tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 24

Spreading Seeds Ch. 24


Chapter 24 - The Sexual Trap

I got upon my knees and scanned the darkened room for Sweet Genevieve. I had seen her and Sue in here earlier and she was the best Sex 101 instructress I could think of for Donald and Vera. I saw her coming out of an alcove wiping her crotch with a towel. She turned back into the alcove and threw the towel at someone inside and made a comment and laughed. I waved, caught her eye, and waved her over.

"You'll like Genevieve, Donald she is very nice." I said to him.

Genevieve made her way laughing and having her tit's pulled by most of the men on her path. She finally got over to us and she kneeled at my side, "What's up Josh?"

'Genevieve Sweet I'd like to introduce you to Donald Black."

Genevieve turned and kissed him on the cheek. "Hi Donald are you all alone? She reached out and put her hand in his robe and stroked his chest.

Donald didn't know what to do. Genevieve had both breasts exposed and her robe was open enough most of her was on display. I pulled her hand out of his robe and said, "Donald and Vera are going to spend the night together."

"Vera, Vera De Soto?" She asked. Donald nodded and smiled.

Genevieve laughed, "So you are the Donald. Sorry I didn't make the connection. Vera has told me all about you Donald. How nice to finally meet you."

Donald got upon his knees said, "How lovely you look tonight Ms. Sweet," and made his move, kissing Genevieve on the cheek and teasing both her nipples in what was a rather smooth move considering he was on his knees.

Genevieve smiled at him, "Astral taught you that early tonight, didn't she?"

Donald nodded and smiled.

Genevieve laughed and looked at me, "She added a little since then. She has been running around all night and teaching 'The Bahia Greeting', now she added a nipple kiss to it."

"A what?" I said.

"A nipple kiss, Here Josh you do me like Astral taught you, Ok?'

I smiled at her, knowing that she just wanted her nipples stimulated. "Ms Sweet how lovely to see you this evening," I kissed her on the mouth and fondled her breasts and pulled her nipples while backing away.

"Now," She said, "Bow a little and cup my left breast and bend down and kiss my nipple softly Josh."

I did as she suggested and sucked her nipple and made it even firmer than it was before. She shivered with pleasure.

"Oh I love that part. Now you Donald, and don't be afraid of caressing my breasts. It makes my nipples tingle."

Donald didn't know what to make of Genevieve after being sequestered all his life and now a healthy young woman was actually asking him to kiss her nipple. He smiled and looked embarrassed but stretched him self tall and approached her again, "Ms. Sweet how very lovely you look this evening," He moved in and fondled her breasts and she kissed him on the mouth and held his head to her a couple of beats before releasing him. Donald bowed and lifted her left breast and stroked the nipple with his thumb then kissed it softly, sucked her nipple and let it slide out of his lips with a pop.

Genevieve shivered and smiled at him, "Keep the thumb rub Donald, it is very stimulating." She put both hands on his cheeks and pulled him to her again. "Vera said you were a charmer, if she doesn't come back soon I'll just have to take you in the back and see how charming you could be," and kissed him.

"Genevieve, I wanted you to give Donald and Vera a quick 101 lesson before Vera takes him home. Could you do that for them?"

Genevieve smiled at him and released his face, she turned to me, "Sure but it'll have to be quick. We have a lot of neophytes to instruct tonight," and she giggled, "It's not often I get to teach Sex 101 to grown men. It kind of stimulating."

Vera came up and joined us, "I saw Marie and she is going to stay here tonight." Vera was smiling and touched Donald's shoulder and cuddled close to him.

"Good now that we are all here let's go in the Massage parlor and get started, shall we?" I asked and everyone agreed. We went to the massage parlor and I looked in and saw that Lauren was still on the table. "Wait a minute; I'll get Lauren off the table." I left them talking at the door to the alcove and went up to Lauren, She was asleep and smiling. I leaned down and kissed her.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I stroked her cheek "You fell asleep and I need the room for a class."

"Oh shall I go find Astral then?" She asked sitting up.

"Wait a minute; I should wipe you down to get the oil off you." I got a towel and rubbed her down, particularly her legs and feet. I left the oil on her in strategic places for later but got her on her feet, kissed her then put her robe on her.

I pulled back the drapes and introduced Genevieve to Lauren and they kissed cheeks and giggled at each other. Lauren waved at me and said, "I'll go see what Astral is up to."

Genevieve came in and looked around the room. "I like your parlor Josh. I had heard about it but this is the first time I've seen it."

"Perhaps I can give you a massage sometime in the future?" I said, "How about we start the class?"

Genevieve looked around, "Bring the chairs to the table and pull that candle stand up closer and she hopped up on the table and wrapped her robe around her covering her breasts. "Donald, you and Vera sit and Josh you can assist Ok?"

Donald and Vera sat looking up at Genevieve she smiled at them and said, "Why don't you hold Vera's hands, Donald. Yes like that. Normally I'd give a long and somewhat boring talk about sex and how it is a communication and all but, I've got others to coach tonight and both of you have had some experience so I'll be brief."

"Sex between a man and woman is different that what you have been used to. A woman needs to be stimulated a lot before she is really receptive so Donald you have to hold your horses and be patient, Ok?"

Donald nodded and smiled at Vera, "I've waited three years six months to just be able to hold her, I can be patient."

"I'm sure you think so but when she has her clothes off and she is moaning and all warm and wet, you'll find it harder. But give her some time and enjoy the journey, Ok?"

"Sure I am enjoying it now," and he kissed Vera's cheek.

"And Vera, you need to know that a man can be very anxious to get inside you and holding him off too long isn't nice, Ok?"

Vera nodded and squeezed Donald's hand, "Oh I understand his anxiety."

Genevieve looked at them and then at me, "Aren't they the cutest couple?" and she laughed, "Oh your going to have so much fun tonight, but I digress. Vera a man needs to be stimulated and while he will be stimulated by just the feel of your breasts and he will gladly kiss your monkey, you will have to give him stimulation. I'll explain that later, but Donald, You have never seen a woman up close and personal have you?"

"No, not really close."

Genevieve sat back on the table and put her hands behind her and lifted her legs up, put her feet on the edge of the table and spread her legs. "Now a woman is made of many parts, you can see that I'm very stimulated and I've got large inner lips that kind of hang down. Can you see my clitoris Josh?"

"Not very well." I answered. You could see she was very stimulated but her clit was hiding in her hood and barley peeking out.

"Do you have some oil?" Genevieve asked.

"Sure," and I brought her the oil pot, "It's nice and warm too."

"Oh good, Now get behind me Josh and pull back my hood. I can't."

I moved to the other side of the table and reached around her and pulled her hood up a little so Donald could see the clitoris.

"Now can you see it? It is a little nubbin right the top of my slit."

Donald looked closely and smiled and asked, "Here?" he said pointing his finger and looking at Vera.

Vera nodded, "Yes that's it."

Genevieve smiled and said, "Now put a little oil on your finger tip, Donald." I moved the pot so he could reach it and he dipped his finger in the warm oil.

"Now I want you to touch my clit and rub the oil over it but very softly, I'm somewhat stimulated and clit's are very sensitive."

Donald looked at Genevieve and then at Vera, who smiled and nodded. He very tentatively touched Genevieve's clit and rubbed softly.

Genevieve let him massage her clit and moaned a little as his finger circled it and spread the oil. "Oh enough or I'll have to fuck your brains out." Donald's hand jerked back, he blushed and Vera patted his hand.

"Sorry Vera, but he has such soft skin I got a little carried away."

Vera said, "I know isn't he just wonderful," and she kissed Donald.

"Now Donald dip your finger all the way into the oil." Donald did and held his finger up letting the oil run down it.

"Now put your finger at the mouth of my vagina."

Donald got up and touched her vagina. His finger was tentative and he touched her very lightly.

Genevieve smiled at him, "Very good, Now begin to put you finger in my vagina slowly and pull it out a little, now back in and let the oil lubricate me."

Donald was swallowing hard looking at Genevieve and down at his finger as he slowly stroked it in and out." "Oh very good Donald now turn your wrist so you can feel my pubic bone inside me."

Donald felt around and said, "Here you mean?"

"Oh yes," Genevieve had her head back and was enjoying this too much.

"Genevieve you are just playing," I scolded her.

Her head came up and she smiled at me then at Donald. "It feels nice and smooth and if you take your finger out just a little you can feel my Gafenburg spot up there. Ah, right there, now rub it slowly for a minute and feel around it. So you'll recognize it when you stimulate Vera."

Donald was concentrating and bit his lower lip and stroked Genevieve who smiled, "Now Donald slowly suck my nipple, while stroking my 'G-Spot'.

Donald lowered his head and sucked Genevieve's nipple and stroked her slowly.

Genevieve was really playing it now, she grunted and squeaked. Genevieve was chewing her lip and beginning to breathe harder, but she was professional and reached down and pulled his hand away. She grinned at him and at Vera. "Very good, so you know the G-spot is the right spot to get her to climax, so use it sparingly and later in the game ok? Now smell it."

Donald looked at her and back at Vera then back up to Genevieve. He leaned over and sniffed.

"Oh Donald you'll never get a good smell that way. Put you nose right on my clit and take a deep breath."

Donald blushed and looked at Vera and then me. I nodded, "Go ahead she wants to have you smell her, she is very clean and sweet." I said looking at Genevieve.

Donald leaned over and put his nose close to her and Genevieve pulled his head closer so his nose was right on her clit, "Now sniff."

Donald sniffed a couple of times then took a deep breath through his nose and his head came up, he was smiling at Genevieve.

"Now I've been washed and am very stimulated. How does it smell?"

"Strange," he said, "But most appealing." He blushed again.

"Try to remember that smell, Ok. It will be important later." Genevieve said.

Donald looked very serious and nodded. I handed him a towel and he wiped the oil off his finger.

"Ordinarily I would let you bring me to climax but we don't have time for that and Vera will show you what it's like when a woman climaxes. Now you want to stimulate Vera with your kisses and fondling her breasts and oh what ever feels good before you approach her vagina. She needs a good fifteen or twenty minutes of fondling and touching her all over before you reach for her clit ok?"

Donald nodded, "I'll try to remember."

Genevieve put her legs down and said, "Don't try, Donald, Remember. Tonight is a very special night and Vera is going to remember it all the rest of her life, so it is important that she be fully aroused before you touch her crotch." Genevieve smiled at him, "I understand that tonight is very special for you too. So I have to give Vera some instruction." She looked at me and said, "Josh if you would get on the table?"

Genevieve and I traded places. I sat on the table and Genevieve opened my robe and looked at me frowning, "Josh you need to be flaccid."

"Sorry Genevieve, I've been stimulated too." I apologized.

Genevieve smiled at me then turned to Donald. "Are you flaccid?"

Donald nodded and looked at Vera, "I've been holding it back, Vera."

"Ok hop up on the table next to my over stimulated friend here and I'll show Vera a few things."

Donald was embarrassed but sat beside me and Genevieve opened his robe and turned to Vera, "Vera come here."

Vera stood and came to look. She blushed and smiled as she saw Donald flaccid penis. Genevieve smiled at Donald, "I'm going to touch you ok?"

Donald nodded, "Sure Genevieve."

Genevieve reached out and cradled his penis in her hand and squeezed a little, "Vera see how soft it is? And how it can be pulled and how wiggly it is? You try it."

Vera blushed again and put her hand tentatively under his penis. She just held it, looked up at his face then down at his dick in her hand.

"Now a man is very sensitive and you should not even joke around about his equipment, they get very sensitive about it. Try squeezing it softly," Genevieve advised.

Vera squeezed very softly as Donald looked at her and grinned. She smiled up at him and said, "It is so smooth and soft," she squeezed again harder and laughed, "Oh Genevieve," and giggled like a schoolgirl.

"Now feel Josh's erect penis."

Vera looked at her and said, "Oh no I couldn't."

Genevieve just took Vera's left hand and put it on my dick. "Now don't be silly Vera. Josh likes his dick to be stroked, Don't you Joshikins?" and she patted my cheek.

Vera's hand held me very loosely and Genevieve wrapped her hand over Vera's and squeezed me hard. "Now you see the difference?" Genevieve said to her.

Vera blushed and squeezed it again harder, but not as hard as Genevieve had.

Genevieve leaned over and pointed, "This is what is called the Glans Penis, and it's very smooth. Touch it and feel how firm it is but smooth and springy."

Vera took her finger and touched me softly, blushed and looked at me.

I grinned, "That's ok Vera I don't mind a bit."

Genevieve pointed to my penis, saying, "Now this is the really, really sensitive part here under the glans on the front. See his little wrinkle of skin?"

Vera looked closely and nodded.

Genevieve stoked me with her finger. I shivered, mostly for effect, but also because Genevieve always played with me after we fucked.

"That is what you want to stimulate to make him climax." Genevieve said and released me. Vera let go but Genevieve put her hand back, "Vera grasp his shaft down low. Now grasp him firmly and pull your hand up and watch his glans. Vera squeezed me and pulled her hand up and let me slide in her hand. My glans was already empurpled and Vera just made it more so, I grunted and bit my lip.

"The shaft is not too sensitive, it can feel warmth and friction but it doesn't really excite a man to pull on his shaft, squeezing is more exciting to a man. You have to get up to the tip before he will be really stimulated. Feel his glans as you do that."

Vera did as she was told and smiled at me then looked at her hand as it slipped up and grasped the tip of my penis. She looked up at me and squeezed me and smiled. She turned to Genevieve and said, "Should I smell it?"

Genevieve laughed and said, "Sure, but it'll probably smell like that girl that was in here before."

Vera got very close and smelled my penis and looked at it closely. She stroked it, squeezing it firmly and watched it as the Glans swelled from her pressure. She stood up and laughed and squeezed it some more.

"Now do Donald like that." Genevieve said.

Vera laughed and put both hands to her mouth to stifle her mirth, "May I Donald?" She asked.

"Vera I'd be honored if you would fondle my penis," Donald said and winked at her.

Vera giggled and said to Genevieve, "This is so exciting," and she took Donald's penis in her hands and stroked and fondled him looking in his eyes and grinning.

"Now, Donald would be a good time let it get hard." Genevieve said, looking at Donald carefully

Donald blushed and tried to say something but couldn't get it out.

"I was afraid of this," Genevieve said.

Vera turned to her and said, "What! What were you afraid of?"

"Black Brothers Syndrome," Genevieve said smiling at Donald.

"Is that bad," Vera asked anxiously.

"No it is just a consequence of the oral collection method you people have been using," Genevieve replied. "He has been conditioned to only respond to a woman's mouth. You'll have to kiss it."

Vera blushed and said, "You mean his penis?"

"Yes he won't probably need it for long but at first you'll have to kiss it or maybe suck it for him to get an erection. Right Donald?" Genevieve said.

Donald was embarrassed, nodded and looked at Vera apologetically.

Vera squeezed his penis and looked at it and bent to smell it. She looked up at him and smiled. "Do you need a little help then, Donald?"

Donald smiled weakly and said, "Yes. Like Genevieve said, it's a conditioning problem."

Vera grinned and said, "Donald I really don't mind."

Donald's eyes lit up, "You don't?"

"No," Vera said, "I may need a little help myself. How could I deny you, what I so desperately want myself?"

Donald looked at her with a new perspective. You could see his mind working out what she said and he started to smile and laughed. "I'd be happy to reciprocate."

Genevieve said, "Vera it is probably better to sit on the chair. Yes like that. Now pull back the foreskin. Yes like that and lick your lips so they are very wet. Ok now the little wiggly skin under the tip, kiss that and lick it."

Vera bent to her task and kissed and licked and kissed and licked, but no erection Donald was effected but couldn't get it up.

Genevieve watched Vera for a second, "Ok Vera kiss it on the end and suck it very softly. Now let it slide into your mouth and lick the wiggly bit and suck it so that the whole glans is in your mouth. Yes like that, but hold your hand on the shaft so if it springs up suddenly it doesn't end up down your throat."

Vera worked Donald over and it started to rise up and Vera stroked it and it got bigger. She kissed it and sucked it and it got bigger and she couldn't take it in her mouth easily anymore.

Genevieve said, "Ok you can get up now. If you do that too long he'll climax in your mouth and while that's not bad, Donald is looking for more traditional fare tonight. Aren't you Donaldkins?"

"Ms. Genevieve you make me blush," Donald said, but he didn't blush as far as I could tell.

"Josh a little oil if you would?" Genevieve commanded.

I got up off the table and got the oil pot and handed it to Genevieve.

"Put your hand out Vera," and Genevieve poured a little oil in her hand. "Now rub it on both hands. Yes good, now wrap both hands around him and stroke it from root to tip."

Vera was watching Donald's face and giving him the long stroke, she was smiling and her face tried to match the faces he was making as his penis was stroked by two soft and loving hands.

"Ok, now we have Donald's full attention, stop stroking and let both hands slip down the root. Now bring your top hand up a little and squeeze him with your forefinger and thumb, now slid your hand up, maintaining the pressure with your finger and thumb and slip it over the tip and push it back down making your forefinger and thumb act like a tight vagina. A little quicker on the up stroke now, there that's it, now pick up the pace and watch his face.

Donald was grimacing and his mouth opened and closed as Vera tortured him for a minute.

"Ok now you should stop Vera. Donald is very close to climax and we don't want him to go off unexpectedly."

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