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Spiderman Meets J. Jameson


Well, the amazing Spiderman was feeling pretty damn good about himself, having foiled the latest bank robberies around town. Mary Jane was off to Europe for the summer and he was feeling blue balls in full effect He slipped out of costume and went off to shoot some photos for the well know magazine Pussyhunter.

As he knew this wasn't the most reputable job but it was bringing in enough money that he could help Aunt Mae with her bills and he also had some extra spending money. He was still taking photos of himself as Spiderman and getting paid well for it but his side job was also helping relieve the blue balls inside his spideysuit. He wouldn't use his own name for this job though, no the Peter Parker name was reserved for the Daily Bugle. The name he used for his Pussyhunter photo shoots was Hugh G. Member. He liked it for obvious reasons and all the girls he shot always asked if it were true.

As Hugh he could get paid for looking at pussy all day long, and then go home and whack off before heading out as Spiderman. He had shot many pornstars for the magazine and today was scheduled to be one of his favorites. He could hardly contain his excitement as he set up the little studio he used in the city. Jenna had been one of his favorite pornstars for years. The sexy little heartbreaker tattoo on her ass never failed to excite him.

A few minutes after 9 A.M. there was a knock at the door. He walked slowly to it not wanting to seem overly anxious about this experience. As he opened the door there she stood, her long blonde flowing locks curled about her beautiful face, her piercing blue eyes, those gigantic breasts threatening to pop out of her shirt at any moment. He hadn't even glimpsed the rest of her body yet.

"Good morning Ms.Jameson," he said trying to sound professional and not like some horny teenager,"please come in I have everything set up."

"So, Mr.Hugh G. Member," she cooed looking up at me from beneath those long eyelashes, "I hope you are as good as I have heard you are."

My god, would I like to show her just how good I am, he thought. But of course he couldn't say that. As Hugh he knew that it would be completely unprofessional. Besides he was sure she was hit on by every photographer and man that she had ever been around. To bad Spiderman couldn't find his way into the situation he thought.

Just then there was another knock at the door. "Now who the hell could that be?" he asked. He walked to the door once more and as he opened it up was suddenly blinded by a flash grenade. Whomever it was tossed in a few smoke bombs as well and then slipped past him into the room. He didn't know what to do, dammit, he thought if I had not been so horny for Jenna my Spidey senses would have alerted me.

"No," Jenna screamed, "take your goddamn hands off of me." Peter tried to follow the sound of her voice but to no avail the smoke had filled the room and his eyes were still trying to readjust from the flash grenade. He felt himself being pushed aside as the intruder ran past him with Jenna slung over his shoulder.

Peter waited just a few seconds before slipping into the bathroom and lifting up one of the false ceiling panels. He pulled down his Spiderman outfit and mask and donned them at once. He lifted the window and peered out making sure no one was looking up at just that moment. As he looked down he saw the man with Jenna slung over his shoulder, exit the building and jump into a black van. As soon as the man and Jenna were inside the van, the door was rolling shut on the side, the van was squealing tires and pulling away from the curb.

Spiderman immediately stepped out onto the fire escape and spun a web to the next building. He swung from building to building sailing over the van waiting for just the right instant to drop down onto it. Although he was unsure of how many occupants were inside the van it was going to be well worth the risk to save Jenna.

As the van rounded the next corner it turned into an abandoned parking lot. Three men jumped out and one of them had Jenna over his shoulder. Spidey could also see that each had a gun slung over his shoulder. Well, this wasn't just fanatical groupies then he chuckled. He watched as they entered a building and then he swung over to the next roof so he could glimpse inside the windows of the building. It seemed to be an old warehouse no longer in use, perfect he thought they have Jenna in some rat infested warehouse and are going to fuck her and ransom her I am sure.

He watched for a few minutes as the men tied Jenna down to a table and stripped her clothes from her. The men left the room and Spidey could see through the next window that they were arguing over something. Probably who got to have a go at her first. This was the chance he needed so he spun his next web and swung to the wall of the building just next to the window of the room Jenna was in.

Luckily for him the window was broken and he could just fit his arm through to unlock it. He pried the window open with urgency and slipped inside. He put a finger to where his lips were underneath the mask and motioned for Jenna to remain silent. Jenna watched as He spun a web covering the doorway and trapped the men inside.

He cut the ropes that they had used to bind Jenna, he told her to get dressed quickly and then led her to the window, Spidey slipped out first and then opened his arms to Jenna. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he slipped slowly down the wall of the building. She opened her mouth to say something but Spidey had other ideas.

He spun a web to an adjoining building and swung them both up. She giggled as they swung from rooftop to rooftop. "Where should I take you Ms. Jameson," Spidey asked. "I was doing a photo shoot today but I will call and reschedule, I need to call the police and wash the grease from those guys off my body." "So I guess," she paused, "you should return me to my hotel." Jenna told him which one and off he went swinging them through the city oblivious to the millions below as they sailed through the air. Spidey landed just outside her hotel room balcony and sat her down.

"Ms. Jameson," Spidey asked, "don't you have a body guard?" "Yes, as a matter of fact I do but I sent him to run some errands while I was supposed to be in the photo shoot," she replied. Her balcony door was open and she walked inside shedding her blouse as she went inside. "Come here big Spider hunk," she cooed. "I must find a way to repay you for your kindness."

Spidey knew she couldn't see the shit eating grin on his face and he thanked the lord for that. He approached Jenna slowly and at once she fell to her knees before him. She unwrapped the skirt from her waist and sat there nude before his very eyes. She reached down as she splay her knees open and dipped her fingers inside her wet cunt. Her other hand was running swiftly up his leg, nearing his swelling cock.

Jenna admired the fine bulge rapidly rising in front of her, she leaned forward and ran her mouth over the outline beneath his skintight spandex suit. Jenna then reached up to his waistband and pulled them down slowly. As she peeled them down his erection sprung free, she immediately leaned forward and wrapped her pouting lips around the head.

Her pursed lips sucked hungrily as she hummed softly against the sensitive tip, Jenna pulled back and looked up smiling at him as she slipped her pink tongue from her mouth. She then twisted her tongue around his shaft as she bobbed her head up and down around his shaft. Her nails dragged up and down his thighs as she once more plunged her mouth down over his cock.

Jenna was getting more aroused by the second, she always did with a big hard shaft inside her mouth. Here she was down on her knees sucking Spiderman's cock with gusto. This was not her everyday gig in the porn word sucking on a hard cock for pictures or movies. This was private and intimate and she knew that more likely than not Spiderman had never been rewarded for his good deed, and she set her mind to rectify that for the entire lot of people he had helped.

Jenna dipped her tongue into the little slit at the top of Spiderman's cockhead and she purred as she tasted the precum spilling forth copiously from his large Spidercock. She thrust her mouth down again and again taking his cock deep into her throat.

"If you keep that up," Spidey panted, "your going to get a mouthful of cum Jenna." She wanted that so much, that as soon as he said this Jenna grabbed his granite hard buns and renewed her cocksucking with a vigorous pace. Spidey looked down and watched as her blonde locks bounced in time with her lips. Her big tits rubbing up and down against his thighs, he felt the jism boiling up from his balls. He grabbed Jenna's head and held it still as he fucked her mouth hard and started to jerk. "Here cums the amazing Spiderman," he gasped.

Jenna felt his cock swell and sucked his cock with all her skill, she felt the first explosion hit the back of her throat and slide down as she gulped and tried to swallow the whole load. She was pleasantly surprised because most guys wanted to blow a load on her pretty face or huge tits.

Jenna kept sucking even after he had spurted the last shot from his cock. He had managed to remain hard and was shaking slightly, it's not every day you have your fantasy women on her knees bobbing her mouth around your cock. She was still sucking him with a feverish passion as he told her to stand up. Jenna rose from her knees, but remained bent over, her mouth wrapped firmly around his cock as she allowed him to back her against the wall.

Spiderman pulled her off and stood her straight up and lifted her hands up against the wall one on each side of her head. He spun a web and pinned each hand in place, he had never given thought to the sexual aspects of his newfound abilities.

Spidey climbed up the wall and spun around above Jenna, he crawled back down over her and let his cock bounce against her lips. Jenna caught his cock and sucked it in as he lifted the bottom portion of his mask and drove his tongue into her pussy. He then lifted her legs up and spread them wide while being suctioned to the wall by his feet. His strong arms supported her weight ass he ran his tongue up and down over her slit and teased her clit.

He thought how many times he had jacked off watching her bare pussy be eaten or her getting stuffed by a big cock. Now he was dipping his tongue into the pussy that he had long lusted over was spread open before his mouth. Jenna was squealing with delight "Ohhh, I see Spiderman knows how to eeeaattt pussy." She quickly returned to sucking his huge member loving the way it filled her mouth completely.

She only wished there were someway to get a picture of this her fans and his would love it. But she thought maybe I would just keep this to myself. Jenna's tongue played in circles around his shaft as she bobbed back and forth on his big meaty prick.

As she squealed for the fifth time that she was cumming he told her to release his cock from her hot mouth and leapt from the wall. He spun around and pulled the top of his spandex suit off and tossed it aside. Spiderman left his mask on just rolled up over his mouth. He wanted to suck those big nipples of hers and kiss her.

He reached down and lifted her legs once more scissoring them around his waist, once that was accomplished he impaled her slowly letting her slip her hot bald cunt down over his cock. She watched as his arm muscles flexed upon lifting her, some of the guys that she worked with had excellent cocks but they failed to have the hot hard bodies to go with them. Her pussy drenched Spiderman as she excitedly squealed again.

Spidey was in heaven, the squeals had been the trademark of Jenna, besides that fine tattoo on her ass. He bent forward and sucked each nipple tenderly, running his tongue over them and feeling them rise inside his warm mouth. She was arching her back as much as possible in her pinned position thrusting them into his face. He switched back and forth between them sucking like a newborn puppy on its mama's teat.

Jenna's squeals were pushing him over the edge once more, she pulled his mouth from her tits and kissed him hard and long, their tongues dueled in a lust filled dance. His cock although not the biggest she had encountered filled her more completely than she had ever imagined possible.

Every thrust from his mighty shaft sent ripples of ecstasy through her body, this man was here for her, he had rescued her and he wasn't treating her like just some slut. She wondered if he was the one to give the special little object every man wanted from her. "Oh, sweeet leaping Jesus," she cried out, "Fuck me Spiderstud, make me your private little pornstar." "Jenna," he moaned, "I am going to fuck you as long and hard as I can, umpfff, I hope, god your tight, that you don't have plans for the rest of the year."

Jenna's mouth once again returned to his and she sucked his lower lip playfully running her tongue over the ridges. She wished her hands were free so that she could scratch his back with her long brightly painted fingernails and draw his blood. She wanted to scar him, and mark her territory.

Spidey was thinking the same thing at the same time and he reached up and ripped away the webbing from her wrists and walked with her still bouncing on his pole to the bed. He gave a slight jump, diving to the bed while he thrust his hips into her. She giggled at his playfulness and then wrapped her legs tightly around his waist again.

Jenna was surprised at the joy that Spidey was causing in her body. Tingling her loins and stirring a passion she had somehow lost through her years of making films. She still loved and enjoyed sex but now she was being given a thorough workout without the lights camera or crew around. Her continuous squeals never failed to extract joy from her partners and Spidey was just as easily affected by them.

Spidey grabbed her legs and bent them back and dropped his shoulders beneath them ramming his cock deep into her womb. He felt like a god with his cock buried inside this little vixen of sex. He plunged over and over, deeper and deeper, rushing them both to their next climax. Jenna couldn't remember a time she had been so well pleased by a man in one whole day, let alone less than an hour. She had never cum so much in her life, every thrust, lick, nibble, squeeze or pinch had sent fresh shivers up her spine and through her very core.

"I'm gonna cum, Jenna," Spiderman groaned. "Yes, fill my puss with your hot Spiderjuice," she breathlessly begged. His orgasm came rushing once more and spilled forth inside her quivering snatch. As the first shots hit her inner walls she was driven over the edge of climax once more and shivered and squealed and cried all at once, "Eohoues, wowsa, mmm he oh god yes."

Spidey wasn't down for the count yet though, he did realize that this chance may never happen again and he was going to enjoy it to its fullest. His jizz kept flowing from his elongated shaft and he keep up the steady rhythm inside her body. Her squeaking cries of pleasure would be fuel for his sexual fantasies for years to come.

Spiderman withdrew his cock from Jenna's tight bald little pussy and flipped her over onto her hands and knees, "Who's your amazing Spiderman," he demanded as he playfully spanked her ass. Arching her back and shoving her ass towards him she giggled back, "Oh, you are Spidey you are."

Spiderman drove his big cock deeply inside her wet pussy and stuffed her like a thanksgiving turkey. He was ramming deeper with each thrust, conquering his own lusts as well as Jenna's. He swept her hair away from her neck and leaned down admiring the tattoo. Then he bent forward and closed his lips around her neck. Sucking softly and nibbling all of her neck. His mouth went down over each side and licked and sucked each sensitive inch of her neck, then down over each shoulder. His hands held her hips as he thrust in and out of her pussy. He looked down and watched her gorgeous ass bounce off his thighs repeatedly.

Jenna lost count of how many times she had cum, but best as she could reckon it was well past 15. Spiderman's cock was still hard as granite and he doubted in her presence it would ever go soft. He rushed forward pounding inside her as he admired her beauty and stamina. Spidey was feeling dangerously kinky now and he licked his fingers and ran them down between Jenna's asscheeks.

Jenna jumped at the sudden fingertips rubbing her asshole, she had never done anal in a movie other than beads nor had she done more than that in private. She had been saving her ass for the whomever she married when she finally settled down. She had always figured she should save some virginity for that man. Oh, fuck it she thought, Spiderman had proved that he was worthy, his vigorous fucking and size teased her desire. He was rough with her yet didn't expect anything.

Spiderman sensed her temporary hesitation and knew that he should explore the issue at his fingertips just a bit more before giving up the deepest fantasy he had. To claim this honey's fine ass and go where no man had explored her before. He wanted to bury his manhood deep in her ass and force her squeals to a whole other level. He slipped his finger down and rubbed her clit furiously with it while his other hand had two fingers working around her tight bunghole.

Jenna was past the temptation, now it was a white hot need to have his Spideyrod buried where no one had been before. She looked back over her shoulder at him and whispered, "Do it, take me in the ass and make me yours." As the words slipped out of her mouth she knew it was one of the best decision in her life, a body racking orgasm shook her and forced her squealing and squeaking to a shrill pitch.

Spiderman was overly exited now, he started pounding her pussy with a sense of enlightenment. He in his wildest dreams had never thought he would possibly bury his cock inside one Ms. Jenna Jameson, let alone take the last of this hot pornstars virginity. He pressed his fingers against her anal opening and felt the tight little ring give way slowly. Spiderman sunk his finger in slowly working it in and out letting her get used to the feel before working it a bit deeper. She was shrieking and whimpering with every thrust and wiggle of his fingertip. He upped the ante and slipped his second finger deep inside her asshole.

Jenna's mind was racing with the joy and pleasure that she was receiving under Spiderman's ever so inquisitive fingers. The feeling was heightened by the fact that he had not taken off the mask. He could be anyone she knew and yet she would never know. But he would. She was going to let him fuck her in her sweet ass and never even know his real name or what his face looked like. But none of that mattered now all that was important to her at the moment was pleasing him and hoping he continued do the same for her.

Spiderman was thinking along the same lines as Jenna just then, hoping she was getting as much joy from him as he was her. He was still working his fingers in and out of her asshole feeling her relax and allow him easy penetration. Jenna obviously wanted this as much as he did and he was fully prepared to take his time and work her into a frenzy before he took her. He was going to give her an experience that no man would ever be able to top.

Jenna was just starting to get a bit nervous about the idea wondering if Spiderman was going to take enough time and show enough patience before ravishing her virgin asshole, when his fingers left her body. She shivered at the empty feeling inside her back passage and prepared for the withdrawal of his big cock from her pussy but it wasn't happening. He was still sliding in and out of her body with slow deliberate hip thrusts.

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