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Spirit Ch. 07


Jul 21, 2010

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit Chapter Seven Waking Up

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Copyright protected on June 2010.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit...We were introduced to Steven "Shadow" MacGraw who was a pagan government agent who performed casting a magical circle, and even astral traveled some before finally falling asleep. Then we were introduced to Jason Chambers who had actually murdered three women, but the authorities didn't yet have enough evidence to convict him, though the placed him under a house arrest deal. Returning back to his home he had done some thinking about his past before passing out on his couch. While those two slept, an evil spirit was released from it's confinement and took over a hoard of black widow spiders and began a killing spree in Sitting Bull Falls New Mexico. Also, a huge masked man and a laughing blond woman went on a highway killing spree. We now return to first Steven, and then Jason as they are waking up.

Chapter Seven

"Waking Up"

Version 1.0

"Shadow Rising"

To Steven's annoyance the alarm clock blared that it was five-thirty in the morning, and time for him to wake up, to give him an hour and a half to be prepared for work. Reaching over to the night stand, half tempted to hit the snooze button and sleep another ten minutes, he shut the alarm off and groggily pushed himself up off of the bed.

First stop was the toilet, where the light shining in his face helped to wake him up even more as he relieved the stored up tension from the night, and took a long piss. After finishing in the bathroom he went into the kitchen, and began running warm water into the sink. When it was warm enough he stoppered the sink and added dish washing detergent to the water. He washed his hands in the water while it filled up the sink, and shut the water off when it was full enough.

Next was breakfast, which was a bowl of granola cereal in skim milk, and fruits, such as strawberries, blue berries, and bananas, which he sliced up and added to the bowl. He also poured himself a glass of orange juice. He ate that while sitting on his couch and watching the morning news on the all news channel.

While crunching on his granola cereal and fruit, the newscaster was chiming on about how the local highway work was going to improve how the flow of traffic would run, and how much the project would cost out of the taxpayer's dollars. He also mentioned about how nearby residents would be relocated into new homes, but that some of them where not very happy with this decision. Steven listened to all of this, but wasn't really paying that much attention to the details of it because the road work wasn't near his side of town, and he wasn't even sure it was even around his town at all, or would even be effecting him personally in any way.

The male newscaster switched the broadcast over to a blond female newscaster who now spoke.

"Repeating our top news story from around the country tonight, there has been a rash of highway murders taking place in and around the Huntsburge County area. Apparently cars are being chased off of the more deserted highways, and their drivers and passengers are being brutally murdered. Police and authorities are advising that you shouldn't travel on the roads in that area unless you absolutely have to, and if you do travel on them to try and stay on the more populated roads. As of yet, the police have no suspects, and the total number of actual victims is uncertain at this time, but we will keep you updated on this as more information becomes available. Back to you Roy. How does the weather look in our area today?"

Steven listened intently to that news story, quickly realizing though that the news didn't really reveal anything. He mentally stored the information away in his mind, thinking that it could come in quite handy later on, if, in fact, he was called in at a later time to go to work on that particular case. After a moment, however, he thought it better to see what the news about this particular incident was like on the internet news sources. More than likely, he would end up working on this particular case, even though there were suppose to be others, who were more qualified, to do this type of case work.

Going to his computer he booted it up. While he waited for the computer to get started, he continued to eat his cereal and listen to the news, though now they were talking about sports, which he never did follow. The computer eventually came to the main window of his menu, and he double clicked on the internet icon, which would take him automatically to the internet home page.

He finished his bowl of cereal and chugged down the last of his orange juice, and set the now empty bowl and glass on the desk. He quickly typed in the web sight address he wanted to go to. While he waited for the page to download, he took the empty bowl, his dirty spoon, and empty glass into the kitchen, and quickly washed the few dishes he had, drying them off, and placing them back into the cabinet where they belonged. He then drained and rinsed out the sink before returning back over to the computer.

He scanned the web sight for the particular news he was looking for and quickly found what he wanted. He double clicked the print icon and printed off a copy of the story, which he would read in his free time later, maybe at work. He folded the couple of printed pages up and stored them in his wallet, which was sitting on the kitchen counter by his keys. He had pulled his wallet out of his pant's back pocket and laid it there last night before throwing the pants into the laundry.

Backing out of the news section, after checking to see if there were anymore such interesting stories that might be a future case for him, luckily there were none, he decided to quickly check his e-mail to see if there was anything new that was sent to him since he was already here. There was no new important e-mails, just a lot of junk e-mails which he deleted, so he got out of the internet and shut his computer back down, just in time to catch the news program going off, but preparing to come back on repeating itself.

Since both the news and his breakfast was now over, he sat back down on the couch, and used the television remote to shut the television off, and then began his morning meditation. With another remote for the stereo he turned on the cd player, and played a soothing new age song, and then placed both remote controls back onto the end table.

Steven started his meditation by leaning back in the couch, and resting his arms to his sides, while his feet were relaxed in a comfortable position. In his mind he visualized a ball of pure energy being by his feet. Slowly he imagined the ball of energy moving up his feet, legs, groin, stomach, hands, arms, chest, shoulders, neck, and finally his head, and the ball floated off into space. As the ball of pure energy hit each part of his body, he would let it totally relax, until his whole body was totally relaxed, and his mind was totally cleared of thoughts.

For ten minutes, he totally cleared his mind of all thoughts, and totally relaxed his entire body, allowing the energies of the universe to flow through him, and the new age soothing music to take him where ever it wanted to.

After he finished with the meditation, he shut off that cd and ejected it, switching it to a more suitable cd for working out with. After getting that cd started and again replacing the stereo remote on the end table, he got up off of the couch to do some stretches, calisthenics, and ending with push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. The exercises weren't enough to cause him to sweat, but it was enough to get him alert and woke up. However, he eventually went to the weight bench and did a few reps, which did cause him to sweat, even though the fans in the house were still going on high. After finishing with the brief workout, he looked at the time on the clock hung on the wall behind and above the television. It was 6:20 a.m., and time for him to get dressed and ready to go to work. If this had been a day off from work, he would have instead went for a run outside, and went up and down his stairs as well for awhile.

He walked over to the bathroom, and began stripping down. Then he quickly jumped into the shower, washing his short light brown hair, and the rest of his body. Getting out of the shower he grabbed a towel and quickly dried off, afterwards wrapping the towel around his waist. He then began to shave and brush his teeth. After he finished that, he combed his hair, and put on some deodorant and aftershave.

He then went into his bedroom to the closet, and chose out a nice pair of dress pants, a descent looking dress shirt, and a tie that fit the ensemble together. He laid them out on his bed after taking them off of their respected hangers, and placed the hangers back into the closet, shutting the closet door.

Then he went to his dresser and grabbed some black dress socks, fresh underwear, and a white t-shirt from their respected drawers. He quickly dropped the towel that was around his waist and got dressed in the fresh clothes, remembering to grab his belt from the top of his dresser.

He then went into his night stand and pulled out his holstered .357 Magnum and federal agent badge. He put on the badge and shoulder holster. He pulled out the shiny silver pistol, and a rag from the night stand drawer to polish the gun with. Quickly, he wiped down the gun and placed the rag, after folding it up again, back into the night stand drawer. He removed the clip for inspection to check and make sure it was totally full. He checked the barrel of the pistol to make sure it was clean. He replaced the clip back into the pistol, and then placed the shiny silver .357 Magnum pistol back into its shoulder holster. He then double checked his extra bullets to make sure he had plenty, and that all the bullet slots in his holster were filled, along with the extra full clip.

After all, there was nothing worse in his line of work, then to walk into a gun fight and run out of ammo. Also, today, if work would allow, he planned on going to the firing range, after lunch, to practice his marksmanship. It had been awhile since he had actually practiced with his guns, and he might be getting a little rusty.

After finishing up that, he shut the night stand drawer, and noticed that his alarm clock said that the time was now 6:30 a.m. He had about fifteen minutes before he definitely had to leave for work.

He went into the kitchen and shoved his wallet and keys into his pants' pockets, and then headed into the bathroom to fill up his watering can for the plants. He quickly went around the house and briefly watered each plant, and shutting off any unnecessary power sources in the house, such as the fans, before placing the water jug back and grabbing his jacket and hat, while heading out the door to get to work. He felt this was all necessary since it wouldn't be the first time he went into work, and didn't come home for weeks. He locked the door behind as he went to head for work. After all, as the saying goes, "Another day, another dollar." In which Steven always jokingly added, "Which comes to about a penny after taxes."

Version 2.0

"Anguished Dawn"

Meanwhile, in another town, in fact, in the Huntsburge County where the news story about the highway murders were happening, Jason Chambers yawned and woke himself up. After a moment's thought he remembered he was now in his old house, which was now his new prison cell. He laid on his couch which he had fallen asleep on.

Reaching out to the coffee table, in front of the couch, he grabbed his cigarettes. When he opened the pack he discovered there were only six left. He grabbed one and tossed the pack back onto the top of the coffee table, but it bounced off of it, and skidded off to the other side onto the floor. He picked up the lighter and lit his cigarette. He took a puff from the cigarette and tossed the lighter back onto the coffee table. It bounced once, but stayed on the table.

He took another drag from the cigarette, and then flicked his ashes into the ashtray, which was already half filled with cigarette butts. He was still half asleep as he looked around for the television remote, and finally found it on the top of the couch behind him. He groggily turned the television on. He flipped through channels until he found a music channel playing music videos. He didn't really care for the song that was playing, but the lady singing was rather pretty and showing off her gorgeous body, so he left it there.

He finished his cigarette and snuffed the butt out into the ashtray. While the song finished and the channel went to commercials, he got up and went to take a piss. On returning he made a pit stop in the kitchen to grab a bowl, a spoon, a box of some cereal, and the milk. He watched a few more videos while eating his cereal.

However, instead of enjoying the music videos, which weren't all that great anyway, while he ate, he found himself thinking about how messed up his life was now. First, he got fired from work, so he had no job, and being fired the way he had been would block his chances of getting unemployment. Then the murders and jail time. Even if he got himself cleared of the charges, who would want to hire a suspected convict? He had no idea what to do next.

Maybe he should fix the house up. That would kill some time and allow him to clear his head and think of what he should do next. Or...well, what else was there to do? So Jason finished his breakfast and began cleaning up the mess in the house. He had already decided it would be a full day of cleaning, house repairs, and yard work. Nothing like good old fashioned manual labor to clear the mind, and build one's self esteem.

Quickly, he picked up everything around the house, putting things where they belonged, and throwing away the trash. After finishing that, he placed all the dirty clothes into the washer, not bothering to separate the colors and whites. He took the trash out to the trash dumpster. While outside he decided to go ahead and mow the grass, trim the bushes, and raked the yard, which took several hours, but it felt good to be outside again after being inside for so long.

While he did the work around his house he finally came to the decision that he would ask if he could go and apply for unemployment, even if he wasn't going to get it, do some grocery shopping from money in his already way past dwindling bank account, and maybe with any money left over pay a few bills.

Hopefully the cops wouldn't mind, after all he had to eat.

As for the rest of his problems, he still had no idea of what to do. The girls were never coming back, at least not unless they came back as ghosts or zombies to seek revenge upon him. He could never face any of Michele's family again. Maybe he should put a restraining order against them, but in a way, wouldn't that be like confessing that he had actually did something to her? And besides, you needed a judge to issue such a decree, and the judge was definitely out to get him, so that threw that whole plan out of the window.

Maybe he could hire some women to pretend to be the missing women. No, he didn't have the time, or resources, or even the money to pull off such a scheme, which would never probably work right anyway. Oh, it might work at first, maybe fooling the police, unless gthey did finger print testing or something, but he didn't think it would ever actually fool Michele's parents, and if they found out it was a lie, then it to would also be like a confession of guilt. After all, why would an innocent person try to replace someone they claimed was all right instead of having the real person show up. Besides the girls he hired would know of his guilt, and would probably try to black mail him, or he would have to kill them as well.

No, he couldn't do that either. It was best just to wait it out, and do nothing. Keep claiming that they were all right, and should be calling at anytime. This would buy him some time, but that was all. Eventually, when the women didn't show up, the judge would probably smarten up, and issue an all points bulletin to find the girls in the state Jason had claimed they were in, if he hasn't already, but they would never be found, and eventually, even without the bodies, he would be locked up for a very long time.

Maybe he should just run away, and leave the country, but that would really be admitting that he had done something wrong for sure, and for the rest of his life, he would be hunted like a criminal fugitive.

No, he didn't know what to do. He finally finished raking up the leaves and grass in the front lawn, just as a police cruiser pulled up in front of his yard. A younger looking rookie cop stepped out and made his way towards Jason. As he approached, Jason could see his name tag, which read, "Reeds."

"How are you doing, Mr. Chambers? I'm Tom Reeds, a deputy officer, and I was just checking to make sure that you haven't gone anywhere. You do know that you are not allowed to leave these premises don't you?" Officer Reeds asked.

"Yes, I am aware of that, but I do need to do some running around town to take care of some things, and to get some groceries for around the house. Is there anything I could do about that?" Jason asked. At least, this cop wasn't a total prick, like the one that was here last night.

"Well, in a week or so, you'll have one of those gadgets on your leg that won't allow you to leave your house at all without alerting us. You would already be in one, but we haven't got any to use on you right now, due to a minor disturbance here recently where a lot of people have been placed under house arrest. After you get that leg collar, you will have to find another way of doing these sort of things, and since no one else is living with you that might be difficult. Maybe some of your friends could help you out later, but I'm not doing anything now, and I can personally escort you around town just this once. Besides with me along, you'll have an accountable alibi for your own protection. How does that sound?" Officer Reeds replied.

"That sounds great! Just let me put this away, and grab some things from inside. It'll just take a minute." Jason replied.

This was a great break for Jason. It would probably only take him an hour to complete his business, and he would be able to see some of the rest of the town, and even talk to a few people. Hopefully, no one would recognize who he was, but it would be hard not to with the police escort. Oh, well, at least, he'd be able to get along for a few more days.

Next Chapter Eight "Prime Suspect" Police are investigating some new murders in the area, and they begin to suspect Jason Chambers of doing them.

File #: 22

Character Star Power: 4

Code Name: None

Alter Ego: Jason Chambers

Aliases: None

Nick Names: None

Legal Status: Currently suspected of murder by authorities.

Allegiance: None

Sub-Groups: None

Rank: None

Occupation: Was a factory worker, but got fired, and now unemployed.

Known Relatives: Mother (deceased), Father (left when he was young), and he doesn't know or even talk to any others.

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