tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSpiderman Meets J. Jameson Ch. 03

Spiderman Meets J. Jameson Ch. 03


Spiderman and Jenna had thoroughly managed to convert Mary Jane to the large population of bi-sexual females inhabiting the New York area, and since that first night they had shared many more glorious threesomes. MJ had confessed to Peter about her romp with Jenna but had conveniently omitted the part about Spiderman to him.

Peter knew she had her suspicions about his alter ego but he was waiting until just the right time and whether or not she would question him on it. As Spiderman he had a sexual prowess the women responded to and if he occasionally shot his load a bit early it never seemed to disturb the mood. If anything it made the two more randy and they would coax another hard on from his fleshy wand as soon as it was capable of rising again should it go limp.

Mary Jane at the same time was feeling a slight guilt due to her threesome trysts with Jenna Jameson and Spiderman, she hated leaving Peter out in the cold but she had yet to broach Jenna on bringing Peter into the scene now. She wasn't quite sure if Jenna could remain mum about Spiderman participating in the activities they had shared thus far.

Peter had dropped the alias of Hugh G. Member now and he was confident in his photos of Jenna alone to work under his own name. He knew that his aunt would not approve but he expected she would understand the money aspect of his job. He was making enough cash from Jenna and a few other girls, while also still shooting pictures of Spiderman that he could comfortably purchase the entire building his photography business had started in.

Jenna had helped immensely on the side, bringing in other girls that were of high caliber in celebrity status in the pornography world and this allowed him to shoot two or three times a week and still have time to court MJ and be Spiderman at night. He was still web slinging around the city and protecting its inhabitants nightly only taking breaks when Jenna came to town. She had leased a small apartment near his building and whenever she was in the city, which was happening with more frequency she would call him.

Now what man had the self restraint to not take the best of both worlds, he had a sexy girlfriend who loved to fuck, she was bi now and he had his own personal porn star fuckbuddy on the side. Life was good. It was nearing Christmas and Jenna had promised him a special little get together with some of her friends for a photo shoot. She was putting together a new spread for a magazine and she insisted he be the one to do the Christmas pictures.

It was nippy outside as Spiderman swung from web to web, scouring the city for any wrong doing. For the most part he had only had to foil a few routine robberies and muggings in the last month and nothing much was going on. He sat perched on a high rooftop watching the city below. Suddenly his Spidey senses tingled and he felt that rush of adrenaline spread through his veins like wildfire. He scanned the alleyways in view and that's when he saw exactly where he had come to rest. Right along the rooftops of MJ's acting school.

At once a shriek pierced the night air and he followed it's reverberations to it's source. In the dimly lit alleyway was a dark haired girl being assaulted by two masked men. Spiderman spun his web to the next building and swung across gripping the wall and turning inverted crawling slowly down it. The street lamp's light barely reached the recesses of the alley as he saw a piece of metal glint in the light. One man was holding the girl down while the other was holding a knife to her throat and undoing her jeans. Spiderman acted quickly spinning a web and letting it wrap around the hand of the man holding the knife. He jerked the sticky rope back and watched the knife arc through the air. He quickly dropped down in the alleyway between the two men.

"So boys, looks like your having a little party here," he chuckled taking a fighting stance. Both men stood up and lunged for him and as they did he leapt up and clung to the wall watching them slam into each other. As they collided he spun a quick web around the man nearest to him and then dropped back down to the cement. He circled them hurriedly as he continued wrapping webbing around them. His camera had flashed through all of this from the other rooftop catching his fluid motions. Slipping beside the raven haired girl he scooped her up and carried her out of the alley.

"My hero," she gasped, still a bit in shock from the ordeal. He looked her body over glad that his mask concealed his roaming eyes, "Yes, little lady I am here to protect and assist whenever a fine damsel needs some rescuing." He was happy and playful and a bit disappointed that the men had not presented more of a fight for him. "So you're the amazing Spiderman I hear so much about huh?" she asked.

"Well, dark haired one you have me there," he teased, "but I think it is an abomination I do not know your name." She smiled up as he appraised her body as he held her still in his arms. She was roughly about five foot three and she was very blessed in her chest area, her hips were filled out nicely as best he could tell from this advantage point. She giggled a bit and then introduced herself, "Oh Spiderman sorry, where are my manners sir, I am Rose." Damn he thought that name sounded familiar for some reason but he just couldn't place it.

"Well, Rose," he spoke, "you should be a bit more careful in this city when you are alone at night." "Spiderman Sir," she said, "I was just waiting for my friend Mary Jane to come out and walk me home when these men grabbed me and pulled me back into that alley." Thank god she couldn't see the look on his face, that's is where he knew her name from.

Mary Jane had been talking up a storm about this young transfer freshman that had joined some of her college classes and her acting class as well. MJ had told him that this young vixen he now held in his arms was a very wealthy heiress and she had recently lost her parents in a tragic accident. Apparently the girl's home had been robbed and her parents had been shot in the middle of the robbery when the intruders had stumbled upon them. He knew what the loss was like and sympathized but Mary Jane had told him a few other interesting tidbits. It seems that the girl had taken a liking to MJ and shared her deepest secrets with her. She had told MJ that she was very submissive and that her father had also been her Master, it seemed a sordid twisted thing to his mind at the time but seeing her now he could understand any man having a weakness for this beauty even if she were their daughter.

"Spiderman Sir," her soft little voice broke his reverie and he turned his attention back to her, "I wish I could thank you more properly but I must get back inside and see what is keeping my friend." "Ok," he said, and only then he realized he was still holding her firmly to him. Spiderman held her to him as he lowered her feet back to the ground. He watched her delicate little face and saw the crimson tinge to her cheeks, Spiderman felt that familiar twitch in his cock and Rose stood completely upright and still against him. Her little hands were still interlocked around his neck and her perky breasts pushing against his ribs.

Spiderman reached behind him and pulled her hands apart and stepped back, "We may meet again sometime, little Rose, of that I am sure," he said slowly already weighing the possibilities. He spun a web and was off in a flash, planning on perching himself back up on the rooftop and following MJ and Rose back to the girl's home. He was rewarded a few moments later when the girls walked out of the building hand in hand. He saw them look around and searching for something. Perhaps Mary Jane was looking for him or just making sure that no other fiendish males were lurking in the alley way and the desolate side streets in their direction.

Of course neither of them could possibly know that high above them Spiderman was making sure they were safe and secure. Spidey thought of the limitless options before him now. Mary Jane could decide to introduce Rose to Spiderman some night soon when she told Peter she was working late at her acting class preparing props for their new play. Or another thought occurred to him, MJ may just bring her along the next time she met up with Jenna.

Peter was standing in his studio loft and pulling off his mask and suit when the phone rang, "Peter Parker Studios, this is Peter may I help you?" he answered. "Well stud," Jenna's silky smooth voice purred through the ear piece, "I am hoping so tomorrow, I have a few special little surprises for you." Peter's pulse quickened and he at once was aroused just from simply hearing the sex kitten's voice. "Hi, Jenna," he stammered, as Peter he still had a difficult time believing she would even feign interest in him, "I have everything almost set up was there anything else special you wanted for the shoot."

"Yes, Peter, I have a very naughty special request," she cooed, "I want Spiderman there. Now wait before you get all nervous and start stuttering, I have already gotten the necessary paperwork to ensure a disclaimer that you are only an actor portraying Spiderman for adult entertainment parody purposes. No one will really think you are Spiderman." He thought about it and was intrigued by the idea, his Spiderman persona forever imprinted in a magazine and he was sure that Jenna had a few kinky idea's in mind. "Well, Jenna, my dear," he spoke gaining his self confidence now, "I think that may be doable. But I thought you wanted a Santa involved for Christmas pictures and not Spiderman."

Jenna had planned for this for a few months now when the magazine had asked her to do a Christmas shoot. At the time the thought had occurred to her she had been tonguing Mary Jane's pussy with pure lust and been getting slammed from behind by Spiderman's big cock. The plan had simmered and boiled in her mind until she simply had to sit down and write everything out. She had an itinerary and she was going to blow Spiderman/Peter's mind as well as other things. "Well, Peter, did you get the suit like I asked you?"

"Of course Jenna, but I didn't find anyone to wear it, I must admit I didn't really look, I was kind of hoping to be forced to fill in for Santa," he chuckled. Jenna responded, "Don't you think MJ would see you in the pictures behind the disguise and know it was you? You know that she has been collecting all the work you have done shooting me so far and she has commented once or twice on the amazing similarities of the cock in the pictures."

Peter thought they had been safe though he had made sure that no picture contained his face only side shots of his profile sans head shots and also normally it was just his cock inserted into her mouth or placed just at the opening of her other orifices. He never thought that MJ would be buying copies of the magazines that ran his pictures. He would have to be a bit more careful from now on.

Peter spoke now with his boyish innocence, "I never thought she would notice Jenna, what did she say about them though?"

"Oh Peter, silly lover of mine, she can't get over how much your cock looks like Spiderman's. She has asked a few times if I have seen you without the mask and of course I denied that. But remember Peter all your other pictures of me were under your Hugh name in print. This is the first one that is to have the Peter Parker name on them."

"Ok," he said a bit relieved, "maybe she is just buying the magazines for pictures of you Jenna." "You know she is quite taken with you and still has not mentioned the fact that she has seen you more than that first night."

Jenna smiled to herself thinking how lucky this young super hero stud actually was, she had lost interest in most men after a short time span simply because she always had a willing male participant in her line of work if she was horny. But she had really come to enjoy her time with both Peter, and Spiderman, and his lovely girlfriend Mary Jane. "Peter," she said coyly, "I have to get going now and remember I will be there bright and early so have everything ready and I suppose I am going to let you have your Christmas present a few weeks early."

She hung up before he could reply, he stood there rock hard and naked from the waist up. Peter had the urge to go relieve the pressure building in his loins but why not wait until tomorrow during the shoot or even more likely tomorrow night when he would be able to slip into her hotel room and fulfill all his most lewd fantasies with a woman that loved to satisfy them.

Mary Jane called his apartment a few minutes later while he was in the shower and left him a brief message telling him that she was staying over at Rose's apartment tonight the girl had been attacked and she was too frightened to stay home alone. She promised she would see him very soon and she had a few things to ask him about and she had an early Christmas present for him. Peter stood there drying off and playing the message back, thinking that now she had drifted into a new state of sexual awakening she was probably down between Rose's thighs at that very moment tasting the young girl's sweet nectar.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP." Peter's alarm clock went of at the ungodly hour of 5 A.M. but he knew he needed to get up and finish preparing the loft for Jenna's photo shoot. She had told him there would be at least two other girls with her and that she wanted a few different setup's ready. Jenna had requested a winter wonderland backdrop and he had gotten that and some false snow and a few logs and placed them in front of the backdrop. It took up nearly one whole wall, but that didn't matter to him, Jenna was his top model and he was paid handsomely for her pictures so a little expense at her request here and there was tolerable. She also had wanted a Santa outfit and he suspected she had planned on his portraying Santa the whole time but she was just not letting him in on it. She had wanted one of those silly little houses and fences like they have in so many malls in America during the Christmas season. She wanted to have lots of fun with this and he was sure they were going to.

Jenna had also requested many smaller provisions for the shoot which he had gotten, but he had gone over her requests in the area of the winter wonderland scene. Peter had bought a big plastic red sleigh and two of those deer that hunters set up for decoys or target practice. He had bought the leather reigns and strapped them down on the deer and he had worked diligently over the past few weeks preparing everything. He had just been forced to use his apartment which had remained fairly bare since he had not taken the time to furnish it yet, for his other photo shoots. Jenna's other items had been simple to come by in a city that basically centered it's seedy sections around sex. She had wanted some toys for bondage and a few gags, she had requested chocolate sauce and whip cream in canisters and a nice long cat-o'-nine-tails.

Peter had an idea what the playful porn star had in mind but he would wait for her arrival to confirm his guess. At 7 o'clock that morning the phone rang again and it was Jenna. "Well, Peter, are you ready for me yet?" she asked. "I am on my way down there right now and I am so in the mood for some Peter," she giggled. "Yes, Jenna, everything is set up as you asked," he replied. "Well sugar, I will be right up I am at your building now."

He slipped the mask on over his face not sure if she had any friends with her already or not, either way though Spiderman wasn't about to take any unnecessary chances. He Slipped the Santa hat on and wrapped the big padded suit coat around his chest. Donning the hat and beard he opened the door just as Jenna was preparing to knock. His cock nearly ripped through his spandex outfit as he looked Jenna up and down.

She was standing in the doorway wearing a crushed red velvet Santa coat that was tapered to fit her like a dress. Her large breasts bulged out the top of the V where the coat didn't quite come together. The bottom was fringed in the same fur as his hat and she also had a little hat on that had mistletoe at the end of the fuzzy ball. The coat was short and rested just above her mid thigh showing him a hint of green panties with a sweet little red bow on them. Jenna had on two different shoes each with three inch heels but the colors where red and green. Each had a little gold bow on the fastening strap. She spun around quickly and showed him her soft tight ass as she lifted the back of the coat. Her cute little ass showed the heartbreaker tattoo she was so well known for but she had added another on the other cheek of her voluptuous ass. It was a tiny tattoo of Spiderman.

"Where did you get that?" he asked pointing to the tattoo. "Oh it's just a little thing one of our makeup artist friends did for me," she quipped. Her hair was teased and she looked drop dead gorgeous. He figured Jenna would look just as good in a frumpy housecoat or anything drab, she could even make a plastic bag look sexy. "Well come in," he growled in a low tone, "don't keep Spidersanta waiting." She sashayed in and twirled around to face him as he closed the door. As soon as the door closed she reached forward and lifted his mask just a bit, her mouth closed over his and she darted her wet pink tongue inside his mouth.

Spiderman knew Jenna was a horny little thing but she also occasionally took charge and now was one of those times she wasn't about to be denied her urges. She reached her hand down inside his velvet pants and into the spandex of his Spider suit and grabbed his throbbing cock. Her thumb rubbed over the head and smeared the precum all over the mushroom tip. She at once broke their kiss and looked up into his eyes. "Start the camera honey," she whispered. He flipped on the camera and positioned it near the sleigh and turned on the video cameras in the room as well. He had learned with Jenna to keep all the film rolling when possible because he never knew what to expect.

He walked back over to her as she sat on one of the faux logs and pulled her panties aside. Jenna's long slender fingers where spreading her puffy pussy lips wide open and she was dipping the fingers of her other hand deep up inside. She pulled them from her pussy as another flash went off and raised them to Spiderman's exposed lips. He could see the glistening moisture on her fingers as they neared his mouth. Spiderman opened his mouth and let her press her fingers inside, he sucked her fingers and teased them with his tongue tasting her sweet as honey pussy juices.

"I can't wait for the other's Spiderstud, I have to at least get a taste now," she teased. She dropped to her knees in front of him and positioned him sideways in front of the sleigh, her mouth opened up and she opened his big pleather Santa belt and pulled down those and his spandex in one fell swoop. She left them just above his knees and her hands came up one to cradle his enormous balls filled with cum. Her other hand wrapped itself around his cock as she pulled and stroked him with her delicate manner. Jenna leaned forward looking up into his eyes and decided on a slight twist this time, "Stay right there Spidey."

Jenna jumped up and walked to the work table that had Peter's cameras and picked one of them up. She hurried back to him and handed him the camera. "I want you to take pictures from this view Spiderman," she cooed again. He pulled off the mask so he could have an unobstructed view and put the hat back on and focused the camera as Jenna wrapped her tongue around the head of his massive prick. She kept her eyes on his and the eye of the camera and smiled. She started to lower her lips over the first inch of the head of his cock and sucked hard, tasting the salty sweet pre-cum. She allowed saliva to build in her mouth and then lowered her lips further down his shaft. His cock was throbbing between her lips and she sensed that he was holding back a huge explosion trying to prolong the pleasure and not let his fragile male ego be bruised by cumming too fast.

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