tagNonHumanSplit in Time Ch. 15

Split in Time Ch. 15


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned beforehand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

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Here is the last Chapter of Split in Time, I hope you enjoy it. A big thanks goes out to my editor Kittyhawk, she rules, and to you the reader. All feedback is welcome.

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P.S. The next story in the sequence is Coming of Age.

Chapter 15

~At the manor~

"Thais..." Anna said as she saw the little boy, "show me your hands." The room started to fill with people, there was bustle as everyone moved around the table and took seats.

Sage was stealing titbits from plates until she got a clip behind the ears from Bastion, "wait," he told her firmly. Keira and Ghan were arguing playfully over a defensive attack move she had used during a game of chess with him.

Wolfgang hung up his phone, "she's coming now." he told Bastion.

Thais held out his hands to show that they were clean, Anna inspected them for several moments. "Okay go sit down and I'll put a plate together for you." She told him and pushed him off as she spotted Temperance, "Temperance go wash your hands." She ordered.

Thais frowned as saw his mother on her knees crying. He glanced around but no one was paying any attention to him, he slid from the room unnoticed and walked quickly to the entrance hall to the place cleared for will-ins, he paused before that place and waited. He felt his chest constrict and his mind was dragged through everything his mother had done, her pain, her actions, her mistake, it took only a moment for him to see almost two months' worth of actions. No, no, no, NO... he thought as he saw the pain she was going to live through, the pain she would inflict on his father, the pain she was going to inflict on herself. He had to change it, he had to stop the mistake, had to stop his death, help her with the pain, the constriction on his chest left and as if that was the signal he needed from Fate, he focused hard on his mother.


"Where's Thais?" Wolfgang asked the room as he glanced around.

"He was here a moment ago." Anna said joining his search even taking a moment to glance under the table.

"Vivian can you locate him for me?" Wolfgang said with a sigh wondering what had dragged his little boy away this time, last time he vanished he swore he was playing with the puppy, a puppy they didn't have.

Vivian nodded but just as she went to focus there was a loud pop.

"What the fuck..." Wolfgang said.

"Language!" Anna exclaimed.

Vivian frowned, she had felt Thais a moment ago but now he was gone.

"Where's Thais?" Wolfgang asked and turned to the twins who were quivering as they moved together then clutched at each other, "what's wrong sweeties." He asked the girls as he knelt.

"Thais is gone..." Serenity explained, "we can't feel him... he is gone." she continued tears welling up, it was painful in a way she would never know how to explain, it was as if she was missing a vital component of herself. Temperance panted beside her sister, too distraught to talk.

Wolfgang stood and just as he was about to order a search of the house there was a second louder pop. Wolfgang was suddenly on his knees, pain... that's what had sent him to his knees, he felt as something searing hot had been lanced through him not once but a million times, it was like nothing he had felt before.

When he could see again, Wolfgang noticed that he wasn't the only one on their knees, that he wasn't the only one feeling this immense pain, his arms were wrapped firmly around his body only now he could think around it.

Serenity was trying to make herself as small as possible, as if being small would somehow make the pain go away and was panting frantically in distress, as she had never felt anything so soul consuming before. Ghost's pain after Katie's death... it was a gentle breeze compared to the tornado that consumed Serenity's mind to the point that she felt nothing but the pain.

Anna went to pick Serenity up but Temperance hissed as she hovered protectively over her sister, warning everyone away. If Anna or anyone touched Serenity while she was in this state, everything Serenity was feeling would be passed on to whoever touched her, however Temperance, as her twin, was immune to her sister's powers.

Sage was suddenly beside him, "Da?" She inquired as she rested a hand on his back.

"Amy..." He said as he panted, he knew this pain was coming from her, "go." he told her.

Sage nodded, she didn't need to be told twice but Amy could be anywhere in the house.

"Entrance hall..." Rhiannon told the room as her senses locked on her daughter and grandson's life force. Everyone was suddenly in motion, Tarval and Ghost dragged Wolfgang to his feet and half dragged, half carried him to the entrance hall.

Everyone else stood back not knowing what to do, Amy was on her knees clutching Thais as if he was the only thing in the universe, crying her eyes out. They didn't know what to do, did they approach or stay away, they knew Amy wasn't physically hurt, they couldn't smell blood or see it. No... Amy's pain was emotional and it was powerful.

Anna frowned as she could swear that Thais wasn't wearing those clothes a few minutes ago, she could swear he was wearing shorts and a shirt, not a rustic sweater or patched pants. And Amy usually wore suits, both were dressed as if they were living rough. It didn't make sense to her mind.

Rhiannon, Vivian and Rhun approached the pair even as everyone stayed back; Rhun made a long rod of clear purple crystal appear in his left hand as Vivian and Rhiannon tried to talk to Amy or get her to talk back. Thais was no help to them, he just held his mother. Rhun passed the rod of crystal over the pair, the vibrations and pulses the rod picked up and put out could tell him many important things, like energy levels and if someone had travelled across universes.

"Alternate reality, they've both been to an alternate reality. Amy's been there... almost two months, Thais almost a month." Rhun explained, confused as to why there was such a discrepancy between their times in that universe. The crystal rod also told him that the pain she was feeling was soul deep and that no one would be able to free her from it.

"Months... da talked to ma just minutes ago?" Sage stated wanting an explanation.

"Time is irrelevant to an Ancient Sage. They can live years inside a minute if they must." Cleopatra explained.

Wolfgang closed his eyes and focused hard, throwing up walls and blocks, trying to block her pain so that he could function and get to the bottom of this. He had tried probing her mind but the pain was stronger and overpowered everything else. Slowly but surely as the walls went up the pain eased, it eased but it didn't go away, he doubted that he would ever be able to block her completely, their bond was that deep.

He managed to stand on his own and approached his wife, Thais turned his head and glared at his father before shaking his head. Wolfgang stilled and growled gently, he wanted to help her, ease her pain...

Stay back... Thais told him firmly and silently. Please... he added.

She's in pain...

Thais nodded, you'll just make it worse... you... a different you... an alternate you is the reason she is hurting.

Wolfgang felt rage started to build, What did this... other... me do?

Nothing... it's what she was forced to do to him which is why she is in pain... please trust me... for now just stay back. Thais begged.

Wolfgang thought about if for long moments but eventually he nodded and stepped back. Vivian, Rhiannon... Thais says that me going near her at the moment will add to her pain, can you take her up to our room and stay with her until she falls asleep.

Both women nodded and a moment later all four were gone.

Everyone turned to Wolfgang, "when I know what's happening I'll let you know, for now let's have dinner and carry on as normal." He told the room before turning to the twins. He waited until everyone had filtered back to the dining room before approaching the little girls, Temperance had willed them here.

"Is she okay?" Wolfgang asked Temperance who nodded.

"Between Thais and I we are blocking her from the worse of ma's pain, she however can still feel it only not like before, see she was hearing it at full volume, now she is hearing it at the lowest setting." Temperance answered trying to explain her sister's powers was always hard, trying to explain how Thais and she were blocking it was as equally as hard.

He knelt and hugged them both, Serenity was still quivering, she may not be feeling it as intensely as before but she had felt those emotions in their most raw state. Taking a deep breath he filled his mind with love, let it fill him and projected it at the twin girls. They hugged him back, offering him the same comfort and love he offered to them. "Shh... everything will be fine, your mother will be fine." He promised, Amy had come through a lot of painful events in her life, she would get through this, eventually.


Wolfgang felt a small hand touch his face waking him, although technically he would never call what he did last night sleep. He had crawled into his bed after Vivian and Rhiannon finally left his room, he had heeded Thais's warning and slept on the far side of the bed, as far away from her as possible. But sleep had eluded him as he was so used to sleeping with her in his arms it felt wrong not to have her there. His eyes focused on Thais for a moment, when Thais knew he had his da's attention he crawled off the bed and left the room.

Wolfgang scooted over to Amy and carefully took her in his arms, he stroked her back as she cuddled up to him. He wondered what had happened to cause so much pain, what she had been forced to do. The alarm clock started to beep several minutes later just as he started to drift, Amy jerked awake and slammed her hand on the alarm off button.

She glanced around disorientated for a long minute before she remembered. She rolled out of his arms and held her head, her elbows propped on bent knees. He sat up and rested a hand on her back, "I'm ready to listen when you are ready to talk." He told her.

"Not yet... please..." she asked.

He nodded and kissed her cheek, "when you are ready." He crawled out of bed and went to start getting ready for the day. When he came out after his shower she was still where she had been. He raised an eyebrow then remembered what Rhun had said, she had been gone for months. "Amy... I know you don't need this right now, but you have a speech to make today unless you call Joe and cancel." He told her gently.

She cursed as she remembered and jumped from the bed and raced to the bathroom. He started to get dressed, he had only recently found a replacement for him in his development firm which now freed him to focus his complete attention on the pack and his family. He pulled on a pair of jeans and a muscle shirt, he grabbed a brush and started to run it through his long hair.

Just as Amy came out of the bathroom dressed simply and almost causally in black tailored paints and a sleeveless blouse, Thais walked in dressed in part of a grey three piece suit, the only part of it missing was the jacket. Wolfgang's eyes however were on Amy as he took in the new gently glowing markings that were exposed.

"Da." Thais said and Wolfgang turned to him, Thais held out the untied tie, "can you show me?" He asked. Wolfgang scooped Thais up and walked him into his side of the walk in wardrobe and to the mirror with its low drawers. Wolfgang stood Thais on top of the drawers and stood behind his son. He turned the collar up and slowly as he tied the tie told Thais almost the exact same words his own father told him when teaching him to tie his first tie.

"Thank you." Thais said as he buttoned his vest closed then turned so that Wolfgang could turn the collar down.

Wolfgang smiled at his son, "stay put." He said and went to the drawer where he kept all his suit accessories. He opened it and let his eyes roam over its contents until his eyes rested on the same tie pin his father had given him after teaching him to tie his tie. He picked it up and turned back to Thais. "My father gave this to me." He explained as he carefully pinned the tie down. "When he showed me how to tie a tie." He continued, "it's a very stylised wolfs head." He added.

He didn't notice that Amy was leaning on the wall watching the whole thing with a little smile.

"Now let's do these cuffs up..." he said and searched for buttons, "who on earth puts cuff link holes in a child's suit."

"Thais doesn't own a suit." Amy said as she walked in to grab a pair of boots, she sat on another low set of drawers before another mirror as she started to put her boots on, "more than likely he copied your grey suit and willed it to fit."

Wolfgang nodded, he had been wondering where Thais had gotten the suit from, he went back to the drawer and pulled out cuff links that matched the tie pin. With deft movements born from years of experience he placed the cuff links finishing off Thais's outfit. He knelt and quickly double knotted the laces so that Thais wouldn't trip, he then helped his son down. Thais left the walk in wardrobe, Amy smiled at Wolfgang but it didn't quiet reach her eyes, she was still in pain, still sad but the worst was over.

"Have a good day." He said, he didn't reach for her and give her a goodbye kiss like he normally would, he was giving her the space she needed to get her thoughts in order.

"Thank you." She told him honestly, appreciating his thoughtfulness before she walked out, Thais was waiting, a small briefcase was in his hand as he didn't want to mess his look up with his Cookie Monster backpack. Inside the small briefcase was his colouring book, crayons, scrap book and pencils. Amy willed her trusty globe into her hand which she stuffed into a pocket before willing a small black dome into her hands, she tucked it under her arm and offered a hand to Thais.

Thais moved his briefcase to his other hand and took hers, Amy focused and willed them both to her office.

"Morning." Joe said not even glancing at Amy as she had long gotten over the abrupt comings and goings of Ancients, she hovered over Amy's schedule for the next month and hummed. She spotted a slight movement and looked up. Her eyes scanned over Thais, "you look very handsome Thais." She complimented although she had wanted to call him cute, because he did look cute all dressed up in a little suit with a little briefcase. But little boys didn't like to be called cute and she doubted Thais would be different.

"Thank you Joe." He answered.

Joe blinked a little in surprise, Thais didn't normally talk to her but she didn't take it personally, he talked to few people. "Do you want me to put an order in for breakfast, I didn't get a chance to stock your fridge?" she said already reaching for the phone.

"Yes please." Amy said as she turned and went to go into her office.

Joe stilled as her eyes took in the new glowing markings on Amy's arms and neck. "Are those new?" she asked gesturing to the exposed markings.

Amy opened her mouth, closed it then winced, "yes... no... kind of... long story." She answered. She turned back to Joe. "Can you clear my schedule?" She asked.

"For today?" Joe asked.

"The month," Amy corrected.

Joe's jaw dropped, it was only the fourth, that was weeks of time off. She saw the strain Amy was under, the new markings... her mind clicked, Amy was Ancient and she looked like she had just been dragged through a curry comb Ih probably meant she had done something big. She nodded, "I'll do my best, there are one or two things that simply can't be rescheduled, President's dinner, you're giving out an award but the rest... I'll get on it after I've ordered your breakfast." She shooed Amy off as she finally picked the receiver up.

"Thanks Joe." Amy said and Joe just waved her away again.

Amy walked into her office, Thais had already set himself up at the child sized table near the windows where the cubs could draw and play when they were here. He turned to his mother, "Know what you are going to say yet?" He asked although he already knew exactly what she was going to say and the impact it was going to have.

"Yes." She answered as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the globe, she looked at it for several long moments then clutched it in her fist. She sat at her desk and put the black dome, an Ancient computer, on her desk, she sat the globe on top, the dome hummed almost silently as it turned its self on and read all the information on the globe.


Amy felt nervous even if she had her speech firmly in her mind, Thais stood beside her as they waited by the door which lead into the press conference.

"Don't be nervous." Thais told her.

Amy chuckled, "who is meant to be the adult here?" She asked.

"You are but you are nervous, don't be, you'll succeed." He told her honestly.

Amy smiled and leant down to kiss his forehead leaving a little bit of lipstick on his skin. She wiped it away and stood up, Joe had done her makeup, keeping it as subtle as possible as Amy wasn't big on makeup. She hadn't even bothered to try and cover the gently glowing makings, as on and off over the years she had seen the ones running down Amy's spine, sometimes seeing them even through Amy's clothes, so knew they were impossible to cover unless you were willing to put several layers of dark cloth over them.

Joe turned to Amy, "How do you want me to prep the press?"

"No questions." Amy said not wanting to be grilled at the moment.

Joe nodded slowly, "that bad huh?"

Amy smiled a little, "probably the hardest thing I've ever done." She told Joe.

Joe nodded again and didn't push for more, Amy would tell her what she needed to know when she needed to know it. She opened the door and entered the room, she walked to the dais and waited, she got silence almost immediately. "Morning everyone, Senator Luis will be making a speech but will not be answering questions at this time." She told the room then stepped down. The reporters frowned, normally Amy answered every question posed to her, it was strange for Amy not to answer questions.

Amy walked out holding Thais's hand, every camera focused on the little boy as besides the approved released photos Joe supplied the press, the cubs were fiercely guarded and kept from the press. It was another contradiction for them but one they weren't going to pass up, Thais smiled a little and waved at the press before he focused his attention completely on his mother.

Everyone turned their attention and cameras to Amy as she cleared her throat.

Thais moved closer to his mother, wrapping an arm around her leg as he watched her, he already knew everything that she was going to say, he knew what was going to happen because of this speech, the shift it would have but he still wanted to see it for himself, hear it as it happened. This was one of the most important things his mother would do for earth.

"Good morning everyone," Amy said before sucking in a deep breath, she felt a tightening on her leg and glanced down at Thais, she rested a hand on his head. "Today I was meant to hold a press conference and a speech about the events which have taken place over the last few months, of the world wide human and non-human slave ring, of the savage unprovoked beating of Ghost and of the cold blooded murder of his newly turned mate." She let her eyes wander as she took a quick breath. "I could talk about these things, but I won't, there is simply no point in rehashing details that you already know. Instead I want to talk about something else, something that happened." She paused for a moment.

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