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Spin the Bottle

bypet project©

Three Dommes and a bottle make for a very interesting night. It started when my wife/Domme Kelly invited a few of her friends over for drinks. Since I used to be a bartender I pretty much played bartender for her and her friends Kathy and Michelle.

My wife is a beautiful voluptuous woman with brown hair and amazing blue eyes, and known to be very inventive. Her friend Kathy is also very pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her innocent looks are in sharp contrast to her sadistic nature. Michelle was rather new to being a Domme and was thought of as a softy by many. My wife and Kathy wanted to break her of that.

I have no one to blame but myself for the way that things turned out. My wife and her friends were just sitting there reminiscing about when they were young and I probably should have left it like that. When my wife started talking about playing spin the bottle though it came out before I even knew I said it, "You know you're too old to be playing spin the bottle anymore."

"Ohh really," my wife said "well ladies are you up for a game of spin the bottle? Of course I'm going to change the rules a little."

Sure Kathy and Michelle seemed to say in unison. At this my heart sank and I knew I was in for it.

Kelly them told me "make yourself comfortable my love and sit down. It will be last time you'll be able to sit down comfortably for a while. We'll be right back." When they came back they had an assortment of "toys" which put a chill down my spine. Two paddles, a slapper, a sandal, two pieces of paper that simply had written on it "hand" and "wild", and her dreaded strap-on, which my wife particularly loved for its vibrating quality and I hated because of its 8" cock at the end. They proceeded to place these in a neat circle while my wife told me to get the spanking bench. When all was ready they strapped me down to this bench and stripped me. My position made my bare butt an amazingly easy target and it had the added effect of making me feel completely exposed and scared to death. I thought there was no way they could make my butt as red as my face had to be.

"Well Joel" said my wife "the rules are quite simple we'll each take turns spinning the bottle and the implement it lands on is the one we will use on your cute ass, because we all agree that it looks much cuter red. Oh yeah if someone lands on wild they get to pick two implements"

At this my wife started the game with the first spin landing on the paddle. It was the old school paddle that my wife found at a flea market. I heard her come up behind me and felt her rub the cold paddle on my naked ass. I always feared this instrument and her stroking my ass with it sent shivers down my spine. "Go ahead and count them off" and without any warning SMACK "one mistress" SMACK "two mistress" SMACK "three mistress" ... She paused in her strokes to say "How do you like the game so far?" SMACK "four mistress" I grunted "I don't like it much mistress" SMACK "five mistress." "Maybe you are getting too old for this game" she said SMACK. "Six mistress." Then SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. She seemed to land the last four right when I was calling out the numbers. And just as if nothing happened, she walked over set down the paddle and said "Your turn Michelle."

Michelle then spun and landed on hand. While the others seemed disappointed, I was not. But whatever feelings I had about Michelle being a softy were soon set to rest. She seemed to have an amazing ability to find the same places the paddle had found and made my stinging butt feel like it was completely on fire. When she was done she simply said, "There's the shade of red I wanted to see."

Kathy spun next and landed on the slapper. Luckily this is not nearly as vicious as it sounds because it seems to make a crack that can be heard across the neighborhood. At this I breathed a sigh of relief as my butt was already throbbing and I was sure the game was not even half over. Even so, that loud crack almost always makes me jump.

As Kathy came up to me, I could feel her cold hand soothingly stroking my sore ass but I knew that wouldn't last long. She seemed to like to build up my anxiety, because she moved over to the side so that I could see how far back she was taking the swing, but instead of coming down on my butt as I expected she got me right under it SMACK! At this I would have jumped two feet, if I weren't tied down. She continued to smack my bottom in a steady cadence SMACK---SMACK---SMACK and like the schoolteacher she is, she started to lecture me about the rudeness of talking about a woman's age in front of her friends. I didn't know which was more embarrassing being naked and punished in front of my wife's friends or getting lectured like an errant schoolboy and actually starting to get erect from it. After she was done with what must have been 25 slaps, she went over and inspected her work. She must have been happy because she said "Yep it looks cuter with every smack." "I think he's starting to enjoy this too," Michelle said.

As Kelly spun I heard the three ladies cheer. She had landed on the wild card and a chill went down my spine. I was hoping it would not have been her to get the wild card because I knew she was going to pick the strap-on. Unlike the other Dommes, I knew my wife would be merciless with it. Little did I know that she had decided to change the rules a little bit. Kelly said, "Since I got the wild card first I want to have a little bit of fun, you know how I've wanted to see you suck cock. Well this strap-on will have to do for tonight. In order to insure that you are giving it your best though I'm going to have Michelle and Kathy smack you with the paddle until you get me off. Also I would suggest you get it nice and wet because I will be using it on your ass afterwards."

When she brought that 8" cock to my mouth my heart was almost leaping out of my chest. I had never sucked anything more than a lollipop, let alone this mammoth strap-on. I started out real timidly just barely putting it into my mouth but when Kathy struck me with the paddle right under my ass and seemed to lift me up, I started to suck with all my might, as she seemed to push that huge cock down my throat. At one point I started to gag but continued sucking, this turned on my wife so much she came right there. I still don't know how long it took but Kathy and Michelle would ease up on the paddling until my wife's orgasm was over. While I love to her my wife's orgasm, I could barely think about it with the painful throbbing in my butt. Only after they stopped the paddling did I feel elation that I was so able to please my mistress in this way. I knew she would never ask me to suck a real cock but I just hoped she knew I would for her.

"That was good honey, you sure you never sucked cock before?" she said. At this Michelle and Kathy started to roughly pull apart my butt cheeks and apply lubrication, which I was very thankful for. My wife slowly walked around me feeling my body as she did. As she was sticking the wet phallus into my anus she said, "Relax honey, it's only a game."

More to come if there is enough interest.

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by zazrix905/05/18

Wish that

could be my ass.

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