tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSpider-man/Avengers: Juice Ch. 03

Spider-man/Avengers: Juice Ch. 03


Not for those under 17. May disturb some readers. I use characters from the marvel universe. I have no money and do it for entertainment purposes. Please do not sue. I am using a non-continuity alternate dimension that has most of the super characters on the same time and some of the characters that are alive who might otherwise be dead or characters in positive light who might be dark in the comics. Also physical descriptions might be off. Thanks.

Spider-man/Avengers: Juice

Chapter Three

Peter was dreaming of having more sexy with his Co-Avengers. He could feel one of them on his cock, riding it like she was a cowgirl. He could see her breasts bouncing. But the faces seemed to shift through the different Avengers he wanted. Then he woke up, to the wonderful sight of bouncing breasts coming into sight. With eyes closed to enjoy the feeling of her cunt full of his cock, he watched Wanda smile as she could feel him build his pressure.

Peter just reached up and started to play with his lover's breasts. Her eyes opened as she saw Peter waking up. Looking at him she said, "I thought that you needed a special wake up call."

"Or perhaps you can't get enough of me? Or you want to get yourself pregnant with my Spider sperm?" Peter said as his lips moved to her lean body. Kissing it softly as he waited for his moment.

"Why can't it be all of the above, baby?" She asked as she moaned out an orgasm. Seeing that Wanda had just gotten her pleasure from him, he had decided that it was his turn to get his rocks off in her. So he released the cum from his prick. It shot off like it was under pressure. Wanda twitched with pleasure as she came again from his cuming. She moved to kiss him which turned into a playful nibbling of each others lips as they played with each other.

Peter broke it off to ask a question of Wanda. "Since Janet picked you as the next woman I was to seduce into my little group, I was wondering who you might want to include in our love nest?" Peter had decided to continue his game of having his lovers picking out his next conquest. It was fun to see who the women would choose. Seeing a little bit of their desires for their fellow Avenger girls..

"Well, there's plenty of sexy girls out there that might would be fun to have fun with. But if I had to choose a person for you to seduce, I would have to go with Jen." Wanda said, smiling. Her hands roamed Peter's body as she spoke.

"Jennifer Walters, The She-hulk? Why?" Peter asked curious and hoping to increase his game further.

"Well, she's tall and sexy. With long, powerful legs; full, pout lips; and a set of mega sized knockers that would be great for a titty fucking. Plus she's a lovely shade of green." Wanda was laying down next to Peter, giving love bites on his earlobes. "And I think I have a plan to seduce her."

"I'm all ears." Peter said with a laugh at the irony of Wanda chewing on his ear.


Janet and Wanda sat in Wanda's room with a teapot and set. They were in civilian clothes, waiting for their fellow Avenger Jennifer Walters to come in. She soon arrived, dressed in her own civilian clothing. A blue power skirt suit. She came in and sat down at one of the lone chairs. She smiled at the women that had gathered around them. "Sorry, I'm late. I had to go over some of the legal business of the team. You wouldn't believe the lawsuits connected to the Avengers."

"It's alright," Janet said with a smile. "It's just that I thought we needed sometimes to relax. A time for girl chat. I even made a special chocolate flavoured tea. It even has some herbs in it."

"And I brought some special chocolate pastries. The baker said that these are just incredible. To die for." Wanda said as she handled a plate overflowing with pastries. Some looked chocolate covered, others looked like they were made of chocolate.

"Well, a girl loves her chocolate." Jen said, her laughter mixing with the laughter of the other two women. She let Janet pour her a cup of tea and took a pastry. "This is going straight to my hips. I know it." She took a sip... and was in bliss. This tea was like bottled sexual energy. Taking a bite of the Pastry, she found a more intense version of the tea.

"What kind of chocolate is this from and where can I get more of it?" Jen asked with a smile.

"It's from a special, secret provider. We'll tell you about it later. Let's get down to girl talk." Janet said as they continued with the tea party. Wanda's plan seemed to be working as planned.

The effects of the special semen of the food and drinks was already effecting Jen. Now there was the slow burn effect that they were working on. They would start talking about subjects that weren't related to sex and Peter. Then they would slowly slip it in. All the while Jen would continue to consume all of the tainted food, adding to the effect.


Peter was watching the effects of Wanda's plan. He smiled with the deviousness of the mind of the Witch. He was already working with the next couple of steps in his master plan. Most of the active Avengers were under the power of his sperm chocolate. He was working on the idea of collecting most of the female Avengers under it's affects as well. It was a simple matter of inviting them here, with the new food and drinks in sight. Hell, this tea party idea might be one of the best tickets for infecting the rest of his female teammates.

But Peter was also thinking about the few other women in his hero life...plus the sexy villainesses. It was less likely that they would be accepting of a piece of chocolate or coffee. He would need a different method of delivery. Something less detectable, but just as effective.

That's why Peter was working on the method. He had been working on the latest device that would be perfect. He had discovered that he could create a concentrated version of the proteins that contain the mind altering solution. From there he just needed a delivery system. He found a perfect method. He had created a tiny dart that was also traceable with his Spider-sense. One hit with this dart would inject the concentrated protein into the bloodstream of the victim.

Then nature would take course and they would be submissive to Peter's commands. And they could also be detected by the pulse of the dart. So he would be able to find a starting point for search of the victim and new lover.

"This should work. If it does, my close collection of personal friends should increase. Plus it should also help stop crime if I can control the criminal element. It's a win-win situation for everyone." Peter said to himself, proud of his new work. 'Still there are more women out there on both the hero and the villain side of the law. And even with the enhancement I gain with the potion, I can't handle them all.'

'Perhaps, I could get more help. Men that could help me handle the extra. But there would still be the need to control them.' Peter looked over a vial of the concentrated proteins of his semen. Thoughts started to come into his head about the possibilities. Then he heard the talk in the bedroom turn to a more sexual turn in nature. He tuned in to listen.

In the bedroom...

"So that brings us up to the question of who you would love to fuck?" Janet said trying to bait the trap for Jen to fall into. The Wasp knew that the Spider-man delight was making Jen start to twitch with lust. She had been sneaking her hands to her private parts and her breasts. Her fingers were moving nimbly when Jen thought the girls weren't looking. But Janet knew that their master was picking up everything and recording it for later. "Wanda?"

"Well, there are plenty of sexy men in the business. But one of the sexiest has to be Spider-man. When he takes his shirt off to exercise, you can see plenty of his HARD muscles! He even has a full six pack." Wanda said with a sly smile. "He is hot, hot, HOT!!" Jen let out a little moan when the word were accented. A sort of subliminal message.

"Plus there's his TIGHT buns that seem to be made of iron. But they always leave me weak in the knees. And then there's his greatest attribute." Janet added, smiling.

"You are not talking about what you're thinking about? Cause if you are, you're talking about my most favourite body part as well. It never seems to end." Wanda said, her grin expanding.

Then at once, three voices spoke as one. "His cock!!" The two of the other women looked at the now smiling Jen, who was shivering with sexual excitement.

"Oh, God! You're right. He's sexy! He's hot! I got to have him!" Jen said, breaking out with a hunger for the man she was picturing as her lover. "But how am I going to convince him to make love to me? I want him to want me. I want to make him happy. I want to make him horny. I want him."

"I think I have an idea how to make this happen. But we need to work on it." Said Wanda. "We'll have you two so hot and bothered that you'll fuck by just looking at each other!" Janet nodded her head as well.

"We just need to get you the perfect outfit, the right make up, the perfect room, the right moment and all of the rest. Then it's watch out Spider-man..." Wanda said.

"...Here comes the She-hulk!" Jen said with an attractive giggle. "When do we start?"

Hours Later...

In his room at the mansion, Peter waited for the "Surprise" arrival of the She-hulk rutting for sex. His other lovers had been preparing her for him. To make him horny and willing. He was taking off his shirt and pants, leaving on only his red boxers. Plus his mask. He was saving it for the now traditional unmasking, bonding moment that he had developed with his lovers. Peter felt that it help keep the bonds built with the special sperm he now had.

Then he heard a knock on the door. With the time and the sound of the knocks, it could only be Jen. Getting ready to seduce him. Peter hide a smile under his mask. He made a move to cover himself with a robe...'For decency's sake.' "Come in!" he said, adding "It's open."

The door shook in the frame as a seven feet tall, green hot woman came marching in. Jen was dress in a ripped outfit consisting of nearly bursting halter, and torn panties. With a booming voice Jen said, "She-hulk on Rampage! She-hulk needs sex!!" A savage look on her face. "Is puny Spider-man man enough to take She-hulk?"

Peter smiled at this erotic role playing of a wild She-hulk versus him. "I'm ten times the man to take you on." He took off the robe and let it drop to the floor. "What do you think about this?"

"Puny man not so puny. But is Spider-man puny where She-hulk wants?" Jen said a she moved to rip off the only clothing Peter had on other than his mask. His boxers off, his long strong prick came into view.

"Is this puny or is it too much man for She-hulk?" Spider-man said with a smile.

Jen smiled back, "It's sure it's man enough for me, Spider-man. Or do you want to share you're real name?"

Peter took off his mask. "The name's Peter. Peter Parker."

"Well, I'm Jen." She said, playing along. "Now that we're on the first name bases, let's fuck. So how would you like it first? Blow job, Doggie style, taking my ass? What do you want to do first?"

"Well, given your assets, a titty fuck would be the obvious way to go." Peter said, adding, "Besides, Wanda did suggest it."

"I do want to thank Wanda and Janet for their help. Are they watching this? Jen asked. Peter just nodded eagerly. "Let's give them a show then." Jen flexed her muscles, breaking the threads of the shirt she was wearing. It ripped in half. She then quickly shed the rest of her of clothes. She lifted Peter up, and tossed him onto the bed. Then she jumped on it with gusto.

Peter laid down on the bed as She-hulk crawled over to his cock. She caressed it's rigid form as she smiled. "Looks like you're already for me. I would be a shame if it went off too early."

"Don't worry, baby! I have complete control over it." Peter said, watching as Jen took her GG cups and started to massage them against his cock. It was an interesting contrast of the colours of their flesh. His normal pinkish white skin tone against her abnormal bright green firm round orbs. He could also see a deeper forest green nipples that sat erect on the lime colour pleasure pillows.

She-Hulk's slender fingers moved over her breasts, manipulating them to manipulate his cock. Occasionally the tips of her fingernails, painted the same green as her flesh, touched his cock with electric results. But more often they scrapped the tips of her tits.

"I've never felt anything as hard and firm as this. I wonder what it tastes like? Does your juice have a flavour?" She asked as she bent down and licked the tip of his prick. Then she blew on the wet tip, sending a quiver down his cock.

"You've already had a taste of it. Remember the Chocolate in the tea and the pastries. They had some of my special formula in it giving it the flavour." Peter said, enjoying the soft and bouncy treatment from the sexy amazon.

"That "ORGASMIC" taste was you!?! Well, I'm going to have to go in for seconds." She said, before she started actively licking his cock as she rubbed him the right way. She-Hulk started to moan in rhyme. "Come on, baby. Shoot your taste jizz all over my huge, firm tits. Cover me with your chocolate sauce. Let's make a banana split with your sauce, your banana and my two scoops of mint ice cream. Let's fuck our brains out."

Then Peter felt the moment and knew that it was time to bring out his speciality. He released himself and came. A fountain of cum exploded out, beginning a light coating of cum over the skin of the Amazon. White cum covered the lower face and the top of the boobs, a sticky layering of the enhanced cum. He smiled.

She-Hulk smiled back as she looked at him with cum soaked body. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth sensually, taking in the flavour of the cum. She licked it up like it was going out of style. "Mmmmmm, it tastes better fresh than it does in food. You just got to get things from the source." Then a sly sparkle came into her eyes.

"I think that you might like to see this." She said, as she took one hand and held up her right boob. Then she started to lick it, taking the juice off it. But it was a slow sucking off of the breast. Her other hand slipped down her body and to her pussy. The she began to dance around. She did know how to shake her body for the most effect.. Her hips rolled back and forth in a twisting sort of pattern. Her shoulders moved in a way that made her one free boob jiggle. Even her arms swayed in time to a phantom beat. 'I guess all of those striprobics classes came in handy.' She thought to herself.

Peter watched, pleasantly surprised. She-Hulk seemed to have a natural sluttish streak that was coming out. He was enjoying the show as his cock began to slowly rise. As if in time with the dance. She-hulk finished with her one breast, she stopped and moved over to Peter. "Wanna lick?" She asked moving to offer him the other orb.

"Yes, but I'm also in the mood for a fucking." He said, pulling her to him. Her boobs hovered over his face as her pussy hovered over him cock. It stayed there for a moment before she dropped down. His face was pushed into her Magnificent bosom, while his cock was thrust into her pussy. He licked the breasts as he made love to her. His senses were filled, as he took in taste, sight, touch and hearing.

The moans grew as She-hulk was she was feeling herself cum. With the sexual taste of the cum, the feeling of Peter's cock on her breasts, and the minor masturbation she had while licking his cum had made her primed for an orgasm. So it wasn't a surprise that she came before Peter had even started to cum. "YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" She moaned out as she released. But she was one for her ability to keep going no matter what. "Come on Peter, get that Peter moving!" She said after a few seconds of cuming. "I want my pussy filled with your juice!"

Peter smiled and replied. "You bet, Babe!"

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