tagLesbian SexSpin the Dreidel

Spin the Dreidel


Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel,
I made you out of clay...

Chanukah, the "Festival of Lights", began early this year which was just fine with Lisa and Deborah. Their annual Chanukah traditions had a bit of a twist to it. Each day of Chanukah they would light a candle and one of them would spin the dreidel. A few years ago, they developed a cheat sheet for the pictures on the dreidel (Nun, Gimel, Hey & Shin) that would correspond to various sexual perks.

Day #1:

This year it was Deborah's turn to go first. The tall, leggy brunette (the loveliest raven-dark hair!) sat down and spun the dreidel. "Shin!" she excitedly exclaimed as she waited for Lisa to look up the corresponding sexual favor.

"Hmmm....according to the rulebook, I owe you a half hour of breast play." Deborah grinned and laid down on the couch, pulling her blouse up to reveal her ample bosom. Her olive-colored skin glistened in the candlelight and her very dark nipples stiffened up in the cool air.

Lisa licked her lips and curled up beside her lover. Tenderly touching one breast, Lisa began to softly and delicately lick at the underside of the other breast. Lisa tasted Deborah's mixture of powder and sweat as she ran her pinkish-red tongue around the curve of Deb's breast. Deborah let out a moan as Lisa's tongue began to center in on her sensitive nipple. Slowly but surely, Lisa allowed her tongue to move concentrically inwards while her finger followed suit on Deb's right breast.

Deborah almost yelped with pleasure and relief when she felt her lover's lips enclose her stiff nipple. Lisa began to softly suckle as her tongue skillfully flickered on the top of the nipple. Deborah held her lover close to her chest as Lisa nuzzled, nipped, kissed, licked and sucked.

Lisa was in control now, working Deborah up with the sucking of one breast and then the other. Even Lisa was surprised, though, when Deborah began to buck with an orgasm! Neither of them had ever cum from breast play alone, but Deborah was sure feeling it now. Her climax didn't last long but what a release!

Day #2:

Lisa twirled the dreidel between her fingers, winking at Deborah. Giving it a final twirl, Lisa spun the dreidel on the floor and it came up Nun. Deborah grinned as she read the sexual dare. "Well, love," she said, "Time to take off those jeans and panties and prepare to have your pussy treated like it deserves!"

Five seconds flat. That's how long it took Lisa to shimmy out of her jeans and panties, lie down on the bed, spread her legs, and pull her knees up. Deb admired Lisa's patch of dark red hair as it gleamed with a wetness. Lisa must have been thinking about this all day! Settling herself down for a feast, Deborah began to lick at Lisa's creamy thighs. Deborah knew how to tease and was excellent at tongue work.

Mmmmm....Deborah could smell Lisa's musky scent as her tongue traced the outline of Lisa's bush. Finally, Deb bent down to Lisa's slit and arrayed her dark, curly hair around her so that Lisa wouldn't be able to see what was going on. Deborah slid her tongue along Lisa's moist slit and let it slip in between her reddening lips. Lisa began a series of grunts and moans as Deborah used her tongue to play Lisa's pussy like a fine violin.

The symphony of moans, slurps and laps began to crescendo as Deborah began to flicker-whip her tongue at Lisa's puffy clit. Ohhhhh...the pleasure ran through Lisa's body with each heartbeat, running through her veins as Deborah continued her pussy play.

Thinking that she had teased her lover enough, Deborah finally moved away from Lisa's wet, wet mound and blew a cool breath over Lisa's clit. Then, Deborah's tongue snaked out and she touched just the tip to Lisa's clit. A shiver and a groan began Lisa's orgasm as Deborah used more and more of her tongue to lap and lick at her clit. Faster....faster.....until.....OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Deborah looked up at Lisa as Lisa finished her pelvic thrusts and began to get her breath back. "It looks like the lamp isn't the only thing that never runs out of 'juice'" she said with a laugh. Lisa looked down and realized how damp the sheets were between her legs. Laundry time!!!

Day #3:

Deborah lit the third candle on the menorah and then closed the shutters of the window so that no one would get any free shows. Lisa handed her the dreidel and Deb flicked it onto the floor. The top seemed to twirl forever until it finally landed on....Hey!

Lisa jumped up and down as Deborah "assumed the position" on the floor. Lisa got behind Deborah, pulled up the skirt and pulled down Deborah's panties revealing a dark and perfect "moon". What lovely cheeks! Deborah smiled and shut her eyes as she prepared for what was coming. She knew very well what "Hey" stood for....an extra-special rimming!

Lisa used her hands, pale against Deborah's darker skin, to part Deborah's cheeks revealing the dark, puckered hole in between. Lisa lightly ran her tongue up and down Deborah's rear crack, just barely touching the hole in the middle. Deborah shivered as she felt her lover's warm, wet tongue on her sensitive, taboo area. Lisa began to move from the outside in...tracing each and every wrinkle of her lover's winking anus. Deb groaned as Lisa dutifully licked and lapped at her anus. Wowwwwwww...Deborah had never realized how sensitive she was back there until Lisa had introduced her to the thought of rimming. Lisa began to probe a bit with her tongue, spreading Deborah's cheeks wider to open up that pucker a bit more. Alternating between slipping the tip of her tongue into Deborah's asshole and lapping in broad strokes at her pucker, Lisa got into a rhythm that was driving Deb insane!

Finally, Deborah could stand it no more and begged for Lisa to eat her out so she could climax. "Nothin' doin'!" replied Lisa "You'll have to wait your turn. After all there are still five days left!"

Deborah groaned in frustration and went to go take a shower...

To Be Continued?

* * * * *

Hello, all! I hope this didn't offend but it didn't seem right that the eroticism of Chanukah was left unexplored. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about the Chanukah trysts of these two wonderful women and (as always) comments and votes are appreciated. Happy holidays, however you celebrate them!


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