tagIncest/TabooSplit in Two Ch. 01

Split in Two Ch. 01


This will be the only time that I will disclose this true story in other than a professional therapeutic setting. I have hidden this secret for too long. A licensed therapist suggests, as a healing tool, that I reveal my account of the incestuous affair that I engaged in with my daughter. I have suffered with guilt, disgust, and remorse. Worst of all, I continued to experience excitement, stimulation, and celebration of the conquest years later.

My wife, Jill and I took our daughter Jenna, to the seashore as a reward to celebrate her graduation from college. Jill was, and still is, a very attractive woman. She and I met at an ice skating rink in 1971. I was a roughneck college ice hockey player and she was taking skating lessons. It was instant romance. We married two years later. Jenna, our only child, was born while Jill was still in graduate school. Jill and I share a satisfying sexual relationship, but I carry this secret to this day.

The mayhem occurred during a summer vacation in Ocean City, Maryland in 1996. I am not sure who seduced who, but irregardless; it was consensual. My memories of the events are clear. I will disclose my account from a first person perspective in the present tense.

At 23 years old, Jenna is a very attractive young woman. She is 5' 1" tall, and weighs 97 pounds. Jenna has been involved in competitive gymnastics, swimming, and dancing all her life. She is petite and athletic, sporting a toned hard body. Just like Jill, Jenna has shoulder length light brown hair, piercing dark brown eyes, and a beautiful smile. Her small stature and girlish looks are deceiving as people often believed Jenna to be high school age.

The day of our arrival in Ocean City, Maryland was overcast and unseasonably cool. It was definitely not a good day for sunbathing or swimming. The girls took off for shopping in the small boutiques. I was happy to relax at the time share condominium watching television while enjoying a non work atmosphere. What a beautiful place; two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, dinette, and living room on the oceanfront. That evening, we enjoyed a splendid seafood dinner. The extended weather forecast indicated substantial improvement for the remainder of the week.

The second day of our 5 day stay began with a telephone call bearing bad news. Jill's mother had a slip and fall accident in the bathtub. She broke her hip. Jill packed up her suitcase and we took her to Wilmington, Delaware to catch a flight to her Mothers' home town of Buffalo, New York. I suggested that we all go with, but Jill insisted that Jenna and I stay and enjoy this time together before Jenna departed for an out of state school to start her graduate work in the fall.

With Jill safely on her way, Jenna and I returned to the seashore resort area about dinner time. We had a nice meal near the inlet and an enjoyable evening on the boardwalk. At about 11:00 we returned to the time share condominium on 29th street. We made telephone contact with Jill. All was as well as could be expected in Buffalo. Jenna and I settled into an evening chat enjoying a refreshing gin and tonic on our balcony overlooking the breaking waves. The reflection of a full moon on the water was peaceful and relaxing.

Jenna, Jill, and I have always been open and candid with each other. Hanging out with Jenna is always enjoyable. She has matured into a responsible young woman. Our conversation on the balcony bounced from topic to topic. Jenna told me that she thought that the stress of meeting production deadlines for my plastic molding business was starting to show some age on my face. I reassured her that I loved the pressure, and it always feels good when a job is complete.

I asked Jenna what was to come of her dating relationship with Tom now that she graduated. She told me, "Tom has more interest in watching movies than he has in a career or a family." Jenna added, "I'm not ready to settle down just yet. When Mr. Right comes along, I'll let you know." We talked a bit more as we finished our drinks. I kissed Jenna goodnight and headed for bed.

It is a shame that Jill had leave unexpectedly. Jill and I always made it a point to have sex anytime we stayed at a hotel. We didn't fulfill that ritual last night.

I awoke at 7:00 a.m. to the beaming sunshine of a new day. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I didn't see the age on my face that Jenna pointed out last night. In fact, I saw a vibrant 48 year old man. I nodded my head at the man in the mirror. I saw myself as healthy at 5' 11" tall and 190 lbs. I exercised a couple of times a week and tried to eat right. I'm sure that my physical stature was what initiated my contact with Jill 25 years ago. My appearance may have interested her, but my endowment made her mine. You see, I have been blessed with a penis that is significantly larger then most men.

Sleepy headed Jenna crawled out of bed at 8:45, and joined me on the balcony for coffee. It was already 83 degrees and a projected high of 94 degrees for the day was in store. The sunshine was bight and warm. I told Jenna, "Let's go get breakfast and then hang out on the beach for the day." She got ready and off we went to eat. Jenna wore a thin white cotton sun dress with her swim suit on under it. She is such a cutie.

After a nice breakfast at a local eatery, we returned to the time share condominium so I could get changed into my swimwear. When Jill packed, she forgot to put a jockstrap in the luggage. My swimsuit had a reinforced webbed crotch but I always liked to wear a jock to hold my package securely. I never advertised my endowment. Jill made it clear once she took it as hers, it was only hers. There was no time to waste going shopping for a jockstrap in a resort town. I pulled my swim trunks on, and off we went to the beach. It felt kind of cool to know I had a swinging cock that might get noticed as everyone checks out everyone at the beach.

By 11:00 the beach was crowded with bright orange and yellow rental umbrellas everywhere. There were hundreds of people moving about at the surfs edge. Some folks were swimming, and others digging in the sand. Most people were just taking a tan on their blankets. What a glorious time we had in the bright warm sunshine. Jenna and I walked a mile or so along the waters edge. I always enjoyed the time Jenna and I spent together. About 1:00, we had enough sun and were ready to get in the water to cool off.

When Jenna pulled her sun dress over her head, I took a second look. Her one piece dark blue suit accentuated her small frame as the suit was cut high on the sides at the hips. Her muscular abdomen was visible under the fabric as were her small breasts. This swim suit highlighted her flat taunt stomach. I caught myself taking a longer then normal looked at Jenna like never before. We entered the water wading out beyond where the waves break. This was the beginning of my trip toward hell.

We jumped in the waves and laughed for a half an hour. We just floated and floundered around enjoying the cool water. As I stood in chest deep water, Jenna swam over to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist while facing me. We bobbed up and down with each wave. As innocent as this playful act was, Jenna had no idea what was about to occur.

Impulsively, my hands cupped both of her ass cheeks and pulled her against me. Jenna grinned and giggled. She told me, "I love you Daddy." As we bounced with each wave, she was moving up and down on my groin with her muscular legs locked at the ankles behind my back. I looked her straight in the eyes and I could tell by her look of astonishment that she felt my cock beginning to thicken under her weight.

I told her, "I'm sorry Honey." She pressed her index finger to my lips to indicate silence and we continued to bob in the waves starring into each others eyes. I still had both of my hands on Jenna's tight little ass. I gently lifted her up and let her slide down along my stiffening rod with each passing wave. My cock continued to harden.

Jenna smiled at me and said, "You have a big cock." She paused for a few seconds as if expecting some type of response from me then she uttered, "I'm okay with this Daddy." In response, I pulled her nice tight little ass forcefully against my straining cock. Jenna sighed feeling my near full erect penis. Each time we bounced and the wave past, I could see Jenna's rock hard tiny nipples pressing against her blue suit.

As we rocked and bobbed with each wave, Jenna intentionally began to slide her ass further up and down the length of my erect penis... Her eyes were locked on mine with a beautiful smile showing her white teeth. Jenna was enjoying feeling my manhood rubbing against her cunt which was only separated by the thin material of our swimsuits. She flashed me a devilish smile. Jenna kissed me quickly on the lips and said, "I was wrong telling you that you have a big cock; I should have said that you have a very big cock."

I grasped her hips and pushed her away breaking her leg lock around my waist. She clung to me only around the neck. "No Jenna, this is wrong." I could see the panic in her face. Jenna let go of my neck allowing some distance between us. I told Jenna, "I love you and I am excited, but I know this should not be happening." Disgust for my behavior set in instantly deflating my aroused state of erection. I left the beach and returned to the time share condominium without another word.

Knowing there would be some explaining to do in the near future, I got into the shower where I was guaranteed some privacy to ponder what had just happened. My mind raced as I kept thinking about how Jenna's cunt was riding against my stiff prick in the waves. I was unable to think clearly. I began to recall watching Jenna at collegiate gymnastic meets. I knew she had a hard little body. Her skin tight gymnastic body suit left little to the imagination. I had often thought about how flexible Jenna is, as she was always stretching in some contorted position around the house. I was always fascinated how she could spread her legs wide open. Even then, I knew what a tight little spinner type package she was, but I had always been able to put those dirty thoughts out of my mind. Now my mind was filled with only dirty thoughts about my daughter.

My cock began to harden as I fantasized about Jenna. I was almost certain she would have a cleanly shaven mound. I began to stroke my thickening cock as I wondered what it would feel like to rub the head of my cock between the pink folds of my daughter's cunt lips. My erection was starting to throb. I could visualize the swollen head of my blood engorged cock between her cunt lips at the entrance of her tiny fuck hole. I was ready to shove my cock into Jenna.

As the hot steamy water pelted my back; I began to slowly stroke my rigid pole. Jenna was right; I did have a big cock. She really had no idea how big my cock would get as the cold water of the ocean kept my balls tight and prevented my cock from reaching a fully erect state. The hot water of the shower changed all that. I was now stroking my 12 inch prize. Slowly I slid my hand from the base of my cock to the head with a twisting motion as I thought about ramming my cock into Jenna's pussy. I intentionally rode my thumb on the one-fourth inch thick vein that ran the length of the shaft. My cock was now fully erect measuring well over 2 inches in diameter on the shaft and just a little thicker at the head. As I pumped my cock, my thoughts got further and further out of bounds. I knew if I were to plow my cock into my little Jenna, I would split her in two. She was 97 lbs of tight body with nowhere to hide my foot long fuck stick.

I wanted to embed my 12 inch raging tool in Jenna's bald pussy. I continued to stroke my cock while I fantasized that I would be able to see an outline of my cock bulging in her tight hard belly once I was buried to the hilt. The thought of splitting Jenna with my thick hard cock really turned me on. My cock was as hard as it has ever been as I continued to fantasize that Jenna was begging me, "No more Daddy, I can't take it. You're splitting me in two with your big cock." The more she pleaded, the more cock I slowly forced into her hole. Jenna's cunt was stretched so tightly around my cock that I could see her unprotected clit riding on my thick shaft. Only three more inches and she would have all. I was ready to securely grasp her hips and ram it home mashing our pubic bones together. I squeezed the shaft of my cock really tightly as I felt ready to cum when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

It was Jenna. She said, "Daddy, we need to talk."

I told her, "Okay, I'll be out in a few minutes."

Jenna said, "I am going to take a shower and I will meet in the living room as soon as I am dressed."

My God, how was I to handle this mess. Reality set in again and my erection subsided. I got out of the shower, dried off and slipped on a pair of loose fitting nylon gym shorts. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized my face had a red tint from the sun. I put on some moisturizing cream. I looked younger and healthy with the radiant glow. A shot of deodorant and a splash of cologne prepared me to meet this issue head on with Jenna. Without a shirt or shoes, I plopped down on the sofa and turned on the stereo while waiting for Jenna.

A few minutes later, Jenna came around the corner wearing a tight pair of olive green shorts and a white muscle shirt. I immediately notice her nipples and the 1 inch dark areolas around them were visible through the thin cotton material of the shirt. She was brushing her hair as she walked over to the dinette counter to retrieve her elastic hair tie. She had my complete attention as I examined her petite body. Her shorts were short and tight. Each of her ass cheeks were separated so nicely. She pulled her hair into a ponytail securing it with the tie.

Jenna sat in the wing backed chair across from me. She kicked off the conversation by saying, "I love you and I too know that what we were doing is wrong. I am 23 years old. I made a conscious decision that once I felt your erection in the water; I wanted to feel more of it. I have always secretly hoped for something like this to happen." Jenna stood up and continued, "Daddy, I have been sexually active since I was 19 and have only been intimate with a few men. I know about sex, and I really do enjoy it. Now that I have felt your big cock, I am determined to openly see it erect in all its glory. Please Daddy, show me your big cock. I may never have another chance in my life to enjoy seeing such a well hung man."

I squirmed in my seat as I felt my organ twitch. I was in the presence of a virile young woman. She glared at my package with a look of lust in her eyes. Jenna knew I was falling under her spell. She then disclosed more then I could have ever imagined coming from my little girl's mouth. She stated, "I am a cum crazed cock sucking slut with the right man, and you Daddy; are the right man. I told you I would let you know when Mr. Right came along. You are him, and I am having that cock."

Jenna immediately knelt on the floor between my legs and snuck her small hand up the pant leg of my shorts. She grasped my shaft and I instantly began to get hard. "Oh my God," she repeated over and over as she grasped my cock sliding her hand along the length. My erection tented my shorts quickly. "Let me see it all," Jenna said as she tugged at my shorts. I lifted my ass and she pulled the gym shorts off. My 12 inch cock slapped soundly against my stomach once free. "Oh my God," Jenna chanted. "You have the biggest cock I have ever seen. Your cock is beautiful. Look at that thick vein."

Jenna grasped my cock in her left hand pushing the crown tight against my stomach. My cock began drooling pre cum fluid. She used the index finger of her left hand to rub the lubricating pre cum fluid around the head of my cock. She squeezed the shaft tightly and more fluid leaked from the slit. Jenna's face was aglow as she gave me a wicked smile. She smeared the clear fluid on the shaft and began long smooth strokes of my cock. Soon she was using two hands to pump my rigid organ.

Jenna was in awe of the size of my fully erect cum leaking manhood. She said, "This thing is huge, and it is rock hard. You could split a woman my size in two with this monster." Imagine the smile that put on my face to hear my daughter verbalize my thoughts. Maybe she shared my fantasy.

With her right hand, she began to massage my balls that were heavy laden with sperm. What Jenna didn't know was that in addition to having a big cock, I also was a quality cumshot man as well. I frequently discharged six to eight jets of thick white milky semen before the rest oozed out of my cum slit. As she massaged my balls, my thoughts were directed to her beautiful face. I was totally hopeless at stopping this incident. Now I wanted to shoot my pent up load all over her angelic face. I wanted to drown her in cum. If she watched porn and knew anything about Bukake, she had become the target of my one man show that could coat her face as well as any five or six men were capable.

My cock was throbbing as I reached maximum thickness. My balls ached as fresh semen had expanded my sac. Jenna leaned her head between my legs grasping a thigh with each hand. While keeping her hands on my thighs; she licked the under side of my cock from the base to the tip taking ten seconds to get to the top. Jenna maintained burning eye contact during her slow journey up my shaft. She butterfly tongue lashed the engorged bulbous head. My cock was flexing out of control. Without using her hands, Jenna was unable to keep her tongue in constant contact with my manhood.

I was ready to erupt. Jenna grasped my cock with her right hand and stuck the end of her tongue into my cum slit gathering the lubricating fluid that freely flowed. She just cooed having sampled what was about to gush out in torrents. I told Jenna, "slow down or you are going to get a face full of cum."

She wickedly smiled at me and challenged, "I dare you to."

Jenna locked her dark brown eyes on mine and asked, "Where do you want to unleash your load Daddy? Do you want to spray your jizz all over my tits?" With that, she pulled her sheer shirt over her head. She leaned back to show me her rock hard nipples. I reached out gripping her hard nipples between my thumb and index finger with each hand. I pulled both nipples toward me stretching her pert little tits. Once extended, I gave each nipple a sharp twist and let go. Jenna squealed from the painful pleasure.

Jenna again wrapped her small hands around the shaft. She took the head of my cock into her mouth. She had to strain to engulf the big head but she was able to do so. Jenna pulled the head of my cock out of her mouth with a pop and asked, "Or would Daddy like to shoot his spunk in my mouth?" She smiled at me and lowered her mouth around my cock again. She pushed her mouth down until the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. She bobbed her head a few times allowing the head of my cock to strike the entrance to her throat. She pulled my cock from her mouth with a stringer of goo connecting us. She sucked the mix of saliva and my leaking seminal fluid back into her mouth before asking, "Or would Daddy like to coat my throat with his thick hot cum?"

I didn't know who taught her how to be such a teasing cock sucker, but God bless their soul; whoever they are. Jenna again encased my cock in her mouth. This time when I hit the back of her throat, she repositioned herself and allowed 2 inches of my stiff cock to penetrate her velvet throat. Jenna came up with tears leaking out of the corner of both eyes. She smiled proudly of her accomplishment of taking my thick cock into her throat. She licked her lips seductively and told me, "I'm betting you want to shoot your cum straight into my belly with your cock buried deep in my throat."

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