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Spirit Ch. 03


Jun 6, 2010

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit Chapter Three Technicalities

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Copyright protected on March 2010.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit... We met with Steven "Shadow" MacGraw, who broke the fourth wall, and gave us the readers an over view of just who he was, and what he does. Then we went to a prison cell and were introduced to Jason Chambers, who reflected back on how he got there by killing three women. We then returned back to Steven who had a night off from work, and was privy to see how a pagan circle was cast. Now Jason Chambers is released from prison, but placed on house arrest. We are about to join him as he returns finally to his home.

Chapter Three


Jason Chambers just got to his house when the police cruiser pulled up. Fumbling with his keys in his blue jean's pocket, and looking at the locked house door, he heard the police cruiser pull into his driveway. Finally, he got his keys out of his blue jean's pocket, but instead of unlocking the front door, he turned around to see just who pulled up.

Realizing it was a police officer, he let out a low moan, as the officer got out of his police cruiser, putting on his hat, and began walking toward him. Jason leaned lazily against the right pole of his porch as the officer approached. Jason slightly felt under dressed in his black "The Intergalactic Space Travelers World Tour" t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers, as compared to the police officer's crisp clean, ironed, starched, and even creased in the right spots uniform.

"Mr. Chambers?"


"I am Lieutenant Daniel Edwards. I am here to inform you, Mr. Chambers, that the police force will be in constant surveillance of your activities, and if or when we have enough evidence to convict you, we will be placing your sorry ass under arrest. This surveillance will be continued until we can either convict you or the women in question resurface again."

The officer in front of him said all of this in a matter of fact tone, as if he was a newsman giving the weather report. No emotion what so ever flickered across his stern face.

"I understand."

Suddenly the officer's face in front of Jason filled full of emotion, surprising Jason just as a balloon bursting would. The mixed emotions of hatred and disgust shining in the officer's eyes, unnerved Jason some what, as the police officer leaned closer, but yet still didn't raise his voice.

"Then understand this you sorry son of a bitch, I believe you killed those women, and I believe me and you both know those women aren't going to show up alive because you killed them. I don't like you, and believe you should be already fried in the chair, you sick bastard. You break even the slightest of laws, and we will be all over you like white on rice, boy. If we find the ladies' bodies we will be back and your sorry ass will be grass, and I will personally be the lawn mower. Good day, Mr. Chambers."

The officer walked back to his car as Jason turned and unlocked his front door finally. The officer was already speeding away as Jason opened the door and stepped in.

"What in the fucking hell was he trying to do, play the one man version of the good cop/bad cop routine to scare me straight? Boy, what a dumb ass prick " Jason said aloud to himself. He was relieved that the officer had left.

The house wasn't in the best of shape, in fact, a lot of work was ahead of Jason. Sunlight streamed through the cracks of the curtains, which brightened the room up somewhat, but still left shadows here and there. During the time he spent in jail, police had torn his house apart, looking for clues to the ladies whereabouts. He looked around and thought about the mess, and finally decided it would have been better if he had just been robbed.

"That's funny." He thought to himself. "I can't call the cops to report this vandalism because they were the ones who did it."

His house had several rooms, such as a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a laundry room, an office (that at one time had been his father's before one day he just up and left never to be heard from again), four bedrooms (though only two had ever been used by his family), two and a half bathrooms, and a huge basement. He had inherited the house from his mother after she had passed away from cancer. He had stuck by her side until the very end, and this house and the memories were all he had left of her. He thought a moment to himself, "Jason, if she can see you now, she wouldn't be too proud of you would she?" He remembered seeing her that last time.

* * * *

It had been a long drive, possibly the longest he had ever driven, even though it had been only a few blocks from where he had worked.

He had stopped at a floral shop to buy a dozen red roses, to cheer his mother up, but even as he bought them, he wasn't totally for sure if he was going to be to late for her. The doctors had told him just the day before that she wasn't expected to last very much longer, and that she could go at any time.

Her room was on the fourth floor of the hospital in the intensive care unit. Instead of taking the elevator, he decided he needed time to prepare himself, so he took the stairs all the way up to the fourth floor. When he finally made it to the door at the top of the stairs, he hesitated, and sat on the top step to catch his breath, and to build up his courage for the roughness he knew he was about to endure.

When finally he gathered up his breath and courage, he went through the door and walked down the long hallway that seemed to stretch for miles, though it couldn't have been more than a few hundred feet to his mother's hospital room.

He opened the door, and was slightly relieved when he saw his mother look up at him, though he could even see the pain in her eyes every moment she lived.

He slowly walked towards her bed as he spoke to her saying, "How are you doing, Mother?"

His mother, who had been a strong woman just months before, laid in bed, and weakly looked up at him smiling weakly, but he could tell that she was grateful that he had came.

As he reached the side of her bed he spoke again saying, "I brought you some roses mom. They are red, your favorite, just like dad gave you when you two first started dating."

Weakly she grabbed his arm, and he knelt down to hear what she had to say.

In a weak and raspy voice she said, "Your...father...isn't here...now. He...doesn't care...about you, but...I do. You have...made me...very proud, and I...want you to...keep making me...proud...of you..." She then went into a violent coughing fit.

"Save your strength, Mother." He had said still holding onto her arm. "Rest and take it easy."

She finished coughing, but was still having trouble breathing, as she finished saying, "Make...me...proud."

After saying that she let out a huge gasp of air, and her eyes glazed over, as her head tilted to the side. The monitor registering her vital signs and heart beat went from going up and down in rhythm into a flat line, and an alarm went off.

He clutched her arm, practically screaming, "Mother No, don't go " He fell forward on her arm clutching it to his face, as tears came pouring down his cheeks, and he wept uncontrollably. He kept crying even after the nurses came in, but there was nothing they could do, and so they had left him alone in his grief.

* * * *

He thought of how she had probably saw him go to Michele's house and murder her. A woman who had been like a sister to him. She was probably the only true friend that he had ever had. They had grown up together practically as neighbors. His mom and her mom were the best of friends. Now his mom had probably watched as he snapped in an instant of anger, and just killed her.

There was no taking that back. He could not give Michele back her life, just as he could not give his mom back hers. That was it, "Game Over" with no more continues, and it was his fault.

He recovered from his thoughts, long enough to finally shut the front door, and walked into the living room. Laying on the floor was a busted picture frame, with four separate pictures in it. Even though the frame was bent and the glass cover cracked and broken, the pictures inside were all right. He picked it up, careful not to cut his fingers, and sat on the couch again drifting into his thoughts as he stared at the pictures through the cracked and broken frame.

The picture in the upper left corner was of his mom and dad, shortly after they had gotten married. They were standing outside in front of this house when they first bought it. There was a "for sale" sign in the yard, and above it was a "sold" sign. The two of them were holding hands and smiling, while pointing at the sign.

The picture in the upper right corner was of him as a baby. He was lying in his crib, giggling and smiling.

The picture in the lower left corner was of his senior prom. His mom was on his left side, Michele was on his right side, with her mom on her right side. He remembered that Michele's father had taken the picture.

Lastly, the picture in the lower right corner was of him at graduation from college. He had a bright future ahead of him then, and now that future was destroyed.

No job, and probably could never get one again, with the suspicion of murder now on him. His best friend, and once more than that, gone forever. Killed with his own hands, in a fit of anger. Any other friends or family, which he never really had any, were now long gone or wouldn't have anything at all to do with him now after all this.

If there ever was a time in his life that he felt lonely, this moment holding the broken picture frame, beat them all, hands down. He was truly alone, and he knew it.

* * * *

Michele had been very excited about the upcoming high school prom, so excited in fact, that was all she talked about to everyone. She told everyone of how she and Jason were going to go to the prom together, and that someday soon he would ask her to marry him.

Michele was a straight A student, and a varsity cheerleader. Jason had also been a straight A student, and one of the top athletes in school. He did it all from track, football (starting quarterback), basketball (starting center), and even baseball (starting pitcher).

Jason had sat for an hour in Michele's living room waiting impatiently for her to get ready for the prom. Her father had been sitting there as well, and they talked about how well Jason had been doing in all the sports he played. Jason though he liked to talk about himself somewhat, was getting really tired of the conversation, and was beginning to feel as if he had gone to hell.

After forty-five minutes of this, his own mother had shown up at Michele's family's front door. Michele's mother and his wondered into the kitchen for lady talk. Still Michele's father kept talking about sports, and Michele still wasn't ready. Jason began to think this nightmare was never going to end, and he began to sweat in the tux he was wearing.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity to Jason, Michele came downstairs looking more beautiful than he had ever seen her before. The dress she wore was stunning. Her hair looked all long and beautiful, compared to how she always wore it braided up. She looked just like a fairy tale princess, but Jason viewed her more as he would an angel personally coming to save him from the depths of hell.

Michele walked down the stairs like a queen. Jason felt his heart jump into his throat in nervousness. Both of them had big expectations for tonight, and now both of them were prepared to get them started on the way.

Even though both were ready to go, his mother and her parents weren't quite ready for them to go yet. They insisted that they get photographed.

Michele's father went to go get his camera, and both of their mothers had ushered them outside to stand in front of his car. The car (one of the fancy sports cars of the time, though he couldn't exactly remember what exactly) was a few years old, and had about 175,000 miles on the engine, but he constantly maintained the maintenance of the engine, and even just repainted it several months before the same yellow as it had originally been. Jason had just washed and polished his car up the day before, and it still shined beautifully that day.

They posed for the picture, and soon after were on their way to the prom. Of course, they both were the prom's king and queen. They danced, ate, and they were the highlight of the prom. Afterwards, they even went to a moonlight drive to the lake.

Though that night was pretty magical for both of them, it never really lived up to their expectations. They both soon realized that life wasn't quite what it was cracked up to be. Even the car was long gone now, and there was nothing left, but memories.

* * * *

Jason still clutched the busted picture frame in his hands. Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead and hands as he sat there thinking about the past. He knew now his plans were ruined, and he didn't know how long it would be before the police discovered the truth.

Jason felt his days were numbered. He swore to himself though, that he would not convict himself, and that the police would have to figure it all out on their own. Even as he thought about this he again looked at the picture, and again began remembering the past.

Michele and Jason had finished college together, but somehow during that time they drifted apart. Something had changed in both of them. Jason wasn't sure of what, but there definitely was something that changed between them. They were still best of friends, and Jason felt that he could have told her anything, but the romantic interest that they one time held for each other was no longer there, at least, not for him.

They both graduated from college and got jobs in different places, but still visited with each other from time to time. Eventually Michele's father got a transfer along with a raise and a higher position in the company that he worked for, and Michele's parents moved away. Michele had decided that she liked the work she was doing here and stayed, besides she had friends here, she had told her parents one night over the phone when Jason had been there at her place, and they were watching a game on television.

He remembered back to a week before the horror of it all began.

* * * *

Jason came by as he always did. Michele was busy cleaning dishes from her supper when he showed up. She unlocked the door and let him in before going back to her dishes to finish them up.

"How was your day at work today?" She had asked as she was drying a plate off and putting it into the cabinet.

Jason had sat down, and used the remote to turn on the television as he replied back, "Well, it was just another day at the job I work. A two hour lunch break on the clock, and I left early because there wasn't really nothing to do."

Not really surprised by this remark, Michele replied back while washing a fork up, "You know if you keep that up they are going to catch on, and fire you."

While flipping through the channels, Jason sarcastically replied back, "No, that would be way to easy of an escape from that hell hole."

Michele finished the dishes and drained out the dirty dish water. She quickly rinsed out the sink, and then made her way to the couch where Jason was, and sat down.

"You know you have to keep working for the money until we save up for the move to the big city. In the big city, we'll get much better jobs. Ones we actually like. You have to make sure you keep your job." She started in.

"Relax, it's all good, babe. No one knows or really cares what I do, as long as the work gets done." Jason replied back, finally finding a good game on the television. "You know we could save even more money though, if you moved in with me at mom's old place."

"You know I can't do that. To many memories I don't want to remember. Not that they were bad, just no sense bringing up things that you can never go back to. I think you should sell the house and move in here." Michele debated back.

"I have to many things for here, and besides it is familiar to me, and I would be lost here." Jason replied.

"Look they just tied the score up. Turn it up, and let's watch this." Michele replied beginning to cuddle up closer to Jason.

* * * *

How right she had been. He didn't even realize how much he had needed the job, until the day he was laid off. He had saved some money, but he really wasn't prepared to look for another job, and probably wouldn't have found one that paid near as well as that one did, especially not now with all of this going on around him.

Angered at the company because even though he was somewhat of a slacker, he still did more work than a lot of the other people did. How did they expect to get by without him there? He hoped they couldn't.

To try and drown his sorrows, which really didn't work, he had went to the local bar, and was eventually kicked out for being to drunk. That's when the horror began.

Snapping out of his daze, Jason placed the picture on the coffee table, and began to clean the mess that was his home up. He didn't want to dwell on that again. He had dwelled for far to long over it while he was in jail. It was more than time to get over it and move on.

Jason flipped on the living room lights half surprised the electricity was still on. Thinking about the electricity he remembered that he hadn't checked the mail yet. Now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure he even really wanted to, probably full of unpaid bills, but he eventually decided to anyway.

He walked outside to the street where his mailbox was and opened it up to find it full of mail, which was also a surprise because shouldn't the post office have stopped delivering mail here after a short while. He grabbed the rather huge pile of mail and carried it into the kitchen of his house, and laid it all on the kitchen table.

He noticed that the kitchen was a complete mess, as he flipped on the kitchen lights. Pots, pans, dishes, and even silverware were scattered all over the kitchen floor. Drawers were thrown every which way, and food was dumped all over. He could smell the rancid odor of decayed food, and even see the roaches here and there, along with a mouse or two, though they were all trying to scurry out of the light.

With a sigh, he said to himself, "Yeah, I've got a lot of cleaning to do."

Sitting in a chair at the kitchen table, he began to go through his mail and sort it out. Junk mail in one pile, bills in another, and any letters in yet another.

After sorting them, he looked around for his trash can, which he saw was dumped in a corner of the kitchen. After picking it up he looked around on the floor for his trash bags, and soon found them. After pulling one bag out, he set the box on the table, and placed the bag in the trash can. He immediately dumped the junk mail into it, and sorted through the bills. He only kept the most recent bills out to the side, and dumped the rest into the trash can as well.

His cable had already been disconnected, and they were demanding their money. His telephone service was threatening to shut off, but he still had a couple of days left on that along with his electricity. The gas and water weren't quite ready to be shut off, but he knew he had to pay them soon as well. The insurance to his car, which was now impounded by police, was about due as well, but he wouldn't worry about that until he was free to drive again.

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