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Spirit Ch. 00


May 24, 2009

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit Prologue

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Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Fragmented Pieces Book One Spirit

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.


Shadow Appears

Hello, my name Steven MacGraw. The Publishers of this blog site thought it would be a good idea to write this prologue for you people, to explain about my line of work and about my religion. By doing this, I will also be giving you readers some basic understanding of my feelings, actions, and thoughts.

Let me start off with a little description of my general appearance when I am on duty. I have short, light brown hair, hazel eyes, and I am of medium build. I am five-foot-nine-inches tall and weigh approximately one hundred and ninety-five pounds. Right now I am thirty-five years old, but in a couple of more months I will be thirty-six. Usually, when I do field work, I wear a trench coat and a hat (just like the detectives wear in them old movies). That's my favorite because it gives me confidence in myself, and allows me to carry extra supplies and weapons. Sometimes my coat could be considered a backpack because I carry so much stuff in it. Now when I am at home, or I do religious work, I wear robes and a pentacle, shorts (for working out), or sometimes nothing at all. I will explain more of why in a minute, but first let me tell you about my job.

I consider myself a finisher of things that should have, by all rights, never have gotten started. I work for the government under a man named Smith, but I doubt that's his real name. I also do some bounty hunting and freelance work from time to time. Working for the government, especially in the line of work I do, requires some secrecy and a lot of times codes. Everyone I work with out in the field has some sort of code name for themselves. Some for personal protection for their families even work under aliases, which is why I doubt Smith is the real name for my boss, though it could be. Honestly, I have respected his privacy to much to check up on it, though I am totally sure he knows everything about me, but I'm not worried because I have nothing to hide from anybody. His code name, however, happens to be "Twilight", and my code name just happens to be "Shadow".

I started in my line of work when I was twenty, but even when I was as young as fifteen I had some adventures like going toe to toe with an actual big foot and taking it out permanently. (Of course, I got rid of the body where nobody would ever find it.)

I've taken on a few psycho serial killers and fought with the undead here and there, but I try to stay away from vampires, poltergeists, and UFOs. The government has other agents out there to take care of those kinds of things, and besides, I have a full schedule already any ways. Though I have dealt with such things once or twice.

People, who know me and know what I do (which is only a select few), sometimes ask me how I feel about doing my line of work. I explain to them that I have no real conscious about my job. To me it is just that, a job. I do what I do for the money and try to make sure that there is a minimal amount of innocent casualties as possible. Basically, I fix governmental mistakes and finish permanently what others can not or will not. In my eyes, I am not doing evil, but destroying the evil others started before it over runs amuck and doing major damage, sort of like a knight who slain dragons in the olden days.

As for my religion, I am a pagan, who studies a little bit of Druidism, Shamanism, and I am a Rieki Master, but mostly I study the Wiccan religion. Wicca, known to many as witchcraft, is a growing religion in the world, and even predates the Christian religion.

Paganism is a religion with many similarities and differences shared with Christianity.

Similar with Christianity they both worship a divine entity. Christians believe in the almighty God, where pagans believe in a Goddess and a God, who are called by many different names.

Christians believe that angels and saints were brought to earth and cast miracles. Pagans believe in the power of the elements of nature, such as: air, water, fire, and earth, along with all of Mother Earth's plants and animals have certain powers to perform these same miracles.

Christians believe in the power of prayer, and that God answers them in the form of miracles. A pagan's form of prayer is called casting a spell, in which pagans ask the Goddess and God, along with the elements' help, for our miracles. So I say to Christians, "You cast your spells, and I will cast mine."

Christians believe in the afterlife, where the eternal afterlife will be either spent in a paradise in heaven, or an eternity of torment in hell depending on how you lived your life, or if you asked Jesus to wash away your sins. Christians are more concerned with the afterlife then in the here and now. Pagans, on the other hand, believe in reincarnation, in which a single soul relives many lives. Pagans are concerned with this lifetime now because pagans believe they have to take care of the Earth, so in their next life they won't have to take care of their mistakes.

Christians follow what is known as the Ten Commandments, which I personally have yet to meet a single one who has truly followed them to a tee, though they claim Jesus did. Pagans, on the other hand, believe in the Law of Three (or Karma if you prefer). What magic a caster sends out will come back to the caster three times stronger. Evil could destroy the caster, where as goodness will be blessed thrice. So I say, "Do what you will, as long as it harms none."

Christians read the Holy Bible, or books written by people who interpret the Holy Bible, a book which contradicts itself and has been changed to fit the rule of kings, proof of which could be found in the British Archives. Well, pagans have their books too. They can be found in the new age sections of your local bookstores. If you go there to search for information, search your heart for the truth of what is written, for even I will admit that some who write claiming to be Pagan are not, and are just after getting your hard earned money for themselves. You know, it is a real shame there are so many frauds and tricksters in our world today that are out to make a quick buck, not only with religious books, but with many other things as well. I digress though, so let's get back to the point.

Christians believe that everybody should be clothed at all times, and that to run around nude is sinful, for it promotes lust after other mens wives, etc. (But doesn't depriving one of something make them crave it all the more?) Where as pagans believe that clothing restricts the flow of magical energies, and that being nude is just a natural thing, which is why when I preform magical rituals I will either wear a robe with nothing on underneath, or go completely sky clad, though I could wear normal clothes (if the situation otherwise would be inappropriate), but the effects to me are greatly reduced.

Some Christians claim that I worship Satan, a dark angel who was cast out of heaven and will be sent to burn eternally in hell when Jesus again returns to walk on Earth. Man, some Christians just want anyone who disagrees with them to suffer the fire of hell, as you sometimes hear them claim, "I hope you burn in hell." But I digress again. As you readers can tell by what is written here, I do not even believe in him, much less worship him. Now I turn the question back onto Christians, that they themselves worship the Devil. Do the Christians not believe in praying to God to protect themselves from the Devil, thereby in itself, giving the Devil power and worship? Think about it.

In this blog, by providing samples of my daily life on this particular case, I hope to give the normal people, and even Christians, a new look at paganism. Maybe even open a few eyes to the truth from the lies that have been spread about my religion.

As a pagan and for my line of work, I have found it absolutely necessary to constantly be in top physical condition. To keep my body in shape I workout a lot with weights and eat healthy foods. To keep my mind sharp I do a lot of meditating. Lastly, to stay sharp with the weapons and techniques I use for my line of work I am constantly practicing either at firing ranges, or specifically designed skill tests. You know what they say, "Practice makes perfect."

I don't watch very much television, except I try to keep up with the news because sometimes new information on a case I am working on will appear. The music I listen to is either new age or orchestra, but occasionally I will listen to other types. Most of my free time is pretty much spent, but when I am not doing anything else, the rest is spent reading, either religious or non-fiction books that will help improve my much needed skills. Other than these types of entertainments, I hardly do anything else because I don't really have much free time as you can tell. People, who don't know much about me, really would think I was a pretty boring person indeed.

I hope, by explaining to you readers about myself and my lifestyle, you will now have a little better understanding of who I am and where I am coming from. If nothing else, I truly hope you enjoy reading this, whether you believe in my religion or not. So keep an open mind and enjoy.

This is Shadow returning into the shadows.

Blessed be,

Steven "Shadow" MacGraw

Pagan Warrior

To be continued.

Next Chapter One "Reflections From a Prison Cell". Why is Jason Chambers in prison? Did he do it? Will he rot in a prison cell the rest of his life?

File #: 3

Character Star Power: 5

Code Name: Shadow

Alter Ego: Steven MacGraw

Aliases: Could have new id for governmental jobs.

Nick Names: None known.

Allegiance: US Government.

Sub-Groups: None.

Rank: Government agent, with high priority clearance.

Occupation: Government Agent.

Known Relatives: Unknown.

Birth Date: August 17, 1973

Birth Place: Unknown

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 195lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Light Brown

Known Powers: Is highly proficient in the use of magic, and can astral travel.

Equipment: Government issued, or magical supplies.

Known Skills: Expert at hand to hand fighting, expert marksman with various hand guns and rifles, bounty hunting, detective, religious and magical knowledge, historian, and can pick locks.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Mortal.

For More Info. See: The rest of this storyline.

History: Sort of read already some about him in this prologue, and will learn more as you read along.

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