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Spirit Ch. 09


Sep 7, 2010

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit Chapter Nine A Fresh Assignment

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Copyright protected on June 2010.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit... Jason Chambers was suspected of murder and placed under house arrest, while new murders were happening on the highways. Steven "Shadow" MacGraw had a night off from work, and we saw how he spent his free time, and woke up to prepare for work. We join him now as he goes into his work office.

Chapter Nine

"A Fresh Assignment"

Steven "Shadow" MacGraw pulled up to the office parking lot in his small compact car. He pulled into the parking space that was marked with his name, and placed the gears in neutral and pulled the parking brake. He stepped out of the cinnamon colored car and in the same motion locked and shut the car door.

He made his way through the front door and worked his way up the stairs to the third floor, and arrived at the office ten minutes early. Fumbling for the key, he unlocked the door, and entered his office; turning on the light and shutting the office door as he went.

Besides just his normal office space, the office also contained a small latrine and walk in closet off to the sides. The latrine contained a toilet and a sink. On the sink sat a bar of soap and a water can for watering his various plants around the office. On the wall beside the sink was a paper towel dispenser. On the wall beside the toilet was a roll of toilet paper on a toilet paper dispenser. A metal waste basket sat on the floor between the sink and the wall. In a cabinet, underneath the sink, was stored more toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and a few pagan magazines, which had articles that described things such as casting spells, how to grow, take care of, and use herbs for general use or casting spells, special pagan holidays, and special things you could do to celebrate them, and all kinds of tips to help the environment along with several other things.

The small walk in closet contained two light grey four drawer filing cabinets, which hardly had anything in them really because his line of work was kept confidential, a photocopier machine, which worked not only as a photocopier, but as the computer's specialized business printer as well, which was able to do multiple copies even in color, and on shelves above those were various office supplies, such as: pens, staples, paper clips, paper for the copier, markers, folders, etc.

The office itself contained a glass topped table underneath the office's only window, a desk in the center of the room, a swivel roller wheeled and cushioned computer desk chair, which sat behind the desk, two wooden chairs, which sat in front of the desk against the wall, a small book shelf containing some work oriented manuals and video tapes, which sat at the end of the desk next to the wall in such a way that you'd have to go behind the desk to reach the shelves, a small magazine rack, which sat next to the wooden chairs, and contained business oriented magazines for guests to his office to read while they waited for him, which was very rare indeed, and another small metal trash can at the end of his desk.

On the glass topped table, in front of the window, sat six plants. The first was an aloe vera plant. Not only was the aloe vera plant's sap good for healing burns, but magically it could be used in magical spells for protection, luck, and healing. The second plant was an angelica plant used magically for exorcisms of evil spirits, protection, healing, and visions. The third plant was a basil plant used magically for gaining love, wealth, protection, flying, or exorcism of evil spirits. The fourth plant was a sage plant used magically for gaining wisdom, protection, wishes, longevity, and even immortality. The fifth plant was a yarrow plant used magically for gaining courage, love, psychic powers, and exorcism of evil spirits. Lastly, the sixth plant was a mugwart plant used magically for gaining strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, and astral projection. Steven had decided on these plants to be in his office to help keep evil spirits out of this area, to protect his work space, and to allow only a friendly working environment here. Also, some of the plants could help inspire him in his work endeavors.

On the desk sat a computer monitor and keyboard, with the main frame sitting on the floor underneath the desk, though it was also on some pillars of wood encase the floor was flooded for some reason. Underneath the keyboard was a desk calender. To the right side of the desk calender, just above the trash can, was a paper shredder, to destroy top secret documents with. In front of the desk calender was a name plate, which read, "Department Investigator, Steven MacGraw." Behind the name plate were seven medium sized stones called chakura rocks.

There are seven main chakuras in the human body. These seven stones are used to clean, purify, and strengthen these seven chakuras.

The first chakura is located at the base of the spine, basically at the groin area, representing the element of earth, with a psychological function for survival and grounding excess energy, and it controls the emotion of stillness. If this chakura is clogged it could lead to medical conditions, such as: obesity, hemorrhoids, and constipation. The stone known as "apache tear", a dark stone, is used to cleanse this chakura. The "apache tear" stone can also be used in spells for protection and luck.

The second chakura is located approximately two inches below the navel, representing the element of water, with a psychological function for emotions and sexuality, and controls the emotions of desire and tears. If this chakura is clogged it could lead to medical conditions, such as: impotence, frigidity, and uterine or bladder problems. The orange stone, known as "carnelian" is used to cleanse this chakura. The "carnelian" stone can also be used in magical spells for protection, peace, eloquence, healing, courage, and sexual energy.

The third chakura is located at the region of the solar plexis, just below the rib cage, representing the element of fire, with a psychological function for will and power, and controls the emotions of anger, joy, and laughter. If this chakura is clogged it could lead to medical conditions, such as: ulcers, diabetes, and hyperglycemia. The yellow-gold stone known as "citrine" or "tiger's eye" is used to cleanse this chakura. The "tiger's eye" stone can also be used in magical spells for protection, anti-nightmare, psychic powers, wealth, courage, energy, luck, and divination.

The fourth chakura is located in the area of the heart, at the thymus gland, representing the element of air, with a psychological function for love and balance, and controls the emotions of love and compassion. If this chakura is clogged it could lead to medical conditions, such as: asthma and high blood pressure. The stone known as "rose quartz", a pink quartz stone, is used to cleanse this chakura. The "rose quartz" stone can be used in magical spells for protection, attracting love, healing, psychic powers, power, and lactation.

The fifth chakura is located at the base of the throat, representing the element of ether and sound, with a psychological function for communication and creativity, and controls the emotions of expansion and excitement. If this chakura is clogged it could lead to medical conditions, such as: thyroids, colds, and flus. The blue stone known as "blue jasper" or "amazonite" is used to cleanse this chakura. The "blue jasper" stone can also be used in magical spells for gambling and success.

The sixth chakura is located center, slightly above the eyebrows on the forehead, representing the element of light, with a psychological function for clairvoyance and imagination, and controls the emotion of dreaming. If this chakura is clogged it could lead to medical conditions, such as: blindness, headaches, and nightmares. The purple stone known as "amethyst" is used to cleanse this chakura. The "amethyst" stone can also be used in magical spells for peaceful sleep, overcoming alcoholism, healing, psychic powers, peace, love, protection against thieves, courage, and happiness.

The seventh and final main chakura is located in the center on top of the head, representing the element of thought, with a psychological function for understanding and knowing, and controls the emotion of bliss. If this chakura is clogged it could lead to medical conditions, such as: depression, alienation, and confusion. The clear stone known as "crystal quartz" with it's smooth round surface, which could be easily mistaken for glass, is used to cleanse this chakura. The "crystal quartz" stone can also be used in magical spells for protection, healing, psychic powers, power, and lactation, and also, staring into the surface of the stone in meditation could reveal visions.

When Steven first got this office, he felt that the plants and stones would bring harmony into his working environment. Since it wasn't outlandishly pagan, no one that didn't need to know he was pagan, wouldn't suspect that he was. In today's times, even though there was freedom of religion, and many pagans worshiped openly, there are still many die hard Christians who would go to great lengths to cause trouble for practicing pagans, especially since they thought they would be saving the pagans soul by converting him to Christianity. In Steven's line of work, it was better to present a friendly, nonthreatening, persona that got people to be helpful, instead of uncooperative.

Having not been in his office for a week, because of doing field work, Steven went to the restroom and filled up the water can. He then watered his plants underneath the window. Surprisingly they weren't in to bad of condition after going so long without being watered. He then replaced the water can back in the bathroom, and then sat down behind his desk, and turned on his computer. While waiting for the computer to boot up, he laid back in his chair, and placed the chakura stones on the appropriate chakuras, while meditating for a few moments.

After a few moments of meditation, in which he visualized each of the seven chakuras glowing and releasing the blockage in a stream of light connecting the chakuras, and going up through the top of his head and into space, he put the stones back into their place behind the name sign, and began surfing the internet for the latest news.

Suddenly, he remembered the few pages that he had earlier that morning shoved into his wallet. Maybe the environment he had created in his office was actually working its magic on him and enhancing his thinking capacities. He pulled his wallet out, and retrieved the pages. As he suspected, it really didn't give much facts about the actual details, but instead, was kind of a warning for the general public to watch their collective backs. They basically told of a rash of murders that have been happening along the more deserted highways. People were being chased off of the road, and then murdered. Steven was slightly reminded of some of the more older and even some recent remakes of horror movies with such themes, and wondered if the murderer or murderers were huge fans of those types of movies. He imagined they were, as he folded up the papers, and placed them in a desk drawer. Closing the drawer, he placed his wallet back inside his back pocket, and then resumed surfing the internet.

Midway through his news search, his supervisor, Mr. Smith, came knocking on his door. Invited in, Mr. Smith entered, and then sat down in one of the wooden chairs, with a fresh case file in the disguise of a yellow manilla folder stashed inside a newspaper, in his hands.

"Shadow, we've got a new case for you to investigate. I think you'll find this one is more up your alley." He said, as he handed over the easily recognizable case file, in spite of the subterfuge of the disguise, to Steven.

Steven took the newspaper with the yellow manilla folder stashed inside it, leaned back in his chair, laughing silently inside at his private spy joke of disguising the folder, separated the newspaper from the folder setting the newspaper on his desk to the side, and then opened the folder to begin examining its contents. He briefly examined the first couple of pages, with the small smile from his mental joke turning slowly into a look of concern, before asking, "What is this, sir?"

Steven had been focusing on more closer to home cases. This case was a total surprise from out of left field. Nothing even remotely close to this was mentioned anywhere on television, newspaper, or even in the internet news sources, and with good reason. He couldn't believe it, that this was an actual case that was more up his alley, and more in his actual line of expertise.

Mr. Smith stood up, pulling his pants up more, tucking in his shirt as he did so, and walked around behind the desk. On a clear spot of the desk, he leaned back and rested his behind, while keeping his hands free to point at various papers in the folder while he spoke.

"The first two pages here are the police officer's report. Sheriff Holland was the first officer on the scene. All his personal information is enclosed as well. According to the report, as he drove up to Sitting Bull Falls, in New Mexico, he found a man running down the road from Sitting Bull Falls in complete hysterics. That man's name was Joseph Sanchez, and his driver's license, driver's record, credit report, financial records, psychological evaluation, and personal data are also all enclosed in the folder. The conclusion from his information by our department is that he was a family man who worked in the oilfields as a loader. He, himself, is currently in a mental institution awaiting to be evaluated further by psychologists to determine if he is insane or not."

"So what caused Mr. Sanchez to run down the road hysterically, and what does that got to do with our department?" Steven asked, still not totally convinced that it was a case for him to investigate, though he knew he would have to anyway regardless.

"I was getting to that. Apparently something happened at the falls that killed everyone there, including Mr. Sanchez's own wife, kids, and even his dog, except for Mr. Sanchez himself. Then he's running down the street from the falls, when he has a car parked in the parking lot, and it's at least forty miles from the nearest town."

"How were they killed?" Steven asked, beginning a closer examination of the papers in the yellow manilla folder.

"Well, that's the strange part." Mr. Smith said, as he leaned forward and flipped through the pages until he found the autopsy report, and stopped pointing to the conclusion of the report. "They were all killed by a massive overdose of black widow spider bites and poison."

"But that's impossible. Black widow spiders are solitary creatures, and don't travel in swarms, colonies, or packs, especially not in bright sunlight." Steven said with a perplexed look on his face, as he stopped flipping through the pages and looked up at Mr. Smith for an answer.

"That's the major mystery that the local authorities are baffled about, but there is one strange possibility. Our Mr. Sanchez, rambling in hysterics mind you, told the police that it seemed some entity or spirit was controlling the black widow spiders and even spoke to him." Mr. Smith said looking Steven right in the eyes. "My superiors in the Pentagon have declared this a top secret case, and they deemed that your special talents in these situations make you the best candidate for this investigation. Of course, local authorities are keeping the incident hush-hush for right now. They're saying that the incident was a rock slide, and have shut down the falls and confiscated all of the bodies for a federal investigation, until they can figure out exactly what happened."

Steven's eyes dimmed in thought, as he suddenly recalled his astral travel visit with the shaman Grey Wolf, and the attack of the black widow spiders on his astral self, in perfect crystal clarity.

"So will you take the case, Steven?" Mr. Smith asked, barging in on Steven's thoughts. "Or do I tell the higher ups to choose someone else? I know this is the type of case you like, so what will it be?"

"Sure, it's been to quite for so long that I've been expecting something like this." Steven said shaking off his other thoughts. "Just let me look this over for a bit."

"Sure thing, Shadow, but one more thing. If all else fails, and there is no way to stop this thing, whatever it is, my superiors have given me the permission to use deadly force. That means if you go in there, and find yourself in way over your head, you contact us, and give us the word to strike, or if you fail to report in after 48 hours, a tactical nuke will be released in the area. A possibility of an estimated 100,000 people will be killed, but the incident will be covered up as either a terrorist attack or accident at the Artesia, New Mexico oil refinery plant. The higher ups don't want anything that could possibly be this dangerous running around unstoppable."

"I understand. One hundred thousand plus lives is now in my hands, so I can't screw this up." Steven replied coldly.

"Good. Whenever you're ready to go, head on out, you know what you'll need. Remember to use the company credit card, and to conduct yourself as a federal agent, of course, as you already know, you don't have to follow the letter of the law, as long as you permanently stop whatever is doing the killing. Good luck, Shadow." With that Mr. Smith got up and left.

Steven spent ten minutes reading through the folder, but he suspected his astral conversation with Grey Wolf told him way more then this file would, and he wasn't about to tell Mr. Smith about that. He wasn't totally for sure about Mr. Smith, but he imagined that Mr. Smith was one of those die hard Christians.

Steven finally put down the folder and started ordering his plane tickets via the computer internet using the company credit card. He figured he could finish going through the case file more while on the flight. He then set up hotel accommodations in Carlsbad, New Mexico. No way was he going to stay at ground zero in Artesia, and with the oil refinery there, it probably stank as well.

He scooped up his seven chakura stones, placing them in his pocket. He almost always left them here, but something told him that he would be needing them, and anything else he could get for this major confrontation.

He finished punching up the tickets, and hotel accommodations, printing the flight schedule and hotel reservations, and then shut down his computer. Going into the walk in closet, he retrieved the printed schedule and reservations, folded them up, and put them in his back pocket. He exited the closet and shut the closet door.

He then went to the desk and opened up the desk drawer to pull out a business envelope and a pair of scissors. Instead though he saw the papers he had stuck in the drawer earlier. Well, he wasn't going to be working on that case now, at least, not for now. He thought for minute about grabbing them, but in the end decided to leave them, and continued to search for what he wanted originally.

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