tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpirit of Halloween

Spirit of Halloween


[Revised and fixed missing pieces 10/12/09]

Sue struggled over which costume to wear to the *ADULTS ONLY* party for which we were already late. Though she favored a body-paint only getups, there was no way to do it right and dry in seconds. I jokingly suggested she could be ready in two minutes if she went in her long blonde wig and boots, otherwise totally nude, as Lady Godiva. She slapped my arm. “What? This is a great excuse to show off your cute little boobs and great nipples to neighbors and strangers alike. And you KNOW we all love watching your precious little ass duck walk away from us, especially if it’s bare.”

“You say the sweetest things, but what about the rest of me?”

“Oh stop! Don’t I complement you enough every day? Everyone there will drool over those sexy legs and, depending on how you sit, that beautiful pussy. Have I talked you into it yet?”

“Umm, nope. But you did give me an idea... this pale white nightie with the wig and boots AND my faux pearl necklace works for me. I’ll go as the GHOST of Lady Godiva. I don’t wear the nightie around here since it’s two sizes too big, but as an adult costume that means it will slip and slide all over and maybe off me too.”

“The elvish cut will help too. The wide cuts in front and sides let your sweet thighs tease us and for at least a few minutes, they’ll be guessing if you have anything under it. Shaving your bush was a good idea or they would know right away since the frock is at least translucent. I can’t wait to see you stand in front of a lamp. You’ll remember to do that for us too?”

“Of course my love. And I’ll spread my legs wide so all y’all can see my pussy thru the night gown. Let’s go!”

“You didn’t comment on my costume. What do you think?” I did a half twirl for her viewing pleasure.

“Yeah, don’t ask.” She opened her mouth wide and thrust a bobbing finger into it in a gagging motion. Nice!

As we approached the house on the dark sidewalk, no one could clearly see my wife tease me with her fearless walk. Her hands slapped the nearly gossamer costume and pushed the wide flaps up and apart. The undarted part of the hem nearly reached mid thigh, yet her bouncy walk and motions had it lifting to her hips and exposing her bared ass and pussy to any who might be watching closely. She smirked at the freedom. The mustard and black house reminded us this was the perfect Halloween site. It didn’t look so odd in daylight, but now it was dimly lit with flickering electric candles. Twisted orange/black streamers across windows and running out to the three big shade trees on the cemetery lawn littered with listing joke headstones added to the demented decor. Now lit by the moon, it seemed highlighted in eerie silver shadows. Realistic, thick skeletons & cobwebs added to the creepiness. As we crossed the tombstone gate, we could hear the expected drones of THRILLER blasting. The doorbell made the sound of a gun cocking followed by a loud BOOM that made us jump away. Not bad!

When the door opened, a shrouded spider on fishing line dropped onto our heads. Sue ducked and brushed it away with a little shriek. Her quick movement let a shoulder strap fall off and her left tit pop out over the scooped neck of her frock. She was deliberately slow to tuck it away and while everyone near the door stared, our host bounded up to us. With a loud whistle of appreciation for my wife’s tit he quickly put a pumpkin shooter (pumpkin/dark rum/cinnamene/nutmeg) in Sue’s right hand to further delay her from covering her tit. She looked at me for advice, but I just smiled and licked my mouth as I stared slowly down to her luscious, perfect, hardening nipple. It felt too soon to just scoop it into my mouth.

Steve scanned my Swartzenegger costume with it’s sprayed on six-pack and other faux muscle definitions then at the loose-fitting Speedo-thong. He shook his head and stared back at Sue’s tiny tit.

Sue thanked Steve for the complement and the drink before leading me, by pulling the Speedo, into the crowd of at least fifty people. When we reached a spot near a table lamp, she slowwwly shifted hands and tucked her tit away. She was sure to check that she left me tenting my Speedo which she had pulled down enough to expose an inch of wood.

We looked at the varied costumes. Some were elaborate and creative, some totally uninspired yet adult themed. Some men and women came dressed only in paint; one sexy woman had a dark orange baby pumpkin painted over her bare pussy with two more stacked up one level then three on the next tier, then four, then five, four and finally three at tit level with the rounded tops ending before the top curves of her boobs. One solitary, bright green vine wrapped around her back and over her otherwise very shapely and very bare pink ass. I couldn’t wait to watch her bend over. She also had a pumpkin, full face mask. One nude woman was painted as STORM from X-Men and there was another Lady Godiva. That one was all nude with ass-long blonde hair. My Sue, barely covered, was much more alluring. We saw a headless horsewoman carrying and offering everyone head. Another had a vibrating ‘tongue’ sticking out of her pussy so, she said, it can lick back.

There were other props around the house too. What the hell could be scarier than a disembodied, moist, licking tongue? You stumble into the bathroom, open the medicine cabinet and your curiosity is rewarded with this thing squirming out at you, just . . . licking and stuff. One man wore a Dildo Gas Mask- I remember seeing that in a catalog with the warning, “We're not really sure about the logistics involved in this, although it does vaguely remind us of a He-man action figure we once saw. Also, safe sex is important and if you have a habit of releasing tear gas during love making then this is right up your alley, so to speak.”

The central party prop, planted at a steep angle in the middle of one room, was a long box. It was shaped like a coffin from the old West: two pyramids attached at shoulder level, two feet wide at the top and bottom, expanding to nearly three feet at shoulder height. The lid was barely distinguishable from the base and there seemed to be no way to open it. It was painted to look like wood, but was much harder and lighter, felt metallic and oddly cold. An ornate painted dagger was near the top, placed like a crucifix & dripping blood. With a dim, sweeping spotlight on it, it was beyond odd, beyond spooky. It felt threatening.

Someone brought electric gloves as part of his Frankenstein costume. He quoted the catalog, “electrocute the living shit out of yourself, your partner, the cat, the mailman, or anyone else you can chase down and grab hold of. As an added bonus, it will all be super sexy.” It was funny to watch him grope and zap women. I bet it can be a useful toy in bed too! Three women came in spandex full body suits. I wondered how long those would stay on as the house warmed up. Someone came AS a love doll with three tits. They squirted when squeezed. A couple came in normal slacks. But when you looked at their backs, they were bare assed in chaps with a pig tail butt plug in each of them. One man came in normal clothes topped with an oversized red polo shirt. It took a few seconds to notice that the shirt was filled with a very big pair of fake boobs - maybe a 42-FFF?

Probably my favorite costume was a sexy, big boobed woman who came in a pale blue cotton panty and white cotton T-shirt. The unique part of the costume was that SHE had written in dark felt on the back ‘ Wet T-shirt contest winner’ and on the front ‘Make me WET!’ I was one of the first to grab a small glass of chilled water and throw it on her chest. The cotton vanished and her nipples instantly stood tall. She laughed and said she wondered how long THAT would take. Soon her face was soaked too. She began wringing out her shirt over a bowl, thus exposing her wet and nearly invisible panty too. Her thin nest was obvious as were her swollen labia. I loved the sight and scooped water from the bowl, pulled her panty forward and dumped the water inside. Her leap backward nearly tore off her panty, but certainly gave me a prolonged vista as it dropped to her thighs. Sue was nearby and looked inside the wet girl’s pussy too. She rubbed her own pussy and gasped a bit.

Steve found us again, after several drinks he was uncharacteristically handsy. ....With Sue, not me. He put another shot in Sue’s hand and kept his other hand on her ass. She told him he didn’t need to get her drunk since we were all hoping for the same thing tonight! I watched him fondle my wife shamelessly as he spoke to us. His wife, Laura, pressed against me and watched his hands too. She wore a paltry grass skirt and just three lays around her slim neck to cover her bountiful, beautiful breasts. “Don’t forget, Al, this IS an adult party and we expect lots of touchy-feely contacts all night. Feel free to fondle whoever is closest to you.” And she bumped me again, with a sexy vixen smile. I took the hint and squeezed her ass before finding my way thru the grass shards of her ‘skirt’. She clamped my swollen dick, first over then inside my Speedo. “I see you’re enjoying watching my husband fondling your wife.” With one hand, she pulled my hard cock over the Speedo while the other went under the thong and against my puckered hole. Several people watched her expose me. That seemed to fuel their own touching explorations. Was this the same shy, sweet, innocent Laura I used to know?

Sue and Steve watched my hand vanish. I’m sure they could image my wringing her bare ass cheeks and knew the instant my finger found her damp pussy. Besides her little lurch, she spread her legs to admit my searching fingers inside her vault. Our inane chatter continued so as to barely conceal what we were doing in the middle of a crowded room. ***whoosh*** I don’t know or care if the others heard the brief air rush and the little shriek that followed. I assumed it was another prop, probably to blow the women’s skirts up. Sue certainly didn’t need her skirt blown up. She was in front of a lamp again with her legs wide apart, but Steve wasn’t satisfied with that so he shortly lifted her skirt even higher.

“ ughhh, ahm Steve, where did you guys get the odd casket? And WHY haven’t we gotten together before now like this?” Sue put her hand inside Steve’s loose pirate pantaloons.

“Ohhhhh ummm, Ebay! Local pickup. There’s a long story behind it and I have a part in it too. Did you see the bright blue light high in the sky one late night in September last year? I remember the boom with it woke me to blue light thru shaded windows. I woke Laura and jumped out of bed in time to see the VERY bright blue spot fall very fast in an arc. I know meteors and space junk falling burn red-orange with flashes of white. This was different. It REALLY scared me big time when I saw it CHANGE its fraken arc! That was a controlled descent and I saw it slow as it dropped. Look at me! I’m still shaking just remembering it though I LOVE the idea of meeting an E.T. How could you miss it? Even when it came low, I couldn’t see past the bright blue light or flame. Just before I lost sight of it, the pole transformers started arcing and sparking and street lights went out. I couldn’t decide if this were just a movie set or a real incident. My hands shook so much that when I decided to call, I could barely press 911. I felt like some idiot kook trying to sound rational while report a U.F.O., but THAT’s exactly what it was.”

“Well, I’m a very sound sleeper so unless the sound was extremely loud, I’d sleep thru it. What happened? Do they know where it landed?”

Laura’s face and chest flushed as I casually pumped my fingers into her. I pulled her three lays down her back and exposed her puckered, hard nipples to the room. Sue gulped and flushed. That wasn’t just from watching me. Steve was blatantly rubbing her asshole while the other hand held her wide frock slits open and up high. Anyone around us could see that hand stroking her bared pussy and ultimately fingering her as I fingered Laura. When Sue downed her next shooter, her left tit popped into the open again. This time Steve leaned into it and broadly and slowly licked it before latching onto her tall, hard nipple with his teeth. I know how heady her musk smells and tastes so it was time to taste Laura. Her tits were so plush compared to Sue’s. ***whooosh*** I watched our spouses watch me as I licked and sucked Laura. When my teeth bit her nipple, she shuddered and moaned.

“I got mixed signals from 911. They were quick to say power lines shorted out and flashed blue, but they evaded my questions of why I saw it so high in the sky at first. The next day there was barely a mention of power outages on the news. I hate to say ‘coverup’, but I KNOW what I reported so they can’t say they never heard my version. I think I was shaking more from excitement than fear. I knew roughly where it, umm, landed so if I didn’t hear anything in a day or two, I was going to go look for it. I was sure the area would be sealed off at least that long and I was right.”

Sue was slowly jerking Steve’s moderate dick as Laura jerked me openly so we were too busy to notice that some girls vanished when they got too near the coffin. There was a ***whoosh*** and they were gone. Shortly someone watched and later reported what was happening. They said the casket lid barely cracked open, a spindly arm grabbed the nearest woman and pulled her INSIDE somehow thru the tiny opening. What they didn’t know, couldn’t know, until we later forced our way in, was that it was it was MUCH bigger inside than out. Two walls partially covered with electronic ‘windows’ allowed the occupant to watch the party and outside the house. IT could then reach out and snatch somebody who strayed too close. Many instruments and a holographic console took up the other corners of the front room. Three big rooms were visible from the entry ‘lid’, with more around the next corners- an impossible setup!
ET immediately put women thru a vibe shower to dissolve all clothing so they were quickly nude. He sucked a tit on the first girl who came in paint only. “Plurrrgh whed een fyre tat ees?”

“System adjusting xlator, to read ‘What the HELL is that.’”

“Yes, system. Language seems better to match what we hear in group meeting here.”
“uhhhh OHH Laura! Umm, Steve, how do you know where it went? Was it close to here?”

“Hard to say. I know the -ohhhhh Sue that’s great- direction and I saw some reddish flames after it landed, so I expected to find some charring. I couldn’t reach you to ask you to come, so I called Larry. It was over a week before the area was unsealed from the ‘power line problem’. Only because I had a good idea where in the heavy woods it landed, we only had to scour a small area. We didn’t expect to find anything, but it’s a great excuse to take out his gyrocopter. We flew low and slow over the area and found a spot to land near it.”
Each time ET opened the lid to snatch another snatch, a naked ghostly figure slipped out of the casket/ship and trolled the party as an agent of the ET. IT would suck the life of the captives thru their tits and pussy. We’d learn that IT left enough energy to sustain the ghost form for just one day. Each time a ghost left the coffin, the room chilled a little more. We should have noticed all this happening, but we were too wrapped up in our random orgies!
“The feds did a through job of covering all evidence and it would blend perfectly into the landscape in a month or two, but we had the advantage. From the air, we could see a vague trail of trees broken or charred by the landing, and then cut down to hide the trail. The ground was landscaped and covered. We followed the wispy trail to the edge of a small lake and landed there.”

Though I still listened to Steve’s recounting and Sue’s moans, I couldn’t look at him or see what they were up to since my mouth was either on Laura’s tantalizing tits or on her mouth. Our tongues dueled then danced in her mouth. SHE was bliss. When I caught a glimpse of them, I saw both shoulders of Sue’s frock were at her elbows so the top was down nearly to her navel and Steve bit and stretched her sensitive nipples. He’d also draped her bottom slits over his arm and pushed the rest up so the whole frock looked like a belt held above her navel. She was nude to the room and had one leg on a table so Steve could get four fingers deep into her sopping snatch.

“After sweeping aside the loose ground cover, we found the end of the track that had been freshly plowed. It wasn’t deep and there was no sign of any craft. On a hunch, I followed the line to the lake and stared into the clear water for several minutes and saw nothing special. Disappointed, I turned away, but caught a glimmer that was out of place. The water shimmied and revealed a straight edge about 8 feet long. I called to Larry and he jumped in the water with me to outline my find. We couldn’t budge it, but did define it by feel. It was about 8 feet long by two feet wide by two feet deep. Whatever it was, it was too small to be a maned craft. IF this were the fallen craft, it had to be a fragment or maybe an instrument probe. We didn’t see any sign of an engine or portals, so we decided it was unlikely to be E.T. or the space object I wanted.

“Sunset was in one hour, so we flew back disappointed. I blogged what I saw and gave GPS numbers for the lake. After a few days of frenzied interest, the blog stream went dead and I put it all behind me. It wasn’t until just last month that I saw it listed on EBAY with the seller’s story.”

Laura’s breathtaking facial beauty was stunning. A perfect 10 of 10. Steve and I drooled over her beauty daily since the day we met her in a computer science class years earlier. I never understood what cruel twist of fate sent me out of her life long enough for Steve to grow closer to her. When we finally saw her petite form in a tiny bikini, we agreed her body was also perfection. That stunning visage matched her cherubic, unassuming personality.

Still trying to listen to Steve, I had ripped most of the grass strips off the front of Laura’s skirt leaving her exposed thigh to thigh. What lovely, sexy legs! I knelt to lick those thighs and kiss her adorable pussy. This was my first close, live inspection of her bare pussy. It was nearly as beautiful as Sue’s and I wanted her to see it too. For now, my tongue would continue to inspect it deeply. Lovely Laura lifted one leg onto the same table Sue was on and her beautiful, wet, plush and fragrant pussy opened for me. I feasted on it, drinking all her sweet elixir I could scavenge. She was as tasty as Sue! After sucking all the dripping nectar there was, I prompted Laura by her waist to stand on the table, tossing her lays to a watching couple. Once she towered over the room, I snapped her skirt off and bowed to her totally naked form as if a worshiper. She looked a bit nervously at the crowd as most of them stared at her beauty. I had her spread her legs and expose her still plump pussy to all of them before I pushed my face back into it.

Steve took the brief respite to pull out his thick cock and introduce it to my wife’s gorgeous cunt. I saw him plunge deep into it and heard her shriek her climax a little louder than normal for the attention. As I licked and fingered Laura on the table, I noticed ‘pumpkin girl’ watching us. When she caught my eye, she walked slowly toward me. She walked past the table and bent with straight legs to search thru a treats bowl. Her swollen pussy was aimed directly at me and stayed there while I drooled at the beautiful sight. Laura noticed and called her over by name to ask if she wanted ‘some of this’ - meaning me. With paint on her tits and pussy front, I wasn’t about to lick them so I turned her around, pulled her nipples and fingered her pussy from behind. When she moaned and spread her legs for me, I bent her over the table under Laura. Though I wanted to feel Laura’s heat on my cock, I wanted this pumpkin too. With her tits on the table and her ass in the air, I easily pushed into her sopping pussy. She screamed with the first three thrusts then shifted to moans. While I pumped the stranger and relished her hot, welcoming snatch, I pushed my tongue and fingers back into Laura. While half the room watched, Sue came again on Steve’s dick, the stranger came and collapsed on mine, I exploded into her and Laura pushed against the ceiling as she came with several explosive shudders and moans. The scent of sex filled my nose as it must have filled the room.

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