tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 04

Spreading Seeds Ch. 04


Chapter 4 – The Great Burney Clusterfuck

Andre came past us and said "Now Astral may be washed and we can start this Clusterfuck for real." Astral turned to me and hugged me. I took her hand and noticed Audrey standing looking at me. I reached out and took her hand, "Come you can help me wash Astral," I said. So the three of us went to the duck boards. I moved the bench off and several girls sat on it and watched as I washed the last of the Bahia.

I had to make this fast but I also had to get Audrey back up to at least simmer and I had to make Astral feel the goddess. A lot to ask from an Agronomist. I took the dipper in hand and began.

Astral had bent and pulled up her hair so I dipped water on her back and down over her ass. She stood facing the right and I soaped up her back, feeling every inch of her. I looked at Audrey and said, "Why don't you soap up her front?" Audrey laughed. "You come in front, I'll do her back." So I moved and dipped water over her breasts and began to soap her. She smiled and threw back her head, lifting her breasts to my hands. Audrey stroked her back and soon had gotten down to her sweet cheeks. She was rubbing with her eyes closed and feeling what I don't know. Astral reacted to being goosed by pushing her hips back and I slid my hand down and stroked her bush and reached back where I felt Audrey's finger had entered Astral's ass and so I just rubbed her clit and opened her lips and dipped my finger.

I dipped some more water on her and soaped up her bush real well. I started stroking her and let my finger probe her vagina, taking my time and easing it into her. She accepted my finger easily and stood rocking her hips and my finger stroked her.

I reached around and had Audrey stand beside Astral. I put my other hand on Audrey's trim bush. I began to rub and Audrey put her arm around Astral and they both rocked their hips and I stroked their bush. Applause broke out as Audrey reached out and took my penis in her hand stroking it in time.

I relaxed my control and let it erect itself as Audrey looked down at it swelling in her hand. Astral still had her eyes closed and she reached out with her hand and put it on my shoulder and leaned in to my shoulder while her hips rocked. I left my finger in Audrey while I dipped water over Astral's breasts and bush trying with one hand to dip and rub but I had to use both hands and Audrey moaned when I took my hand away. Astral must have opened her eyes and saw Audrey had my penis in her hand. Astral looked up at me and smiled then reached down and helped Audrey stroke it. I was getting way ahead of myself and had two women wanting me to make the Goddess appear. I moved them both to lean up against the wall and knelt between Astral's legs reaching out with my left hand to stroke Audrey's thigh and belly.

I started trying to find Astral's clit in her dark curls with my lips and right hand. Finally I got all the hair out of the way and sucked it lightly. Astral stiffened and put one hand on my head stoking my hair.

While I had Astral under control, I felt for Audrey and slipped a finger back in to her. Then I stroked and sucked and licked and fingered. Astral started to climax and I helped her, sucking her clit and stroking her pussy. Astral caught herself and stood leaning down to kiss me as I still had Audrey on the other hand. Astral turned and kissed Audrey while I stroked her with two fingers. I shifted around until I was between Audrey's legs and started to lick her when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Astral leaned down and said, "She wants you to kiss her, I'll take over down there."

So Astral and I traded places. Audrey kissed me and since I was now supporting her with my arms Audrey put her arms around me and lifted one leg to drape it over Astral's shoulder. Applause greeted that move and I looked around and at least half of the people in the room were watching Astral and I working on Audrey. I heard Roy say something but I couldn't tell what it was. Audrey was reaching now for her second climax of the night and her friends shouted encouragement.

Audrey was bucking and moaning and I heard Astral sucking and felt Audrey's hips moving. I was sucking her nipple when she pulled me by the hair up to her lips. I kissed her hard and thrust my tongue into her mouth. Then she started to climax, she was shaking and gripping me hard her head fell back and she made a noise in her throat, holding the guttural note for two measures, and then collapsed in my arms. I felt Astral's hand slide up my back and she made me the meat in the sandwich as I lifted Audrey up.

Astral reached around and held my penis while Audrey caught her breath against my chest. Cheers and applause broke out and when I turned everyone was kissing everyone else, the girls who had paired up were kissing and Roy was trying to kiss three at once.

I gathered the two women in my arms and kissed them. We dried each other and left our robes on the hooks as it looked like everyone had now abandoned modesty in favor of access.

Sarge called for our attention and everyone who wasn't otherwise occupied gathered around the Pedestal. "People of Barney," he said, "we have not enough Alcoves to provide privacy and in order to allow more participation in the insemination." A laugh greeted that.

"We have had the Administration bring in rugs and blankets and cushions. If you please help roll them out we can all be more comfortable. We are going to douse the Chandelier and only leave enough light to get around. Now that all the women are washed and have been readied and the introductions made we can get on with the main events of the evening. So come by the entry way and make yourselves a nest where ever you can find space. The lights are dimming in half an hour. I wish all of you luck."

Astral, Audrey and I joined the queue and got a rug, three blankets and three pillows from the go-fer girls at the entry way. These must be the older ones, a look of surprise and longing came to their faces when Sarge opened the drapes and they saw that most of us were naked and many of us were "otherwise engaged".

I noticed Andre kissed each one of the go-fer girls in thanks for their service. I decided as a guest that I'd just thank them. We circulated around the room and found that Raule had saved us some space between he and Bob who was spreading his rugs and blankets.

The girls unrolled the rug and spread all but one of the Blankets, then tossed the cushions on while I went to get a couple of dry towels.

I lay down with an extra blanket under my arm and patted the pallet. The girls sat down Indian fashion in front of me. "What next?" Audrey asked looking around at the swiftly organizing crowd. Pipes had been passing around and one came by and we all took a hit and passed it on to Bob and his group.

"I think," I said, "once everyone is settled the lights will go out and it will be 2.3 women for every man. So there will be a need for us to concentrate on what we are doing to get you women pregnant,"

Astral watched as Raule, setting cross legged, allowed his tool to rise under his girl's careful assistance. I was watching as Bob was handling three girls trying to find the right position so he could handle them all. I knew he was just stalling waiting for the lights to dim.

I sat up facing them and we made a triangle of knees. I reached out to each of them and we had the problem that we had to lean over to touch each other. I moved Audrey so she was on my left thigh and had Astral sit on my right with her leg over Audrey's. "We can at least kiss," I said and hugged them to me. The girls were looking behind me at Raule. I tried to turn but couldn't see.

Bob had finally selected one on his lap and one on each hand, on their knees kissing him. But after some discussion and readjustment it was finally settled by the women that it would be one on his lap and one on each hand but, the hand maidens would be on their knees stroking the goddess on the rod.

I laughed but realized with both arms around them, I had no mobility. "Ladies this is not going to work. Let's try something else." They moved and I turned and caught Raule in the last act of "The Features of the Tool" I knew that they had been watching as he demonstrated.

"Shall I show you mine?" I asked. They agreed so I sat cross legged and Astral and Audrey were closely watching as I lifted my flaccid penis up and pulled back the fore skin. I explained about blood pressure and how it needed some coaxing to become erect. Audrey reached out and touched it cupping it in her hand and she smiled at Astral, who rubbed her finger tips along the top of it just pulling back the foreskin.

I leaned back and spread my legs and they sat on either side of me and fondled me. I relaxed and allowed them to coax "Achilles from his tent". Mine was not like Raule's but the women took turns stroking it and squeezing it. That's about when the lights went out.

In seconds all around the room Ohh's, Ahhh's and nervous laughter filled the room and I pulled Audrey and Astral down under each arm and hugged them. "Now Audrey you are first up so Astral you can help or just keep stroking my penis to keep it hard. OK?"

"Go for it but save me some, OK."

I turned my attention to Audrey and Astral just cupped herself to my back. I kissed Audrey and stroked her breasts. Audrey rolled over on her back and I lost contact with Astral.

Audrey was responding enthusiastically and I thought I was doing really well when I slid my hand down to her clit and found Astral's tongue, so I fondled Audrey's boobs and kissed them

"Audrey sit on my face and I'll sip your nectar," I said.

Audrey didn't move to get up but her hips were moving and Astrals hand came up to grasp my penis and squeezed it. I let her go a minute kissing her and playing but then I moved to my back and lifted Audrey on to my lap.

Her wet pussy lips hit my hard-on and I swear they sucked it into her.

So Audrey was no problem. She was only moderately tight, I had plenty of room. I maneuvered her so I could stroke up the back of her vagina and just catch my penis under her cervix. She seemed to like that for a while then leaned over me and began to ride the tip just popping it in and out of the mouth of her vagina. Then she sank it and worked a deep slow stroke and sank down on my chest and kissed me. She just held me like that while I moved in and out and back and forth and in and out. I finally could release the demons and so I let go of another bit of control,

I started to thrust harder now and she got back up on her hands and met me with equal vigor. Oh it felt good!

Astral took that opportunity to back around and plant her pussy on my face. Her curly bush rubbed lightly against my nose and we adjusted positions so I could lick her slit from bottom to top. In the meantime Audrey was still meeting me and Astrals pussy filled my face with gooey nectar.

Audrey started to fade so I stopped her, gently pushed Astral away and let Audrey fall on to my chest. I reached down and moved her right leg out straight then flipped her on her back.

"Astral find a pillow", I said.

She slapped me aside the head with a pillow, "Oh sorry, it's the light." She said.

"No," I said. "Put it under her hips," I lifted Audrey up and Astral fitted the pillow. I let Audrey down and leaned over her again pulling her knees up and out. I was ready to plant a few wild oats and I wanted to make sure the field was clear. I started to stroke and let go of the control I had been exercising all night. Charlotte Dunbar passed thru my mind but Audrey's pussy felt just as good. I let myself think of sons and daughters I would never really know and bent to kiss Audrey but she was in the wrong position I could barley reach her forehead. I pulled my head back and Astral slipped in to kiss me. I could feel the surge start to build and I fed on that willing it to come and yet willing to suffer the waiting to make one more stroke on that pink perfection around my dick.

Audrey groaned and let out a loud sigh. I felt her relax and that set me off. I sank it deep into her putting as much at the mouth of her cervix as I could. Wave after wave of pleasure pulsed in her pussy. I stroked a few times jerkily and then collapsed on her pulling her hips up to hold my semen in her. I rested a minute while Astral stroked my back and my ass. I grabbed a towel and slipped my penis out, wiped myself and the softly dried Audrey's exposed parts giving her a few tender kisses and then lay down next to her.

I still wasn't done but at least I could rest for the next round. I cuddled with Audrey while Astral got on her other side and kissed her Astral asked, "Did it hurt?"

Audrey laughed, "Deliciously!" she said. At that a few eavesdroppers laughed and there were cat calls all around for a while and a few voices asked for a pipe or a pouch. After a few moments it quieted down except for the sound of wet flesh slapping in 3/4qtr time.

I kissed Audrey and held her breast while I drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened by Raule grabbing my ass and whispering in my ear, "Josh can you do me a favor?"

I turned to him and said, "I'm not sucking your dick."

Raule said, "No can you, well can you open Morgan up for me. I've tried everything and I don't want to hurt her if you could just work her till she opens up a bit then I can finish her off. OK."

I turned over and woke up a little. "OK just for you." I was rewarded by a stiff punch to my shoulder and his hand on my arm leading me to the unfortunate one.

Morgan had her pussy over the brunette's face. The brunette was giving her a slow simmer to keep her ready. Raule stayed back and I moved Morgan over keeping her on her knees and I let my penis anticipate another tight orifice, but I bent down and felt her pussy with my hand slipping one finger slowly in to her she would start to relax, but as I tried to put in a second finger it tightened and my first finger was tight in her once again. I leaned over and licked it and it relaxed and I was able to get one finger in and loosened her up slowly. "A very nervous filly". I thought.

I turned over and put my head between her legs and pulled her down just a bit so I could kiss her vaginal opening and then slipped one finger into her while licking her lips and playing with her ass with my thumb.

I kept that up until I was able to get two fingers into her vagina and she got used to that. Then I pulled out from under her and pushed her head down gently, lifted her ass and began to rub the tip of my penis on her vagina. I felt it constrict but as I continued, it relaxed again and I was able to get the tip almost thru the opening. I licked my hand and lubricated the tip of my penis and pressed it back before she could tighten up again. I kept up a steady pressure and finally I entered her slowly. I drew back and came in again slowly but firmly. I only went in about half way teasing her and increasing the rhythm and slowing down but never thrusting completely.

I worked her a while and then pulled out and let Raule start to work. He had lubed up and started to rub the head of his tool on her vagina after a few attempts he was in and Morgan was sobbing but still working it deeper in to her.

I returned to find Astral and Audrey talking; I joined them and kissed them both, "Anything happen while I was gone?" I asked. Astral got up and got on the other side of me. I laid back and she rubbed my chest and kissed it. Then her hand slid down to my half erect penis and she kissed me with increasing ferocity. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her on top of me in self defense more than anything.

She trapped my penis between us and as it reinflated she rocked across me arching her back so her pubic bone rocked over the swelling penis. I pulled her up and made her set on my face so I could lubricate her and, frankly, so I could lick her pink little pussy. I confess Pink drives me crazy.

About that time I heard Morgan really grunt and groan then Raule made the call of the choking moose more than once and took in a gigantic breath and let it out again.

There was a constant slap from Bob's side of the blanket but I ignored it and concentrated on Astral. I had wanted to have her since yesterday and last night touching her was exquisite. I had a lot more appreciation for the situation we were really in now and could relax and be myself at last. I licked her one last time and guided her to my lap.

I had her lift and I lubed up and took the tip and rubbed it over her. She adjusted her height then changed positions and pressed her vagina ever so slightly on to my penis. I provided a few soft thrusts and she pulled away only to come back again and millimeter by millimeter I sank my penis into her. She was still not relaxed but I pulled her down on my chest and we rested and savored the moment. I moved gently and rubbed her silky back. She kissed me on the throat and moved her pelvis up and down slightly forcing me ever deeper in to her. She rubbed my chest and said, "I've been wondering all night what this was going to be like and it has been like nothing I could ever imagine."

Astral reached up and kissed me then raised herself up and slowly worked me fully into her. Her breath caught and she jerked a few times but she just stopped and breathed a few times before looking down at me. She smiled and put her hands on my abdomen and began to rock forward and lift her hips then come back in an arch that kept me trapped in a pulsating prison of pink. I kept my abdominals tight and let her rock until she had to move to another position.

I rolled her over on her back and gave her a few slow complete strokes completely exiting her and then completely taking her. I move up and slipped up the back of her vagina to trap her cervix and let it slip off the tip of my penis making for some interesting variations. I changed positions and began some slow and serious thrusting but not meat slappin'. She responded well and her vagina was well lubricated now. She buried her head into my neck and gasped "Oh Josh, Oh Josh" over and over as I kept the rhythm constant.

By now there was the sound of slapping meat coming from every side and I had forgotten we were in an almost public space. All I was thinking of was the pink, and her supple arms around me and her graceful breasts and her flying fingers on the guitar. I felt her begin to climax and began the release of my demons.

Her knees were up and she locked her ankles behind my back. I started thrusting for the finish and she was still working it hard we were both covered in sweat and slippery. It was a marvelous feeling at that moment.

But all such moments are fleeting and Astral arched her back and screamed "Oh Josh!" and after a second I felt her go limp. She kept her arms and legs around me but she was just holding on. She was like a gelatin all soft and wiggly. I felt the surge begin and I gritted my teeth and pumped my seed deep in to her. Astral rose to meet my thrust. I cried out "Oh Ast...ral, Oh Ast.. ral, Oh Astral." and collapsed on to my elbows.

We got a hand from Raule and Morgan and the rest of the room laughed and continued with whatever had previously occupied them.

Astral and I laughed a little as we caught our breaths. I rose up on my hands and the cool air hit the sweaty flesh between us. I was still erect. Astral had that effect on me and I wasn't willing to release my grip on her yet. I dipped to kiss her, her eyes opened and she smiled dreamily. "Oh Josh," and tried with diminished strength to pull me to her lips. I let our bodies seal the cool damp flesh and kissed her on the mouth.

A pillow came bouncing out of the night and hit me in the face. Astral laughed. I was wobbly with the after glow and I wanted to hold Astral. My erection would surly provide a seal to keep the precious juices flowing toward impregnation. I turned her and let her legs rest in the crooks of my arms my knees cupping her butt. My erection pressed against the front of her vagina and I slid it out a little rubbing to find her G spot and bumping my dick to softly stimulate her. I soon tired and called for a towel. One hit me in the face and fortunately it hadn't been used. Astral and I maneuvered our selves around on the rug so we could be next to Audrey and then I started the classic drip less pull out. Astral wasn't dripless, she had been too excited to be as dry as Audrey, and Audrey wasn't really dripless either.

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