tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 18

Spreading Seeds Ch. 18


Chapter 18 -- The Red Goddess

Sarge woke me up in the morning, "Rise and shine Josh another day beckons." I turned over and got up slowly and sat on the edge of the bed. I was still hard and had to pee. I put on my robe and walked to the urinal and couldn't bend my dick down enough to hit it so I backed up and just let out trying to hit the urinal from long distance. Fortunately no one saw me doing it and the duck boards caught what missed the urinal. I poured a bucket of water on the floor and with another flushed the urinal.

I got hot water and shaved as closely as I could, squinting in the mirror and hoping I wouldn't cut my own throat.

Sarge came out of his alcove and said, "Breakfast in ten minutes Josh get dressed."

I turned and said, "I'm off today. Lenore and all."

Sarge said, "No, I can't let you. I mean I let you go twice, but you're all spent. She needs a fresh stallion."

"But the Chief asked me to go back last night."

"Grace doesn't control Kiva business. You'd just be shooting blanks. I got Bob to fill in for you today."

I was relieved in a way, I mean I liked Lenore and the food was good but I knew Sarge was right. "Ok Sarge but I have to go see Irene this morning."

"Irene Black, the spider lady?" he asked.

"Yeah, I saw her last night on my way to the Chief's. She said she wanted to talk about something personal after breakfast."

Sarge put his hand on my shoulder, "I'll bet its personal," and laughed.

I got dressed and had to leave my shirt untucked to cover the erection I couldn't get rid of.

I got to the dining hall and waved at Wini, she smiled and waved back. I saw Sarge eating with Bob and Steve and joined them. A girl left a bowel of corn mush in front of me and a plate of bacon.

I started to eat and felt a little better but my dick was throbbing and every where I looked I saw women, short, tall, fat and thin and I wasn't seeing their clothes, just their naked bodies in my mind. I was wondering how they would feel and had to put my head down to not look at them.

"Something wrong, Josh?" Sarge said from across the table.

I kept my head down, "Sarge, you know how you said not to smoke anything?"

"Yeah some of their Sativa is very potent."

"Well some of it will knock your dick stiff." I said and risked looking up at him. "Lenore has some stuff called Number Eleven and ever since I smoked it I can't get rid of this erection."

Bob laughed and said, "Got to get me some of that."

"Don't laugh, Bob it's brutal. Every woman I see, I see without clothes and I want to fuck her and my dick throbs, it's brutal." I ducked my head down as a couple of younger women crossed my sight line. I was this close to pushing both of them down on the table and hammering both of them.

"Go get some air Josh, Sarge said. I'll be out in a minute.

I walked out and ran into April at the door.

'Hello Josh, I was coming to see if you could look at the combine."

I had to look up, April, in her dark good looks, was in uniform and all, but I remembered how she looked spread over the bed, moaning and wet.

"Hi April," I said. "Where is it.?"

"We are bringing it down from the facility after breakfast. I want to try it on one of the barley fields." She was smiling at me and I saw her in my mind stark naked, her breasts waving in the sunlight and her slit was so close I could smell it.

"Something wrong Josh your face looks like you're in pain." April touched my arm and shot a thrill though me that was hard to ignore.

I just caressed her cheek. 'You are so beautiful April, it hurts."

She pecked my cheek and said in my ear, "The Soul Sisters would throw me out if I let you flatter me like that, but thank you."

I walked out and into the air and got away from women as much as I could while I waited for Sarge to show up. I found it easier to breath now but I kept my head down and didn't look as the women went in and out of the Dining hall. Their voices were naked and teased me. Even the little girl's giggling was painful.

Sarge finally showed up and walked me up the path and I was able to lift my head as we got away from the women a little.

Sarge looked at me, "How do you feel?"

"Like I could fuck a redwood tree if it weren't for the splinters." I said.

He laughed, "Well Irene is waiting and I'll bet she hasn't any splinters."

"I just hope she doesn't want to talk a lot, or just talk." I said.

"Josh, I want you to come with Bob and me when we go up to Lenore's. I can explain why you can't service her, but you can convince her to like it. Ok?"

"Sure but don't let Bob smoke any of that number eleven. It's brutal."

"You said that before," Sarge laughed and slapped me on the back.

He went on his way when we got to Irene's. I knocked on the door. A woman I didn't know opened the door and looked at me.

"I'm here to see Ms Black." I said, and she led me in to the stairs. "She's up stairs just knock at the door."

I walked up the stairs and knocked. Irene opened the door, smiled tentatively and let me in. She was dressed in a blouse and skirt. Her hair was down and she seemed nervous. "Here sit, would you like some tea?"

"That would be nice." I said and sat so I could sort of hide my throbbing erection.

She got the tea, poured me a cup and sat beside me. She sat back then picked up her cup and sipped her tea, looking at me over the rim and started to say something then put down the cup, looked at me then she looked down and took my hands in hers and sighed.

I lifted her chin and kissed her lips softly. "Tell me what's troubling you Irene."

She smiled, looked down and said, "The other night with Audrey, Well I watched and it was so beautiful and you were so caring and I wanted to know if you could make love to me like that." She was afraid I'd reject her and perhaps afraid that I wouldn't.

I put my hand up to her face and touched her cheek and ran my fingers back in her hair and put my face very close to hers, just letting my lips touch hers and said, and "I couldn't do that to you, Irene. If I treated you like a girl in love you'd reject me."

Her eyes got wide and she was going got get mad at me.

"But If you'd let me make love to you as a mature woman I promise you," I kissed her softly, "that you won't regret it."

She opened her mouth and put her arms around my neck. I took that as assent.

She was willing but my hand made her shiver when I brushed her ribs and belly, her mouth was nervous so I just held her for a while than turned her to lie on my lap. She put her legs up on the arm of the sofa and her skirt fell down to her waist. I didn't look at her legs but stared into her eyes, smiled and asked, "Nervous?"

"Yes, I never thought that I'd want a man to touch me like this. It's taking a little getting used too.

"It's not the first time I've touched you like this." I said and began to unbutton her blouse, smiling at her.

"Yes but Audrey was there and if you did anything, she would protect me," she said. "Now I have no protection."

"Except me." I said and bent low to her face. "Irene I would never knowingly hurt you or cause you pain or humiliation. You are too precious and wonderful. No man of the Kiva will every treat you but with respect and care."

She pulled me down and kissed me tears on her cheeks. My hand slid in to her blouse caressing her breast and she didn't shudder but pressed it firmly to my hand. We kissed for a while and now she had no problem with my touching her. I leaned back and said, "How much time do you have?"

"I have a meeting after lunch, but I'm not hungry."

I looked at her, "Irene you'll eat lunch, you'll be very hungry before I finish with you."

"We better hurry then." She said.

"Have you a trade to suggest?" I asked.

She looked at me, not understanding.

"The rules of the Kiva, we have to make a trade and I have to wash you with soap. I let you out of it the other night, but not today," and I kissed her softly.

She smiled and stroked my chin. It was a good thing I shaved this morning. She looked up at me and said, "I don't have anything precious, I don't know what to offer you."

"Could you get me three good stiff hair brushes and two nice combs, fine and coarse toothed?" I asked.

She sat up and said, "Yes I can get them, but why do you just want those?"

"You think I ask too small a price for such a boon?"

"An odd price, why?"

"Say you agree and I'll tell you. We are burning daylight as it is."

She laughed, "Agreed"

"Good I said, "Where can I wash you?"

"We'd have to go downstairs if you want a bath and we'd have to wait for the water to heat." She said.

I said, "No I can't wait that long. Are you afraid of a little cold water?"


"Because I remember you have a urinal and a bucket in the other room. I can do what tradition demands with two or three dippers of water. You have that much?"

"Yes and it's warm, well probably, not cold."

"Then let us take off our clothes and I shall evoke the red goddess."

I was taking off my boots by this time and she finished unbuttoning her blouse and stood and dropped her skirt. She had on panties and I held out my hand and stopped her from removing them.

"Let me." I said and got up and took down my pants and kicked them off. I knelt and kissed her belly and untied the string and slipped them slowly down her hips, kissing her belly as they dipped lower and lower. I stopped at her pubic bone and kissed her red muff as I took them off her legs.

I looked up at her, my chin in her fine furry muff and her perfect ivory breasts, tipped with coral, framed her beautiful face. She smiled and I kissed her belly softly and got to my feet. "Enough play." I said and took her in to wash her. We were fast not because the water was too cold but because neither one of us could wait.

She led me to her bed, threw back the covers and drew me on to the bed. I kissed her and lay with her then rolled her over on her back and split her legs with one of mine. I then rolled her on her side so my leg rubbed under her pubic bone and my hot erection throbbed against her belly. Soon she was rubbing herself on my leg and I took her breast in my hand and kissed her on the neck and on the cheek. She was breathing fast and I had to lower my leg to keep her from going off too soon.

I kissed her and slid down turning her on her back and stroking my way over her breasts, which I kissed the way Audrey had shown me, several times and Irene moaned appreciatively. I was stroking her bush and kissing her navel when she climaxed the first time. It was brief and I eased up and let her slide down the other side before I persevered in crawling between her legs and rubbing my cheeks on her thighs.

She smelled hot and earthy; when my tongue found her eager slit she cried out softly and rubbed her hands in my hair. I licked and teased her clit and sucked her inner lips out and circled her vagina with my tongue. Now she was wet enough. I crawled up her kissing along the way to her neck. I did a fast lube up and placed my penis in her pit. I didn't press it too hard; I just let her motion drive it deeper in.

She made it work deeper and when I drew back she moaned and reached for it with her hips. I eased it back in deeper than before and she took it and we made contact as she arched her back and then cupped her hips up taking me all the way into her. She groaned and moved her hips slowly left and right, then up and down. I started to stroke then. At first I moved slowly just a little, deepening the stroke then picked up the pace a little and she followed me. When she had the rhythm I started the long stroke.

Finally the pain and tension I had been under since I left Grace's quarters last night was easing and Irene was beginning to go faster, pushing the rhythm, moaning. I sank it deep in to her, she short stroked it and grunted every time she hit me. I let her go, she was on a roll and I was along for the ride.

It was a long ride until she tired out and I began a long stroke and pulled up and tried a cervix roll. I was long enough and Irene was tight enough that she almost climaxed and I could feel her walls rippling as she held the climax off. I did another slow cervix roll and began the long banana. She was right with me and made noises I took for positive feedback. She wasn't as tight as Audrey but she was still a maiden and tighter than Lenore or the Chief. I felt that I was fitting right in.

She was starting to sweat so I rolled her on top and slowed things down a little. She was still moving and it felt marvelous but I guided her knees up to straddle me and pushed her up on her hands then held her hips and made them move the way I wanted them to. She didn't resist after she felt the way it felt with my penis plunging her pelvic bone and bouncing off to reach deep in to her. She was watching me and trying to smile. But her eyes closed and she bit her lip and came to a gasping, jerky halt, took it all and choked as she slowly lowered herself to my chest. The walls of her vagina contracting and rippling as waves of pleasure hit her.

I had withheld the last inch or so and I rolled my hips up and gave it to her smoothly but firmly. She gasped and held me tight. She choked and grunted as her climax extended.

She relaxed and started to breathe again. Panting as she caught up and trying to say something in my neck. I stroked her back with my hand and felt down to her ass and squeezed her cheeks. I started to move in her and she tried to move with me but it was too much effort and she finally allowed me to move for both of us while she moaned for both of us.

I was still under the spell of number eleven, having Irene on my chest whimpering felt so good and I had to move and feel the pinkness wrap around me. I moved only a little and Irene moaned only a little but her cries drove me to greater depths and she just couldn't take any more.

I stopped and held her. She quieted down and kissed my chest and after awhile she moved her hands around to my face and pulled herself up and kissed me hard and long. But she kept the tip in her as she breathed into my mouth and sucked my tongue.

I started to move again, just popping her vagina mouth. She gripped my chest hard and began to move her hips slowly and picked up the pace. She caught up and she put her hands down and rocked her hips and lifted herself up and looked me in the face and tried to smile, "You ... feel... so... good." She said, closed her eyes and grimaced in what seemed like pleasure to me.

I rolled her over on her side and held her hips to me. I kissed her, stroked her hair back and said, "It's more than two hours until lunch, shall we pace ourselves?"

She looked at me, "Two hours, you can do this for two hours?"

"Probably only one hour like this. Eventually though I'm going to roll you over and fuck you very hard. I just want you to know that."

Oh," she said and her eyes got wide and she stroked me harder then slowed down a bit. "Pacing, is that the key?"

"Yes pacing and angle and depth of stroke." I long stroked her, she bit my neck, returned my stoke so I rolled her over and started.

I long stroked and short stroked and rolled her over and took her from behind holding her head back by pulling her hair, then pushed her head down and pulled her hips up and got the angle just right to rub my prick on her 'G'-spot. I kept that up and she was getting ready and I summoned the demons, and summoned them again. Nothing. I could feel them bunching up in my balls and screaming for release, maybe 40-50,000 of them.

I was whimpering now and started to slap her hard short and fast, as I sweated and grunted and I felt them rumbling up my penis and erupt right in her cervix like a cannon, volley after volley. Until it felt like my balls were being turned inside out. I collapsed on her and she fell over and we just gasped and moaned, I couldn't tell who moaned louder Irene or me.

I tried to gather my wits and get us covered and get Irene's head up on the pillow then wrapped her in my arms and stroked her cheek.

I woke to find it was still an hour or so before lunch time, from the sun angle. Irene was setting in a chair brushing her hair and watching me. She just had a shawl over her shoulders. She smiled when she saw my eyes on her. She flipped off the shawl and came to kiss me.

I smiled weakly at her and she sat next to me and stroked my cheek.

"You don't regret our trade then?" I asked.

She laughed and laughed again, put her head down and kissed me. "No I got off cheap. I still wonder what you are going to do with three hair brushes and two combs though."

"I'm going to give one brush to a woman I know who needs one and the rest I have a use for."

"This woman, you like her?"

"I hold her in the highest regard, yes."

"I envy her."


She didn't answer she just looked at me and stroked my cheek. I sat up and leaned against the head board. I took Irene in my arms and kissed her cheek. I turned her face to mine and looked in her eyes and said, "Her I like, you Irene, I think I'm in love with you."

She hugged me and I felt hot tears on my neck and she kissed my cheek and hugged me tighter.

"Now you've done it," I said.

She pulled back and wiped the tears off her face and smiled at me, "Done what?"

I pulled back the covers and showed her my throbbing erection. "You've excited the sleeping cock monster and he won't rest until you are wrapped around him."

She looked at my face then down at my penis. I waved it at her and she looked at me. "I couldn't."

"We have at least an hour to kill and who knows when your schedule will allow another chance, Irene you know you at least want to try. Don't you?"

She looked at me, then down at my cock, then smiled, took it in her hand and smiled at me, "Yes, we could at least try it."

I sat her on my lap and just pressed it to her, splitting her but sliding her along it rather than putting it in.

She handled that well so I slid her up to the tip and lifted her to slip it in just a little and let her down to work it in herself. She had her eyes closed and her mouth worked as much as her hips. She soon had it in her deep and she wrapped her arms around my neck and worked it slowly, and began to moan softly. I stilled her hips and lifted her chin; she opened her eyes and smiled.

"Feel good?"

"Good is understatement, exhilarating, or marvelous is closer but still too weak."

"So hypothetically speaking if I rolled you over on your back and gave you a long stroke you might like that?"

"I would indeed, although I might make a loud noise or two."

I rolled her over onto her back she gasped as I entered her fully and she matched my slow even strokes. Neither of us was inclined to speed up, so we just kept moving and kissing and moving some more.

I didn't hold back and I didn't rush it. I just kept up with Irene and for once arrived just as she arched her back and started to shake, I surged in her and buried my face in her neck and my dick in her cunt and climaxed. I arched my back, held her hips and bucked a couple of times and collapsed.

I kept coupled this time and pulled her legs up around my hips and extracted myself without spilling what little seed I had deposited. I stuffed a pillow under her hips and put her in an egg position and told her to hold it for at least fifteen minutes or so. I lay next to her, held her and kissed her neck while my erection faded away and it felt good to be flaccid once again.

I whispered in her ear how beautiful I thought she was and how I could kiss every centimeter of her, if I could just move my head.

She turned and kissed me softly and said something I couldn't make out then kissed me again.

We lay like that for ten minutes or so and I got up and got the small towels she had in the bath and came back and folded one over her pussy and put another over that, then held it while I got her laid down and comfortable.

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