tagBDSMSpoiled Little Dutch Girl Ch. 02

Spoiled Little Dutch Girl Ch. 02


Thanks to all the people that encouraged me to continue the original story. I appreciate the messages and feedback. It took me a while but I finally got around to penning another chapter. You'll probably want to read the first installment if you haven't already, otherwise this may not make sense. Enjoy.


As I closed the door to the hotel room I contemplated the good luck I'd had today - my trip over from the States had been comfortable, my business meetings had been successful, I had a slight buzz from a quick evening joint in the park, and standing in front of me eyeing my cock was the gorgeous creature whose musky fragrance still lingered on my middle finger. All in all, a pretty good day.

"Get undressed."

She looked uncertain, glancing around the room, taking in her surroundings. She was hesitating, trying to buy time.

"Get undressed." I said it again, quietly, but my tone made it clear that it was a command.

She pushed her bag against the wall and pulled her outermost top over her head. The lower one rode up and exposed most of her taught abs, catching on the bottom of her bra. I motioned towards the desk and she dropped it there. Next came the second top, catching in her long blonde hair as she pulled it over her head, exposing a lacy white bra. She kicked her shoes off and pushed them into the corner.

She paused for a moment, running her palms along the sides of her pants nervously. Her pert breasts were rising and falling as she breathed quickly - I'm sure her pulse was racing. Her nipples were hard and visible through the sheer parts of the lace.

"Go on..."

She slowly pushed the waistband of her capris down, this time making sure that her panties stayed in place. As she lowered the pants a lacy thong came into view - white, mostly sheer, and a perfect match to the bra above. The pants soon joined the pile of clothes on the desk.

When she wasn't nervously looking at the floor her eyes were glued to my slowly hardening cock. I wanted to stroke it and return it to the state it was in when her body was stretched across my lap in the park, but I waited. I was going to make her do it all.

I was getting impatient. I'd been in a state of non-stop arousal for the past hour and I had just about had it.

"The underwear, too. Remove it. I want you naked... Now."

She jumped a little as I'd raised my voice on the last word. Her bra fastened in the front and she fumbled momentarily with the clasp before parting the fabric and exposing her firm, young breasts to my hungry eyes. She slid first one arm and then the other out of the straps and dropped the bra to the floor.

Looping her thumbs in the waistband of her thong, she slipped it over her slender hips, exposing a wispy tuft of blonde hair to my eyes. Her legs were clenched together tightly as she pushed the panties to the floor. Finally, she stepped out of them daintily, being careful not to expose too much of her treasures to me.

I twirled my hand in a spinning motion and she obeyed, spinning slowly before my eyes. In the light of my hotel room I saw what the twilight had mostly hidden from me in the park - a beautiful, naked, 18 year old girl. Her body was lean with a hint of muscle tone, her skin was fair and flawless, and her long blonde hair was streaking over her shoulders, framing her face perfectly. She had the stereotypical Dutch features I loved so much, fair skin, blonde hair, bright eyes, and a small, sharp nose.

Her hips were barely there but her ass had the perfect bubble shape to it and I could see the thick lips of her pussy peeking out from between her round cheeks. From the front her shaven lips were separated, the long hood of her clit visible at the top and two thin inner lips dangling lower.

I motioned for her to come to me.

"I.... I.... I'm not on the pill. I'm not protected." She looked fearful as if she were worried I might be upset.

"Ok. They'll be time for that later." I responded soothingly, as I brushed the hair back from her face gently. "I have something different in mind right now. On your knees... Take it in your mouth."

She nodded and dropped down in front of me. "I've only done this once before. I don't know if I'm any good at it."

"Don't worry -- we'll take care of that." She tentatively took my cock in her hand studying it up close before reaching out with her tongue to lick the tip. She slowly tightened her grip making my cock even more rigid and sensitive. Her eyes met mine as she licked back and forth around at the tip. There was a question to her gaze -- "Am I doing ok?"

I was mesmerized by the site of her licking my rod, now purple and slick with her saliva. I was still determined not to make it easy for her so other than a few moans I gave little indication of just how much I was enjoying her oral attention. While she quickly figured out that running her whole tongue across the underside of the head brought the best response she still didn't know what to do.

I wanted more... much more... and I couldn't take it any longer. After a particularly long, slow lick I managed to quietly grunt, "It is called cocksucking for a reason!" Ever eager to please she immediately engulfed the head and began slowly bobbing on just the head and first few inches -- barely taking me halfway. It was far from the best blowjob I'd ever had but her inexperience was more of a turn on than a buzzkill. Of course, it didn't hurt that this was possibly the most beautiful girl that had ever had the pleasure of sucking me off.

And suck me off she did... I couldn't take my eyes off her thin lips stretched over the head of my cock. Novice technique or not, I soon felt the tingling in my core that signaled my orgasm. Normally I would have warned her or, with more experience, she would have sensed it herself. I tried to hold back any sign of the impending explosion about to happen. For me this has always had the effect of increasing the intensity when I finally do cum. Tonight was going to be no exception.

I'm a guy who doesn't really make much pre-cum unless a woman can work me almost to the point of no return and then back me off quickly. Instead, with no pre-taste-test it wasn't until the final instant that she sensed what was about to happen. My whole cock twitched as the first burst of cum shot violently from my cock into her mouth. It had been a few days since I'd cum and the past hours had me so worked up that it felt like I was pouring buckets into her warm mouth. I groaned with the ferocity of a wounded animal from the intensity of the sensation. After the surprise of the first blast she backed off, pulling off my cock. Unsure what to do she held it out in front of her but never relaxed her firm grip. I drew the line at forcing it back into her mouth and instead settled for the visual stimulation of four or five more bursts splattered across her face and neck. The final spurt lacked the power to reach her shocked, frosted face and instead just poured out onto her firm little tits.

I took a few moments to catch my breath and then gently pried her fist from my deflating cock. Judging from the look on her face her first oral experiment had not ended in her mouth and she wasn't relishing the taste. I've been covered in my own cum before and also know that the dripping, drying load on her face probably felt bizarre as well.

She was avoiding my eyes but I finally broke the silence. "Up!" It was a command and I meant for it to be followed. She reached for her face to wipe the cum off onto her hand or arm but I grabbed her wrist, preventing her but not hurting her. I pulled the desk chair into the open area and placed her hand on the arm of the chair. I bent her over at the waist and she instinctively grabbed the other arm to keep her balanced. I used my foot to drag her ankles until she was spread into a wide stance.

As I moved behind her she turned her head to follow me but immediately realized her error and faced forward. Since she knew what was coming I let the anticipation hang in the air for 10 seconds, then 10 more. When I couldn't stand the wait any longer I unleashed a torrent of blows on her perfect ass. I'd probably only managed to get 4-5 on each cheek before she shot up and her arms flew back to protect her delicate bottom.

She was sobbing frantically as I pushed her forward at the waist and returned her hands to the arms of the chair. Again I tugged at her ankles to spread her legs but this time pulled them further away from the chair. Next I pushed her hips towards the chair pitching her weight forward almost entirely onto her arms. In this position there was no way for her to reach back to her ass while I delivered her spanking.

This time I didn't waste a single second before working her ass over with swat after swat. My hand stung from the contact but probably nowhere near as much as her rapidly reddening cheeks. I looked up and realized that I had inadvertently positioned her so I could see her face in the mirror. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, her hair thrashing about with each blow, tits shaking everywhere, and her eyes were wild. I worked high and low until both cheeks from top to thigh were practically glowing.

Finally she broke down, begging me for mercy. "Please! Please stop! I'm sorry I didn't swallow your cum! I'm sorry I didn't suck your cock right. Please let me swallow your cum! Please give it to me! I can't take any more - no more... no more..." But she never made any move to resist...

Immediately I stopped the spankings and just rested my hand on her warm red ass gently caressing it.

"No more... no more.... I'll do it right... Just let me suck your cock again... I'm so sorry... I promise..." She was moaning, almost in a whisper, as her breathing came in deep gasps. I helped her upright and she fell into my chest continuing to babble about swallowing my cum. As light as she was I was able to pick her up like a rag doll and place her gently among the pillows on the bed. She reached for my cock as I gently pushed her back, trying to rise up to take it. I backed out of her reach and spread her knees wide exposing her pussy to me.

"You said you wouldn't..." she whispered meekly, momentarily misinterpreting my intentions.

"Shhhh... it's ok." I reassured her as I began kissing her thighs and got my first up close look at her gorgeous sex. If she was wet earlier in the park she was positively drenched now. Her lips were slick with her juices before I even took my first tentative lick. She moaned in response and threw her head back onto the bed as I dove in and began to lick her outer lips from ass to clit. Slowly I repeated the motion over and over -- first one side and then the other. Every few times I'd make my tongue as flat as possible and lick the dripping source of her fluids gathering them on my tongue.

I took my time savoring her flavor and the sound of her moans. I could feel her heat rising and her body shifting from side to side trying unsuccessfully to force my tongue to make contact with her clit. When neither of us could stand any more I relented and ran my tongue gently up the edge along her hood. She responded by humping her hips into my face violently. I reached under her and gently held each perfect globe of her ass in a hand while I continued the slow flicking of the sides of her clit. Her juices were flowing down my chin, unfortunately going to waste pooling on the bed. The heat coming off of her tortured ass warmed both my hands.

Finally I couldn't take any more and I began to lap directly at the tip of her clit with hard quick strokes. This pushed her over the edge and she began to cum in an intense orgasm. Her chest was flushed as red as her ass and I could feel her whole pussy contracting in spasm after spasm under me. Her moans of passion were even louder than her cries of pain just 30 minutes earlier. Eventually her body went limp and I relented from my assault on her clit and contented myself with planting gentle kisses on her thighs.

Rearranging myself on the bed I took her in my arms and pulled her to my chest. Again she reached for my cock to guide it to her mouth but I pushed her hands away and held her until her breathing returned to normal. Leaving her for an instant I went into the bathroom and began running a warm bath, dumping the entire little bottle of body shampoo into the deep bathtub.

I returned to the bed to collect her, finding her looking very tired but also confused. Scooping her up in my arms was so easy -- it made me feel powerful and romantic at the same time. Once in the bathroom I set her in the bathtub helping her steady herself as she let her feet adjust to the heat. She slowly lowered herself into the water and stretched out disappearing into the bubbles. I knelt beside her, dipped a washcloth into the warm water, and used it to gently wipe the combination of dried cum and moist tears from her face.

"Sit up." No longer a command -- just a request, but she complied immediately. I cleaned the washcloth in the water and used it to rub her back and then squeezed the water out of the cloth repeatedly cascading warm water over her breasts.

Finally, I climbed into the bath behind her and wet her hair while protecting her eyes from runoff. Squeezing an enormous amount of shampoo into my hands I began to wash her hair, massaging the lather into her scalp bit by bit. The luxurious feelings elicited a slight moan and I felt her body relax even more into my own. After a thorough scalp rub, rinse, and a repeat with the conditioner I had her lay back against me and we sank into the deep tub.

Even though she was slowly melting into my body I could still feel some hesitation in her. "It is ok to ask me your question, you know. Take your time." It wasn't quite a whisper but I tried to sound soft and soothing. After an extended but not uncomfortable silence (at least for me) and a nice warm soak I got us both out of the tub and wrapped her in a towel large enough to be a sail on a small boat. I thoroughly dried her off and had her lean over the sink with her hands on the marble vanity. Given the gentle intimacy we'd just shared I think she was scared she had done something wrong and was about to receive another spanking. Instead I took the lotion from the sink and rubbed it into her firm ass. The heat was gone from the earlier spanking but the color was still a nice red tone.

After a few moments of privacy in the bathroom I herded her into bed. She sat tentatively on the edge for a moment and finally asked in a barely audible voice, "Why won't you give me another chance? I'm sorry I didn't do a good job sucking you earlier. I want to make you feel good."

I smiled at her, leaned in, and gave her a soft kiss. "Whoever said that you didn't do a good job? I think you made me feel pretty damn good."

"Then.... Then why did you spank me?"

"Why did you come here tonight?"

She reflected for a few moments, looking down so as not to make eye contact. "Because you made me feel good tonight in the park. I wanted more."

"Did I make you feel good tonight here as well?"

"Yes." It was barely a whisper. I could make out the shame in her voice.

"Then that is why I spanked you."

"How did you know I would like it?"

"I didn't. I'm glad that you did, though. My intuition was right."

"What would you have done if I didn't like it?"

"Exactly the same thing that I did."

She finally looked up, a bit shocked. "What? You would have spanked me anyway?"

"No... I would have stopped as soon as you asked me to. Didn't you notice that I did that? For all the abuse your poor ass was taking you only asked me to stop once and I did. Immediately. You didn't ask because you didn't want it to stop."

Fatigue was starting to overtake both of us so I pulled down the comforter and slid under the covers. She slipped in next to me and I pulled her body close. I propped a pillow on my shoulder and encouraged her to snuggle in close with her head on my chest. When I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her to me to surrender to sleep she murmured one more thing before slipping off to sleep.

"Thank you."

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