tagGroup SexSpin-The-Bottle Ch. 02

Spin-The-Bottle Ch. 02


Kevin left Jade to enjoy his Tyler's pleasure and had moved to Ty's side on the couch.

"Happy House Warming, Baby. Welcome Home," said Kevin's voice. It was smooth, rich, and low.

Jade felt Tyler burst into her mouth at that very moment. Kevin had been right, the cum was sweet and she licked her lips, pleased and amused at finding herself sitting at the feet of this man. Pleased because the tips Kevin had given her about bj's had had a wonderful effect on Tyler. And amused because here she was experiencing the after-glow a man who had been in her alone fantasies since she had met him in the paint isle of the Home Depot.

And the fantasies about him were even more so after the big tiff with Kevin. Some time after the plumber wars, on the car ride home from a little shop down town that sold refurbished Victorian hardware, Kevin had asked her if she had a crush on Tyler. The question had caught her off guard and embarrassed, because in the silence before she had been daydreaming about Ty. How could he know? She felt a flush rise up her neck and firmly plant itself on her cheeks. She was sure her eyes were that telltale green.

"Give me a break, Kevin. He's gay, duh!"

She had hoped her flippant attitude had disguised her discomfort.

"Jadie, baby, give ME a break, I have seen you look at him when he's not looking and get all girlie when he talks to you. Four months ago it would have sent me into Satan's own tizzy, but now I just think it's just so cute."

At this she just went into a tirade of titanic proportions about how she wasn't cute or trying to steal Kevin's man away, and the mere thought just pissed her off. And on, and on, and on.

"How dare you accuse me of such a thing," she nearly screamed from behind that deep green flash.

She was breathless and seething, mostly at her own embarrassment, and a little peeved at Kevin's ability to get in her head. How dare he know what she was thinking; and was he laughing at her?

Now a tear was welling in the corner of her eye, it added to the burn of her already flushed cheek, as it slid down to her chin. Her voice lost its fight. Now she was just hurt.

"Are you laughing at me Kevin?"

He didn't say anything. She looked down at her clenched hands in her lap as she felt the car slow down. Was he pulling over? Oh my god. He was pulling over.

Kevin got out of the car and walked around it to Jade's side, and opened the door, "Get out."

She couldn't believe it; was he kicking her out of the car?! What? Did he expected her to walk home all the way from down town? That might as well take her two weeks. Another tear was escaping her eye. Several more followed and the lump in her throat more than hurt, as she lifted her self from the seat and stood by the door ready to start walking. But he was standing right there, blocking her way.

"Look at me," his voice was smooth, rich, and low. Not that queeny whine that was his usual drone. She had heard him use it with Tyler, when he was being sincere.

She couldn't look at him. She kept her eyes down. She had no will to argue any more, her tears drained her as they continued to fall. His hand came up to her face, too slow to be a slap, but her shoulders tightened any way.

His fingers were gentle dancers on her still hot cheeks, as the slowly wiped the tears away. She felt the anger and hurt melt with his touch.

"Look at me," the voice had the same richness, and now just as gentle as his fingertips had been.

Lifting her head, the sun stung her eyes as his face slowly came into focus. In that instant it all came to her, why she had been so angry, why she had gone on lunch dates with two gay men with whom she had nothing in common, except for an old house. Why she had agreed to help them with it, and get involved with that asshole plumber and save them a bundle of money. Why she had taken Kevin to all her secret sources of Victorian furnishings, doors and windows, and the whole lot. Why she had let him "manipulate" her into creating a decor scheme that would have cost any of her clients more that these two could afford.

She had been using Kevin to get closer to Tyler. Just as Kevin had been using her to work on the house. And now, with their eyes locked onto each other, he knew it too.

But then he surprised the hell out of her. With the same gentleness that guided his fingers across her face, his sweet smile came closer and brushed her lips.

He kissed her.

They were kissing.

She was kissing him back.

"Jadie, Baby; please get back in the car." The queeny voice was back and surprisingly it made her feel better. This day would take some processing, but for right now it just felt good.

Kevin's voice brought Jade back to the here and now. They had caught Tyler playing spin the bottle by himself and had eventually attacked his cock like two greedy children.

"Tastes good, huh?"

Kevin was pulling her up on to his own lap as he sat next to Tyler. Her body was now facing him with her knees on either side of him. She wondered if he could tell she had purposely forgotten to wear panties. She also wondered if he could tell she was hot and wet through his light linen pants as she put her head on his shoulder and looked up at Tyler.

"Yes, you do," she said smiling at Tyler. His skin was a light brown and smooth. He had a strong face. Sharp angles at his chin and cheekbones. Like a Greek statue. Her fingers went up to his neck and pulled him in again and repeated her attack on his mouth.

She let go, "see?"

Kevin was full of gleeful giggles, and then Jade caught them. Soon Tyler was laughing too. In that instant the long established Couple and their close family friend, had become the Three. That was it. This was the Family right here. Tyler, Kevin and Jade.

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