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Spirit Ch. 05


Jul 4, 2010

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit Chapter Five Trouble In New Mexico

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Copyright protected on June 2010.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit... Jason Chambers had killed three women, but because of lack of evidence was sent to back to his home under house arrest until more evidence can be brought forth. He thought about the past for awhile before falling asleep. Meanwhile, Steven "Shadow" MacGraw came home for a night off from work, and celebrated a pagan holiday by casting a magical circle, then he went to bed where he astral traveled and then had a few prophetic dreams. We now go to New Mexico where the menace Steven was warned about is freed.

Chapter Five

"Trouble in New Mexico"

The moon was full and bright in the New Mexico sky. Deep within a cave in the nearby hills at Sitting Bull Falls, New Mexico, way past where anyone today traveled to, in a half-buried side tunnel, a clay ceramic vase sat with a lid that was sealed to the top. Outside the small conclave where the vase sat were Native American writings and drawings on the walls that if translated would tell of the evil spirit inside the vase and warn everyone to stay away from it. Included as well was a story of the great battle with the evil spirit, and how it was captured, in fact, the same story that was told to Steven, and written by the same Native American shaman, Grey Wolf, who told the story, and placed the writings on the walls hundreds of years ago.

Inside the small conclave, half-buried now, was the clay ceramic vase surrounded by several black widow spiders, and their webs. Several of the spiders were surrounding it on the walls, two spiders were walking across the top of the lid, and one spider was crawling around on the side of the vase.

Normally black widow spiders did not travel or gather in great number together at all, but this was a special case. They all were answering to a calling. A calling emitting from this very vase. It spoke to them about doing it's bidding, and in return they would be highly rewarded. It was false promises by the spirit, but the spiders did not understand the concept of lies and betrayal, and even thought of the calling as emitting from what they considered to be a god. They would do whatever their new god asked of them, with no questions asked, and little if any regard to their own lives. They were utterly his dark army to command as he willed.

Suddenly, as if a spider had accidently hit a light switch, the clay ceramic vase began to glow with a bright blue light. The spiders could not feel any heat on their legs from the vase, but was blinded by the light. The spider walking on the side of the vase began to feel a slight vibration underneath her legs, and quickly moved towards the top of the vase, as a small crack began to form in the vase's side. All the black widow spiders started to become restless, and paced back and forth. They were excited because they knew their new god was coming. The crack got bigger and bigger until finally smoke began to pour out of the crack in the side of the vase, and engulfed all of the spiders in the small conclave.

After several minutes the smoke quit coming out and began to dissipate, the spiders now calm and waiting patiently for the new god's orders. They felt the dark blessings of their new god, and the spiders began to hear and obey a voice that began talking to them. It said, "For far to long man has controlled us, come, my brethren and sisters, and let us seek out our revenge on humanity "

* * * *

Joseph Sanchez was running blindly from the horror he had just witnessed. He didn't know which direction he was running to, leaving it up to his feet to just take him where ever, but he did know he had to get away, so he kept on running blindly as the shock and horror of it all filled his mind, and the stench of his own feces filled his nostrils, but went unnoticed by his thoughts.

Joseph knew that all those people, including the rest of his family, were dead. They were nothing but disgustingly bluish puffy poisoned corpses. It was hard for him to believe it, after all he had just been with just moments before and all of this morning.

* * * *

Joseph Sanchez had been working hard on waking up that morning. His wife, Sarah, had already gotten up, taken a shower, and had breakfast made and placed on the table for everyone. She yelled at him for the seventh time that morning, just as the snooze alarm went off again for the fourth time. This time though, he shut the alarm off for good, and went to go take a shower. He quickly showered and shaved before getting dressed and eating breakfast.

Joseph had been excited that morning when he finally awakened. He had been planning for this day since last week, finally getting a scheduled weekend free after being bogged down way to long with no days off from the warehouse in which he worked as a loader with no help until recently they hired two new guys, and was excited and eager about getting up and getting out the door, though his wife Sarah had awakened first.

Their two boys were already dressed, wearing black swim shorts, a black t-shirt with cartoon like characters of The Intergalactic Space Travelers from their latest musical album Electrical Fire In/On My Ear on them, and sandals. They were already eating breakfast. Their dog, Bear, a Rottweiler puppy, was under the table, and occasionally the kids, trying to be sneaky about it, slipped him some scraps under the table for him to eat. Their mother was to busy to notice, but Joseph did and slightly reprimanded them on the act, and then told the dog to go eat its own food.

Joseph quickly ate, and got the family together. His wife, Sarah, had the boys quickly help her to clean the dishes, while Joseph packed some things into the family van. His son, Eric, was drying the dishes, while his other son, Robert, put them away, all after his wife, Sarah, had scrubbed them clean. He grabbed several lawn chairs, an older model radio, a cooler for the ice and sodas that he would get on the way out of town, and a suitcase full of towels and an extra change of clothes for everyone.

The sun was beginning to rise about the time he had finished, and gotten everybody loaded into the van, including the dog.

Joseph only made one stop at the store to fill up on gas and pick up drinks and ice before he left, and was on his way to Sitting Bull Falls. He had made his wife and sons stay put in the car while he got the things because he knew if he let his boys go into the store with him they would be begging him to get them candy or toys they saw, and they didn't have time for all that today. The trip to Sitting Bull Falls would probably take about forty-five minutes to an hour.

Of course, like always when you have children in the car for far to long, there was fighting and bickering in the back seat and Joseph had to threaten to pull over a couple of times even though he really didn't plan on doing so. His only real fear at that time was that the road sometimes flooded over, and he hoped that wouldn't be the case today.

It was about eight o'clock in the morning when they finally pulled up to Sitting Bull Falls. The summer weather was already beginning to heat things up. Joseph was relieved that the roads weren't flooded, and showed no signs of doing so, after all it has been pretty dry with hardly no rain this last week. With everyone's help Joseph and his family grabbed everything from the trunk and walked up the hill side toward the falls. They traveled some little ways up the falls from the parking lot area, and set up everything to the side of the river. The four lawn chairs set with two on each side of the cooler, the bag of clothes behind the cooler, and the radio was placed on top of the cooler, and turned on to an oldies rock station.

Even though the oldies rock station usually played older songs, it sometimes played the newer ones too. Currently it was playing "This Is How I Feel" by The Intergalactic Space Travelers rock band, which was a funny song about breaking up, but the only thing the one guy missed was his video games. Joseph and his family enjoyed this band very much, and even the boys danced a little to the tune before running off to play.

It was another scorching day in the desert heat at Sitting Bull Falls, in New Mexico. Joseph was glad he was wading through the water to cool himself off. Joseph and his family played in the cool refreshing water from the falls to cool themselves off from the oppressive heat. His wife, Sarah, was sitting on a rock, and splashing her feet around in the water fall. Meanwhile, his two boys, Eric and Robert, and their dog, Bear, who ran playfully here and there sniffing everything he encountered, were having fun playing and splashing around in the water. The two boys chased after the dog from time to time to try and splash him with water, while the dog would bark back at them, or they would find various sticks and played fetch with the dog. They weren't alone as several people surrounded them and were basically doing the same thing with a few park rangers walking around to kind of keep an eye on things.

Joseph and Sarah had a chance to talk to almost everyone there, except for the park rangers, who were staying quite busy patrolling the area.

There were two teenagers, Mark and Jenny, who had snuck down here from their parents to spend time with each other. They were in, what Joseph considered to be puppy love, and spent most of their time on the side of the falls cuddling with each other.

Also, there was another family like theirs there. Leonard Thatcher, the husband and father, who worked for a trucking company, was just laying back in the water of the falls and enjoying his day off because he had to zero out his driver's logs. Millie, Leonard's wife, was playing in the water with their three-year-old daughter, Tiffany, who was running around and splashing gleefully. Their seven-year-old boy, Mike, sat on the edge with his feet dangling in the water, and throwing small rocks into the water.

No one expected, or could have even predicted, what was about to happen next.

Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, a swarm a black widow spiders came out of nowhere, swarming over the park rangers biting them in thousands of places all at once, agonizingly killing them almost instantly, though the park rangers let out a horrified scream, and then surrounding everyone else. There were millions if not billions of them everywhere. All of this happening in what seemed to Joseph a blink of an eye, with no time to react, but instead watch in horrified awe.

The swarm of black widow spiders did not move unless people started to move toward them. The ground on either side of the falls looked to be covered in a black spider web, with all of the black widow spiders huddling so close together. Leonard pulled his family into the middle of the water, in vain hopes that the spiders was afraid of and wouldn't come into the water. The two teenaged lovers followed suit. Joseph was already in the middle, and the rest of his family was on the other side of everyone else. Bear was barking frantically at the surrounding spiders, but would not really approach them, he would bark a little, then back up a bit whimpering because it could sense the danger they were in. Joseph stood frozen in terror and wondering what the hell was going on, as an eerie disembodied voice filled the air, coming from everywhere all at once.

"I am power incarnate, and a god! You will kneel before me! I have been trapped here for over five hundred years by the tribes of natives that roamed these lands! For this injustice to me all will pay!" The disembodied voice screamed at them.

"The Native American Indians are no longer here, why are you doing this to us?" Leonard asked in a trembling voice.

"You did not free me, and for that all will pay!" Came the disembodied reply.

"But we didn't even know you existed!" Screamed Leonard in protest as the swarm of black widow spiders closed the circle, swarming into the water. And began killing everyone. Leonard's last words were a horrid scream of painful agony.

To Joseph's horror he watched as the swarm covered over his dog, two kids, and his precious wife. The spiders were coming from everywhere at once, falling from the trees, rocks, hillside cliffs, and just plaining swarming the water from the sides, turning it from clear clean looking water into a black almost dirty oily looking substance. The others, Mark, Jennifer, Leonard, Millie, Tiffany, Mike, Sarah, Eric, Robert, and even Bear as well were quickly covered by the swarm, like a dark wave, but slowly Joseph realized that the spiders spared him.

Joseph stood too horrified to move. He watched as each person was covered in hundreds of thousands of black widow spiders, crawling even in their mouths, noses, and ears, as the person swatted uselessly to get them off. The spiders bit everywhere as the person would scream in terror and agony and then die. Each person's death etched permanently into Joseph's memory, as he looked onto what was left afterwards of their fat blue poison bloated bodies. Joseph's bowel movements could no longer contain themselves and both yellow and brown goo oozed down his legs.

After everyone else died, and the spiders began to ease away somewhat, the eerie disembodied voice spoke again saying in a booming voice, "I temporally spare your life, so you can tell others of their coming death! The next time we meet, you will die! Now go!"

The spiders moved to open a path for Joseph to pass through. As Joseph passed through, the spiders swarmed back together behind him, and watched as he left. As soon as Joseph left, the black widow spider swarm began moving on south wards.

* * * *

Joseph was still running, even through the now flooded street, as the Sheriff's car was driving up. Apparently all the spider's and dying people caused the river to over flow, and if Joseph would have been listening he would have heard even more people all up and down the river dying. The water flooding the road looked nasty as if a septic sewer system had over flowed. The Sheriff saw Joseph running, and something about how Joseph and the nasty overflowing water on the road looked bothered him. The man who was running looked terrified like a huge bear, or even a swarm of bees was chasing after him. Pulling up toward Joseph, the Sheriff rolled down his window and yelled out, "Stop right there!"

Joseph paid him no heed. In his mind he didn't even realize that the Sheriff was even there, where he was, or that he was running, because he still saw all of those people dying.

The Sheriff pulled over and ran after Joseph yelling, "I said stop!"

As the Sheriff got closer he could smell, and even see, Joseph's own feces running down his leg. The smell was also mixed with the bad odor of sweat, which completely now covered this man, who must have been running as fast as he could. The Sheriff leaped at Joseph wrestling him to the ground, and then handcuffing him. The look of horror on Joseph's face made the Sheriff wonder if he was high on something, and having a very bad trip. Apparently something was happening, and the Sheriff felt justified in cuffing Joseph.

Joseph looked up at him, now noticing the Sheriff for the first time. Madly Joseph screamed out, "They're all dead! All of them! There's nothing you can do to stop it!"

"Who's all dead? Stop what? Did you do something?" The Sheriff asked, now convinced that this man was high on something, and briefly considered doing a field sobriety test.

"Everyone at the falls! It spared me! It wanted me to be its messenger! Spiders, everywhere, thousands of them came from nowhere!" Stammered Joseph, who was now ranting and raving, as he began to repeat himself over and over again. "They killed my family! They killed my family!"

The Sheriff, even though he didn't really want the awful smell in his car, reluctantly loaded Joseph into the car and closed the door. He decided that he would check out this man's story, and if it was true then he would cough up the incident to shock, but if everything looked all right, which the Sheriff was more than sure was the case, this man was going to the loony bin for sure. Looking one more time at the over flowing water on the roads, which looked to be nastier than usual, made the Sheriff wonder what could be making the water over flow. He briefly thought about it, but pushed it from his mind, after all, the water sometimes flooded these roads, and there was no telling what was on the ground when it over flowed like this. The Sheriff got into his police cruiser wishing he had a nose plug, and began to drive towards the Sitting Bull Falls parking lot.

"What the hell are you doing? They'll get us too! They killed my family! They killed my family!" Ranted Joseph, who was slamming himself against the back of the Sheriff's seat, and continuing his chant of, "They killed my family!"

"Calm down back there! I have to investigate the scene, and check out your story!" The Sheriff retorted.

The Sheriff pulled into the Sitting Bull Falls parking lot and found a space to park. The parking lot was still full of cars, but the Sheriff couldn't see anyone else around. He spoke saying, "You stay here while I take a look around."

Joseph tried to protest, but the Sheriff was already heading up the path toward the falls. Joseph slammed his body repeatedly against the patrol car's door in vain and screamed after the Sheriff, "No, don't go! They will get you, and then me! They killed my family! They killed my family!"

The Sheriff paid no attention to him, but found it odd that he couldn't hear any other noise at all from anywhere else, as he went onwards. The Sheriff returned after a few moments, that the Sheriff thought that must of seemed to Joseph to be hours, since what he said seemed to be true. The Sheriff returned to his car and grabbed the radio through the window, not wanting to be around Joseph's smell or loud ranting.

Hearing no protest in the back seat he looked into the back seat, and realized that the man back there didn't even probably realize he was even there. The Sheriff spoke into the radio saying, "Dispatch, we have a situation at Sitting Bull Falls. I need an investigative team here immediately. Also, all available ambulances, meat wagons, and any and all available units here immediately. I'll brief everyone of them when they get here."

Meanwhile, Joseph in the back seat went catatonic, no longer aware of the world around him, just sitting there reliving the horrid grizzly scene over and over again in his mind.

* * * *

The investigative team arrived about forty-five minutes later, and everyone else about ten or fifteen minutes later. For the Sheriff, and possibly Joseph, though the Sheriff doubted it, it seemed to be an eternity. Joseph had gone delirious in his ranting and ravings now. Occasionally Joseph would mutter a "No!" or "They killed my family!" The Sheriff was sure that the man was unaware of the world around him though by now. The Sheriff had waited sitting outside in one of the many park tables near the parking lot thinking that it would take a hose to clean out his back seat, and trying to keep the horror of all those dead bodies out of his mind.

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