Spiderman Meets J. Jameson Ch. 03


Jenna pulled her head back just a bit and pleaded, "Spiderman fill my hot wet mouth with your cum, I promise you many more chances today to spurt your seed, don't hold back let it go right now, my friends will be here soon enough anyway." As soon as she was done speaking she started to drop her mouth back over his cock and she bobbed up and down over and over again. Her nose bumping his stomach each time she dropped down to its base. She sucked and hummed and stroked his cock with her hand on every up beat of her lips. Finally she felt his cock twitch and she grabbed his ass and fucked her mouth with his big rigid shaft. "OH MY FUCKING LORD!" Spiderman moaned. His breath was coming in shallow pants as she slurped and swallowed his shaft.

Finally the dam broke and he yelled, "I am cum cumm cummming Jenna." She let the first spurt slam into the back of her throat before she pulled back and sucked the tip and swirled her tongue around it. She felt his cum filling her mouth and she had to swallow just a bit to allow room for more. Spiderman had to sit the camera down and grip the back of her head and pull her away as he shot off the last few spurts. He couldn't take any more teasing on the sensitive tip of his cock. Jenna looked up as he pulled away and grabbed the camera again and she showed him the cum in her mouth before she tilted her head back and let the cum slide down her throat.

"MMMM," she purred, "I never get tired of the way you taste Spidey." He chuckled breathlessly still recuperating from the draining of his manly vessel and smiled down at her. "I never get tired of feeding it too you either Jenna."

About that time his Spidey senses were kicking in, that familiar tingle twitching and he spun around as the clapping started. "Unhhh," the girls gasped. There stood MJ and Rose in Santa coats made to match Jenna's. MJ's was blue and Rose's was white on top and blue from the waist down. The same stunning little panties adorned each girls body, once again only the colors had changed. MJ's were blue in front and the strip of cloth that wrapped around the back and the thin strip that went down the crack of her ass was white as well. Rose's panties were red. This was a man's wet dream come true. Thankfully he had replaced the mask before he turned back around to face them. Although he knew that it was too late, that at least MJ now would know the truth. Once again Jenna had bested him due to his libido.

Mary Jane turned and flipped the locks on the door as she and Rose sauntered over to Spiderman and Jenna. MJ stood next to Jenna and kissed her deeply tasting the warm semen from Spiderman still lingering on the insides of Jenna's mouth as her tongue slipped around her lover's mouth. Jenna teased Mary Jane's with her own and they shared a passionate embrace. Rose stood there feeling a bit left out so she slipped forward and pressed her little frame against Spiderman. He wasn't sure how to respond at this point, he knew that he wanted nothing more than to throw this hot bodied temptress to the floor and ravage her but he expected that would come later. Still not positive of the plans that Jenna had in store for the group he pulled away from the raven haired girl and slipped back to set up the cameras once again.

Jenna assumed the directing again, "All right girls let's get the pictures out of the way so that we can enjoy that yule log in Spiderman's pants." She giggled and slipped her hand into each of the other girl's hands and walked towards the sleigh. Mary Jane paused to walk back to Spiderman and she slipped her arms around him and squeezed his tight ass. Her lips neared his ear and she kissed the lobe and bit softly, "I know your secret now Peter Parker," she revealed. Peter thought of stammering out something stupid like this was just a costume but MJ would know better. Well, he would have told her eventually.

Spiderman inquired, "MJ, why is Rose here?" Mary Jane's lips curled into a wicked smile, "Well, honey I have known for a little while that you were double dipping with Jenna and I and Rose was so taken by you last night that she simply begged me to bring her along and Jenna and I had planned to bring her into this for a while. You see Spidey we wanted a third girl for your Christmas present and Rose seems like the easy girl type and her hair color contrasts nicely for pictures," MJ explained.

Spiderman laughed to himself these women sometimes had the strangest requirements but he didn't mind. He now had three beauties before him prepared he was sure for an afternoon of wild lascivious fun. They each had a different coloring to their hair also which would show up well in photograph form. One petite jet black haired, one buxom blonde and finally one fiery redhead.

Mary Jane rejoined the other two women who were adjusting their costumes and finding the right poses for the first series of the shoot. Jenna had told him that whatever shots they didn't use in the magazine she would buy and post to her website so he was assured a big payday as well as a terrific little fuck session if his thoughts of what was going to happen were on the mark.

Jenna posed the other two first bent over the edge of the log exposing their beautiful backsides clad only in thongs. Their coats were pulled up to there waists when they bent over and the hint of sparse pussy hair was prevalent on each of the other two when he zoomed in. Jenna sat between them on the log and put one hand on each of their asscheeks. Spiderman snapped the first roll of pictures capturing each girl in a separate frame and then all three together. Then Jenna slapped each girl's asscheek hard and pulled her hand away as he snapped another few pictures, her hand print showing up against the white flesh on their bottoms. The contrast was arousing as well as the little squeals Rose gave.

Spiderman had to ask though as he was snapping pics. "MJ," he ventured, "how did you come to agree to being into this photo shoot?" Jenna took this opportunity to slap MJ's upturned ass as MJ looked back at Spiderman and replied, "Jenna told me I had to do it or I wasn't welcome to our threesomes anymore," she giggled. "I pose the same question to you now Rose." Rose turned her head and lifted her ass hoping Jenna would spank her again, "I am a true slut Master Spiderman," she teased, "and after last night I would willingly do anything for you." Spiderman didn't fail to notice that she had called him Master or the emphasis she had put on anything.

Jenna now knelt down beside them and lifted her little coat and wiggled her ass at him. She pulled the thongs of the other two girls aside and exposed their wet pussies for his view. He was becoming rock hard again and going to be needing release very soon. Jenna knew this as well knowing his and every other man's weakness was some sweetly exposed girls hungry for cock. Spiderman watched as she licked two fingers and smiled at the camera and inserted one finger of each of her hand's inside the girls.

Jenna thought it was time to turn the heat up for the Spiderman stud now. She watched him switch rolls of film on each of the cameras as he finished three rolls in no time at all. He knew she was waiting for him before she started the next little phase of her plan. Jenna loved teasing Spiderman but she also enjoyed pleasing him nearly as much. She reached down and pulled her own panties aside as she wiggled her ass back at him now. Tempting him with her well muscle toned behind.

"Now girls we are going to get a bit more kinky," Jenna said with a hint of evil in her voice. "Girls I want you to take the reigns off of the deer and put the loops around your necks." She pulled the coats off of both girls exposing two sets of nearly perfect breasts. Jenna tweaked each of their nipples and kissed them one at a time. She helped them put the reigns in place and then instructed them to bend over the makeshift Donner and Blitzen. Each girl did as told and waited for whatever Jenna would have them do.

Jenna walked to her bag and pulled out a pair of bright red vinyl pants, she slipped out of her heels and pulled the pants up her bare legs and then pulled off the coat she was wearing. She donned a Santa hat and replaced the coat with a pair of green suspenders. Each strap carefully covered her nipples and she looked on Peter's prop table and found the whip she had asked him to find, she also took the two ball gags to them.

Mary Jane frowned a bit at the thought of being whipped and gagged but she also knew that Spiderman/Peter would be getting off on this little display so she would endure for him. She also realized that Rose was next to her wiggling in delight as she knew what to expect and had not gotten a good spanking or whipping in the months since her father had died. The petite Rose was an heiress to a multi-million dollar estate and trust fund and in all reality she would never need work a day in her life. But somehow she had decided to start a new life and perhaps find a loving Master to serve her life with.

Rose had confessed all of this when they had become friends and sworn MJ to secrecy so that all that others wouldn't look down on her as a poor little rich girl. Rose just wanted to fit in and be accepted. Her beauty was rare and she was quite innocent minus her sexual appetite which Mary Jane had found out last night was bottomless.

Jenna stood in the sleigh and cracked the whip as Spiderman snapped pictures. She was careful to not harm MJ just sting her tight little ass and let her know the pleasure that can be derived from pain. Spiderman was eager to move this along and have a crack at all the pussy near him but he would be patient. Jenna had never failed to pleasure him until he was near exhaustion and he was sure today would not vary from that.

Jenna cracked the whip again as Spidey continued snapping pics and suddenly she cracked it over Rose's tight bottom and at once the girl seemed to come alive. She shook in what was an apparent orgasm and squealed and moaned. Jenna loved this and did it again, Thwack! "Oh god Yesssss," Rose exclaimed. Her ass had welts rising on it and suddenly she was a puddle of joy, orgasming with every kiss of the leather straps.

Jenna pulled of her suspenders and pulled her tight vinyl pants down so that her asscrack was nearly halfway exposed. She walked around to Rose to fix the ball gag. Apparently it wasn't in right because the girl's cries should have been muffled. Jenna stood there and decided a new approach was necessary.

She left the gag in Rose's mouth but released Mary Jane's. Jenna looked to Spiderman and licked her lips as she spanked Rose's already crimson ass. Spiderman was loving it but was not about to miss out an opportunity to enjoy some of this himself. He put the camera on it's tripod and went to join them. Jenna had anticipated this and was surprised that it had taken the amazing Spiderman this long to join in.

Jenna put her hand on his muscular chest though and pushed him away. She giggled, "Spidersanta, you have to go sit near the little house so these extremely good girls who excel at being naughty can sit on your lap for pictures.

Reluctantly Spiderman picked up both girls and slung them over each shoulder. He followed Jenna over to the house and flicked on the camera timers and sat down pulling each girl down on him, one on each knee. Jenna though was left without a place to sit or so he thought. Jenna pulled the waistband of his Santa and spandex pants down and freed his pulsating cock. She impaled herself on it as the camera snapped pictures in ten second intervals. The other cameras also whirred and snapped so that one camera was taking a picture every two or three seconds. He could later piece them together to make a little montage of their exploits.

Jenna's tight quim gripped his throbbing prick with a vice grip as she slid up and down on his lap. Her tight ass bouncing against his thighs as she wiggled and squirmed on his shaft. The other girls not to be outdone tugged on her nipples and removed their gags. Rose only pulled hers off long enough to suck in the porn star's nipple before slipping it back on. She had missed the feel of a gag. Jenna pulled MJ up and kissed her running their tongues together and their fingers playing with each other's nipples.

Rose, feeling a bit left out removed the gag completely now and slid down to her knees between Jenna's thighs. Spiderman peeked around Jenna and waved at the camera playfully as the sultry heartbreakers cunt continued to work it's magic on him. He was aware of every vein in his cock pulsing and suddenly he felt the boots being pulled off. Jenna lifted up momentarily holding his cockhead just inside her moist hot little pussy. Her hand wrapped around his shaft as he felt tiny little hands pulling both sets of pants he wore free from his body.

Jenna just squealed as she dropped back down on his cock and then he felt a tiny tongue lapping at his balls. Rose went from licking his balls to sucking them and then she purred as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock as it came to view when Jenna raised up each time. Rose's tongue tasted the sweet nectar of Jenna and Spiderman mixed on his shaft as she flicked her tongue of his flesh and then up to Jenna's clitring. She was mesmerized by it and flicked her tongue over it repeatedly making it vibrate. "EEEE," Jenna squeaked, "Oh oh oh god dammit ye ye yessss." Jenna's pussy was spasming around Spiderman's cock as the little raven haired beauty lapped at their joined flesh and her clit ring.

Rose was enjoying herself but wanting in on some action too. So she pulled Mary Jane away from Jenna and forced her onto her back on the cotton that looked like snow for this shoot. Rose darted her pink tongue between the fleshy folds of Mary Jane's cunt and as she lapped she swung her legs over Mary Jane's head and settled her pussy right over the girl's mouth and pressed her cunt down.

Jenna was squealing at a feverish pace but she knew that Spiderman wasn't about to fill her pussy with cum yet, he had already filled her tummy earlier and he was probably wanting a crack at the sweet little slut eating his girlfriend's pussy. Jenna hopped up and decided to give Spidey a chance to change rolls of exposed film for fresh ones before continuing.

Spiderman raced to do so and turned on the last of the video equipment to capture this day's experiences. As soon as the cameras were ready again he knelt down behind Rose and over MJ's face and leaned forward. His tongue met Mary Jane's just inside Rose's pussy as the girl screamed in her ecstasy. Spiderman's hands were spanking Rose's asscheeks with a controlled pace. He wanted to just spank her and plunge her depths but he was waiting on Jenna's approval, she was orchestrating this event and he knew she would place his fat cock in the tight little cunt of Rose when she knew he couldn't hold out any longer.

Jenna had taken her place between Mary Jane's thighs and she was unwrapping a candy cane and pushing it up into the creamy cunt past the outstretched tongue of Rose. She worked the thin little candy stick in and out and watched it's color dissolve and turn white as it was melting inside the heated inner area of Mary Jane's sex. "MMM that's really good Jenna," Rose said with a smile. Rose watched as Jenna unwrapped another candy cane now one that was about six inches long and probably two or three inches thick. Jenna stuffed the Christmas treat right up inside MJ as she lapped at the trail of juice flowing freely down Mary Jane's thighs now.

Jenna reached one hand under MJ and with her fingers already coated in a saliva and pussy juice mixture wiggled her finger up the redheads tight ass. MJ shrieked, "Fuck yes, stick that thing up my pussy and finger my asshole Jenna."

At the same time Spiderman was conjuring up a Christmas idea of his own. He grabbed another candy cane and worked it deep inside Rose, the girl jumped forward at the intrusion but then immediately pushed her hips back. She was working it deeper and deeper as MJ licked and nibbled at her clit. Well two of these women already knew who Spiderman was and he figured Rose would eventually so he pulled off the mask and put back on the Santa hat and leaned forward once more and ran his tongue up and down the puckered bud of Rose's asshole. He pressed a little harder and the tip of his tongue circled the most taboo of orifices. Rose reached back and held her asscheeks apart giving him better access.

He couldn't take anymore, Spiderman pulled the candy cane from Rose's pussy and drove his cock home filling up the void at once. "MMMMFFFFHHPHHH," was all Rose could get out as her mouth was clamped around MJ's pussy. Spiderman's cock stretched her wide and she hadn't felt this good since her family passed away. She thrust back and met his every inch time and time again. Pulling her head from MJ's pussy and screaming, "YYYEEESSS, you big cocked stud, Fuck my tight little cunt. Hell Yes, Fuck me SPIDERMAN." She was crying now from sheer orgasmic joy as she felt filled up. MJ was still sucking and nibbling at her clit when the girl bucked and came and went limp.

Spiderman lifted her away with ease and he lay her over the sleigh on the other side of the room. He quickly spun a web and wrapped it around her hands and tied it off around the legs of the sleigh. He rapidly undid this though opting to toss the web robe around the beams high up in the loft and hoisting her up just an inch or so. He spun a web around each ankle and tied them off around the log in front and in back of the sleigh. He was going to spread eagle her in midair.

This done he turned his sights back on Mary Jane and Jenna. The two were eating each other's pussy and it appeared that each had a finger buried in her counterpart's ass. He would have to work quickly if he was to implement his own little plan here. He took aim with each wrist and spun a web around each girls arm nearest him. He then walked over and pulled them apart. Once they had stood up he lifted them each up over a shoulder. Spiderman noticed neither woman protested the slightest bit and that of course intrigued him. He kicked the deer out of the way and placed each girl on her hands and knees. He spun another web sticking each to the floor around the girls hands. He repeated the process with their ankles.

Jenna spoke up, "What exactly do you have in mind now Spiderstud?" MJ was wearing a content look on her face and was just waiting to be stuffed full of her boyfriend and super hero lover's cock.

Jenna wasn't fearful in the least, she knew that Spidey just had a devious streak and she seemed to bring it out in him quite often. She wiggled her ass as much as she could and hoped that perhaps he was going to pound her asshole today. She did realize that MJ hadn't been properly attended to yet and she actually disliked the fact that if he took either one of them now they would not be able to touch or join in on the fun with the other partner.

Jenna waited for his response which was a long time in coming as he re-donned his mask. He realized some of what had just transpired would have to be edited for the magazine because when he had removed his mask the cameras had still been rolling. That would never do. Two or three people knowing was bad enough of risk to him.

Spiderman went to his prop table and picked up a few toys, actually three of each, he had picked up the little thin vibrators and the astroglide and was lubing each up. He walked behind the women and gently inserted each vibrator inside their tight asses with nearly no resistance whatsoever. Both girls jumped at first but they knew that they were at his mercy now. Each had secretly been hoping it would be his cock inserted inside them instead of the plastic toy but were just happy to be playing right now.

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