tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 25

Spreading Seeds Ch. 25


Chapter 25 - Attack of the Puma

I found Astral and Lauren talking to Floyd who was laughing. "Oh Josh there you are," Astral said as I came up to her. "We were just teaching Floyd here the 'Bahia Greeting' and we came up with a new twist. Here do me."

I smiled at her and stepped up saying, "How positively ravishing you look tonight, Ms. De Soto," and as I kissed her, she put one hand on my neck and held me and the other hand slipped into my robe and grasped my dick and squeezed. I let her hold me to her and fondled her nipples as she fondled my dick.

This might have gone on longer but for Lauren who pulled us apart saying, "No Astral you did it wrong. You held him too long. You just want to get his attention not over stimulate him. Here let me show you."

I had just about had it with kissing and tit pulling and so I thought I'd come up with a variation of my own. I stepped up to Lauren and bent to kiss her and fondle her tit, but with my other hand I pushed my dick down so her hand came up empty, then I let my dick slap her between the legs and held her to me by the small of her back. When my dick slapped her, her eyes opened real wide and I stroked her couple of times and twisted her nipple and said, "My Ms. De Soto, how surprised you look this evening," and kissed her again.

Floyd laughed and said, "Can I try that?"

Genevieve was passing by and I caught her and introduced her to Floyd. "Floyd has a new variation of the 'Bahia Greeting" to show you Genevieve."

"Oh yes?" she said.

Floyd approached her, Genevieve was smiling at him, "Ms. Sweet how lovely you look tonight," kissed her on the lips and let his dick slap her between the legs as he fondled her breast. Genevieve didn't flinch but grabbed his hips, held him to her, stroked him vigorously a few times and then leaned back and said, "How nice of you to notice me Mr. Black. " Slowly she added,"What to fuck?" Her face was dead serious.

Astral laughed so hard she spilled the beer she had in her hand.

Floyd was just staring into Genevieve's eyes, he nodded, his face got a funny look, he groaned and kissed her.

Genevieve released him then took his hand, leading him off laughing.

"Lets get out of here," I said, took Lauren and Astral by the arms and led them to the entry way. "You girls dress I'll go get my clothes in the Kiva."

They both smiled at me. Astral said, "We only left our shoes out here. We came in our robes tonight."

"Well Astral get the shoes," I said and held Lauren up. "Now you need to be kissed," I said.

She looked at me, "I do?"

"Don't you, I mean without all the tit pulling and twisting, just a plain simple soul searing kiss?"

She put her arms around my neck and tilted back her head, "Oh Josh I think that is just what I need now."

I was still kissing her with my tongue in her mouth when Astral came back and dropped Lauren's shoes next to her. I didn't let her go for a moment or two. When I did she kept her hands around my neck and leaned her head to my chest and breathed deeply. "Oh Josh, you are right that's just what I needed."

"Now put on your shoes and I'll give Astral a kiss." As Lauren put her shoes on I pulled Astral to my chest and kissed her. She responded intensely and licked and nibbled my lips and opened her mouth so my tongue had full access to her tonsils. I gave her a moment and then pulled back, "Feel better?" I asked.

"Not as good as I hope to, but enough for now."

We left the Bath House and I stopped off at the Kiva, got on a clean uniform, my boots, put the number eleven in my pocket with a clay pipe and went out to meet the De Soto Sisters.

We hurried up to their place, the girls were in short ornate robes and the night was cool. "I'm so cold," Astral said.

"Me too it's long way to run without underwear," Lauren added as we entered their apartment block. They lived in one of the rectilinear blocks that were old and worn, but clean and neat. There was a front room and a bath and three bedrooms. A archway lead to another apartment covered by drapes. There were three candles burning in the front room we took one and hurried to one of the bedrooms and closed the door after us.

Astral threw off her robe and jumped into the bed, "Hurry Josh," she said and pulled the covers up. Lauren pulled off my boots and unbuttoned my shirt and I pulled my belt open and opened my pants. In seconds I was in the bed and Lauren got in beside me and I warmed the De Soto sisters with my irresistible charms.

The women were cool and their breasts hit my chest like ice for just a few seconds. Astral's hand on my penis was cold and took my breath away until her hand was warmed by the blood coursing through my body, which was hot in anticipation.

Scout Traders often get in bed with two women, it was not unusual, except for the fact that it is not often they both are beautiful and highly motivated. The De Soto sisters were motivated. I had expected Lauren to be hot but Astral had been running around all night having her nipples pulled and kissed. Astral had been squeezing a few peckers and who knew what all she had been doing while I was otherwise occupied? In any event her pussy was hot on my leg as she kissed me and rubbed herself on my thigh.

She was making moaning sounds in my mouth and pressing herself to me urgently so I lifted her up on my chest. She lay on me and her pussy rubbed on my cock, wet and hot. I maneuvered her to capture the tip in her vagina and she started to work it in to her, making soft sounds and grunting as it slipped in to her. When she got it about half way in she lifted up on her hands, kneed Lauren in the stomach as her legs came up beside me and she lifted her hips and drove it home.

She almost climaxed then, but held on and I felt small contractions in her vagina as she started to work it. She was not paying any attention to me, except my hot cock in her pussy as she stroked and wiggled and worked it in and out. Her eyes were closed and she bit her lower lip and put one of my hands on her breast and squeezed my hand to her. I put both hands on her breasts and massaged her as she stroked her "G" spot with the tip of my penis.

Lauren meantime was alternately trying to kiss me and cheering her sister on. She had stroked Astral's leg and she reached down and must have been rubbing Astral's clit. Astral moaned and flinched then she started to jerk and she drove it home. She bucked a few times as I felt contractions in her vagina and she finally eased herself down on my dick and collapsed on my chest, panting.

Astral was still breathing hard and moaning when Lauren started to push her off me, saying, "My turn."

I held Lauren off and said, "No! It is still Astral turn until I say. I'm the one who can feel where she is and she hasn't completed yet."

Lauren laid her head on my chest, looking into her sisters face, "Ok but, I'm a little excited too."

I stroked her hair. "Oh I hope you get a lot more excited. In fact I'm counting on it." I was looking forward to it, while Astral was a lovely woman, funny and sparkly, appealing to the eye and all the other senses as well, Lauren was something else, I didn't know what.

Astral finally caught her breath and stroked Lauren's hair and giggled, "Josh is right I just had to rest for a minute, and I'm sure Josh could use a little respite too. He's starting to sweat and smell now." She giggled, "Spicy!"

Astral pulled herself off me and settled her head on my shoulder. She kissed me and said, "Lauren it's your turn, NOW!"

Lauren was on my lap in a flash, had my dick in her pit and slid down the thick lubricated shaft that her sister had prepared for her. She sat up and pounded me hard a few strokes, put her hands in her hair and growled and threw herself on me in a straight vertical plunge from my tip to my root.

"Holy Hillary!!" I thought. She had changed from an openly sexual woman into a raving fuck machine. She circled her hips and pulled her hair and made a low growling noise in her throat that seemed to circle in volume and pitch as her hips circled.

She looked down on me and smiled an evil smile as her hips circled and then she laughed long and loud. It was somewhat frightening and yet exciting. She pounced down on her hands and licked my chest and ground her teeth and growled and licked me again.

"Don't move Josh," whispered Astral. Her voice calm and even in my ear as I watched Lauren grasp my pectoral and tried to crush it in her hand, growling and slamming her hips into me. "She is in the Puma and if you run, she will eat you."

"The only thing that can save you now is if you can tame her with savage strokes of your, hard, hot, Dick!" and Astral laughed evilly in my ear.

Lauren had emphasized the,'Hard, Hot, Dick' part by slamming herself into me on each word. Her smile was predatory as she rubbed her breasts on my chest and slid on the film of now cold sweat up to my lips and kissed me savagely. She still had me good and deep but I had not thrusted into her and had a reserve.

I looked at her and smiled back an, I hoped, evil smile and slammed into her, my hands on her hips sliding her on my slick chest down to meet the plunging plumbing of patrimony.

She gasped and moaned and her face on my chest was slack as I jerked her hips and pounded her hard, grunting at the end of each stroke. She took it and stroked with me when I let the rhythm get more even. Her head came up slowly and she smiled briefly at me then lost herself in pounding pleasure.

My belly was getting tired so I slowed the stroke and eased back and she pushed down to take more and I eased her down until I was just stroking an inch or so and had her "G" spot in touch with my dick. She calmed down and drooled on my chest and licked it up with her tongue and looked at me through her hair smiling her evil smile, licking her lips and growling low in her chest.

She was just biding her time now although her face was reacting to the slippery dick in her cunt and she would occasionally lose the Puma and moan a bit. I had been in the trade too long to let a bundle from Burney besmirch the honor of the Lone Pine Kiva so I rolled her over and pulled her legs up and gave her the long stroke.

That was a mistake. Oh it got her attention, but it also let her nails dig deep into my back. I gritted my teeth and shifted to an alternating deep slap, hesitating a half a stroke then plunging into her. She bit my neck and grunted in time to the slaps.

Her nails scraped my back as she arched her back, and then lifted her hips to me. I shifted to the long banana and began to elevate the pace of it. I had her now. She was rocking her hips to my strokes and she had quit growling and smiling the evil smile. Now her face was slack and contorting to the pleasure she was feeling.

She was not the only one reacting to the stimulus of copulation, I was juggling about forty weasels and Astral was on her knees now with her hand between her legs and making "Oh Josh" sounds as I started hammering it home.

Lauren's face came back to life and she groaned gripping my chest to her and met my hips with renewed energy. We ran off the cliff together and I pounded her all the way down, until I had almost blacked out. Even the Lone Pine Mantra has it limits, beyond which lay madness and fanaticism. I climaxed and collapsed in that order.

Lauren breathed hot and hard in my ear and kissed my neck softly. A pussycat tamed and her sister was rubbing her cunt in anticipation of me. "A hell of a way to make a living," I thought as I lay almost comatose on Lauren.

I was still resting when Astral pulled me off Lauren's chest and got me on my back she started to mount me and found nothing to mount, junior had collapsed too, and she moaned, "Oh Lauren you've killed it."

Lauren laughed, "He just hiding from the Puma. I told you I'd get him with the Puma. Come over here and sit on my face."

Astral ignored her and stroked me and squeezed with her hand and moaned. I was able to move now, semiconscious and I rubbed Astral's pussy slowly with my fingers. It was a weak gesture but at least my finger was stiff

I told myself I was just resting, but that was a lie, I had been fucked and Lauren had fucked me. The honor of the Long Pole Kiva was in danger of assault by the De Soto sisters; I couldn't let them best me, but a weak finger wave was all I had at the time.

Astral was at a point where even my finger in her vagina was better than emptiness. She pulled herself up on my chest and was kissing me as I tried to find her "G" spot. She pumped her hips and moaned and kissed my cheek and arched her back. I felt better and tried to summon an erection but it wasn't to be erected. Lauren had fucked me silly.

Astral struck my hand hard with her hips, groaned and bucked a little and then she too collapsed. Lauren had pulled herself over and slipped between my arm and my chest, lifted her breast onto my chest and rubbed it in the sweat that poured out, smelling of sex and heat. She licked my chest as Astral moaned. I stroked Astral softly, letting her down easily. Her hand found mine, stopped its movement and pulled it out of her, grunting as my fingers slid over her clit.

Lauren was still licking and kissing me, Astral was making little noises in my ear and rubbing my dick in vain when I lost consciousness.

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