tagGroup SexSpin-The-Bottle Ch. 01

Spin-The-Bottle Ch. 01


The house warming party was over, and Kevin was in a snit about the mess.

Tyler wanted to just sit on the couch and relax. He reached for the champagne bottle on the end table and drank the last of it. The party had been draining; especially since it had been the culmination of months of unpacking, remodeling, then decorating, AND moving in a new roommate to rent the spare room so they could afford the mortgage.

They had met Jade at Home Depot when Kevin and Ty had been looking at paint samples. She worked in an interior design firm, and Kevin's chattiness in the Sherman Williams isle brought out her own friendliness. Of course, as Kevin had pointed out later, becoming friends with a decorator couldn't hurt, even if she was a girl. The house had been a war zone of boxes and repair supplies. And Tyler often felt they were losing the war.

By the third lunch date with Jade, Kevin had invited her to look at the large Victorian summer cottage they had gotten for a steal. She had always had a love affair with old houses she said, and immediately fell for this one. Kevin had her giving suggestions on restorations and the like after the first visit.

By the time the battle with the plumber had been resolved, with Jayde to the rescue, she had settled into the place of close family friend. It was only natural when Kevin lost his contract at modeling agency and went on the "U" word, that she was the first person to come to mind when the idea of getting a "boarder" was brought up. She was always saying what a great space this old house was, and that so much of her own style went into the realized ideas for bringing it to life in the decorating process.

Tyler listened to the swinging door to the kitchen swish open and close every minute or so as Jade brought in bottles, glasses, plates, and trash gathered from around the house.

The party had been her idea, she wanted to meet all their friends, invite a few of her own, and show off the work of art she had created to her colleagues. Making plans for the party brought Kevin and Jade even closer together. Ty was happy that Kevin had stopped thinking of her as a way to get something done, and actually consider her his friend.

Tyler often felt his own bisexuality was unnerving to Kevin because Tyler loved women. Kevin had only loved and made love to one woman in his life, but then she turned into The Psycho Bitch from Hell, and Kevin only saw women in terms of their usefulness after that.

But Jade was different. They were actually becoming close friends. They shared secrets that Ty would never know. But that was ok, because he loved Kevin, and Jade made him happy. Not for how he could manipulate her, although that is how it started, but because there was a genuine friendship there. Something Kevin gave to so few people.

What was it about Jade that made people (men, women, gay, straight, bi) fall in love with her? She was genuine, true, and loyal, and she was so innocently sexy all at the same time. She just had this instantaneous report with everyone. This party had been proof of that. Jade wanting to help with the house had been proof of that.

Even when Ty had told her long ago, after winning the plumber wars, that Kevin could be very manipulative; explaining why she had been asked to get involved with the house in the first place. She had said she already knew that about him, but there was something else there too. She didn't expound, but by the tender look in her eyes, he knew she saw in Kevin the extra Something that had made Tyler fall in love with him to begin with. And after that moment Tyler began to fall in love with Jade. If she could see what was special in Kevin, then she too must be very special.

Tyler leaned forward, put the champagne bottle on the floor and started spinning it. It began to blur into a wheel that reflected the candlelight of the room. As the bottle slowed and came back into place, he noticed the reflection was gone, and there was a shadow over him. But not until he looked up did he realize she was standing there. Had she been watching him? He often thought he caught her just as she turned away staring at him. The smile on her face seemed, well maybe it was the champagne, but it seemed somehow erotic. Like the smile of a lover in your arms after you have made love.

Jade sat down on the floor in front of Ty, and gave the bottle a spin. Behind her, Tyler saw Kevin in the doorway of the kitchen. Before the bottle stopped, she looked up at Ty. Jade's eyes were definitely brown; but emotion brought out a deep green flash. Tyler could see the flash now framed by her tousled short raven-black hair, as her gaze took his breath. She was beautiful.

Kevin moved in closer and sat between them. The circle was complete. He gave the bottle a spin. They all watched the blurring green wheel. Tyler recalled several moments like this since they had all been in this house, when talking seemed unnecessary. Just peaceful, silent acceptance of the others.

Tyler reached down and spun the bottle again. When it landed on Kevin; a giggle escaped his lips. Kevin had full, well-shaped lips.

There was an over-groomed quality to his look, but that was what was so attractive about Kevin, he could put it together so well. Even when he cut his hair. Actually it was more than a hair cut, shorn close to his head; it had also been bleached. When Kevin walked out of the bathroom with this new look, Jade standing in the doorway with her hands up in plastic gloves, Tyler's whole body reacted. Jade smiled that sexy smile from the bathroom as she watched them flirt and kiss and grope in the hallway.

That was two days ago. And now Tyler was about to kiss Kevin in front of her again. Kevin turned toward him. He moved his body in front of Ty, putting his hands on either knee raising himself up onto his knees. Kevin looked up into Tyler's face. Ty lowered his face to Kevin's. Just before they kissed, Tyler glanced over at Jayde, whose near erotic smile was accentuated by the deep green flash in her eyes.

Tyler's hand came up to Kevin's neck, pulling him in closer. His mouth was soon on the newly blond. Ty opened his mouth slightly as the four lips interlocked. Kevin's body responded by melting into Ty's form. Kevin's back arched and Tyler's other hand found his lower back and slowly made its way passed the waistband of his cream linen pants to the under curve of Kevin's ass, pulling him in even closer. As Kevin pulled seductively away; Ty's lower lip was delicately away from his face; as it was still in Kevin's mouth.

Kevin turned toward Jade, who was clearly enjoying all this. He looked down at the bottle and she knew it was her turn. As the green wheel spun, Kevin quickly returned to his place and the two exchanged knowing looks. Tyler began to suspect they had talked about... well he wasn't sure, but certainly they had talked about him. Ty had more than hinted to Kevin about his growing feelings for Jade.

The bottle stopped.

Jade looked up to see Ty's face. He felt a timid smile tickle the edges of his own mouth. Lifting the hem of her sheer pink chiffon dress, Jade crawled on her knees closer to Ty, and put each hand on either side of his legs on the couch. He leaned in to kiss her, and then pulled back just as slowly. Her sensual smile helped him relax. He leaned in again and she tried to meet him half way; but they bumped heads at the temple. With his mouth very near her ear, he whispered the first words spoken between them since the last guest had left.


With a feminine softness, Jade placed her left hand on Tyler's arm, slid it up to his shoulder, then to his neck, where her thumb and fingers curled around either side. Slowly, but firmly she pulled his head down toward hers, as she lightly dragged the tip of her nose up from the side of his chin to the inner edge of his cheek near his ear. Tyler thought he heard her purr.

Then, with the quick precision of a cat, her hand pulled him in fast and her mouth attacked his. Her fingers tensed around his neck as her tongue slipped into his mouth. Its movement and force excited Tyler more than any fantasy he had had about her. Then as her grip on his neck loosened, so did their mouths and both took a deep breath, recovering.

Kevin was apparently beside himself with glee. They must have had some plan, or at least a conversation about this possibility. Kevin and Jade just seemed so in tune with each other.

It was Kevin's turn with the bottle, but instead of spinning it, he moved it behind him, out of the center of the circle.

Moving closer to Ty, Kevin took Jade's hand from the couch along side his lover's leg and put it on his knee and sort of nudged her forward with his knowing look. Her glance then shifted to Tyler. As if Kevin's gesture had been a signal, she slowly eased her other hand over the out side of Tyler's thigh to the small patch of couch between his legs. The patch was made bigger by Kevin and Jade's interlocked hands on his knee pulling Ty's leg father out. Her fingertips of her hand between his legs were only a feather's width from the fly seam of his black leather pants that encased his erection.

Her eyes were barely brown at all, as the deep green flash over-powered the inferior color. In the back of his mind, he wondered if she was wet. But then he caught himself. He had never asked Kevin for a three way. Now he really needed to know if this was ok.

Kevin had always had a sometimes unnerving ability to know what Ty was thinking.

"It's ok, Baby. I know how you feel about her."

Kevin leaned over to kiss her cheek. Then in ultra slow motion she turned her face toward Kevin's, and he kissed her tender opening lips. The last time Tyler had seen Kevin kiss a girl on the mouth it had been a drag queen. That probably didn't count. Watching Kevin kiss her was making him hot. He began to want them both. No, he was sure he had never seen Kevin kiss a girl like THAT. And he was pretty sure Kevin's tongue was in her mouth. The kiss didn't seem like a first kiss at all. But some of this intensity must have been for HIS benefit.

In his excitement, Tyler became increasingly aware of the alluring effect the kiss between these two was having on him; and in shifting himself to find more room for the hardness in his pants; he brushed against Jade's hand between his legs. She was biting Kevin's lips now and with out missing a beat, her hand moved up and grabbed Ty's cock through his pants. Then in that same ultra slow motion her mouth moved away from Kevin's and they both turned to look at Tyler. He was more than just aroused and little overwhelmed by both sets of eyes staring at him. He looked down at his lap as Jade started to unzip the leather pants.

Kevin moved around to the other side of Jade and assisted her in removing Ty's pants. The two of them seemed to enjoy working together at their task, as Tyler leaned back on the couch and tried to relax. This had to be some plan, it wasn't just happing on its own. They planned this, they must have; their movements were so well synchronized; choreographed. Which was just like Kevin to orchestrate something like this. Well, not this exactly. THIS was very new to them as a long established couple.

Kevin had a look in his eye like he was sharing his most prized possession with a trusted friend for the first time, as he took hold of the base of Tyler's erection. Kevin and Jade moved in unison as each placed their mouths on either side of Ty's hard cock. Their tongues pushed and pressed against each other and against the column of flesh between them. It all became a single sensation for Tyler; no longer could he distinguish between the two. Waves of pleasure washed over him and he had to close his eyes to keep from losing control. He became engulfed by the next wave as he fought with his own body not to cum. He sensed a shifting of bodies in front of him, but the sexual sensations only intensified.

Then he felt a warm panting breath on his ear. Just as he started to cum the breath said, "Happy House Warming, Baby. Welcome Home."

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