Spirit of the Sea


He returned to the bed and sighed heavily. Lying back on the pillow, one arm above his head, the other across his chest, watching her in the shadows as the moonlight played across her breasts, across her belly. She moved a little closer, realizing for the first time that he was naked, and hard. It thrilled her a little seeing him like that, in the dull light he didn't like quite so imposing, or dangerous. Lifting his arm from his chest, he held it out to her, inviting her to come closer. Her body trembled, and she swallowed hard as she came to him, resting her head on his chest feeling his strong arm enfolding her in a tender embrace. As she lay there, feeling his heart beating beneath her cheek, her body began to relax against him, and her fears subsided a little further.

Tenderly he stroked her hair, feeling the silken threads glide between his fingers and across his palm. He ran his fingertip gently up and down her spine, sending tingles through her body and covering her flesh in goose bumps. He caressed the small of her back, the rounded cheeks of her ass, the tops of her thighs. Slowly she began to relax even more, but he knew she was not ready to be his. Kissing her softly on the forehead, he dressed and left the cabin, seeking out Beth.

Ella was a relieved when he left, and yet somehow disappointed. Covering herself with the blanket, she tried hard to ignore the sensations building between her legs, but they would not be denied. Reaching down, she touched the places he had touched, moving her fingers across her clit, spreading her lips, and finding her hole. She had never touched her self before, for it was a sin to do so, but she was beyond caring. She could feel the smooth cream that came from her female center, and she covered her fingers in it, discovering the feeling, smoothing it over her pussy lips and her clit. When her fingers made contact with her clit her body came alive with a rush of heat and arousal. The more she touched, she more her body seemed to cry out for some kind of satisfaction.

Buck returned to his cabin, having found Beth and Maggy both already in use, and was a little surprised to find Ella pleasuring herself. She hadn't noticed him come back into the room, so intent was she in her discovery of herself, so he stood in the shadows awhile and watched. The blanket fell away, revealing her full and splendid body by the light of the moon. Her fingers danced across her breasts, her nipples hard and dark against her pail flesh, her chest lifting and falling, as her breathing became deeper, more intense. Her other hand buried deep between her slender thighs, moving slowly back and forward over her delicate mound. Surely she was the goddess Aphrodite herself, this vision of loveliness.

His cock throbbed in the confinement of his trousers and he was reminded of his own need. A need that could be denied no longer. Casting the garment aside, he went to her, standing over her naked form, his cock in his hand, stroking it gently, wanting nothing more than to share in her pleasure. Her eyes turned to him filled with a desire and heat that had not been there before and he knew at once she was ready. She moved to the edge of the bed, taking his cock in her long fingers while her other hand continued to stroke her pulsing clit. She had watched Maggy as she sucked old Hank, and she knew how it was done. Taking him between her lips, she got the first salty taste of his manhood. The touch of him on her tongue sent a burst of heat surging through her body, building and burning deep within her womb.

At the touch of her luscious lips on her cock he groaned, the pleasure of it threatening to rob him of his seed all too soon. He ground his teeth, suppressing the feeling that burned in his loins. As she sucked him deeper into her mouth he found it becoming impossible to hold back and he pulled gently away from her tender lips. He leaned to kiss her mouth and responded with an urgency of her own. Their tongues danced, explored, and claimed each other's mouths as their rightful place to be. Breaking free of her kiss he worked his way quickly down her body. He was hungry for her and could wait no longer. Spreading her legs wide, he buried his face deep between them, licking and sucking like a starved animal. Her clit was hard, erect, and ripe. He pushed his tongue deep inside her, holding firm to her hips as they began to gyrate and wiggle beneath him.

Moving over her, he positioned himself between her legs, the head of his swollen, throbbing cock rubbing hard again her tender clit. Her heat was building, intensifying, and he knew she was close. Moving the head of his cock against the opening of her burning center, he could feel her body trying to push back against him, to find him and take him deep with in her. The throbbing need in his cock turned to pain as he held back form her.

"Is this what you want Sweet Ella? Do you want this cock inside you?"

She dug her fingernails deep into his shoulder, making him wince with the additional pain mixed with pleasure.


"Will you swear to me that you will take this cock and no other inside you, that you will me mine and mine alone?"


That was the only word he needed to hear, pushing himself deep within her, covering her mouth with his own to stifle her scream as he broke through her delicate barrier, filling her completely with himself. Holding himself there for just a moment, allowing her time to catch her breath, he began to move over her, inside her, gently stroking the very center of her woman hood. Moving a little faster, a little harder with each stroke, her pain subside and pleasure took hold, lifting her hips to meet his every stroke. Slowly he increased his drive, building her heat as he fed his own. She moaned, her back arching, her fingers digging into the bedding as she began to writhe beneath him.

Taking his cue, he began riding her harder, faster, until at last she was there, the inner muscles of her pussy squeezing and pulsing tight around his shaft, and he could take no more. With a loud groan he shot his release deep inside her, filling her hot hole with his own heated seed, mixing the juices of passion deep within her, pumping and pounding until it overflowed and ran hot and sticky down over the cheeks of her ass. He lay his full weight on top of her, holding her to him as they both fought to catch their breath.

Brushing her hair back from her face, he looked deep into her eyes, his softening cock still deep inside her. Kissing her gently, tenderly, whispering her name. She was his now, and he made a silent vow that he would never let her go, and would protect her with his life.

On the bough of the Spirit of the Ocean, Ella leaned a little closer to the railing to watch the dolphins at play on the bow waves, she never tired of their playful antics. She smile as he came to stand behind her, enfolding her in his strong protective arms, rubbing his hands tenderly over her swelling belly as their child moved within her womb. She had gone to sea seeking a new and better life; never did she imagine in her wildest dreams just where she would find it.

Tilting back her head, his lips came to hers in a tender, loving, lingering kiss. Yes, this was the life, and she would part with it nothing, and no one. Leaning back into his arms, she watched as the sales of a merchant ship appeared on the horizon. Their ship changed its course toward the unsuspecting vessel, and she smiled.

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