Alex spread Debbie's legs slightly, and kneeled at the edge of the couch just in between them. "Oh, I will sweetie, but it's not like you think. I know you're already into girls, Debbie, but this is different," she said, kneading her breasts. "The biological changes of Turning take about six months, all told, and as you'll see in a minute, some of them are more, well, dramatic than others. Here, smell this," she said, holding a nipple under Debbie's nose.

Trust, hope, joy, warmth - it was incredible. Smells can trigger powerful memories of time and place, but Debbie never knew anything could smell so much like feelings and emotions before. After taking a couple deep whiffs of Alex's nipple Debbie licked it, moaned softly, and then greedily sucked Alex's breast deep into the back of her mouth.

"Oh-hh. That's nice," Alex said. "Yeah, suck it, Debbie. Just like that. Drink it all - deep. Oh shit, that feels good. You got a taste of this in the wine already, but you need to get a few more ounces straight from the source before you'll be ready to be implanted."

Implanted? The thought of being "implanted" sounded not-so-great to Debbie, but since at the moment she found herself sucking pure, liquified bliss from this incredible woman's breasts, she figured she'd focus on that first, and worry about the implanting and such later. "Here, give me your hand," said Alex. "I want you to feel something."

Debbie felt Alex guide her hand between Alex's legs, and for the first several seconds, Debbie just enjoyed the simple pleasure of fingering a beautiful woman's turned-on, wet pussy. After a moment, though, Debbie felt something unusual under her palm. Pulling her hand away, she glanced down and thought to herself that Alex's clit seemed to be sized more like a thick red thumb. After a longer look she realized that what she was watching reminded her of seeing a big dog's dick unsheathe itself in all its shameless, visceral glory. "Slide down the couch a little bit, baby," said Alex. "Use your tongue on it."

Debbie slid her butt down off the couch so Alex would be able to climb up and straddle her face. Alex's whole body shuddered as Debbie put her mouth to work on Alex's strange anatomy. "That's it," Alex said, "use your tongue just like that, baby, tease it out. Oh fuck yeah, you are really good at this, Debbie. Lick it out just like that."

What "it" was, in fact, was slowly starting to dawn on Debbie even through her venom-addled mind. What she had first thought was just a dramatically oversized clit had still not stopped growing. It was now at least two inches across, stretched out about a full seven inches from Alex's pussy, and judging by the wrinkly texture of the skin hanging from it, it appeared to have room to grow even more. "You ... have a ... cock?" Debbie asked dizzily, her lips dripping with Alex's milky secretions. It sure looked a lot like one, all veiny and rigid, but it had no head and a relatively huge slit at the end.

"Not quite," Alex said, shuddering once more as she ran that oversized slit across Debbie's lips. "A biologist would probably call it an o- [shudder] ovipositor. You see, The Turning will make some pretty major chemical changes to the function of the glands in your mouth, your skin, and definitely your breasts, but it doesn't change their physical structure all that much, really. But this," she said, proudly sliding her wet member down across Debbie's tits, "this is all new." Alex stroked it the way a guy would his cock, and forced a large blob of fluid out from that strikingly large slit. "This is the hot part, Debbie. Watch."

Alex was soon moaning deeply as she stroked her phallus with her right hand and massaged the area around her anus and perineum with her left. After a minute, Debbie noticed that something appeared to be descending from Alex's body down into the base of her freakish alien penis. It was large and bulbous, and actually seemed to be throbbing a little. For some reason it reminded Debbie of a fish writhing in a pelican's gullet - she could clearly see its broader contours through the now-taut skin of Alex's member. Judging by Alex's reactions, the process of spawning this baseball-sized pod down into her new sex organ was giving her overpowering pleasure.

"That's my egg," Alex announced to Debbie as she panted from the sexual exertion, "Your egg, I should say. Pull your knees way up now, Debbie, and spread your legs as wide as you can. You're about to become a whole new woman."

With a quick look down, Debbie saw a line of thick, milky ooze dripping from the slit at the end of Alex's bizarre dick. It occurred to her that although her thoughts were dulled and primal, and she didn't have the brainpower to disobey Alex's instructions if she tried, her body was physically sensitized like it had never been before. Her every heartbeat felt like a thunderclap in her nipples and clit, and her labia were not only soaked with her girlcum, but visibly distended and swollen with lust. She should be terrified, she thought dimly, and perhaps on some level she was, but she also knew that in about 5 seconds she was going to get fucked by the alien-altered she-bitch in front of her, and she was going to come like crazy when it happened.

Like a caricature of a testicle, the egg pulsed within the tight skin at the base of Alex's pseudo-cock. With a sigh, Alex positioned the drippy tip of her unit at the entrance to her lover's cunt. Both women soon gasped loudly as Debbie took Alex's first short penetrations. They quieted then, somewhat, as Alex settled into the heavier rhythm that would drive the egg deep into Debbie's womb. Debbie's hips rolled with each thrust, and she kissed Alex passionately, since on the primal level her body was operating on she was just getting a hell of a good fuck. She ground her clit against the ridged top of the phallus as it moved within her, which both drove her sensations higher and higher and aided the passage of the alien bulb down the egg channel in Alex's prick.

Both women wallowed in delicious agony as the egg progressed further and further, inch by exquisite inch, down Alex's cocktube and deeper into Debbie. Soon the egg was just at the brink, and when at last it popped with a quick spurt out the end of Alex's thick appendage, they ground against each other passionately and cried out - sharing a deep, joint orgasm - one already Turned, the other just on the precipice.

Even as the first micro-thin tendrils from "her" egg were already threading themselves into Debbie's bloodstream and into the base of her spine, what was left of her lust-fogged human mind pondered a final idle thought. She wondered to herself whether Becka would now find their little in-joke ironic, or was it prophetic? Soon enough, she thought. Either way, I'll find out soon.

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