tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 29

Spreading Seeds Ch. 29


Chapter 29 -She Walks Funny

I rode into Burney just after lunch bell had sounded, I unsaddled Barb and put her away and wandered down to see what Wini was serving for lunch. I saw her sitting at a table with several of the Kitchen staff. The usual mob at lunch didn't seem to be there it was mostly very young girls and grannies.

Wini saw me and waved me over to her. I walked over and kissed her cheek, "How is my favorite Aunty today?" I asked her.

She pulled the chair out next to her and patted it. She smiled wanly," I'm tired, Sarge kept me up all night and I missed breakfast." She sighed and smiled at me. "Fortunately the breakfast crowd was light and Maureen got the biscuits ready and fried up some bacon. Lunch is just lamb stew and biscuits. Rachel get Josh some stew will you?"

Rachel didn't look too chipper but she was smiling, nodded and went to get me some stew. She walked funny, with her legs spread a little too much and slowly.

Wini laughed at her, leaned over to me and whispered, "Rachael tried to screw all the Black Brothers who were at the Bath house last night. She says she sampled them all, at least a little. But I think it was Raule that makes her walk funny." Wini giggled and looked at me. "How do you feel this morning Josh? I saw you walk Astral and Lauren out last night."

"Your nieces wore me out last night. Wini, I've sworn off women because of the De Soto sisters." I whispered in to her ear.

Wini laughed, "How is your neck feeling? It looks like Lauren did the Puma on you." She looked at the bruises and patted my cheek. " We can't have you swearing off women Josh, there are too many of us who need you." Her hand stroked my neck where the teeth marks were.

"Wini, the De Soto women have worn me out. I made a pact with myself to keep chaste for at least three days, maybe a week. I need to eat and rest and readjust my bodily fluids." I smiled at her, "You can see I'm only a shell of the man you saw last night."

Rachael came waddling back with a bowl of stew and a plate of biscuits. She sat them in front of me, "Eat Hearty Josh, How about some milk to wash that down?"

"That would be very good Rachael, I hear milk is good source of minerals, I could use some minerals right now."

Rachael laughed, "I know what you mean. Cow or Goat?"

"Cows milk please." I pleaded.

Rachael nodded and waddled away.

Wini stroked my cheek, "You do seem a little drawn this morning Josh. Eat up and ask for seconds, we've plenty. I've got to go start making pie, Alice found a load of blackberries we canned last year and she needs the jars for this year's peaches."

Wini walked off slowly and waved as she went into the kitchen. I turned to my stew and biscuits. I buttered a couple of biscuits and tasted the stew. There were plenty of vegetables and small chunks of savory lamb. I ate contentedly and could only nod as Rachael dropped off my milk and waddled off.

I ate and drank the milk and took a couple of biscuits for later and went to the Kiva.

Every one was up and at least breathing in the Kiva. Sarge sat on his bunk and smiled at me when I went to see how he was doing. "Josh, thanks for the blanket, I was getting cold."

"Well it was the least I could do. So how did the party end? I left early and covered two at home."

Sarge drew back and looked up, "As I remember, Astral De Soto was running around pinching tits and you pulled Donnie boy off Vicky and I didn't see you again. Vicky is a backdoor girl. I tried to convince her that it was bad hygiene but she had a dick in her ass last time I saw her."

Sarge laughed, "Sue set up Stewart with this flashy redhead. Stewarts face lit up but he was very polite. She looked like she was only moderately receptive. She allowed me to instruct Stewart and she began to enjoy it when he fingered her ass." Sarge laughed. "She was a ringer I hear, she is big in some party or other and Sue was trying to forge an alliance in common interests I guess. The redhead let him evoke her Goddess for 10- 15 minutes. Stewart needed some help up by the time she climaxed." Sarge laughed at the thought.

"I saw her later on the arm of Steve. Anyone seen Steve?" Sarge yelled out into the Kiva.

"No's," echoed in the room. "Another empty saddle." Sarge said and shook his head. "I don't know how many cluster fucks we can take boy. These Burney women are cock hounds every one of them."

I nodded remembering the De Soto sisters, "I hear that you had Wini up all night, Sarge. You paying her back for the cobblers?" I asked.

Sarge shook his head, "I tried to look after her but she kept getting away as I was demonstrating or coaching. Found her and Mike playing grab ass in a dark corner and she said, 'I was just passing the time of day with the boy.' Finally I got her in an alcove and paid her back for the grub, twice and I was nice about it. She was real tired and passed out for a while. When I came back to her, she was fucking Stewart, forward cowgirl, and making the damndest noises you ever heard." Sarge laughed, "Stewart was getting all the attention because he sits on the Board of Trustees."

How'd it end up?" I asked.

"Well there was three or four women bent over and five or six Black Brothers were hot swapping on them for an hour or so. Genevieve was holding her cunt and moaning after Floyd and Luis got hold of her. Sue ended up with one of the Blacks, but I'm sure she was fucking Bob at one time." Sarge had a puzzled look on his face and tried looking onto the haze of yesterday.

"Have you seen Able?" I asked.

"No he chased Ameilia around and finally got her out the door. Haven't seen him and don't expect to till after dinner time." Sarge stood up and threw off his robe and picked up a towel. "I need a bath and a nap before dinner."

I decided to take a nap till diner time. Lady Chatterley sat on my table but I took off my boots and lay back and collapsed. I lay there awake sort of, I was dazed really I decided.

Perhaps Oliver was right that women take something from you and then make you pay them to give it back, but no Irene wasn't like that, nor Lenore, or June or any of the women in Burney. I drew in a deep breath and thought about how my Dad had always told me that women don't know what they really ask of men, and most don't even care

It was the suck, women suck something out of you and it is rare to have someone refill the void of giving. Irene gave me that and even Astral in her hedonism and fanciful play, gave me back more that she took. I smiled at the ceiling and closed my eyes. At least in the Kiva I was safe from them sucking me down to nothing.

For the next three days I decided, no more women. Well maybe a few shampoos and a massage or two but no Panky, nope. I would be pure and chaste, unless Irene called me or, "NO! Not even for Irene," I thought.

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