumped her stuff on the conveyor belt and waited for the drone manning the scanner to push it all through. I quickly moved up and placed my laptop in the tray behind her and it gave me an excuse to get close enough to her to have an even better look. I guessed her to be about my age and by the looks of her bags, a business traveller too. Like me, she had that frustrated bored look that we all get as we go through the pain in the ass procedures of airport security. She gave me a half smile and we rolled our eyes together in mutual exasperation. And then the line moved, her bags went through the machine and by the time I got through and collected mine, she had picked up her things and moved on. I was saddened to think I'd never see her again. And then laughed at myself for even thinking that about someone I had not even exchanged a word with...

After a beer and a snack in the lounge, I settled in to my seat on the plane and waited for the tedious boarding process to finish – yes patience is not one of my strong suits! I had booked an aisle seat in row three – easy access to get out and go to the bathroom after a few beers, far enough back from the galley to avoid the noise and congestion and yet not back in last row of business class where the people behind me always kick me. I buried my nose in my book and did my best to ignore the people coming down the aisle even with they bumped me. And then I heard the words that changed my life!

"Excuse me sir, that's my seat, do you mind if I squeeze by you?" I couldn't believe it. It was her. I freely admit that I contemplated just staying in my seat so that she would literally have to squeeze by me with her butt up close to my face. But that would be rude and a bit obvious so I quickly jumped up to let her pass. I could smell her perfume though as she passed by me and I couldn't help stare at that butt again as she bent to stow a purse under the seat in front of her before settling in. I quickly looked away before she could burn me and sat back down in my own seat. She looked up and gave me that same small smile only this time to say hi. I smiled back and made a show of trying to look cool and ho hum as though she was just another passenger.

I flicked a few quick glances over at her as she settled. Of critical importance – no wedding ring. And then she pulled out a golf magazine and I was thinking "are you kidding me? A total super hottie, my age, no ring and she likes golf enough to read about it". I was in love already. The golf mag gave me an excuse to strike up and conversation and we quickly learned we shared a love of the game, had played many of the same courses and had many of the same frustrations. The drinks cart came and went a few times and after a couple of beers for me and some white wine for her, we were well and truly relaxed as we sat back and talked about this and that as I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to ask her if she had a boyfriend. Or worse, a husband. And then out of now where she ups and asks me if was married. "No" I replied. "My wife left me a little over a year and I am still single. Just married to my work" I said with an aw shucks look designed to earn her sympathy.

"Sorry to bring up painful memories" she said and put her hand on my arm as she did so. It felt electric on me and I didn't want her to move it. I leaned closer to her and looked into her eyes as I told the thumbnail sketch of how my marriage ended. Wife left me for another woman – yes a woman – miserable divorce process blah blah blah. Its not a topic I liked to dwell on so I just ended it quickly but used the excuse to ask the logical question...

"And how about you, any man on the scene?" Her face clouded over and I thought I'd blown it but she brightened up quickly and gave me a rueful chuckle.

"I have the same story, mine left me for a woman too! I came home and caught them fucking in my bed in the middle of the afternoon. It was our goddamn neighbour. A nice little stay at home mum who it turns out was doing my husband on a regular basis. I guess its not technically correct to say I caught them fucking – walked in to our bedroom and she was on her knees naked with his cock in her mouth and her hand playing with herself. She didn't even stop when I walked in and I'm sure my husband was more pissed at not getting to cum right away than he was at getting caught."

I was shocked by her crude language and could tell that she surprised herself a little bit too but I found it kind of turned me on a bit. It seemed that the image of her naked neighbour and her husband's hard cock had stuck in her mind a little bit to as I could swear I could see her nipples hardening. "That was the end of that" she said to me with a smile. "We've been apart for about the same time as you have I guess and I just haven't met anyone yet. Until you that is" she said with another smile. "And on that note" she laughed, "can I get by you to the washroom before dinner comes"? I was damned if I was going to miss the opportunity for a close up of her butt again so I said sure and made a big show of pushing back in my seat to let her pass. She had no choice but to slide along gripping the seat in front of me and pass that beautiful butt ten inches from my face. I loved it.

She came back in a few minutes and somehow seemed to smell good. And I was absolutely certain that at least two buttons on her blouse that had been done up before now weren't. And any doubts I had about her nipples were gone – they were on full high beam now. She noticed me noticing them and looked right into my eyes and smiled. And there was no doubt what was going on in her mind as she came to the seat. I started to get up but she pushed my chest back into the seat and said "no problem, I can slide by". Only this time, she didn't turn her back to me and slide across. She slid in front of me, leaned forward and gave me a completely unobstructed view down her newly open blouse. I could see a lacy pink bra, a beautiful swell of cleavage and it was clear that they were truly things of beauty. She gave me a good long look before sliding along to her seat while resting a hand on my leg for balance.

Her moves had the predictable effect – I could feel the swell in my crotch and for a good couple of minutes, I lost the ability to focus on what she was talking about as dinner arrived for us. I scooted up to the washroom to drain the pre-dinner beers and had a hard time pissing as my dick was nearly fully hard. It took a while and as I was waiting for the pressure to subside, I had a wild idea. I quickly kicked of my shoes, dropped my pants and whipped my boxers off. I managed a quick piss and pulled my pants back on, minus the boxers. I walked down the aisle back to my seat and sat down as she looked over at me. I made a point of leaning over, pulling the seat pocket out and stuffing my boxers into it. I could see her eyebrows raise in surprise as she realized what I had dropped into the pocket. "They were getting too hot and uncomfortable" I said to her casually as I leaned over toward her some more.

With a laugh she drifted her had over the armrest and into my lap. There was no uncertainty left between us now; we were going to figure out a way to get it on. I lowered my dinner tray without seeming to do anything out of the ordinary, she used its cover to slide her hand in closer to my crotch. My now unconstrained cock hardened at her every move to the point that it was nearly at full pitch. And then her hand reached right up between my legs and grabbed it full on. She traced the shaft with her had, ran her fingers along where she could feel the head, all the while looking at me and innocently asking me what my favourite golf clubs were. I mumbled some kind of reply as I feasted my eyes on her lace encased breast which she had once again contrived to show me as she leaned over toward me so she could more easily access my crotch.

I was getting harder and harder and was starting to worry that she might even make me cum in my pants. I looked down her shirt again and then up in to her beautiful brown eyes and leaned over toward her and said in a way that only she could hear, "lose the bra".

"What?" she said in surprise as she drew back from me a bit.

"You heard me" I said with a grin of challenge on my face.

A brief look of indecision crossed her face but was replaced by one of puzzlement as she obviously reached a decision and then started to just figure out how to implement it. She looked by me across the aisle and noticed that one of the seats was empty and that the guy by the window was totally engrossed in a movie. She looked up to the front and could see that the flight attendants were occupied with prepping the dinner trays. Without any further hesitation, she pulled her blouse out of the waistline of her jeans and reached quickly up under it to unsnap her bra. She then did that wriggle around thing that women all seem to be able to do and reaching under one arm and then the other and voila, the bra materialized in her had. With a look of triumph she dropped it in my lap and leaned back into the corner of her seat. I kid of missed having her hand in my crotch but enjoyed looking at her newly free breasts. I quickly folded up my new prize and stuck into the chair beside me.

"C'mon back over here" I beckoned her. She feigned confusion for a minute pretending not to know what I was talking about. Then she leaned right over so that her blouse dropped way low and her hand slid back on to my cock.

"Why, did you miss something"? she asked as she looked up at me. I was torn between focussing on the feel of her hand on my cock and the chance to fully check out her boobs. As much as I love having my cock stroked, the tits won out. They were superb. Big and firm and round with nipples that were swollen and purple and just dying to be sucked. They were stunning and I made no effort to conceal my joy at being able to just admire them. And admire I did. After a quick glance toward the galley, I looked up to her for unspoken permission. She followed my same glance to the galley and then looked back to say yes. Before we could change our minds or anyone could come along, I whipped my hand into her blouse and ran my hands over the beautiful breasts she presented to me. I knew I didn't have long but loved the feel of them in my hands and made to sure to gain full coverage. I paused to tweak each nipple, rolling them between my fingers as I looked her in the eye. It was obvious that she was one of these women with very sensitive tits and she moaned quietly as my hands traveled all over them. It was only 30 seconds before I pulled away but as I did so she squeezed my cock even harder and rubbed its length. She leaned over and whispered in my ear

"You have made me so wet. I want this in me soon..." . I didn't think it would be possible for me to get any harder but that little sweet nothing certainly made it seem like I did. I was just figuring out how to reply when the dinner service started and we had to pull back in our seats a bit. After our trays were set down, Annie gave the flight attendant what I know realized was her "sweet and innocent" look and said:

"Could I have an extra napkin please, these are new jeans and I want to cover them up so I don't spill anything on them".

"No problem" the flight attendant said as she passed a large white cloth square to Annie as she filled our wine glasses. Annie made a big show of spreading it out on her lap as the dinner trolley moved on to the next row. With all the noise and buzz of the aircraft, only I could hear the sound of a zipper being undone. I looked over at her and could see that she was using her left hand to eat her salad and that her other one was down in her crotch under the napkin and was working away like crazy. Suddenly it came out from under the napkin and I could see her fingers glistening in the light from overhead. She shocked the hell out of me by putting her hand up to my nose and asking me if I liked the smell.

"Well" I said as I grasped her wrist, "smell and taste are closely related so let me collect all the key information" and I pulled her fingers into my mouth. She tasted as good as she smelled and it just made me want to get my own fingers in there.

"Is your top button undone too"? I whispered to her. She turned in her seat to look at the flight attendant now serving people two rows back before answering with a roll of her eyes and an "are you serious?" look at me. I urged her on and with a quick move I could see she had unsnapped her jeans and with the already open zipper, I should have good access. "Happy now?" she said with a laugh as I looked over and plotted my approach. I quickly slid my hand across the armrest and under the napkin and into her pants. She cast a semi-panicked look over her shoulder to the flight attendant as I quickly dipped my fingers into her panties. I could tell right away that she was just dripping and that her sense of caution and her horniness were well and truly at war. My angle was such that I could not get my fingers all way in to fully caress her lips and to part them enough to enter her hot pussy. But I was able to get far enough in to realize that there wasn't much hair there to interfere with progress. And I was also able to tell that her clit was not tiny and not soft. I could feel it standing proud even with my very quick foray. I rubbed it hard and quickly and I heard her breath catch and her legs suddenly tensed. I was pretty sure she was coming already and I smiled at her as I slowly drew my hand out as the flight attendant approached. Annie grinned back at me and said "that's the first of several I hope".

"I'm happy to shoot for the trifecta" I replied.

I withdrew my hand as I heard the flight attendants returning to our row and Annie quickly pulled the napkin in to place. I was determine to head back there for dessert and continued to just stroke her leg and her arm as we talked through dinner. She made a point of pausing in her eating to drop a hand into my crotch a few times and rub my cock through my pants a few times. "Just checking on things" she said with a laugh as she reached in again after the dinner plates had been cleared. This time she somehow managed to reach in below my cock and give my balls a rub too. This time I really did nearly come in my pants and looked at her with an expression that I'm sure looked to her like near panic. She gave me an impish grin and said "and things seem to be coming along nicely" as she rubbed me more vigorously.

"I'm gonna need that napkin you have there in a minute if you keep that up" I told her.

"Well, we'll need to come up with a better solution than that I'd say".

With that she told me that she needed to use the washroom again and started to stand. This time I was ready for the full view and she did not disappoint. She turned toward me, slid across my lap and leaned over so that I could easily see down her blouse. Without the bra those beautiful boobs were on full display for me and it was all I could do to resist reaching and taking one into my mouth. She clearly enjoyed my reaction and delayed her departure a bit so I could get a good long look.

I got an instant replay when she returned only this time she quickly reached down and gave my cock another quick squeeze. "Put this with my bra would you please" she said as she looked me in the eye and dropped her panties into my lap. She was now braless and pantyless in the seat beside me and I was going just crazy with wanting to fuck her so badly. But even though I was all for groping each other a bit in our seats, the idea of the cliché fuck in the airplane bathroom was just too much for me to contemplate. Just too many people close by, too many flight attendants right there, it was just a recipe for getting arrested as soon as we got on the ground.

As I was contemplating all this, I heard her zipper go down again and her button unsnapping. "I got the process well started while I was up there, do you think you can take it over the finish line for me?" she said to me with a look of unbridled lust on her face. She was slowly rolling her nipple between her fingers through her blouse as she said this and moved herself so that her legs were well spread apart in the seat.

This time there was no access problem at all. I got my hand right into her jeans this time. I used my middle finger and plunged it right in to her steaming hot pussy and used that beckoning motion women like so much when it hits their G-spot. I made sure that the heel of my thumb kept pressure on her clit as I did so and I could tell it was working well. I ran my finger in and out of her wet hole and made sure to coat her clit with her juices as I did so.

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