Spiderman Meets J. Jameson Ch. 03


Then for the final touch Spiderman had placed a red bulb on the end of each vibrator that blinked like Rudolph's nose. A cute touch for the camera's he thought. The blinking lights looked like a homing beacon to him as he slipped behind Rose now and spread her asscheeks and slipped a vibrator in her tight rectal opening.

She jumped and jerked awake as he did this but he wasn't worried she seemed to enjoy it. Spiderman then stood back and admired his handiwork. He stepped up into the sleigh and spun a web that would resemble a whip and lashed out at the two pink behinds in front of him with vibrators humming inside their anal orifices. Jenna was squealing as well as MJ as he lashed out over and over. His well honed skills with his web were paying off as he kept the girl's teetering on the brink of pleasure and pain and their dire need to cum.

He made sure they were both rosy cheeked before he stopped and turned his attention to Rose who was watching with a look of longing in her eyes. He spun her around and lashed the whip at her ass now and she jumped and he could see her tight asscheeks clench around the vibrator. He was loving this but he now had to bury his prick somewhere.

Spiderman picked up the container of chocolate sauce and walked around to the front of MJ and dipped his cock in the sauce. MJ had a weakness for chocolate and he knew it as soon as he waved his cock in front of her she opened her mouth and graciously accepted his pink steel shaft. She sucked all the sauce off and felt her pussy dampen once more. She was hovering on the edge of orgasm with the vibrator shaking in her ass and when Spiderman pulled his cock from her mouth she gave a whimper.

He repeated this with the other two women having to spin a web and climb up it a bit to get his cock even with Rose's mouth. Once each had gotten some chocolate he slipped behind Mary Jane and grabbed her ass, he pushed his pink rod deep inside the open lips of her pussy and thrust two or three times before he felt her clench him with her muscles. Spiderman reached beneath her and stroked her little clit before pounding a few more times.

"Holy shitttt, I am cummingggg," Mary Jane cried, "Yesss, Fuck me you sweet stud." Mary Jane shook and shivered as Spiderman pounded inside her and stroked her clit. He added a little extra by grabbing the vibrator and twisting it inside her asshole. Mary Jane held her breath as she went over the edge and came with such a force that she almost blacked out. When she finally released her breath she came again. Spiderman undid her webbing bonds and allowed her to rest on the floor amongst the cotton snow.

Spiderman then pulled down Rose and pulled the vibrator from her ass as he bent her over the sleighs seat and rammed his cock in her tiniest of openings, she screamed at once, "oh fuck my tight ass Spiderman, make me your slut." He rammed her ass and finally slipped all the way in. He was pushing her hard into the sleighs seat as he pounded in and out of her ass and his balls were slapping her moist pussy lips. He knew she liked to be spanked so he swatted her good and hard a few times as she moaned and pleaded for more.

"Spank my ass harder you assfucker," she whimpered, "oh oh oh gaaawwwwdddd here I cummm." She came with such force that some of her pussy juice squirted out and hit Spidey's legs. He was still riding her as she begged him to stop. "I can't take anymore Spiderman," she pleaded, "I just need a few moments rest."

Spidey pulled away from her asshole with an audible plop, she sighed and turned her head and smiled at him with adoring eyes as he stepped into the little bathroom and washed his cock off. "Rest now my little Christmas fucktoy," he told her as he came back in the room.

Now for the finale, he stepped to Jenna and snapped her webbing with one hand while he pushed her over onto her back with the other. He slipped his big cock inside her as he slipped between her legs, her nails dug into his back through the spandex fabric and she clawed at him as he stretched her around his member. Spiderman had neared orgasm several times between MJ and Rose but now was Jenna's turn to get a warm cum bath. He fucked her hard as she squealed and shrieked. "EEEK EEE, OOOO, MMMMMhhhmmmmmm," Jenna gasped for breath as Spiderman's cock split her pussy open.

But Spiderman had other ideas. He pulled the mistletoe out and held it as he pulled out of Jenna. He held it over his cock and said, "Open your mouth my porn star slut, and push those big tits together so I can slide my cock between them." Spiderman slipped up her body and let his cock slide between the large orbs, he titty fucked her as her mouth opened and sought the tip of his turgid shaft. Her tongue pink and ready, was flicking against the head of his cock each time it would break free of the valley between her mashed together breasts.

He reached back and rubbed her clit and as she started to cum so did he. He let her finish first or at least mostly finished and she stopped her squealing and then he pulled up. Jenna knew what he wanted and she wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked him hard and fast.

His cock throbbed in her hand and suddenly spurts of cum shot out all over her tits. She aimed the tip of his cock at her nipples and she watched as he let loose a load of cum on her. It splashed up on her lips and chin as she continued wanking him.

Finally when he was done she scooped up the cum she could and fed it to herself from her fingertips never breaking eye contact. She rubbed the remaining goo into her breasts and skin and smiled up. "we didn't even get to the gift part I have for you yet Spidey," she said sleepily.

"Well the my little heartbreaker and cumguzzler, when we awaken from a short nap I think we should finish the photo shoot and open a few presents." he said with a grin. Spiderman leaned over to kiss her briefly but she was already fast asleep. He looked at the clock on the wall and realized why, it was nearly three PM and they had been playing for the entire morning and afternoon. Now just what would her gift possibly be he wondered as he drifted off to a content and much earned nap.

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