Spirit Ch. 07


Birth Date: March 14, 1986.

Birth Place: Artesia, NM.

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 245 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Attitude: During this storyline he is full of regret and remorse, but will fight for what he ultimately believes in.

Known Powers: Unknown to him, but he does have some psychic abilities.

Equipment: Took over his mom's house after she died, and whatever was in it.

Known Skills: Factory Working, student, hand to hand and weapon combating.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Mortal

For More Info. See: Michele Branson.

History: Jason Chambers was born in Artesia, NM. At an early age his mother and father moved to another town and bought a house. At fifteen, his father left home, and never came back home again, though he left a note saying goodbye. His mother raised him herself since then, and he became close with their neighbors the Branson family, and especially close to Michele who he went to school with. After high school he began college, but his mother got very sick, and eventually died, causing him to drop out of college and straining his relationship with Michele. After a brief grieving period, he decided to stay in his mother's home and went to work in a local factory. Due to not taking his job seriously, and not working like he should have he was fired from that job. Being angry he went to a bar and got drunk. Thinking he could find sympathy from Michele he went to see her, though he was still drunk. Instead of sympathy though she let in on him, and he snapped killing her. He hid the body, and tried to make it appear she had left. Soon though a friend of Michele's named Janet came looking for her. To keep her from discovering the truth he went to her home and murdered her as well, but in the middle of this murder another girl Jaline came in and he murdered her as well. In the middle of trying to make it look like Janet had left as well, the police arrested him because a friend of Janet had evidence against him, but it was flimsy and instead he was placed under house arrest. He was remembering his past as he passed out on the couch, to wake up and have an officer escort him around town, so that he could take care of some personal errands. What else is in store for Jason? Well, stay tuned to this series and find out.

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