tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 14

Spreading Seeds Ch. 14


Chapter 14 -Old Technologies

"Josh. Josh, the sun is coming up," Lenore said in my ear.

I heard the words but I didn't really hear them. I thought that Charlotte had let me stay the night at her place, and her breast in my mouth was smooth and warm and I just snuggled down between them with my face in her breasts and smiled.

"Josh you need to get up, you have duty today."

I rolled over and opened my eyes, this wasn't Davis and it wasn't Charlotte Jenkins's breast in my hand, it was Lenore's. The sun was casting weak rays of red light on the windows in her room. It was still very early in the morning, I was all warm and the air was cool and I didn't want to get up yet. "How about a good morning kiss," I asked Lenore and looked at her. Her hair was brushed back and tied in a pony tail, she was smiling and she leaned down and kissed me and not just a peck on the cheek.

"You woke me up an hour or so ago." She said. As she stroked the hair out of my eyes while laying one lovely soft and warm breast on my chest. She kissed me lightly. "I think my left nipple is going to be sore. I woke up and you had snuggled down and were sucking and licking it. I let you for a while and then I realized you weren't awake yet."

"Oh Lenore, I'm so sorry." I stroked her nipple, "I was dreaming and I guess I got carried away."

"No need to apologize, I was having the Maidens Dream and thought it was the baby. I was stroking her hair and I realized that her hair was too long and her head too big and when I woke up and opened my eyes, there you were so I just let you continue for a while. Until I had to pee, then I got up and brushed my hair and watched you sleeping for a while."

"Speaking of that I really need to pee too," I said.

"Well there is a urinal on the wall over there, no toilet but a urinal."

"Thanks," I said and hurried the necessary facility.

The sun was up a little more and now I saw that the sunlight had turned yellow and breakfast would be served soon in the Dining Hall. Lenore was in bed smiling at me when I came out of the nook that housed the urinal.

"Can you take a little time," she asked.

I smiled at her, "Didn't I satisfy you last night."

"I thought you did, but after I found you sucking my nipple this morning and all, well I was aroused, you know?"

"It is really cool in here; I think I need to warm up a little before I go to breakfast." I slipped back into bed and pressed my cool chest on her warm and soft breasts and kissed her, "Would you help me warm up?"

"Josh I'll get you all hot and sweaty then you can have a bath and I'll make you breakfast, How does that sound?" She smiled and kissed me and stroked my hair'

"Mmm first your sweet face and then your warm heart and now breakfast, how can I refuse?" I grinned at her and reached down to take her temperature, she was hot, wet and slippery.

She was kissing me and holding me to her. The warmth of her had me hard before I had a chance to set my controls.

I rolled her over on her back and asked, "Any choice for you this morning?"

"Oh Josh straight missionary would be nice. I just want to feel you inside me, Hurry."

I got up and slipped it in her like well, melted butter. She was wet and grunted when I hit bottom. She was sweet to do that but I knew that she was faking.

I gave her the Long Banana and slid up for some cervix rolls but again I couldn't reach deep enough to really roll her cervix. She like me missing it, I guess because she grabbed me harder around the chest and drew her legs up into a Happy Missionary and we rocked back and forth until she arched her back and climaxed. I dropped all the controls and kept rocking her until I climaxed a little one and relaxed.

Morning sex is nice. It usually doesn't last long but still it's nice. I was kissing her and supporting myself on my elbows, still coupled nice and warm and wet, when she pulled a towel out from under the pillow and handed it to me.

"I'm off duty today but you aren't. Let me take you down and wash you real good, then I'll make you some eggs and bacon," she said

We made a good withdrawal and I dried her off and wrapped the towel over her pussy. Since she had marinated last night I only kept her on her back about ten minutes, long enough to kiss her and fondle her right breast real well.

We got up and she led me to the shower and we washed and played around a bit but soon we were dried and dressed, in the kitchen, me sitting on a stool while she cooked up an omelet and fried some bacon.

I looked around and saw a dented pan hanging on the wall. I took it off its hook and looked at it. It had been dented up on the bottom and one edge was dented and folded up. "Is this the pan you were talking about last night?" I asked.

Lenore turned and looked, "Yes, That's Grace's pan. She left it with letter that told its history but the letter disappeared over the years, but my granny told me the story and left it to me when she passed."

I hung the pan back up and sat down again. Lenore served up the omelet and put a pile of bacon with it and brought it to the table. "Here this will fill the void left from last night." She said as she sat down.

The ever practical Lenore had served it on one plate, although platter might be more appropriate, as it was pretty large. The omelet was folded on one side and about a half pound of bacon, crisp and brown, sat on the other side of the platter. The omelet had bits of green and red in it and I noticed some onion hid in the golden yellow of the eggs. I looked up at her and smiled, "Lenore you surely know the way to a man's heart."

She smiled and touched me on the chin, "Well I had some peppers and mushrooms and I thought if you had been eating at the Dining hall you might like some good food for a change."

"The dining hall does seem to be a little bland, and all that goat gets tiring." I said and drew my spoon out of my jacket pocket. "Now I have a chance to use my earnings from last night," I said.

She smiled at me and drew a fork out of the napkins she was holding. She held it up and said, "With omelet you need a fork," and she held a mate to my spoon and waved it slightly. I started to reach for it and she pulled it back, "No, what do you have to trade?"

I try to be a sharp trader but the aroma of the omelet and all that bacon kind of pinched my style a little and I let her get the advantage of me.

By the time that Lenore let me out the front door we had reached an agreement and had eaten the omelet and most of the bacon. She kissed me and I caressed her breast and kissed the nipple in proper Bahia greeting and started back down to the trading post.

Sarge was standing in the door of the post talking with Sue when I showed up. "Perkins, Thought you had gotten lost. I didn't see you at breakfast. The corn mush was especially thick this morning" Sarge said and nudged Sue with his elbow, grinning.

"Well Lenore had all these mushrooms that would go to waste if I didn't have a mushroom omelet and all this bacon that was going to waste, so I had breakfast with her." I was rubbing it in because Sarge had only gotten me to service Lenore because Raule had been kicked in the balls by a mule.

Sue looked at me and asked, "Where did she get mushrooms. I've never seen any around here before."

"She and her momma grow them in one of the spare rooms in her bunker. They have another room set up to brew beer and are just transplanting their first sativa crop in the green house they have. A couple of real entrapanures those two." I said

"Bunker?" Sue asked.

"Yeah," I turned and pointed to the bunker up the hill, "Up there where it looks like a grassy hill. Apparently that was the first line of defense for the Facility and you wouldn't even notice it unless you knew it was there."

Sue looked at Sarge, "I suppose you knew about this?"

Sarge put up his hands, "Now Sue honey don't get riled up, I just confirmed by reconnaissance last night and I was going to tell you all at the Morning meeting." Sarge could get away with talking to Sue like that because even she admitted that he was her uncle, although there were times when she denied it.

Sue just looked at him and if her face was any indication of her thoughts, she didn't believe he was telling her the whole unvarnished truth. Sarge had the reputation of putting at least three coats of paint and one layer of varnish on anything he told a woman. Sue looked up and Chief Mercer and Ginny were walking up to the post.

Chief Mercer nodded to me and said, "Well Sarge, how did the recon go last night?"

"Real well Chief, I was just waitin' for the meeting to start, so I could tell you. Josh and I both were in there."

"Well both of you come in and report then." The Chief said as she entered the post.

Genevieve was standing at the door to the Chief's office with a sheet of paper and a cup of steaming tea. "Good morning Chief," Sweet Genevieve said as she handed the Chief the tea and the sheet of paper. "The daily log has been entered and the Inventory adjusted."

Chief Mercer patted Genevieve's cheek and said, "Ever efficient, so pretty and an extended libido, what more could I ask? Did you fix that little problem you had?"

Genevieve smiled and said, "I introduced Judy to Raule and now she's not so possessive, but now I have to find someone new to do on Thursday nights."

Chief Mercer looked down at the paper as we all filed into her office and then closed the heavy wooden door.

"OK Sarge tell me what you found." Mercer asked as she sat behind her desk. Ginny had chosen a chair at the side table and Sue was on the edge of Mercer's desk, looking skeptical. Sarge looked a bit nervous but took a breath and began, "Well I had made arrangements to take Raule up there with me to provide a secondary reconnaissance, but he had a mule kick him and couldn't go, so I took Josh with me."

"Raule is going to be alright isn't he?" Chief Mercer asked, her face showed a little shock, and she really sounded concerned.

Sue turned to the Chief and said quickly, "I looked at it, and he'll be ok. He's just bruised and he should be good to go in a few days, less if I know Raule."

The Chief nodded, "OK Sarge, you took Josh, what did you find?"

"Well the entrance we used is easily defended and opens into a hallway about 3-4 meters wide and, oh 50 meters long. There is a staircase at the end and it is defensible. We went up two landings and she showed me the shower room."

Ginny snorted, "Of Course she did."

Mercer looked at Ginny and frowned.

"Well Josh and I got separated and I left him to conduct the secondary reconnaissance with Lenore. The place seems pretty big but it is so dark in there that it is hard to navigate and I had only a few minutes to look around and then Leona took me to her room and which was down the hall from the bath. Now it seems to me that the level we were on ran perpendicular to the entrance hall, what do you think Josh?"

"That's right the shower hallway was pretty much at right angles. I think. We stopped off in the kitchen and Lenora fixed a Ragu." I said,

"How did she cook it? A wood stove, fireplace?" Sue asked.

"She had a gas ring thing built in to the cabinets and she used an iron pan." I said.

Ginny asked me, "How did it smell in there?"

"When she was cooking? Wonderful. Lenore is a cook up at the Facility and she must be very good at her job, because everything was real good. Not like the Dining Hall."

"No," Ginny aid, "was it musty and damp or what generally?" Ginny had gotten up and stood next to Mercer, who as usual didn't say much of anything.

I looked at her then understood, "It was a little dry smelling come to think of it and like concrete, but even the baths smelled that way." I thought about it, "Lenore had about 40 candles lit in the kitchen and I didn't notice that they affected the smell of the room much, so there must be ventilation of some kind."

Mercer looked at Ginny and Sue and then at me. "Do you think you can get back in there?"

"Sure I made a trade for a fork to match my spoon and I was going to go there after dinner."

"Fork?" Ginny asked looking at me curiously.

"Yeah, I got this spoon last night and she had a mate to it, so I made a trade and I have to payoff tonight." I pulled the silver spoon out and handed it to Ginny. "She said she had a whole set and if I wanted she'd trade me."

Sue took the spoon from Ginny and looked at it closely. "Rogers, probably 60% silver from the hall marks."

Chief Mercer took the spoon from Sue and looked at it and smiled up at me. "Do you know how many pieces are in a set of silverware?"

I thought about it, "Three, four?"

She smiled and looked a Ginny who smiled back at her. "No there are probably at least six per place setting and 8 or 12 place settings in a full set of silverware of this vintage, and there might be a few serving pieces to take the total up to maybe 80 pieces."

I guess my face fell, I know my mouth fell open. That would mean I was going to be servicing Lenore a long time.

Sue laughed at my reaction and slapped my shoulder, "Cheer up you're young and strong. You 'll have the whole set in two to three years, if you don't renegotiate."

"Josh go out and give Genevieve a hand at the counter for a while and then come see me." Chief Mercer said and I left.

Sweet Genevieve was at the counter drumming her fingers as a woman in Administration grey was deciding on her purchase. I said hello and Genevieve smiled at me but said nothing. I walked down to the end of the counter and made to look like I was sorting pins or something.

Sweet Genevieve finished up the transaction and came down to me, "Raule is going to be alright isn't he?" Her face showed real concern.

"Oh yeah, Sue said a few days and he'll be right as rain." I said and put my hand on her shoulder.

She smiled, "I had him on the schedule for an RTA next Thursday and Judy was going to come over to observe. I hope he won't reschedule. Maybe I'll take him some of my special salve and that will help?"

"Oh I'm sure he could use some special salve." I said.

The door opened and in came Lenore and another woman. Lenore smiled when she saw me, "Josh I didn't know you worked the counter."

"Just filling in for a while. Can I help you?" I said.

"Mavis came in to get some salt and I just came along to get some sun. Oh this Mavis Bennet, Mavis this is Josh Perkins. He's the one I told you about."

I shook Mavis' hand over the counter and introduced Genevieve. Mavis was smaller than Lenore but about the same age and dressed in Administration grey denim. Lenore was in a rusty colored shirt and a skirt. Her hair was down and she looked radiant.

Genevieve said, "Well Mavis, how much salt do you need?"

"A small bag, I just want to try it and see if it is better than our salt." She said apologetically.

Genevieve looked in the bin, "I'll need to grind some for you if it's for table salt. Some of it got damp on the trail and is kind of clumpy."

"I'll wait," Mavis said.

"Have you tried the olive oil?" I asked.

Mavis smiled and said, "Yes it is pretty good but has a strange flavor."

"I haven't, although Mavis told me about it." Lenore said.

"Come down here I've got a sample bottle and you can taste some and tell me what you think." I said as I walked down the counter.

Lenore followed me and I pulled out the sample bottle and a small bowl. I poured a tiny bit in the bowl and held it out. "Try the aroma."

Lenore took the bowl and put it to her nose and sniffed.

"Genuine Davis extra virgin olive oil, the best natural oil around." I said. Lenore smiled and I dipped my finger in the oil and put it to her lips. She smiled at me and touched her tongue to my finger and then sucked it softly,

"Mmm tasty" Lenore said smiling at me.

I knew she wasn't talking about the oil, so I said in a low voice, "I've got the afternoon off and I could come up and see you after lunch rather than after dinner?"

Lenore glanced at Mavis and Genevieve they were discussing the qualities of Sea salt verses Alkali salt, she took my hand and said, "Perhaps you could come by and I'll make you lunch?"

"That is a deal," I said. "Don't know how soon I can get off but I'll come as soon as I can."

Lenore saw that Mavis was looking at her and she let go of my hand and said, "Give me a bottle of that oil and I'll try it."

I got out a liter bottle and said, "That will be eight dollars."

Lenore took the bottle and turned to Mavis, "Mavis can you put it on the tab? I don't have any chits with me."

"Mavis said, "Sure," and nodded at Genevieve who added the oil to the tab and took Mavis's chit.

Lenore paused in the door when she and Mavis left and waved at me before she closed the door.

Sarge came out of Mercer's office and called me over to him, "Ok we need to get you into the bunker again."

"Would this afternoon be too soon, "I asked.


"Lenore just came in and I told her I had the afternoon off and would she like for me to payoff the fork this afternoon instead of after Dinner. She said yes."

"You didn't?" Sarge said.

"Well the Chief wanted me in during the daytime and I thought it was a good idea."

Sarge looked at me sideways, "Perkins you have an amazing talent." He rubbed my chin and said, "You better shave before you go up there. Go see what the Chief wants and then you can take off, but bring back some more information about that Bunker. Don't let her keep you in one spot, try to see as much as you can. I'll keep Leona out of your way this afternoon."

"Got'cha Sarge, "and I went back to the Chief's office and knocked on the doorpost.

Chief Mercer waved me in, "I'll talk to you later Ginny." Ginny nodded and left closing the door behind her.

"Have a seat Josh; I realized that I haven't talked to you since we left Bakersfield. How do you like Burney?"

I wondered why she was being so pleasant. Not that she wasn't nice usually, but when she came around her desk and sat on the edge looking down at me she smiled differently.

"Oh Burney is nice, different than I expected but everyone is so friendly and there is plenty of food."

The Chief nodded, "Nice people here. They held on to their civilization and made the best of a bad deal since the Plague. The women treating you ok?" She was grinning.

I grinned back at her, "Yeah, oh some are a little anxious and I've had to turn some away, until Sarge gives the go ahead for recreational sex. But most of them seem interested in Able and Raule for that."

She looked at a piece of paper on her desk. "I see that Sue has you down for six confirmed pregnancies. You've been busy."

"Six! I thought it was four."

"Sue added two this morning. She examined them yesterday. That puts you tied with Steve and Bob." She said looking at the sheet of paper.

"Does it say who? Because I generally send them a present when I hear it's confirmed," I said.

She smiled, "A present, you do that every time?"

"Oh yeah, My Dad would have my hide if I didn't. He always told me that a woman likes to have her pregnancy acknowledged. So I send them a little something."

She smiled just a little, "John Perkins is your dad?"

"Yeah, do you know him?"

She smiled very wide and said, "Yes John and I were up in Redding together. He gave me a present too."

"You and Dad?" I asked.

"Yes, my second daughter is your half sister. I was really surprised when I got the present, and happy he remembered me. It was just one night in the House of Giving, but I remember him."

I was surprised but Dad had been in the trade for more that 20 years so I asked, "How old is she?"

"She is fifteen now. Doris is tall and thin like you and your dad and has his coloring. He comes and sees her when he's in Davis. I haven't seen him in years but Doris seems to like him and always gets excited when he comes to see her."

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