tagErotic HorrorSpider's Mistress

Spider's Mistress


An Elvin warrior walked the dark stony paths where the beast had lived, poised and ready to attack. But the warrior's brightness made her stand out like an eye-sore. Not only were her people naturally radiant, what with the milky skin and golden hair, she was dressed in golden armor and silken white robes.

Normally, women were used in times of dire need, the men always leading the charge into battle. But, this particular warrior had come to slay the beast, bring back a token of its bitter end, and prove herself once and for all to be as tough as any male fighter in the province.

Unfortunately, she had underestimated the beast she planned to slay. Like a spider, it was, only the size of a man. And instead of feeding from the blood of flies, or even small vermin, it was said it fed off of anything that would wonder into its trap. Humans no longer occupied the area where the beasts cave existed for just that reason.

But the warrior was determined, and feared nothing. Her name was Auriel, and she believed it would soon be on the tongues of every elf back home.

Auriel stepped from the path and into the dark cavern where the spider was said to lurk. A torch in one hand, and her sword at ready in the other, she quietly crept inside. Working her way down a narrow, winding path, laden with the bones of previous meals, she kept her eyes all about her, scanning for the beast.

In that moment, she was distracted. Beneath her were rather large bones -- the bones of some massive troll. Exactly how big, and how powerful was this creature to bring down the relentless cruelty of one of those fiendish sorts? With unease, fear began to creep into her gut, and she knew if she were not on her guard, she would soon find out.

Moving on, she soon worked her way down an incline, which was covered not in bones, but in the clothing and possessions of what had appeared to be maidens. A scent lingered in the air -- it was sweet, potent, and very nearly suffocating. It caused her body to rock for a moment, her clothing and armor suddenly moving against her skin, and triggering a small arousal. She paused, wondering if this was what the spider had wanted.

She pressed on, and as that smell grew, the grip on her torch and on her sword loosened, as did her breastplate, which was growing to be unbearably heavy. By the time she had reached the mouth of the next cavern, she wore nothing but the silk robes, her body throbbing with odd arousal as her head felt light and fuzzy. Over the threshold she stumbled to her feet, as her eyes met with large sacks dangling from the cavern ceiling.

Each sac was made from webbing, intricately weaved to hold whatever had been inside in place. Crawling, as she no longer felt her legs beneath her, she moved nearer, and gasped at what she could see through thin spots in the mesh. Women, tied in all different positions, their dead faces contorted in what looked to be pleasure, stomachs engorged. Pregnant?

It was clear her presence had not gone unnoticed, as she heard a heavy and fast clicking along the roof of the cavern. She saw nothing when she looked, but the noise had hushed. A slow gulp was given, as Auriel started to rise, only to be greeted by the sharp pang of the beast's stinger striking her shoulder.

She cried out for a moment before silencing, unable to make any more sounds as the cold, paralyzing calm swept over her body. And yet, the only thing she could feel with her throbbing arousal, still affected by the rich scent that filled the room. And she could still see what was going on around her.

Auriel had started to fall to the ground, but was steadied by a long limb, as more moved along her form, ridding her of that robe. Her vision was blurry, but as she was spun to face her captor, she realized she was within the grip of the spider. Her senses were too murky to panic too, so she merely admired the creature.

Indeed, its body had been the size of a man, it's elongated limbs making it looks just that much more massive. From its abdomen was a sharp, pointed stinger, which was wet with the poison that spread through her body and made her a puppet in its grip. He gazed her over with large eyes, studying every curve of her form, and running one of the eight limbs along the curvature of her body.

It then laid her down against the cold stone of the cavern, and started to produce webbing. Her hands were tightly bound together, as she was moved to dangle from the ceiling like the rest of the poor women surrounding her. Her ankles quickly joined, bound to the ceiling with her legs spread just slightly.

Once she was secured, the spider bit into her side with his fangs, and began to suck out her blood. Auriel feared this was the end of her, but to her surprise, feeling began to return to her body. The arachnid had only taken enough to remove his own paralytic fluids from her. But something strange emerged from the spider, a cock-like appendage that was stiffening at the taste of her blood.

As feeling returned, she fought against the rope-like webbing, panicked as she realized that whatever the arachnid was about to do, he wanted her to feel it. And she was horribly aware of what was about to happen. The contorted faces of the other women hanging from the ceiling made her brutally aware of that.

The spider positioned himself over where her throbbing vagina had started to become moist from the enchanting scent in the room. His own member, long and almost as hard and sharp as his stinger, was already dripping with a slimy substance. Rocking his body, he pushed the head inside her, and seemed to grow all the more excited as he realized not only was her blood untainted, but her body was pure.

Auriel cried out for him to stop, but knew how futile it must be. She struggled against the webbing, but was still too weak to break them away. The sensation of the large cockhead forced into her body caused her to freeze, horror sweeping over her mind as she began to cry incoherently. As that slimy substance touched her inner walls, she could feel herself spreading, body betraying her and preparing her to take all that length into her form.

The arachnid seemed to leer at her for a moment, before he thrust into her, tearing away her hymen with little regard, and continued moving into her. Soon, he'd force all of himself, longer than a foot, inside the female, the slime coating her walls and numbing her to the damage he was doing. Still, it didn't keep Auriel from crying out and pleading with the beast to stop.

Soon, though, she almost couldn't deny how much her body was enjoying the horrible torment. It was unreal, and frightened her. She felt sick, insane even, as she contorted to meet each motion with her own. Her walls were being spread and stretched to the point she ached, no matter how much the slimy substance dulled the feeling. But her cried soon turned to moans, which only urged the beast on.

He started to pull back, but thrust back inside hard, continuing this motion as his new pet cried out in pleasure. His head soon pressed into her wound, filling her with that slimy substance much like cum, only riddled with traces of his paralytic toxins. The women cried out loud, and released against him, moistening his cock with more than just her blood.

This encouraged the beast, and he removed himself, only long enough to reposition himself and press his relentless cockhead to her lips. She resisted, but could only move away so much before the creature thrust himself inside her. The elf could barely breathe as the head thrust into the back of her throat, and fled her with more of that liquid.

The taste, to her surprise, was almost pleasant, even as it was forced down her throat. All the way down, Auriel felt a tingling into her stomach, which caused her bladder to empty. This, she was embarrassed about, and it brought her back to her senses for a moment. She knew the spider was preparing her, but she could not let it happen.

The spider pulled his member from his prey's throat, and shot loads of the smile over her body, which started to harden like a thin wax, making it difficult for her to move. He then thrust back inside her wound, and pumped her full of the substance, her stomach becoming round and plump as he ground it into her. Auriel cried out, her insides on fire. But her cries were hushed as the slime on her mouth startled to harden, and preserve her.

It occurred to her, the women hanging from the ceiling were not dead at all. In fact, they were still very alive, just maintained as statues. But to what effect? So the spider could have his way with them as he saw fit?

Soon, however, she become terribly aware of why, as his member grew inside her, stretching her as something moved down the length of him, and pressed into her. He was filling her with his wretched spawn! The eggs were being laid into her warm body, and when it was time to hatch? She shuddered at the thought, and cried out.

One after the other, several eggs were forced into her, the slime nestling them safely against her inner flesh. The paralysis and the pleasurable scent had faded, leaving her to feel how much abuse she had actually taken. She wanted to die, and cursed herself for ever needing to prove herself to the men. Women were weak, and never had she felt it so immensely as when the spider impregnated her.

Once the beast was done with his wicked deed, she sprayed more of that slime on the outside of her body, preserving her heat for his little ravenous offspring's. As the surface of her flesh became glossy and hardened, he wrapped her in more webbing; keeping her outside warm as well as he secured her to the ceiling.

There inside her dark cocoon, Auriel was frozen in this horrible nightmare, waiting -- just waiting -- for the day those spawn would birth, and finally end her. Death never seemed so sweet.

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Nice work

Nice story, I
However I found the spider's gender switched a couple of times. First it was male, then it was female?

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