tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSpider-man/Avengers: Juice Ch. 02

Spider-man/Avengers: Juice Ch. 02


Not for those under 17. May disturb some readers. I use characters from the marvel universe. I have no money and do it for entertainment purposes. Please do not sue. I am using a non-continuity alternate dimension that has most of the super characters on the same time and some of the characters that are alive who might otherwise be dead or characters in positive light who might be dark in the comics. Also physical descriptions might be off. Thanks.

Spider-man/Avengers: Juice

Chapter Two

"...Wanda? She seems to want to be a mother so badly from the hints she has given me. She's always said that being a mother was the happiest thing in her life. You could make her dreams come true by fucking her silly. Filling her up with spider-cum." Janet said with a smile. "I would pay to see that...or even be a part of it."

"Perfect!" Peter said smiling. "We just need to get back to Avenger's mansion and find the Scarlet Witch so that she can enjoy my company. In the mean time, you can help spread my special blend of coffee to the male Avengers. Bring them to my way of thinking."

"But in the meanwhile..." Janet said as she got up and crawled on top of Peter's body. "I have a few ideas for us to try while we wait."

"Excellent!" Peter said as he got into the action.

Later at Avenger's Mansion...

Peter was working on the next method of delivery for his special cum. He was just finishing the batch of special chocolates that contained his cum inside it. He knew from the coffee experiment that heat didn't alter the powers of the sperm in it's mind altering properties. That made the chocolates a perfect delivery method for the cum.

Peter had also discovered another new properties of his transformation from the power of the potion. He had grown stronger and held more endurance. Plus he seemed to be pumping out his cum at major levels. It was like he had an unlimited supply of the special fluid for his mission. A mission of sexual domination over the women that he desired.

He just had to spread it to those women.

He started to pack the candy into a special box that he had created to give them to the Scarlet Witch as a gift. A gift that would seem to come from a secret admirer. With any luck, she will eat the chocolates and become his.

Sealing the box, Peter moved to slip it into the Scarlet Witch's mail bundle. He also placed more cameras in the building to pick up on the actions of those inside. Including a camera in the Scarlet Witch's room. And then he wanted for her to take the bait.


Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch for her power, walked into her room in her shopping clothes. A pink blouse over a red skirt. She took off her shoes and sat down to look at the things that had gathered in her mail. She sorted out the mail.

"Fan mail, love letters, hate mail, etc." She said as she looked it over on the bed. Then she came to some of the gifts. Mainly flowers, and stuffed animals. But there was a single heart-shaped box of chocolates. She opened them and looked at them. They were heart shaped as well.

'I guess that it must be alright if Jarvis allow them this far in.' Wanda thought as she took the first chocolate in her mouth. She bit into the candy and tasted the sweet chocolate of the candy. It was like there was a piece of heaven was in her mouth. It was a sweet sensation without being too sweet. It created a hunger in her for more of the chocolate flavour. She finished the final piece of the candy that she held in her hand.

Wanda smiled. A light moan came from her as she ate. She picked up another piece and ate that piece as well. She felt a sensation hit her. She took off her blouse and slipped out of her skirt. She stood in her undergarments, and laid down on her bed as she took another chocolate and ate that. Then he clit began to throb with her heartbeat.

Wanda placed her hand down her pick panties and started to rub her clit with her fingers. She could really feel it as she played with it. She tossed down another candy and moaned with the pleasure that she was feeling.

Her body was filling with an orgasmic joy that bring her up with pleasure.

She continued with her self enjoyment. Her hands slowly took off her bra to let her firm breasts out. The touch of air on her tits brought a tingling sensation to them that was really helping her to get off. Her fingers then to one of her breasts as she let the other one tease her clit. Nails caressed the nipples, bringing them erect. It was really getting her horny.

And as he mind turned to the sexual fulfilment, her thoughts began to move into sexual fantasy. Fantasies that seemed to be centring on the image of her fellow hero and Avenger member, Spider-man. She had seen him without his costume, except his mask. He always had that on to cover his identity.

But she had still seen his strong muscle of his abs and pecs, the strength of his arms, his tight ass. All of that crossed her mind as she thought about sex. That and images of the package that he held in his shorts. Soon, it became images of his seducing her with sex. Rubbing his body against hers, caressing her with his touch. Kissing the lips that she occasional saw slip out of his mask.

Curiosity merged with her sexual imagination as she wondered who it was that was behind the mask. The thoughts that he might share that secret with her brought her to her first orgasm. The sense of mystery added a forbidden aspect to the relationship.

Then other thoughts crossed her mind. Images of her friends on the Avengers, the other female members. Thoughts turned to Janet's lean form that held a sexy cuteness that could cause men to get off on. Or Jan's muscular, yet sexy form and huge boobs that were like a super heroic super model. Then there was Natasha, the Black Widow, who had a tight body that was build for both heroics and seduction.

Soon images of them joining her and Spider-man in the bed, having a sexual orgy of female flesh. Flesh that was surrounding the one man that they all wanted. It seemed so real that they were having wild sex with each other. Caressing, kissing, licking, even touching each other. All of it was erotically stimulating.

Wanda orgasmed again as she thought about the sex that was occurring in her daydream.

Then came thoughts of the results of the after effects of such an orgy. An idea that made moan with a sort of joy. The thought that she might carry a child from it. A child that would make her a mother. Something that she had been desiring for years. Better than that she would be carrying the child of the man that she desired. A man that she was falling in love with. A man who's face she had never seen before.


That caused the greatest orgasm she had experienced yet. It even brought a scream to her lips. She felt herself draining of energy as she came. Looking for some energy, she took another chocolate and ate it. Then on a whim, she took her pussy soaked hand and licked some of that off her fingers. For some reason, it had a honey like taste that was going well with the candy.

She continued with the alternating tastes of her pussy and the chocolates that her admirer had brought her. It become a sweet meal that was a delight to the exercise that she had just taken.

She also thought about Spider-man. Wondering if he would be interested in her.

In another room of the mansion...

Peter watched as Wanda finished up with her orgasmic experience. He was smiling at the actions that his chocolates on the heroine. He couldn't believe the orgasms that she had from just tasting his special sauce.

It made him wonder what it was that she was thinking of. The closest thing that had occurred was she had moaned his name subconsciously. That had made his laugh. It seemed he had influence on her without even touching her. Who knew how much power he could have on her with actual contact?

He started to think of the way that he would seduce the Scarlet Witch and turn her into one of his women. Part of a growing sisterhood that would grow to include most of the female Avengers.

He started with a knock on her door.

A few moments later...

Peter knocked on the door of the Scarlet Witch's room. "Wanda, I was wondering if I could talk to you later tonight. I have a few things that I want to tell you." He said, giving her the bait for her seduction. He hoped to have her simmering with lust as she waited for him to come to her. He waited for her answer.

He got it. "I would love to...talk to you. I'm a little busy at the moment." Came her voice from behind the door. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." Peter said as he left. He couldn't wait to see what would come to him that night. He also thought about how he would be getting ready for the night. He headed to Janet's room to see how she was doing with the rest of the male Avengers that could get in his way if they were left to their own devices.

He knocked on the door, calling out "Wasp, it's me. Spider-man."

"Come in!" Came the reply, as he entered the room. She was in a new costume of red and black. He closed the door and she came up to him. She placed her arms around his neck and kissed him. Deeply and passionately. She broke the kiss to speak. "How are you doing, Lover? What can I do for you? Or to you?" She said with a smile.

"How was your mission?" He asked, moving his hands to feel her tight body.

"Perfectly. With help from Jarvis, we managed to get most of the men to drink your special brew. They should be under your power and should ignore most of the activities that you have planned for the rest of us. So how was your mission? Is Wanda one of us?" Janet said bring him to the bed. They sat beside each other on that bed.

"From what I have seen, I'm sure that she has fallen for my charms. You should have seen her reaction to the chocolates. She was churning with hot desires. Her moans were music to my ears. I left her a message that I wanted to talk to her tonight. I wanted to leave her simmering in her own lusts so that she would be ready for me tonight." He told Janet.

Janet shivered. "She will be hungry tonight. I think that you might need a little more practise for Wanda." Janet said as she lifted his mask and started to kiss his neck.

Peter laughed. "Well, If you think so." He said as he started to undress her. She replied with taking off his costume.

That night...

Wanda was getting ready for the night of passion she was hoping to experience with the man she wanted. She wanted to hit Spider-man with so much sensuality that he would be fucking her by night's end. So she was getting ready to hit him with everything she had.

First, she put on something that she had been saving for a night like this. A scarlet bustier that lifted and separated her breasts to a high level. Added to that was a crotchless red thong. On her legs were crimson garters and pink silk stockings, ending with the red fuck me pumps that she wore on her feet. Silk red gloves covered her hands and arms. Her hair was held back by her headpiece.

Then there was her make up. Hours earlier she had place a fresh coating of nail polish on her toes and fingers. Even covered up, they were a brilliant red colour. Just in case, Spider-man was to look or if she was to show him. Her eyes had been painted with purple eyeshadow that highlight her eyes. Her lashes were darkened and long. A light coating of rouge covered her cheeks. The last of her make up was a bight scarlet coat of lipstick that covered her lips.

She had changed her sheets from the regular ones that she used for sleeping on most nights. Silken scarlet sheets covered her bed with red blanket covering it. But it with hope, those sheets wouldn't be used.

She placed a frilly robe to cover herself, hiding her seductive side so that she could surprise Spider-man. She hoped that the sudden unleashing of her hidden passionate side would drive him into a frenzy of lust and desire.

So she waited for Spider-man to arrive. She didn't have to wait to long.

There was a knock at her door. "Can I come in?" came the reply from Spider-man. Wanda smiled as she thought of the desires that had fantasized about during the day. Of Spider-man and the other women.

She went to the door. "I'm coming." She called. She opened the door and the costumed man entered the room. He closed the door behind him. He walked over to a chair and sat down.

"Wanda, I have been thinking of becoming closer to my fellow Avengers." He said, adding in his head, 'Especially the female ones.'.

"I want to tell them who I truly am." He said, pulling off his mask to reveal his face. Wanda looked with joy. He was as handsome as she had hoped that he was. He would make a good lover for her. And she hoped that he might one day make a good father for her children. "My name is Peter Parker. But there is more."

Wanda sat on the bed and looked at the hero. "I'm sure that you can tell me anything. Anything!" She said hinting at what she wanted to do with him.

"I have also have been attracting lovers among the Avenger's women. I have already made love to the Wasp. And I was hoping that you might join us in our love and lust." Spider-man said, hoping that Wanda would be inclined to join them.

Wanda was surprise, but she was developing a strong desire for a multiple relationship. She dropped the robe. "I think that's open to discussion." She said, moving off the bed to place her arms around her neck. "Why don't we get down to business?" She said. She started to pull off his costume, pulling him up off the chair. Soon, she had him stripped.

"Now it's my turn." She said, pulling at the string of her bustier. It loosened up and revealed her breasts and taunt stomach. He she shook her hips as she wiggled out of her panties. She pulled off her gloves and used them to caress Peter's peter with silky softness. Then she started to take off her garters. As she started to take the stockings and shoes off, Peter stopped her.

"Leave them on. I like to fuck you with your shoes on." Peter said as he took her in his arms. He brought her to the bed and laid down, getting ready for a straight fucking. She knelt over his body, her dripping, hot pussy hovering about his cock.

Peter reached up and rubbed her nipples. Nipples that were standing straight up like two pointed needles. Wanda moaned as she felt his touch. She bent over and kissed his skin. Moving ever closer to his mouth and hungry lips. Once their lips were touching, their tongues came out and played with each other. She rubbed his body, even going as far as to play with his nipples. Her panted nails tickling him in those sensitive areas of his body.

Soon, she couldn't bear the urges that were building up inside her. She thrusted hard on his cock, letting it fill her up with his length. "Fuck me with that thing! Fill me up with your baby juice!" She cried out as she was fucked. She rode him like he was a stallion. Up and down. Up and down. With an increasing tempo. Her moans came quickly. "Fill me up! Fill me so that I can have your Spider-babies!"

Peter replied as he felt himself building. "I'm going to stuff you so full of cum that you'll have octuplets! Suck it in your pussy! Fuck like the slut you are!" He was really relishing the interplay of their fucking. But soon he knew that it was time to fill her with his cum. He released his love pump pumped. Wanda Screamed! Peter didn't expect that she would be a screamer.

Wanda fell on him for a moment, before asking. "Can we try some more of that? I'm not sure that I'm full of cum yet?" She said with a smile. She just seemed to have developed an unending desire for fucking. Especially with the power of Peter's cock in her. She wanted that deep inside her, making her a mommy!

Peter smiled back. "Sure, plus I want to try out a few positions that we haven't done together yet." 'Lucky, the formula seemed to have given me fucking endurance!' He thought as he turned Wanda around for a doggy style fucking! He wanted to get as much fucking done as possible while they had this night together. Then tomorrow he would be looking for the next Avenger women to add to his Avenger harem.

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