tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 21

Spreading Seeds Ch. 21


Chapter 21 - Inanna and Amelia

Amelia took my hand and we went to the Massage alcove. She hesitated about going in and I asked her why, "Well I wanted Able to see me go in with you, can we wait a minute until he comes in?"

"Do you want the hot oil treatment? I'll go light the oil heater and get that started, you peruse the services offered board and I'll be right back."

I ducked in to the alcove and lit the oil heater; a small oil lamp that had been modified to hold a small copper pot of water with a smaller pot inside for heating the oil. I came back out and Amelia was still looking at the price list and glancing at the entrance.

"Well have you decided?" I asked her smiling.

"I don't know what they all mean exactly can you explain them?" and she looked back at the entrance quickly.

I leaned over and whispered to her, "You know I am going to tell Able about this tomorrow. You play a dangerous game. Able might break me in half."

"Oh he'll know by tomorrow. I'll tell him, after." Amelia said.

I put her hand on my arm and said a little loudly, "Well Amelia You can have the Backrub for five cents. It is just on the back and mostly therapeutic for back ache."

"No I wanted more than that." she said looking at me seriously.

I glanced over at the door, still no Able, "Well I offer a full body massages for 12 cents, but that is with cold oil, it would be 15 cents for a hot oil full body massage."

She looked at me smirking and asked, "What do you mean full body?"

I looked at her and glanced up; Able had just come in the door and was looking around. "I generally start with the feet and massage them then the calves and thighs and then I work from the neck down the shoulders and arms then the back down to your hips. "

"Is that all?" she asked innocently, but smirking at me.

"Turn and wave at Able," I said in her ear. She turned and waved at Able who saw her and started over. "Oh you might like my special 35 cent Oriental Massage. I only do it for special clients." I said.

"I'll have the Special Oriental treatment I think." Amelia said as Able came up to us. She said it loud enough that he had to have heard her.

"Hello Amelia, Josh, I was hoping to meet you here tonight" Able said and his hand sought hers.

Amelia smiled at him and caressed his cheek. "Able, I just came in to bathe Janie and met Josh. He convinced me to try his," and she hesitated and put special emphasis on the, "Special Oriental Full Body Massage," she said slowly and rubbed his chest. "If you'll wait for me perhaps we can talk later?"

Abel's face fell but he said, "Sure, I'll wait for you on the pedestal."

Amelia took my hand and I led her in but as I closed the drapes on the alcove. I whispered to Able, "I'm just the warm up boy; she'll be ready in 15 minutes."

I turned and saw Amelia was lighting the candles around the mirror and sat in front of it pushing her hair around.

"I can brush you hair if you rather?" I said.

She turned smiled at me and said, "No Josh I want the Special treatment tonight." She patted the seat next to her. "Sit and I'll explain."

I sat beside her and she looked up at me, "It takes me a long time to get aroused but when I do get aroused, Abel's hands and whole body feels electric and exciting when he touches me. I think he can feel it too." She smiled and touched my hair. "I know it takes me too long and I thought if you could get me aroused, then he could make me feel electric for a lot longer."

I kissed her hand and looked into her eyes. "Ordinarily I'd be a little jealous of Able but tonight, I feel honored to be of service to Eros.

Amelia grinned and kissed me with feeling.

I pushed her gently away and asked, "Do you smoke sativa?"

"Once in a while, not often."

"Oh this will help you get aroused." And I brought out the Number eleven from my shaving kit and showed her.

She looked at it and handed it back to me. "What is it?"

"June Desoto gave it to me and I think you will like it."

You mean June Black, She and April are together."

"Yes, June gave it to me and ... Well you can try a little it might help your condition."

I found a pipe and opened the jar and scraped up a full measure of number eleven and put it in the pipe.

Amelia looked at me, "Is that all?"

I grinned at her, "More than enough unless you want to ... You know, all night and half the day tomorrow."

Amelia laughed and said, "Oh just five or six hours would be enough I think."

"It is very mild so just take the hit straight down Ok?" I said.

I gave her the pipe and when she was ready I lit a splinter and put it to the pipe. Amelia took the hit and held it, nodding to me. She released it and hardly a bit of smoke came out of her mouth when she exhaled.

I saw there was a bit left and had her hit the last of it. She finished up the pipe and held it out. I took the pipe and put it and the number eleven away.

She was standing by the massage table looking at the hole. I reached out and took her robe, "Get on the table and put your face in the hole," I said.

Oh," she said and got on the table face down. I arranged her arms beside her and got her legs in position then checked the oil and turned down the lamp. "It's a little too warm so I added cold oil and got just the right temperature." I said and poured warm oil on her back.

"I thought you started with the feet." Amelia asked.

"In the Oriental Massage I try to touch every square centimeter of your skin at least twice, so I start at the neck and work my way down to your hips then down one leg and up the other to your back and well what ever you wish." Let me concentrate or I'll loose my mantra, Ok"

"Ok," she answered and I poured more oil and spread it over her back and felt the silky skin and warm oil and started the manta of the Lone Pole Kiva. I took hold of her neck and shoulders and massaged her then down her arms and fingers, I was suspended between her soft and pliant skin and the pressure of all those weasels.


"Yes Amelia?"

"I think its working." She said slowly.

"What? The number eleven?"

"Yes, I can feel warmness in my womb and your hands feel marvelous."

"Thank you." I said and spread more oil and worked across her shoulder blades and along her ribs and up along the swell of her breasts, then up into her armpits trying to spread the oil and not tickle her. Then back down the ribcage and ran my thumbs up along her spine.

I did the same all over her, stroking her muscles out and spreading oil as I went. I worked her lower back hard enough that she grunted a little.

"Too firm?" I asked.'

"No it felt good and it's very relaxing."

I spread a towel over her shoulders to hips and heated the oil a little in the water bath. "Now this is the Oriental part." I'm going got massage your buttocks and upper thighs. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable, Ok. I'll back off."

"Ok," she answered.

I tested the oil and had the right temperature, I put my hand on her ass and spread the cheeks slightly and poured warm oil down her crack. Just a little but enough that it ran down to her clit. Then I poured a little on the tops of her cheeks and began to massage them together and one at a time and went down one thigh root and up again my fingers sliding closer and closer to the tenderest parts of her. I went around the table and repeated the same moves in reverse and moved her leg so her foot was at the table's edge instead of the middle of the table. I poured some oil down her thigh and smoothed the oil over her and worked down to her knee.

It took me seven or eight minutes to work both her legs and back up to her neck. Every centimeter had been touched and it was time to roll over...

She moved languidly as she turned. "Josh I'm so relaxed and I'm starting to feel a tingle when you fingers hit certain spots." She smiled and took my hand as she lay down again. "If you make me tingle a little then I'll be ready for Able."

I leaned down and kissed her softly. "Here is another difference in the Oriental method." I spread a towel on her from her hips down and I put my finger in the warm oil and spread it on her forehead and spread oil all over her face, my fingers massaging her cheeks and jaw line. "The oil is very beneficial to the skin and you're in the sun enough to need some extra moisturizer. It also feels good doesn't it?"

"Very nice, it tastes good too." She said licking her lips.

I covered her face and neck, collar bones and massaged the pectorals but not the breasts. I poured a bit of oil from below her breasts to her hips and puddled warm oil in her navel. I began with light strokes to spread the oil on her lower ribcage. I went all the way around and cupped her back and slid my hands up the ribs, feeling the layer of fat that women have in their skin and Amelia had her share. But I could feel her ribs under her silken skin. Then I put my hands on her abdomen and spread the oil out to her sides and down her belly. I repeated the circular motions with both hands working the arc of my strokes lower and lower.

I ran my hands under the edge of the towel and began to feel the hair of her bush. I made a few strokes down her belly to her bush and poured oil between her breasts. I smiled, "Olive oil is good for the skin and we wouldn't want to deny any part of our skin replenishment would we?"

I looked at her and she shook her head. "Then I'm going to rub your lovely breasts with warm oil, is that alright?"

She smiled and nodded but closed her eyes when I began to cup her right breast with warm olive oil and spread it over the nipple, all five of my fingers making the pass back and forth and then a slight squeeze and a pull of the nipple and stroke of her areole. She moaned softly and pressed my hand more firmly. I rubbed a little more firmly a few strokes then went around the table and did the same for her left breast.

I rubbed them both in a circular motion for a few strokes and pulled the towel up so her hips were exposed but she was covered to her neck. I got more oil and heated it and asked her, "Are you becoming aroused?"

"Oh yes I'm aroused, I think my nipples are tingling." She hesitated, "Yes they are." And laughed.

"Louder," I said quietly.

She sniggered and then laughed long and lasciviously, if that is possible, she did.

I timed my laugh to follow hers by a half a beat, but I didn't sound lascivious.

She was snickering as I came back with the warmed oil, "Ready for the full treatment? Once I start my mantra I will have finish or the spell won't work."

"What spell?" Amelia asked.

"The Oriental spell, tonight you will take on the personification of the Goddess Inanna, Mother Goddess of Ur, bringer of the floods, from whose womb the wheat grows and the cattle fatten in the fields. She was the predecessor of all the Greek and Roman Mother Goddesses."

"Was she a good goddess or a bad goddess?" Amelia asked meekly.

"I think very good, her legends are very fragmented in the library at Davis and her cult started over five thousand years ago, so it is hard to make exact identification." I said.

"She joined in sacred copulation with the Sheppard God Dimuzzi and from her womb came the floods of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to feed her followers. Her followers believed her to be the soul of generosity and her temples were centers of giving."

Amelia smiled, "Kind of like a Bahia Goddess then, giving of herself for her community?"

I smiled, "Yes Inanna was very giving and if you take on her persona tonight and kiss Able very soon after you see him. I think he will take on the aspect of the God Dimuzzi, and you can celebrate Hieros Gamos, the sacred marriage tonight."

"Marriage?" She asked and sounded frightened.

"The coupling of the God and Goddess at her temple in Ur was seen as a marriage between her agricultural people and the God Dimuzzi's pastoral people. It is a symbol of celestial union. He needs her to make the world renew in spring and she needs him to generate the seeds she mothers in her womb. The key of life, symbiosis."

Oh," Amelia said and looked at me.

I smiled and said, "Of course she also had the reputation of after battle, washing the blood of her enemies off and swaggering the streets of Ur, seducing young virile solders from her armies and gathering their genes to add to the genetic vitality of her people. I suspect that those were her priestesses, going forth in her garb to do the gathering, but that's just my opinion."

Amelia smiled and asked, "So she gathered the genes of solders from far away and kept them for her people?"

"Well that's the way I read it.

"I think I like Inanna."

"So shall I finish all the way?" I asked and warmed my oil again.

"Ok but it better work."

"If you believe in the Goddess She will come. Can you put your faith in her to bring you the tingles you need?" I grinned and swirled the oil in its cup.

"Bring forth the Goddess Inanna then." She smiled and closed her eyes.

I poured some oil down her thigh and began smoothing oil over her hip and down along her leg and then outside along her thigh and up the inside spreading her legs slightly so I could reach all the way up to her joint. The back of my hand just pressing her pubis, but lightly. I worked her thigh with both hands firmly stroking her from knee to crotch several times until she made a 'UPP' and then I changed sides and worked her other thigh. Pouring oil and smoothing it out over her silky skin. She was starting to react to my fingers, moving involuntarily and moaning softly.

"Feel the Goddess projecting herself in you?" I asked Amelia as I stroked her inner thigh pulling my hand along her pubis lightly.

"Oh Josh I feel a lot of things now."

I worked down her leg and massaged her calf and then started her feet. She was ticklish and I had to hold her firmly or she giggled. I ran my fingers between her toes and massaged the arch of her feet.

"Able sucks my toes, it feels wonderful."

I said "and what pretty toes you have Amelia," and I pulled each one slightly and rubbed her arch with my other thumb. I worked over both feet and came up her calf on the other side of the table.

I warmed my oil and came back and asked, "Are you aroused now?"

"Pretty well," she said and opened her eyes. She smiled, "I thought this was a full body rub. You seemed to have missed a spot."

I poured oil over her pubic bone and began to work it over her pubis. That closed her eyes and she opened her legs and moaned a little and took my hand and had me massage her clit. I was going to anyway but she made it easier.

I cupped her pubis and rubbed her lightly in circular fashion then pressed my hand on her and slid down to where I was just pressing on her anus and had the heel of my hand on her clit, then I rocked my hand in an up and down motion and began to slide my hand up, my slippery fingers pressing just enough to open her lips and slide along the mouth of her vagina. She jerked and moaned then. I slowed my movements but kept sliding my hand up until my middle finger captured her clit against her hood. Then I rubbed lightly in a circular motion for a second or three. She was wet and oily and my fingers slid easily pressing her flesh softly then firmly too.

She groaned and said,"Oh Josh!" loudly.

I backed my hands off. I didn't want to make her climax but she laughed very loudly and lasciviously.

"I didn't go too far did I?" I asked.

She smiled and opened her eyes slowly and shook her head. "No I just threw that in to make Able pay attention. It was marvelous but I think I am ready for Able now. Thank you."

"Let me wipe the excess oil off you or Able won't be able to hold on to you." I took the towel and started at the feet and got the oil off them and off her calves and had her set up so I could wipe her breasts and shoulders. Now she stood and I wiped her down and put her robe on her. I wrapped it around her and kissed her on the forehead, "Now we do something with that hair and you can meet your Dimuzzi."

She started and went to look in the mirror, "Do you have a comb?"

"In the drawer," I said and picked up the towels and put out the oil lamp. She combed her hair and smiled at herself in the mirror.

"Don't wait too long," I cautioned. She looked at me in the mirror and laughed very loudly then said, "Oh, Oh Josh," and laughed again.

I shook my head at her. "He's going to come in here and kick my ass if you push him too hard, just get out there and fuck him." I whispered.

She checked her hair and came over and kissed me on the cheek, "Thanks."

She waited by the drapes and looked at me.

I shook my head and swept the drapes up and said, "Thank you madam" I was looking in Abel's face and it wasn't pretty.

Amelia saved me though when she said, "Oh Able you waited, How kind of you and ," and she reached up and took him by the neck and pulled him down to her lips, "very," she kissed him softly and whispered to his lips looking in his eyes, "very nice." And then she kissed his socks off.

I dropped the drapery and figured it wouldn't take Able too long to forget all about me.

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